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  1. I offer very little info to begin with: I am 24, in Australia, working part-time in retail, and have just started studying full-time at uni (Bachelor of Arts with a Master of Teaching to come directly afterward, majoring in English and Chinese with a compulsory minor in Education Studies. I have not started any units for the latter two of those three subjects yet, not until next semester). The majority of my spare time is spent on gaming, movies, anime, and HH.


    The last time I held a thread like this, on another forum, there were attempts to make me suffer by bombarding me with (in a single post) over a hundred random questions about all sorts of things at once, largely not even about myself. Though a reply was not serious expected, I answered every single one of them. I welcome such challenges again, because questions cannot defeat me no matter their numbers - bring it on.

  2. That was what I meant, though it was more a test of how serious you are about your dictionary reading, so the fact you could name a couple sufficed. I also would've accepted "English dictionary" because perhaps you read medical dictionaries or such as well.


    I'm also watching both those anime, among others. This begs the follow-up question of who your favourite character in Free! is, and whether or not you can say with a straight face that you're watching it entirely for the plot?

  3. That's exactly who I am, Dee Dee. Oh, and I'm going to call you Dee Dee, the way Dexter might say "Dee Dee! Get out of my laboratory!" Also, you didn't state your birthday. I feel like I knew your sign once upon a time but I can't recall. 


    Dee Dee... fine, you win this round, Sunny.


    I didn't state because indeed we went over it in ages of old, but since YOU CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER MY BIRTHDAY I'LL GO CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL NOW. It's June 29 by the way.



    Weeeeeeeell Im told I'm a rather strange person, so that seems quite fitting...   I definitely gotta talk with ya more about Astrology and all that. I'm finding it fascinating. Been wanting to learn how to read Tarot cards too, if only for the "novelty," so to speak.  


    I actually learned tarot cards a couple months ago from a friend, and got a set. It's not something I can remember without a guidebook sitting in front of me though, so I hesitate to say "learned".

  4. For half a second I wondered why you were asking about birthdays. And then I remembered you're the one who obsessively dabbles in that arcane practice. Also I'm going to call you Sonny, the way an old man might be like "now listen here sonny jim".

  5. Welcome back, Day! Its good to see you here again. Really lookin forward to seeing you about the forums!!

    Good to be back, and looking forward to being seen around (except when I'm up to no good of course).

    Yay! It's Day! :D <3


    I'm glad to hear you're going back to school. I wouldn't have guessed you would go back for that, either. The last time you mentioned school you were debating about going for design. I think high school teacher is pretty fitting, though.


    I hope to stick around this time, too. So here's to new starts, eh!?

    New starts indeed, here's to both of us hopefully sticking around.


    Welcome. Willkommen. Bienvenu. I'm running out of languages I know even the slightest of already. Oh noes! *runs away*


    wooop wooop wooop woooop!



    You weren't a multilingual alien crustacean last time I was here, I'll make a note to get a harpoon gun, some cable ties, and a net.

  6. Looking forward to seeing what the new administration does with the place, so I'll be lurking around a lot I'm sure. I'm also pondering a return to actively RPing, but I'll see how that goes.


    Life's been a lot different for me lately. I cut my full time work down to part time in order to start university, just over a month ago now. I'm studying to become a high school teacher. The last time I was really active around here, I wouldn't have imagined I'd be saying that.


    Anyway despite having been out of school for five years, uni is proving to be pretty easy so far, so I'll see if I can fit some RPing in again. I realise that the amount of RPing I did between finishing school and now, mostly here, is probably the largest reason why returning to education isn't such a drastic change. Also it's probably a good idea to get back into the aforementioned beneficial RPing, as I'll be majoring in and aiming to teach English (Chinese too, but unless Surreality suddenly decides to switch its main language, that's irrelevant). So more written language practice can't hurt. I'll also be taking creative writing units later in the degree, as they make me practically salivate, and so I'll need the creative juices pumping again.


    I'm still long-winded it seems. Basically good luck, and see you all around probably-hopefully.