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  1. NC-17 Chosen Persona

    Aglaya's eyes parted and she viewed the same slightly feminine room with indifference. Grimacing she recalled the rough night before and began to wonder if it was possibly a lie she had devised for herself as a means of a new way to distract herself from what she truly wanted to do in the world. She slid out of bed and opened her bedroom door like she did every morning. There was nothing special on the other side. No one and not a thing out of place in the living area. Holding her left arm with her right she peered deeper into each part of her kitchen looking for what was suppose to be there, though it was not. Not sure if she should be content with the creation missing she pulled out a ceramic cup, added a green tea bag and then pushed it in the microwave. Once it beeped she crossed the distance between the kitchen to her balcony and stared at the ants as the tea cooled. Something about the special memory it had left her suggested strongly he was indeed not just a dark memory she had invented for herself. Then again damaged people always seemed to have that little quirk about them. Maybe her's was simply coming out a little later in life, or super early. Dressed and ready for school she headed down her usual route, took the usual public transit and stepped off at her usual time on campus. Her hand clung to the strap of her messenger bag while she stared at the entirety of her college campus. What was she hoping to pick out among the many humans she saw passing her by? Did she truly wish to see it again? Or was she afraid, confused, intrigued? Glancing down at her watch she noted her limited amount of time to reach her first class. Picking up one foot and placing it in front of the other she made for class. Not sure if she was being watched or finally she was watching other people she entered the classroom and situated herself in a comfortable place near the teacher's speaking spot of habit and away from the rest of the student body. Her eyes were darting all over the room still trying to choose if what had happened, had indeed happened. It was when her teacher entered the room and closed the door and spoke his first few words she realized it was quite real. A student had been attacked and killed on campus the previous night. No one could identify the attacker and why there might be a motive to kill him. Aglaya's eyes forcefully glued themselves to her notebook, a pen grasped tightly in her hand as she processed the information. He had never said why he had done what he had done. Not precisely, or had it and she had simply forgotten? Class proceeded, her mind wandered nearly the entire time her professor tried to lecture about something she already understood and grasped. It was new material to the rest of the class. She focused on the previous night. The library, Churt, the dinner. How had they not caught a single glimpse of him and or her leaving that night? Had he had the ability to make it as if they had lived in the darkness upon her leaving the library? Looking up Aglaya found her professor watching her as the class had emptied several minuets ago. “Day dreaming again?†He said with an amused smile. “I . . .†Aglaya said not sure how to really respond to what he thought she had been doing. “Yes.†She said going along with it. Collecting her belongings and repeating her ritualistic day she trotted down to the library hall she recalled seeing Chort in the night before. A caution marked area had been set up where the body had been found and police had began their processing of the body. Aglaya stared at it, her mind reciting the angle of the body and how Chort seemed amused at having dismembered him just a tad. Someone brushed past her roughly on their way elsewhere. She remained stationary staring dumbly at the location. It had been real. Chort was real. Or she was developing personalities and that student that had come on to her had, upset her, more than normal. “Sick huh?†A fellow student said as they stopped next to her and commented on the now clean sight that still retained its caution tape. Aglaya looked over at him, eyes slightly confused and transfixed by what she had accepted. “Did they, do they have suspects?†“No. The cameras saw nothing until after his body magically appeared in the hall.†The student said intrigued by the mystery. “Oh.†Aglaya said quietly as she stepped away from the memory of Chort and into the library. Dropping her bag in her same spot she pulled out her supplies for homework and personal projects. Sitting down she faced the glass she remembered seeing the thunder and lightning present her the first startling glimpse of Chort. Staring at it was not going to reproduce him or that night, she knew and understood that. She needed to know how to to speak with him again, he had left her no form of contact beyond he himself finding her. From the sounds of things. Late into the night Aglaya had fallen asleep on top of her bag, unaware she was the last one in the library again. Just like the night before. What she had been dreaming about dissipated quickly and left her sad, quiet eyes staring at a clear sky night. Gathering her things she exited the library, always watching for a figure that could belong to Chort, though, she knew he would not wander her halls looking like his true self. Feeling slightly disappointed in not having been able to see him she walked out into a courtyard drenched in foliage and other various plants. Sitting down on the bench she stared up into the sky and began to contemplate several other ideas and possibilities. He had given her a kind of ability, something unique even she had not ever considered. Aglaya had designed a demon, and he had come to life. He had gained self awareness. What she wrote had become truth, it happened. Chort was a free functioning entity. It almost terrified her to call herself a goddess of some sort. She was, and she was not. All she admitted to herself was that she wrote many a things. And one of them just so happened to take a breath of life beyond his descriptive words on paper. At that, the idea he existed in had never been typed on the computer and printed. It remained tucked away in a small notebook dedicated to that one universe, the one beautiful, tortured soul of the lady and her companion. Aglaya let her head fall back down to her empty lap and sighed. Where to go about all of this from this point on she was not sure. Though he had made her curious about what he claimed. Aglaya pulled out one of many spiral notebooks she kept with her and flipped it to its few last pages untouched by her ideas. She was afraid to test her theory. If, if he was right. Then, was it . . . possible she could do things to herself? Quickly she snapped the spiral shut and shoved it back into her bag. If she chose that route again it definitely had no means of recovery. Aglaya was terrified to revisit the era of the lady and Chort. Despite Chort finding her first.
  2. NC-17 An Adventure in Ildrana

    Her forehead throbbed with such hate against her being. Auait's eyes narrowed tightly as she felt the light increase the pain her her head. The entirety of her body curled up against herself, two independent movements shifted under the covers, which startled her. Auait's hazy blue eyes grew wide, startled by what could be aiming to do ill to her. She pulled back the covers to find her scaled lower body gone, no fins but land walker apendages. Auait let out a high pitched scream of fear, terror and lack of understanding. Scooting away from herself into the Orc named Miran she shrieked again and fell into a shaken, crazed withdrawn figure. Miran jolted awake at the sound of the woman's shrieks, his own hand reaching out to pull her close to make sure that she wasn't being kidnapped, but instead he was surprised to find her pressed up against him for a moment before she jumped away. The Orc quickl tried to calm her, holding up his hands in a peaceful gesture as he spoke softly, "Calm down, it's okay, I can explain everything." He temporarily forgot the questions of why she had fins or whether or not she was real mermaid. Her eyes were wild and confused. “Then explain!†She shrieked at him. “Explain what you did to change me to be like you with out my consent! Explain!†She yelled with more presence and authority than she had had being a curious, unknowing mermaid. He opened his eyes almost as wide as she had hers, his mouth barely opening to say a word before he shot back, "I'd like to ask you the same thing! You changed right when I needed you the most!" He stopped his words, but they were too late as he sat back a bit on his knees, "I'm sorry I made you drink so much..." She looked at him in such upset confusion. There was no way to figure if she was in a twisted dream or he was earnest and then the words out of his mouth! What the depth was she to think about that! “Made me?†She cried frantically. “What is going on? Please tell me.†Tears had finally fallen from her large blue orbs. “Why did you do this to me? What have I done?†Miran gently placed a hand at her shoulder, hoping to calm her even more as he shook his head at her endless stream of questions, "You've done nothing wrong, it's my fault, I treated you badly." He felt so ashamed as he saw her tears streaming down her face, but he couldn't think of anything to do or say in order to calm her. He could only rub at his black haired scalp with a sigh before looking away into the night sky. Her chest heaved roughly as she tried to communicate with him. “You did? How?†She still understood nothing. He looked into her eyes and could only feel more strain as he answered her, "I tried to sell you to an old man, but when your legs changed, he thought I tried to scam him... So, I guess that means you are stuck with me till I can figure out how to turn you back into a mermaid or till I can find out what to do with you." He thought on that for a moment before he added on, "But, I won't hurt you, I promise on the souls of my ancestors I will not harm you." Auait's head shook at him angrily. “You had everything in your right mind to hand me over to something that could and would. So you're just as horrid as it.†The mermaid accused as she leaned against a tree and tried to climb it for support, though having legs for the first time she was unskilled and unable. She fell to the ground torn into many emotions, feeling her entire self perish each labored breath. There was no way for her to help herself. The only form of help was the one that had drug her to his dry lands. Marin sighed softly before extending his hand to the woman and stood up, he wanted to make things right, especially since now he felt responsible for everything that had happened so far, and all truth he was responsible, but he wanted to make things right. He looked down to her with his soft amber eyes still weary with sleep stared into her blue eyed gaze as he smiled softly, "I want to make it up to you, I want show you everything this world has to offer." Auait looked up at him, sobbing puffy red eyes and nose. “Why would you wish to do that. I was your ticket to happiness.†She said angrily. "Ticket or not... You are the first mermaid to see land in over 200 years, and all you've seen so far is that you were almost sold into slavery... I should have put a better example forward for you to judge Ildrana by other than just brutes only looking for money," he half heard his own father's voice through his words, but he knew that it was his feelings. He was upset that he wasn't already rich beyond his wildest dreams, but he also knew that he had to do the right thing, not the most profitable thing. He found her something unique and respectable. Felt a need to repay a debt he himself had caused. Auait understood his grief but it did not change how upset and distraught he had driven her. “How do you even think so greedily and then the next moment act out in kindness to what you've sentenced to damnation!†Auait said still gravely upset. She kept away from him, scooting a farther distance from his outstretched hand. “Maybe you should share your harsh smelly drink with me again so that I don't have a choice in any matter ever again!†Auait was so angry and distraught. She had never acted in violence or extreme hate against someone until he had decided her worth in his world of the land walkers. Auait found, tried to find, comfort in herself as she pulled away from the conflicted land walker. He seemed to say well and or offer kindness. Yet it tore more from her in one instance than she had desired. She simply desired to be back, moping about her waters where she was at least able to recoup and move on. Here she was forced into a situation of possibly never coming out of what she had been thrown into. All because of this single land walker.
  3. NC-17 An Adventure in Ildrana

    Auait eyes grew startled as he neared her. He moved so slow and seemed as transfixed as she was. She pulled back from the boats edge a little when his figure out stretched a limb in her direction. The Orc stopped his outstretched hand, eying her before he softly cleared his throat and tried to speak but his voice only came out in a half-nervous shake and half-questioning tone, "Are you... A Merfolk?" Miran almost died from surprise, he was set, rich beyond his wildest dreams, and the beautiful creature had practically flopped onto the deck on her own! He laughed as he shook his head before returning his gaze to hers, "Oh thank the Old Ones... You aren't a hallucination... Come! Sit on the deck with me, you look uncomfortable trying to hold yourself up on the railing." She shook her head. "What are you?" Auait asked in return to his inquiry about her. He looked at her with a bit of confusion at the question before nodding, the merfolk had not been seen in almost two hundred years so naturally the Orcs had not come down from the mountains yet when they were on land, and he answered her as plainly as he could, "I'm a mountain dweller, a member of the Orcish people, a son of the Kad'an Clan, son of Urgat and Higran, I am Miran." "Mountain?" She repeated the word slightly confused. "Orcish? I do not know what that is." She admitted as her face squinted in the sudden bright ray of light that invaded her vision. After the glare had passed she leaned back over the boats edge a little, her tail curling up behind her and peeking above the boats edge. "Why are you here?" He almost groaned at his own stupidity, trying to think of how best to explain both a mountain and the Orcish people to someone who had never walked on land, and only heaved a heavy sigh of contemplative thought before he heard her last question, "I-I am fishing? Did you not see the nets?" He technically was not lying, but he didn't want to tell her what he was fishing for exactly. Her head shook again. "I only saw the wooden boat. " She said keeping her attention on him. "Why would you choose to leave your mountains?" Auait questioned him, maybe it would lead to understanding for her and how to choose to leave her native waters someday. He thought on the question a moment, wondering what it really was that made him leave the mountain, but then settled on an answer, "I left to see the world, in the Mountains I would've only see the same mountains and caves, and why did you choose to talk to me? Your people have not been seen in ages." Her eyes began to wander after he asked the question. She could not focus on him and talk about it easily. For the strangest reason talking to a land dweller about her people and their choice to become reclusive upset her too much to share in great detail like him. “Because I never have.†Auait replied simply, her eyes falling back on him as her tail continued to fidget in a slightly nervous fashion. “They have chosen that. I did not.†Was her answer to a sad fact she wished was untrue. “If I enter your boat, you will not harm me?†The mermaid asked him with a genuine stare, waiting for an answer. Miran nodded as he slowly stood up on the deck of the boat with a large smile on his face, bearing his sharp toothed grin inadvertently as he held out a hand to her, "Of course! You're more than welcome on my ship, it would be an honor to host such an amazing visitor such as yourself." He wouldn't dream of hurting her, after all, she was his meal ticket, his one means of actually making a fortune for himself, and that meant that he would need to keep her as protected as a newborn human babe. Taking his hand she grasped his dry, rough one with her soft wet one. He hauled her in easy enough, sliding the long fish tail of dark purple, lilac and white with the sand colored speckles. Sitting up against the side of the boat she curled her tail up against her and watched the Orc named Miran as he situated himself. He considered her an honored guest? The elders had never held such a story in her mind where the land dwellers found honor in their kind anymore. Why would he? Auait pushed several dry strands of hair behind her shoulder as her fingers still clung to the side of the boat apprehensive of her host. Miran glanced around the boat as she still gazed at him as though he would attack her, he began to realize his error in his own words as he looked to her with another smaller, less toothy smile, "Would you care for a drink? Perhaps something to eat? Maybe something... To wear?" He had not expected the merfolk to be so unassuming when it came to their nakedness, he even began to blush as he looked to the blue sky, averting his gaze out of manners alone. If Orcs were one thing, it was respectful, even when tearing you limb from limb, they respected the person. Auait shook her head to him, her eyes still watching how he walked, moved, spoke, everything. Just watching him was enough for her at the moment, and keeping her guard up. “If you would just talk to me about anything, I would be so grateful.†The mermaid said earnestly. “I don't know anything about your lands or its people. I only know paranoid stories meant to keep us away from your beaches.†Auait explained to him sadly. He seemed to not believe her offer and pushed a cup into her hand and made the motion to partake in its contents. Afraid yet curious of the horrid smelling drink she drank it in a single gulp, not realizing her error. Auait dropped the cup by her side reeling in the sting and harshness of what he had given her. She clutched the side of the boat a little more fiercely. “What the depths was that!†Auait hissed as she pressed her chest up against the boat, face twisting in all kinds of emotion and confusion. He smiled as he poured another cup of the extremely potent rum from the bottle before taking a large gulp of the drink straight from the open mouth of the glass container, he almost chuckled at the sudden surprise and contortions the poor teetotaler went through, "It's rum! It's a celebratory drink that we give to honored guests, and since you're are my guest, we drink in your honor!" He smiled as he began to talk about meaningless dribble about the mountains, recounting old stories from the clan's chieftain that he had heard as a boy, but he hoped that she would continue drinking despite the strong liquor and her obvious lack of experience with alcohol. Auait listened to him talk about things that only sounded like a well woven story. He made it sound like there was a world within a world at this point. She only lived in part of it, he had seen a lot of it if not all of it. There was immense envy for what he had been given. Several more horrid drinks were pushed into her hand, he wanted celebration and she only felt odd motion and balance eventually failing to keep her clinging to the boat side. At this point she was quite literally a fish out of water and could not recall the last few words he spoke before her lids closed and she fell against the deck of the ship and fell asleep.
  4. NC-17 Chosen Persona

    Aglaya froze where she stood. Her posture ridged and tingling with fear and concern. She had heard noises that were never normal for out side the college library at that time. Usually lighter green eyes were now dark and concerned a she looked at the odd stranger in front of her. “I . . . who . . . .†Aglaya caught her lips and pushed them tightly together for a few seconds before they parted again. “Please . . I . . .†Not the words she knew he wanted to hear. She could smell the blood, her hands flew to her lips and pressed tight for a few seconds, her head turning to the side for a second. “What do you want?†She said heavily. "Well, aside from that guy to settle down" he said as he turned back to look at him. He was passed out. Maybe dead? Or soon to be? Hell if he cared. He turned back to her "Which I guess is done, so, what I want, or rather wanted, was to meet you" he said, chuckling. “What?†She said in a fading wheeze. “Why?†Aglaya said as she felt her thighs begin to buckle, her body shifting to the wall for support. What was she suppose to do? Who was he talking about, exactly, as he looked behind him? "Well, it's a long story. One which might be a bit hard to explain or comprehend" He had to be kidding. Aglaya clutched the strap of her messenger bag tightly as she looked him over in the bare light of their hall. Her head angled down a little, eyes still perked upward in his height. “Then let me part and we will discuss it later.†Aglaya said quietly, trying to minimalize her fear. “I'll arrange . . . a meeting.†She said hoping he would believe her. Yet, she prayed he would not, then again what was she thinking? What the hell was she saying? A meeting? With -that-? "I'm well aware of what you might be thinking. It's why I assumed a more... human appearance. I would've preferred not to but that would probably have just sent you running away from me. And I'm sorry to say, that's not my intention" he took a step to the side "I will accompany you. And believe me when I say, I have no desire to harm you. That would defeat the purpose of me coming to find you after all" he smirked. She still hugged the wall, much tighter than before. Her head shook slowly. He could not know her thought like that. There was no one to know such a thing. More human? Her eyes shattered with silent tears. How she was not running now, oh wait fear. Damned fear had her paralyzed in place. “If it wasn't . . . then why have you conveyed that in me regardless?†She dared to ask the stranger. “Accompany me where?†"To wherever it is you choose. And as for why I conveyed this to you, well, I suppose I'm in a truthful mood. So to speak. It's not every day one meets their maker after all" At the level of tremble she felt through out her being it was possible she could have simply collapsed there, out cold and he could have done away with her then and there. Or maybe after he had done whatever his true artistic intentions were for her. Though Aglaya felt a hint of truth, which was astoundingly odd in something and someone with his odd persona. He would let her choose where they went, it almost scared her yet was the only set of words he spoke that was comforting to her. Why he kept repeating meet their maker still threw her to the side, however. “Fine.†Aglaya said as she managed to put one foot in front of the other. Slowly she made her way down the hall, following the thunderstorm lit path with out much issue. When they exited the building it had been reduced to an acceptable trickle. Walking silently, quickly she felt her chest heave in anticipation of a more sinister action from him, though she received none so far it was bound to happen. It absolutely had to, so she was convinced. Their direction was only a block and a half away. She took him to a simple, popular, midnight cafe a ways from the college. Classic red checkered designs, almost an old time feel with useless art hung in an attempt to have some kind of insight to those that visited. Aglaya was in a booth seat, her messenger bag clutched tightly in her palms as her unique visitor sat down smoothly across from her. She wanted to scream, call out to someone to save her. Who had ever listened when she had? No one. Why now, would they listen? He was meeting his creator after all. “What can I get you two?†A waitress said so cozy like to the two, assuming she was serving a couple. “Green tea.†Aglaya said quickly. “He'll have a water. No lemon.†She insisted to send the woman away. Their waitress was back shortly, though it felt like two life times done three times, with their drinks and left promptly. “Start talking.†Aglaya said feeling the anxiety destroying her in slow increments. He took a sip from his water "I suppose I should. My name is Chort. Or rather, that's the name you gave me. Maybe you remember me. One of your earlier works, I believe." She stared at him, ignoring her drink, her eyes fixed on him still in concern. “Anyone can have that name. And why would you even bring up work, how do you even know I have any work of any kind in which to reference someone named Chort?†She said quickly, the ability to shoot down his accusation made her feel more vulnerable and more enabling for him to drive in more home shots than the few he had brought up. However, he could be one of the many with the same name. Despite how unique it was among Americans here. "The name shouldn't be that common. After all, it's not American. Or English for that matter. It's Russian. I'm sure you remember. It is after all your homeland" he continued "You write. Your characters come to life. You have that power. It is the power of a god but it is real. And I am one of your earlier... darker creations" Aglaya shook her head at him a little. A fearful smile on her lips. “Cleaver men exist. I know this.†She told him quietly, her body trembled from time to time. “So my name is simple enough to claim my own heritage. So what.†She said feeling fear and threat wrap tightly around her chest, almost denying her the deep breaths she desired so badly. “That can't happen. It doesn't happen.†He had her terrified, her eyes shifted around the cafe in several laps. She oddly felt more threatened by those around her than him at this point. Like they were all in on his crafted moment. With out any further communication to him she yanked out enough cash to tip their lady and pay for her drink. “We're leaving.†She said still baffled by what he had said. There was explanation warranted and it was not going to be delivered here. Aglaya was so fearful of what and who he truly was. But if this was the past finding a reason to absorb her back into his world, she would at least end it privately rather than under the eyes of those in the cafe. Leaving the cafe she felt him hardly a step behind her as they walked to the curb. She kept her eyes far from his figure and focused on the empty street. Why he knew Chort upset her. How he knew how to act like him, terrified her. She knew Chort, he knew him, claimed he was him. If he was him then there was quite the possibility her direction was more acceptable than a cafe. A taxi zipped up to the couple and quickly drew them in, Aglaya pressed tightly to the far side of the cafe. She recited the address for her thirty floor apartment and before she was ready the driver had delivered them. Again she paid and scurried out of the cab, praying Chort might somehow find lack of interest in her lower paying rise, the heavy weather returning or even her unnerved behavior. She came up to the doors and turned over her shoulder to see him following with out a concern for the weather doubling up as it had been before. Anxiety began filling her chest as they entered her apartments complex and found the elevator. His presence inside it was suffocating to her. How she was going to manage a word to him in her apartment was beyond her. Though at least she would have the familiar smell of papers and ink in her nostrils. Their floor clicked and she was quickly to her door, 608. The key was inside, twisted and they were inside within seconds. She closed the door, locked it and began shedding her traveling clothing for the day. Her messenger bag thrown carelessly to the side of the couch and her feet pulling at the slightly wedged boots she had been wearing all day. Flipping on several lamps she then fell into the center of her couch, her hands grasping her knees for much needed support as she tried to gather up a new strength to handle what he had to say. “I want to know why you would think I would believe your story. I'm not stupid.†She said with a slight turn of her head. “I know many read what is produced by me. But what does it bring you pretending to be one of the oldest works I've never produced?†She said as tears began to fall down her cheeks. “How could you know about him and what he does because he can?†Her head snapped up at him, lashes flickering tears as she batted them widely to look at him in his entirety. "I suppose this is a reasonable question" he grinned "And I can give you the answer. For one thing, you took me to your home. And another thing, is what I will show you now" with that he took off his coat and began to change, his arms becoming longer with claws on the tip, his skin turned black and two horns sprouted from his forehead then bent backwards. His teeth became sharp fangs, his jaw big, with a split sharp chin, his legs became bent like a goat's but with claws instead of hooves while a tail was showing from behind "Now, do you believe me?" Aglaya nearly went limp to the point of not being able to sit even slightly, as she had fallen against the couch long ways partially. His design was far too perfect and his name and, and, and she wished dreams were fake sometimes. He was real, she was looking at Chort. Chort was damn well real and her legs were humming with terror. “How . . how . . .†Her lips could not make the words. She had to find out, but, if, it did not matter it was one end or a new beginning. Something was a release or a damned seal on her life like everything else. Somehow there was strength in her, courage, terror providing courage. Hell if she knew what made her, ah curiosity, that damned curiosity. She was on her unstable feet walking the short distance where he stood across her growing piles on the coffee table, walking to his . . side? Aglaya dumbly reached out, her chest heaving and exploding with her breasts a little more noticeable against the soft thin fabric of her t-shirt, to touch his face and feel the sharpness of his jawline. “You're so real.†She shuddered, still trembling so close to him. His breath felt real, too. “How are you so real Chort? How could you be alive like this? You're just a dark, happy design of something I can't . . .†She choked as her fingers seemed unable to leave his strange figure.
  5. NC-17 Chosen Persona

    Aglaya's eyes opened so slow. Her head threw itself into an immediate throb and she was curled up into herself, tears falling like someone had come into the room and verbally assaulted her. She let out rough, pained cries as she flinched and moaned as the pains grew deeper, tighter, harsher, wider until her eyes shot open and she was staring wide eyed at her bedroom door. Her breath was heavy, labored with a moist brow and neck. What had happened? Slowly she sat up in her bed, gathering herself and sliding her feet to the floor to find a pair of panda bear slippers. Placing her feet in them she stared at the fluffy white and black creatures for a moment before looking up at her door. The sensation she had had the moment before truly waking up was terrifying. A void of that kind of pain and agony forced her head to turn a little and close her eyes. Had it been a dream or a true migraine of the devils doing? She did not dismiss the random occurrence of such a pain among her head. Standing from her bed she scooted her left and right feet across the wooden floor to her bedroom door and opened it to view a whole other world. A bedroom with soft walls, more feminine touch, to a messy, cluttered and dysfunctional room that she could read like a book. Shuffling through the living area she avoided towers of binders, notebooks, reference books and various other organized piles until she stopped in her little white kitchen. Aglaya lifted a long baggy sweat shirt clothed arm to her eyes and rubbed tenderly until she felt a little more awareness in them. Looking at the little white kitchen she made note of how the grays in it seemed sluggish and lazy compared to many of the other shadows in the kitchen. No lights were on to chase their laziness away, yet. Yawning and stretching as she walked to her cabinet she grabbed a cup and shuffled to the faucet for some water and then dropped a green tea bag into the cup and into the microwave it went! Staring at the speckled layer on the front of her microwave, supposed to help prevent damage to the eyes upon directly staring at the light in the microwave, she watched how her purple and blue glazed cup rotated until the seconds stopped and the handle appeared facing her as she opened the door. Taking the cup she scooted back into her living area, crossed the maze to her balcony and shoved the sliding door open. Walking outside and then closing the door behind her she brought her attention to the city scape above and below her. Aglaya lived on the sixth floor of a thirty floor building. The ants below her darted, paused, scurried and repeated. Her tired hand set the cup of tea down on a small table near by, still watching the busy ants. She brought a small pale hand up to her face and shoved a handful of pitch black hair behind her ear, still quietly observing the ants. “Is this what they think about me, when they look down on me as I travel?†Aglaya said in a soft voice, her heritage barely clinging to her words at this point in her life. The dark haired, pale skinned girl darted out of her apartment complex and dove into the city transit bus before its doors closed. She clung to the rail at the left as she went up the two steps and permitted the meter to read her monthly pass ticket. Proceeding to the back of the bus she carved her sight into the floor of the buss. Never permitting her sight to fly back to anyone that might be gazing in on the new passenger. It was awkward enough getting on the bus and being seen by its audience, worsening when they got the time to stare at you as you walked down it. “Miss Maxim.†The middle aged male voice said drawing the endless stare out of her pale youthful face. “Yes?†Aglaya said startled as her eyes snapped to his mundane existence. He was so boring to listen to dribble on about things that he felt were important, when she could have explained the purpose of the writers direction. Maybe that was why he would drop her grades below the one point they deserved. Despite his quip she fell back into a fantasy a little more dark and artistic than he would have understood or appreciated. Aglaya smiled faintly, to herself and no one else, as her eyes flickered slowly and the light from the window drew her back into the world she had been rudely taken from moments ago. “Out, out! Go!†The teacher said exhausted from his lecture. Aglaya looked up sleepily from her continued daze and noted the mass of her classroom flooding through the door. Now was her time to take leave and hide in her sanctuary for the rest of the day. Excitement buzzed in her chest the moment she thought about the thick, large, old crafted wooden doors to her library. Standing up from her seat she fed her class supplies into her bag and threw the long messenger bag style shoulder over her left and hurried out with the tail end of the class. She was in the protection and comfort of the library within minuets. A breath inhaling the new and old texts that had always kept her company. There were more interesting and intriguing personalities to keep her fancy in this one room than there were in the world from the day of its creation until the second of her arrival in that very library. All the men in the world and she had their attention, their devotion, their desire to share with her their crafted secrets. The women were always secondary. Research and assistance to the brilliance of man, the men, she respected so highly. Trotting down her usual path she plowed deep into the depths of the library and sprawled out on a table right next to the rounded dome portion of her sanctuary. It was made completely out of glass, permitting all natural light to come in and bathe its readers. Aglaya could never function out of its natural warmth and brilliance, it was a necessity. She spent the remainder of her day, afternoon and into the night in that same spot. Food or drink seemed trivial and hardly a requirement to keep going. Though her focus was shifted when she stood up to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. Another student of the college had taken to interrupt that intended action. Her lower half was pressed up against the table as he barely gave her room to move. Aglaya's back was arched, hands reaching to support herself as she tried so hard to put a distance between him and her. Long black hair piled on the table as concerned blue eyes stared at the face grinning at her. “Eh . . Miss Maxum . . “ He said amused at her startled look. “Ma-Maaxim.†Aglaya corrected. “Whatever. You seem too occupied.†He was amused with his discomfort in her eyes. It was as if he had a thrill driving that emotion in her, taking her and consuming that emotion. “No—I.†A thunderstorm had just started and it began on the roughest front possible. The water from their clouds so heavy it made the building feel weak and much older than it truly was. Its glass clipped, shrieked and shook as stronger angles slammed into it hurriedly. As if the water itself was emulating how quick Agalay's heart was pattering. Thunder rattled the building and her being, there was a pause and then a series of lightning flashes went off. Aglaya's eyes grew wider, her chest stopped its fearful fall and rise as she saw a figure standing outside of the libraries glass. He was just standing there through the several flickers of light, watching her and the student intent on his design with her. Aglaya let out a shriek of total fear when the body vanished and she fell onto the table and started to scoot wildly from the students company. “Did . . there!†Aglaya said terrified as she pointed at the empty space the male figure had been standing. A strange and startled look set on his face as he put a hand on his hip. “No wonder you're still a virgin.†He scoffed as he walked off and left the petrified woman on the table to fend for herself.
  6. NC-17 An Adventure in Ildrana

    Auait thrust her strong dark purple tail fading into a soft lilac and tipped in pure white and golden sand colored speckles. Huge excited blue eyes stared eagerly towards the surface as she kept pulling more speed from her being. Large flushed pink lips spread into an exploding smile as she broke the water's top and threw her entire self into the air, flying just like the birds did. A large bare set of breasts perked and bounced in the adoring sun's gaze. Long, wet, black hair arched and flailed in the air while her arms spread wide in and always failed to capture the sky in her arms. Auait took in a deep breath as her body spun and twirled happily in the salty sea air. Her body took on gravity's will and soon fell back into the ocean where she drifted down slowly from the surface and watched the light as it bounced through the ripples and an occasional wave. Happiness disappeared from the bright pink lips, her arms falling behind her in a kind of empty defeat. She felt so free beyond the surface, where the birds chose to land on her waters and lift off at choice. Why was she restricted to such one side of the world. There was more to understand and it upset her that everyone was so content living as if there was nothing but the sea floor and what it contained. Was no one curious as to why the land walkers had devices that defied the water? Why they dropped nets into their waters for their need to eat? The elders were always hushing her, driving away her questions and filling her upset each and every time. Eventually they were going to regret it, and today was that day. The purple tailed mermaid picked up her lifeless gait and began fluttering through the water with a desire, purpose and a choice. She was going to gather answers and understanding. There was going to be knowledge in her generation, as there had been none nearly two hundred years since a lore that barely had a story. Only that, she knew at least, land dwellers and those of the sea had shook hands in friendship, trade, companionship even. She would do that, shake the hand of a land dweller, trade with them, find companionship with one! If the lore was not wrong, it could and would be done. Breaking the surface and then diving back into it she made good time and distance from the darker depths of the sea until she was in sight of an object that did not belong on top of the water like a sea bird. She began to swim slowly in its direction with wide curious eyes. It had been months since she had seen the wooden devices anywhere out this far. Once she had closed the gap between not knowing what the small wooden boat carried and then seeing what it did her entire being froze. Her chest heaved slowly, feeling a thrill fly to the tip of her fin and then race back and stab her in her lower back. Auait caught her breath and tried to steady the racing feeling that made her so giddy in excitement, and then the fear that followed. She was within a distance of that boat that she could be taken from her home, these salty waters, and into a hell that was described by the elders. Auait had to choose chance or remain boxed in and falling deeper and deeper into the fantasy she wrote for herself every day. “What is it going to be?†She murmured to herself as she swam quietly, slowly to the boats edge. Carefully she looked up to find a dry collection of hair hanging over the edge of the boat. Her orbs were as bright as the sea as she eyed the sight. A pale, wet left hand came up and grasped the side of the boat to stabilize her as she brought up her right hand and touched the dry land walkers hair. Auait let out a soft gasp, trying to bottle in her excitement and emotion. She had touched his hair! Her first real contact with a land walker! Sure he had not really consented but, but, she had done it! Auait grew too brave too fast as she swam to the other side of the boat and threw both of her hands on the edge of the wooden construction. Just touching his hair had thrown her into an interested and confused frenzy. She had no skill with mounting a boat or climbing onto odd structures above the water. So it was only a matter of time before she would need to slide back into the waters. That much she had told herself as she lifted out of the water, her large pale breasts pressing up against the edge of the boat until she was able to heave herself above its edge and each one slide over elegantly into view. The sight before her left her confused and greatly interested. Elders had never described anything of what she was looking at. What . . . was it? Auait had such a curious dumb look on her face as she remained perched with only her chest spilling into the boat. She really wanted to stop and ask it, but, it seemed it was not as interested in her in a calm manner as she was in him. For the moment he was awake their eyes married one another for only several moments before he began his chosen actions.
  7. [Discussion] Ildrana: A Travel Guide (Closed)

    It does. Most of our discussion has been in skype. It is a closed RP, too.
  8. [Discussion] Ildrana: A Travel Guide (Closed)

    Name: Auait Age: Unsure Gender: Female Eye color: Blue Hair color: Black Tail Color: Dark purple from naval/sex downward becomes lilac with a white tail speckled in beach sand colored flecks. --------------------------- 300 years ago an illness broke out amongst the salt water edges. Beaches known to collect the company and trade of merfolk soon became infected with an illness native to the salt dwelling fish folk. Land dwellers contracting the simplistic fish folk cold developed rough symptoms that eventually lead to many deaths. Because of the blame being placed upon the visiting merfolk. They had only been among the land dwellers for about 100 years before such a sudden outbreak occurred. Some speculated it was not the kind and interesting people that had since vanished from the waters edges. Their knowledge and abilities were a valued interest to the throne, back then. Now it has all been retracted and its information is become scarce and as lore-like as the merfolk themselves.
  9. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    Such a familiar voice touched her ears. Her heart dropped into oblivion afraid what she heard was real. Lifting her head up, wincing as another tight rough pain tore into her body, her eyes gathered a distraught form mounted against the wall. Dione found enough strength to try and lunge forward against the chains which held her in place. “Royce!†Dione cried as her heart picked up the pace, pattering so quickly she thought it might be possible her frail body might simply shatter from the hope seeing him invoked. Royce heaved, his arms quaking with how tightly he clenched them. "Dione, don't look at me with those eyes...." His deep voice trembled with the weight of his misery, her acknowledgment only drilling his guilt deeper into his chest. "I'm so sorry, my sorry...." She shook her head from side to side slowly, still watching him. “You didn't do all of this.†Dione spoke weakly. Her lips tried to give him a kind smile, trembling they buckled every other word now. “I can look at you if I want.†Dione said trying to find a level of defiance in her barely existing figure. “I . . I always told you not to talk to me . . . like that. Didn't . . didn't I?†Royce cracked heavy tears escaped his iron hold on the action. "No, Dione, you don't understand... I choose you... I choose you...." Royce's body seemed to melt collapsing so only his bonds held him upright. "I dragged you here... I did sorry.... Dione...." He spoke so softly that by the end he was barely audible. Her eyes stared at him in pain and confusion. She winced as a strong, long pain came and went. “What do you mean . .†She said panting, speaking and enduring each longer pain was taking its toll on her. “Chose me?†Royce dropped his head so his chin rest against his chest, unable to meet her eyes as he tried to explain. The words would be stolen from him though as Tessa waltzed into the chamber dressed in strips of silk red that barely covered her. She touched her son's cheek, her fingers trailing off with a disappointed sigh. "My son speaks of the honor given to him. When he was still in my womb I gave his fate to Exarus and my Lord's will was to obtain a body. Royce alone could not achieve that though he needed a female body to incubate his seed blessed by our divine Lord -proof by Exarus' symbol marred on his back. When he was still a child Exarus told me Royce needed to pick the vessel early to place our Lord's essence within. Royce demanded you, he was just a lad at the time,I tried to convince him to pick one of the many Exarus girls but he simply had to have you." Tessa chucked to herself gazing down her nose with loathing eyes at Dione. The former Etyx princess's gaze avoided Royce's mother's hateful gaze. She had been picked by him when he was a youth? Dione felt so much trouble within her. He had never mentioned this ever . . . Why had he gotten to choose, and why her? “Go away.†Dione said sharply. Tessa chucked, "I think not, vessel, I will be here for the coming of our Lord." Royce remained with his has bowed mumbling over and over, "I'm sorry, so sorry..." Dione took in a deep breath, her eyes widened in physical shock as a violent agony radiated from her sex. A feeling of movement between her legs sent her head reeling in fear and lack of understanding. No one was there for her but Royce, and all he could do was stare on as a midwife suddenly appeared in the room. She was in the water and kneeling at Dione's spread legs. Not a word spoken as she pushed them apart farther and situated her hands between her legs, right at her sex where the head of an infant was protruding. “Push, now.†The midwife coached her firmly. “PUSH NOW!†She screamed at her. Her response to the demand was delayed as the pain only doubled, tripled, quadrupled. Managing concentration was nearly impossible as she tried to collect some unknown strength to push on command. This continued for several minuets until Dione let out a pained grunt and the midwife stood victorious from the water with a bloody, slimy newborn in her hands. “Exarus! She is born!†The midwife screamed excitedly. Carefully she pulled the child’s cord and severed it close to its belly, then looked to the limp, motionless form of the vessel. The midwife's job was done. She had brought Exarus into the world. Pleased with herself she stepped out of the waters and wrapped the child up and then disappeared with such pride, Royce's mother right behind her. Dione remained unmoving for a few seconds before she moaned, her body cringed and the placenta slid out of her body and into the birthing waters. Hastily a man walked into the room and unshackled Royce and Dione. She fell into the water too weak to catch herself. As quick as the man had entered he moved quickly to the door, turned and paused as he watched Royce pick up the lifeless body in the water. “I can't promise long my lord, lady. But for the time being enjoy your embrace.†He said before closing the door behind him. Royce drew Dione to his chest, nuzzling into her neck. "Princess..." He moaned into her hair, feeling shattered by what he had witnessed. Dione did not move for a few seconds. Her eyes opened shortly to look at a face full of Royce's hair. “Yes?†Dione said quietly. Royce stroked her cheek and then tentatively kiss her lips ever so gently. She responded in kind, taking a little comfort that he was there at least. The moment was brief that she laid in his arms. Shortly after the departure of their helper handlers came in and yanked Dione from Royce's embrace. She was carried off in the direction of her cell and he was left hung in the control of two large guards. Time was cruel to Dione as always, though it had its moments where she was not able to actually acknowledge time. Those were the moments she was thankful for. The window out to the waters served as a reminder of freedom she had once had nearing two years ago. It had been nearly two years since Royce had abducted her from Etyx lands and smuggled her into Exarus. She was leaning against the cool dark gray stone staring at the relaxed waves rippling towards the shore. Her eyes distant, rolling memories one after the other. She was searching for something to answer her desire for continuing on. Dione felt so lost as she drowned in a hopeless day and night. Where was she going to end up after Exarus was able to dictate as a whole? Surely she would not permit Dione's life to trickle onward, or would she? What of Royce? Her figure shuddered thinking about the evils she might inflict on him. Dione had seen the pain in him when he admitted to what he felt was his fault. He had so much care devoted to her. Yet they only knew each other intimately. Royce still left her perplexed to her current day. He had followed the word of his people blindly, just as she followed him and clung to his entire being as a beacon of hope, and done as they had asked of him. Dione's fingers grazed the edge of the stone window. “You simply do not realize your people have damned me to the same fate my own had long ago.†She whispered to the water. Hardly anything would have changed had she remained in Etxy waiting to be wed to a man so alien to her. She would have been saddle with baring his children the moment she was his, yet it would all have been created from obligation and duty. Perhaps lust on his end, but not desired love of the other. “And I can feel that you do love me, when you do.†Dione said even quieter. The door to her chamber burst open and in walked a large man followed by a well built young man at his side. A blindfold was tied around her eyes and her wrists were snapped together in the guards large hand. Neither said a word as she was guided down the hall a short distance and then pushed flush against a door, similar to her own. “Pay attention Lord Royce, trash.†The guard said gruffly as he turned the control of Dione over to the younger man. “Exarus has spoken her first command today.†He said with some pride, Exarus had grown rapidly and within two months resembled a three year old child. “The vessel will be tortured until her last breath. Exarus had commanded that her defiant lord Royce watch each encounter until he confirms the last and final essence of life has been taken from her.†He said as he opened the door to Royce's cell and entered with Dione. “Be creative.†The guard said as he slammed the door shut and locked the three in the room. Laughing the young man, brunet hair cut above the ears and bright green eyes, shoved Dione into the wall counting on her blindfold to cause a clumsy encounter. She stumbled blindly, her head collided with the side of the wall and an easy collapse right after contact. Dione laid where she had fallen onto the floor, knowing it was his choice if she was suppose to move. Rough fingers came to her face and ripped the blindfold off, bending over to stare at her he touched her cheek almost affectionately. Standing up as he perched his right foot on her as if she was a trophy from a nights hunt, he looked over at the wild eyes of the lord. Had he not had faith in the restraints given to Royce, the absolute anger and rage he saw could have been enough to send him out of the cell fearful of his own life. There would be a duty well done by him to his lady Exarus. “Tell me how you would make love to her my lord. I'm curious, I hear rumors that only she has been able to bring you into a level of euphoria impossible by any Exarus woman. I am quite curious about her ability to do that to such a man like yourself.†He admitted as he rolled Dione onto her back and spread her legs eagerly. “I . . .†He murmured mostly to himself as his eyes traveled down her bust that had doubled in size since the conception of Exarus, down her gaunt stomach to her sex where he eagerly slid his fingers between her lips and explored for the first time. “ . . wonder.†He grinned as he felt himself gain excitement just from a single caress. “Exarus made her so beautiful.†Dione's tormenter said in respect to their lady goddess. “I heard you denied seeding her from the moment you touched her. What a shame. I would have graced her with my being time and time again, giving all my seed to our lady.†There was no time wasted as the young man disrobed himself and threw his entire self into her several rough times. Dione let out soft painful squeaks as he had not even been kind enough to moisten her first before he had entered her. Two hands groped each breast, each overwhelmed by their size, and used them as something to pull at eagerly as he thrust with dominance and power. His eyes never left Royce's. Dione laid motionless as he humiliated her in front of the one man in the entire universe that mattered to her. They knew how to break her down even further than from before. She knew he was aware of the army of partners that had destroyed her inner temple daily. Yet he had never been forced to have them watch her be dehumanized before. It had made her feel like it was possible for him to continue to love her if he did not see what the other men and women would do to her. Now that he was getting just a small sample of their nearly two year punishment for her, any hope disappeared and plummeted into a lifeless depression so deep Dione prayed this man shattered her hip and left her to die. A sudden loud echo slap came to either side of Dione's cheeks. He had smacked her roughly on either side of her face to gather her hazy eyes. “Focus. On. Me.†He hissed at her. “I am all you should be minding.†His eyes shot back up to Royce, whom he could tell was festering with upset, anger, rage, hate, envy. He continued to ride her despite the boney features in her figure causing him annoyance. “How everyone found this fun is beyond me, you included my lord. She's beautiful but, she's been so used up. Look how boney and dry she is!†He said as he pulled his wet self from within her. Leaning over her he hoisted her up onto her feet where she wobbled on unsteady legs for a few seconds until she gained her composure. Dione was turned around slowly as if being put on display for sale. The young man's hand smacking her boney ass in an attempt to arouse himself. “Clean me.†He commanded of Dione. She looked at him with such a deep and mindless gaze. Her entire being shuddered and throbbed from her sex being taken roughly. “No.†She said bringing her arms around her swollen chest. Royce was here, she was not going to clean him. Dione wanted to make a move to Royce, to find shelter in him. Though she wished no physical harm to come to him for her cowardace. “Clean me.†He said once more, his finger pointing to his swollen dominance. Dione fell to her knees and crawled over to him, it was their unspoken rule for her if she were at any distance from them and they called for a clean finishing. She was hardly equal to them to even walk on two feet, crawling like the animal they had conditioned her to be was much more fitting. Once she made it to where the young man stood, he wasted no time in shoving his moist dick into her mouth. Dione's face flickering displeasure as she tasted her own moistness on him in her mouth. He began shoving her face deeper into his krotch, holding the back of her head roughly. His eyes constantly fixed on Royce. “You like that don't you? I can see we excite you.†His laugh was so full of himself. “We trained her to do that. Crawl and suck I mean. Clearly you didn't hardly do anything with her beyond your simple job, which even you failed to do efficiently. We could have our lady born ten or more years ago. Yet you never had it in you to own up to your once former creation. Exarus put far too much faith in such a pitiful man like you.†He let off several moans as Dione worked him. Smiling at Royce with lust filling his eyes. “Perhaps you will finish me off, my lord.â€
  10. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    A strong force slammed into Dione's face, she heard a small crack and her entire being was forced onto the surface she had been on so happily with Royce. The last memory she had for that fantasy was of Royce's lips, fingers, hips, chest, and sweaty body. There was enough memory to lock herself away in a dream world until they were done with her and she was finally, free. After such an eventful birthday a line seemed to develop through out the temple. The line was soft and seemed to shift every other glance, shove or stare. No one was proud of their newly formed opinion or side taken, not yet. The structure inside the temple changed, the once unified air of everyone loving everyone gained jagged edges suggesting that there were now preferences. More than there had been before their Lord Royce's birthday party. Dione woke up in a room that had a dark gray stone all around. Flowing against it was a soft clear sand colored fabric. The fabric fluttered in a gentle wavering pattern as it bumped into several other see-through fabrics like what she had focused in on. Faded gray blue eyes closed shut for a second and then opened with a little more awareness that her surroundings were different this time. Her normalcy for the last several months had been bars, dim blue, purple and green lights. Dark stones of a more black shade than the natural gray. Little thin fingers, so pale against the faded green cloth that laid at rest against, flexed a few times before the nerves awoke and found the lesser quality texture against her skin. A swoosh, swash, swoosh sound caught her attention and drew her eyes to a small foot wide window by three feet high slit in the wall. Dione slowly pushed herself up from her bed and felt and odd feeling as she did. All of her long blond hair fell against her skin as she did. Someone had washed her body and wrapped a gentle bandage around half of her bust, assisting it in support and recovery of her upper body that had taken a beating. Slowly moving one leg at a time she pulled it over the edge of the bed. Looking down at herself she saw the marks fading and some still fresh. Each one had been lovingly dabbed with some kind of salve to repair the damage. Dione gave a half smile to the efforts as she viewed father up her thighs to her hips. A soft bandage also was wrapped around her sex and hips, pulled up in a thong fashion in the back. Draped over her hips was the only form of decency she could have claimed in the many months she had spent as an Exarus doll. The fabric was as thin and see through as the kind that hung about her room. Someone was kind, understood. Her heart plummeted suddenly when memory began to drown her in feelings and emotions. She felt Royce's lips inhaling hers, sucking at them so roughly it pulled tears into the corners of her eyes. The gentle loving grasp of his hand on her breasts, as they traveled down her side's and grasped her hips and commanded him into her. Dione's fingers came to her chapped lips and let out a soft gasp as she realized she felt every inch of him on her. She even let out a little sad mew wishing it could summon him to her bedside. As if she had just dreamed of hell and he would be there to fix it all. Her heart raced and then stopped as her sex began to throb for the emotion he had left her with. Thin little fingers cupped her augmented breasts sadly as she reveled in the memory. It was all she had to cling to. Gentle memories came to her when his words were passed on to her. Her fingers filled out slowly, much slower than the bulge in her belly did. There was hope and a possibility of surviving beyond the birthing of Exarus. Dione's softer weight returned at a slow pace, she was not the fully curved vixen Exarus had crafted to inhale Royce's desire. She remained a shadow of that glorified design. Exarus had crafted such a beautiful design. Yet she and Royce both had forsaken that perfection. Insulted a God that had given them both what it felt mortals desired most, Exarus mortals that is. Etyx had no real claim for any kind of desire. They were a shell of simple design. No real lust in their lives to drive wanting another like Exarus. Their women were a means to continuing power, strategy, design of the future. Rarely, if ever a documented occurrence, did an Etyx woman and man join willingly in love for one another and not have a business plan hidden up the others ass. “My lady?†A respectful voice said from a door somewhere in her room. Dione looked around dazed by the additional voice in the middle of her thoughts. She hugged herself a little more as she tried to take in a little more of her surroundings, as a means to find where the voice originated. Finding the door's brown to the rooms gray she stared at it several seconds before a few beats came to the wood. “I'm here.†She replied dumbly. Why it felt so clunky to speak scared her. Was communication not, natural? “I've come to bring you some food, drink and clean up if you needed it.†A female voice said softly through the thick wood door. Her hug became tighter as she looked at the door and then to the slit in the stone and its watery view. Trust only began if she gave it. Though trust lately had given way to hell in countless forms. She felt in her gut she should know better than to invite in a lie. “Why?†Dione said in a shaky tone. The voice was softer, almost too soft. “Lord Royce has instructed me to mend you to the best of my ability and resources, my lady.†Dione bent over in a sudden emotional surge of longing and long drawn pains. He had sent this voice? Why would he? How could he? Why . . . was she . . . he . . . “Prove it.†Dione said highly doubtful of the delusional words she was being fed. “I . . .†The voice choked and then a small clatter was heard, then rough stuffing as something was passed through the wooden door and stone floor. The princess stared at the parchment, nearly terrified of the thing. It took her several moments to have curiosity, bravery and desire to see what it was all about. She slowly pushed up against the bed for support and then made her way over to the door, knelt down until her body fell into the floor. She felt so clumsy and weak, it made her ashamed of herself for once. Pushing open the folded and crumpled parchment she made out scripture. Tears began to bleed the ink that was still freshly written into it. Her shoulder slumped against the wooden door as the tears fell. “When did he write this?†Dione asked torn in many ways. “Less than an hour ago. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get it to you. He was so urgent about how soon you read it.†The feminine voice said with such regret and begging of her forgiveness. Dione clutched the paper to her augmented breast and gasped in memory of how he had left her feeling during their last encounter. She let out another exasperated, exhausted gasp that then broke into several sobs. “I have . . I have to move. Then come.†Dione said as she slowly picked herself up and used the walls as support until she made it to her bed side and sat down. He was going to make things right, no matter what. She would sign on to the same train of thought and promise. They were both going to make it. Despite having the sea to watch from time to time gave her no gague of the time. Those she spoke with and had tend to her did not offer any time either, no one really used time in Exarus. They had no need for it. Things happened as they wanted to. Life came and life left exactly when it was suppose to. So why would they count how old they were, count the days until a celebration? Their answer was always that, they knew, Exarus had always told them when. It was a feeling so unique to them they could not provide an accurate description for the Etx to grasp. All that was understood by Dione was the overbearing weight of her womb as she was walked down unfamiliar halls, down a set of stairs and into a room large and gray as her own. In the center laid a simple bath, two rectangles crisscrossed into a plus sign shape. Hanging from the ceilings in various locations in the room were chains and sturdy looking shackles. Dione looked to one of her handlers whom had been mending wounds, remedying scars, bruises and giving her curved weight back to her. Her eyes were averted as if she had nothing to offer the vessel as they guided her to one corner of the bath. Dione understood she was in a moment that the handler had no power to assist her understanding. However, she understood when an alien pain began to tear at her entire being. Her wrists were fashioned up into one shackle each. The remainder of her body was undressed and dropped into the waters of the bath. Dione struggled fearfully against the reoccurring feeling of the shackles and what that meant to her. Her heart raced as the pain stabbed at the area of her sex. Not a word was spoken as her attendants stepped back and placed their backs against the walls. They watched as she tore against the shackles, screamed and winced as something unknown and unexplained tore at her from the insides. Hours upon hours passed with the same symptoms plaguing her. Her brow was drenched in sweat as she hung from the shackles, which had been dropped a few notches as deemed acceptable by her attendants. Dione had let out rough agonizing screams every half an hour or more. She screamed angry words at those standing silently in the room. Screeching at them to fix the agony, explain the pain, tell her why they stood so still and silent while she laid in the waters suffering beyond their imagination. Of course they did not answer. Several hours, moments, maybe days even Dione had passed out of consciousness and leaned limp against the shackles and chains that drew her arms up in a Y shape, the remainder of her partially regained feminine form submerged in water.
  11. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    Her head lolled forward as two large masculine hands came from behind her thinning figure. They grasped each breast roughly and gave pleasurable squeezes. Massaging in circular motions she felt lips come up from her shoulder and travel all the way up to her ear where lusting breath heaved several moans for her to hear. Her latest romp shoved her forward, face first into the the stage's bed. Hoisting her smooth rump and spreading her legs he closed up and quickly forced himself inside her at an angle that forced her to let out a painful shriek. Her head came up from where it had been pushed into the bed, a spray of white blond hair flying backwards as she screamed. Her fingers dug roughly into the bed, tearing the once clean fabric. Once he was finished tearing her up from the inside she was lightly pushed aside on the bed. Falling over in a numb slump she stared blankly at the cage's bars as her insides throbbed and a stabbing pain radiated from her sex. “I've had better.†Her tormented commented gruffly as he exited his session with the vessel. Dione's body twitched. Her eyes closed slowly, opened and stared forward again. What was she doing here? She could not remember. A once resilient mind willing to put up a fight had died a month ago. The princess had always wondered where that had gone. Maybe one of them had stolen it from her. Found a way to render it untouchable. She wanted it back. Her hand stretched out from the bed, shaking weakly. “Royce.†Dione begged no one in particular. Who was there to hear her? They were all laughing, smiling at her status. A new event showed up in her life in another months time. Dione was dressed in her chain studded attire with the added accessory of a sturdy chain leash. Handlers entered her cage and clipped the lead onto her and yanked her down and to the exit of the stage. She followed their rough jerks and found her neck taking on a new beating each time they took away slack that might have let her walk freely. Following them they guided her through a series of halls, stairs and more hall until she was at a very high part of the temple. They all stopped in front of one of the many doors and applied several knocks before it opened and she was drug in. Stopping halfway into the room they slammed the door shut and gripped the lead tightly. Her eyes scanned the room slowly. Rarely being fed had left her feeling severely sluggish. There was hardly any light to help her figure out the surroundings she now stood in. Many dark green, purple and black fabrics were tossed all over the room, hanging off of cords that crisscrossed. A dark fabric sea consumed her attention until her eyes were forced on a male voice barking at her. “Vessel!†He said in an authoritative tone. “I am your pleasure tonight. Not the damn walls.†Dione's half lidded gaze looked at him with mouth sadly agape. “Please . . .†She whispered from parched lips. “I don't . . .†“Have a choice. You may leave.†He said gesturing to the men that had brought her in. Coming up to her side he found the chains clip and released it. Dropping it to the floor he took her arm and guided her to the bed and assisted in laying her down on it. “I am not going to tear at you like the heathens they have been giving you. All I ask, demand of you, is to meld with me. Love me as you loved Lord Royce.†His voice said growing soft. Pulling back he fully undressed himself and began his rousing ritual. Dione's eyes grew moist quickly as he mentioned him. Her augmented chest heaved in weak sobs until her current Exarus follower's lips suckled at hers with such honest passion, which bit at her harshly. Royce had given her one deep passionate love to help her, save her. Instead passion had damned her. All of these feelings that were once warm, soft, arousing to her were all pain now. His fingers were massaging her sex, dipping in and out of her slowly. He brought his fingers up to his nose and gave a satisfied whiff. “I don't smell any passion, vessel. Don't tell me that I'm too late.†He grunted. His pleasures continued into the night. Teasing her long, long and longer until his stiffness could not take the torment he had been putting her through. He was inside of her riding smooth thrusts, feeling the tightness squeeze as an invitation to be rougher for her own satisfaction. Dione caught herself in a mid squeeze, relaxed her tensed abdomen and laid still. He was not happy. A hand came from the darkness and threw weight and anger into the hand. Her entire face snapped to face the direction he had hit her. “Do. Not.Do.That.Ever!†He barked at her as he pulled and shoved his sex down her throat until she started choking on his size. “You're experiencing the pleasure of Exarus! Do not ever be so rude to anyone giving you such an amazing gift. Bitch.†She was quickly out of the mans room with a rough shove, push and yank in the chain. The handlers stopped outside in the hallway to look at the dazed numb look on her face. “I've got her.†The one holding her leash said as he kept his eyes on her. “You really upset him.†He said as he came closer to her, wrapping an arm around the small of her back. There was curiosity in his touch as he explored her hips, thighs, touching the moist remnants of her last experience, caressing her breasts with his own lust. He got no responses from her no matter what he did. His lips went taunt, dissatisfied with the exploration and how she simply stood there and took it with out a single batted lash. “You are, a broken toy.†He said as he stood back and wrapped the chain up in his palm. Nothing had changed during the passing of the second month. Her status as a toy and doll was well known by then. However they temple had taken to guiding her around like a show pony and visiting parties with the vessel in tow. She would arrive and be chained down like the animal they considered her. A focal point when people got bored. Many things, creative things, were done with her. Art was carved into her skin, games were played with her sex, her womb was a gentle reminder to make them play nice most nights. Some nights, though, the guests were . . . too rowdy and rough. However, tonight there was something different about the order of celebration. Royce's name kept appearing in people's voices. Though it meant little to the zombie like vessel that followed her master's tug through the crowds of people. Making stops, visiting, pleasuring and being pleasured. “Thi-this way! Haha!†Her handler said with a drunken hiccup in his speech. “We'll go see him! YEA!†He screamed as he entered the huge hall. Who they went to see escaped Dione, her eyes were hazy, open only halfway. Her steps were shaky, weak. She wore nothing that night, other than a painted outfit of lines that framed everything sexual about her being. Over the three months she had been in their captivity they had neglected to feed her much, she was a walking husk of her former glory. “Oh ya! There there!†He chirped so happy with that liquid falling into his mouth as they stopped midway into the great hall. “You can't take that in here!†A large guard bellowed, loud enough that the direction they were going could mind the interaction should they find it in their interests. “Wha---whattt why not?†He laughed, a few teeth missing but a genuine smile none the less. “Lord Royce is forbidden to have that in his life.†The guard reminded the follower of Exarus. “Eh? Ohhhh that!†He said laughing. “I compleeelee forget these things! Lets go bitchy.†The drunk said as he hoisted the chain over his shoulder and drug the never washed, always soiled vessel with him. Her long disgusting, once blond, hair dragging behind her .
  12. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    Dione's exhausted, tingling body latched onto Royce's. Her sex pressed into his thigh, left leg drawn up onto him. The pleasure radiated through her like no feeling she had ever experienced until that very moment. Pale little fingers kneaded at his chest as her face rubbed against his chest lovingly. Her sculpted body twitching at random intervals as remnants of his pleasure in her flickered. Dione let soft moans quietly talk to Royce, as she had little ability to speak then. He had acted with so much knowledge and skill. It made her want to ask, yet feel foolish for wanting to know certain things, feel them. Feeling the remnants of his passion fade a little more she sat herself up, her legs straddling his left thigh, sex still moist and well aroused and pressed against it. She felt almost as if she had had one too many wines, yet at the same time it was such a freeing feeling it was addicting. Her back was arched, still reeling in the first time feelings. She brought her right hand up to her lips, fingers extending and with a transfixed blushed look on her face pressed the tips of her fingers against her lips as she looked down at him. Dione was truly unsure what to do, or think for that matter. He had utterly captivated her emotionally, physically and quite possibly mentally. A few tears pricked the corners of her large eyes. “Royce.†She said in her soft voice. “Am I . . . Anything, to you?†Dione asked, feeling shy of what she truly wanted to know. Royce looked down at Dione, seeing the tears in her eyes was crushing. Gently he stroked her hair, "You are my Princess." He told her with a playful smile before kissing her forehead. She closed her eyes feeling his lips again. Dione shook her head a little at him. “I'm not a princess anymore.†She stated to him in a voice that was completely sure. “That is just a title, a job.†She rubbed the tears from her lids corners before they slid down her cheeks. “Have I never been more than that?†She asked him, now wondering if that truly was all she had ever been in her lifetime so far. "Oh, Dione..." He took her hand, squeezing softly, "You are not my Princess because you were born into royalty. Even if you were born a peasant you would still be my Princess." He stressed 'my' with a kiss to her cheek. "I can't convince you of your value, I know your value to me, but you must find yourself worthwhile. Anything I say, or anyone says, is irrelevant." Dione fell into him, finding every crevice of his being she could fit into and against. Was she? Her eyes closed contented with the feel of his lips again. How was she suppose to find what she valued herself as? His words warmed her chest with several thrills flashing through her entire body, yet left her filled with more questions and a new kind of uncertainty than before. She was something to him, which had value in his eyes. Though what was that suppose to mean in the end? Her eyes opened to look up at him, finally finding some amount of courage to ask him. “Do you mean it?†She murmured. “Or is that something you tell the women new to your love?†Royce smiled, and chuckled softly, "I mean it, Princess." Her face flushed a brighter pink than it already was. Lashes flickering in embarrassment. He meant what he said. Then, some day she had to understand what it was he had said. Saying little else she pressed up against him and fell asleep soon after. They left early the next morning. Dione was still unaccustomed to the redesigned body the creation had given her. She walked as if portions of her body were learning for the first time. Though when she brought up the fatigue in her thighs, Royce took the credit for that bodily trophy. Dione's pale features lit up with pink accents as she pulled his cloak around her and tried to avert her embarrassed eyes. He hoisted her up onto the horse and then mounted up right behind her. Unlike the previous times, she was not bound, her back did not try and stay a hairs breath from his chest. Dione's body rested comfortably against his, her head turned contently against his chest as her lids closed. Whatever it is he had done, whatever it was in the love he had given her . . she felt at ease, peaceful and for once happy. As they rode there was no dark air following their steps, no whispers of twisted words and dark giggles. It was too early to tell or even ask, but, was she free? Their travels were rougher, longer and less forgiving as they tried to press on as quickly as possible. Stops were limited to enough time for the horse to cool, feed and water and for the two of them to rest as well. He had shared a ration of their travels food with her, which she had inhaled far quicker than anticipated. Once she was done her eyes began to wander their surroundings until she glanced down at herself and the tight fit of her dress. Dione looked over at Royce as he fed himself his portion, watching quietly for a few moments before speaking. “It claimed to know what you liked, wanted.†She paused, feeling unsure her words were cruel, rude or inconsiderate given their estranged circumstances. “Am I what you like?†Her eyes dimmed a little as she stared elsewhere thinking about how drastic the change had been. “Did I truly look like a child?†Royce sneered at the mention of what that creature had said. "What I like?" He squeezed her waist, uncertain of talking to her about this so he distracted her with her second question; "You did not look like a child, you looked like a pixie. You were beautiful and adorable, no man in his right mind would have ever mistook you for a child." Dione looked at him quietly, her eyes batting a few times as she thought about it. “Was.†She murmured. Her eyes stared at him slightly troubled. “Then what did it make me into?†"A vixen," He responded harshly, a frown on his face. "Is this really what you want to discuss? And What's done is done, you are still beautiful." She looked away from him, feeling she had asked something that angered or even upset him. Dione gave him no answer and simply stared down at the grass as he finished his rations. They mounted shortly and continued on their way, the pace always picking up. Their breaks grew shorter and shorter as they neared their destination. The Temple of Exarus. Her eyes were overwhelmed with the complete opposite of the world she had grown up in. Everything had darker tints to the color of stone, wood and the clothing . . . or lack of on many of its people. Dione had drawn her hood and hid her pale hair and skin as best she could. It was one matter to trust Royce. The darkness that watched her as they entered was another. She was intimidated by the architecture of many of the buildings. Their designs were not smooth and organic like Etyx. Many were dark, jagged, rough and fierce to her eyes. Dione's pale fingers escaped their hidden location under his cloak and grasped at his wrist, displaying her concern of his culture. It was as if each trot of the animal had the perfect instance of one of the dark, sensual looking people ready to jump up and snatch her from where she sat. Their arrival at the temple left a burning fear in the back of Dione's being. Her thighs tensed up, her fingers dug into Royce's arm harsher than the concerned grasp they had been a few moments ago. She did not understand his culture, only how he made love. “I'm scared.†Dione murmured as she watched a single slightly robbed figure walked down the high steps with guardsmen on either side of her. Royce placed his hand over Dione's, "It'll be alright, Lady Charna is a good woman. I know this must be a lot for you to take in, but I promise you, it's not so bad." He drew her close to his side as if to protect her from the many eyes that lingered on her. The woman that descended the marble black stairs was a slip of a woman, her figure slender and lithe, she wasn't particularly busty or curvy but there was a confidence about her stride that made men flatten to the ground around her, groveling at her ankles. She wore very little, around her hips was a silk black sarong that hung low down her legs, a pair of dark sandles that wraped around dainty feet, but that was it, she was completely topless, only her platinum blonde hair covered her small, perky breasts, though she was adorned with quite a bit of jewelry, delicate chains around her waist, throat, wrists, and ankles, shining with dark purple gems. Though the people around this strange woman gazed at Dione with a sense of loathing, this woman's bright green eyes watched her with curiosity and a measure of softness. As the woman stopped before the couple she looked between the two, she was much shorter than Royce, and just barely the same height as Dione. Royce bowed and kissed the woman's knuckles, her jeweled hand twisting in his grasp to cradled his cheek and tilt his head up to meet his dark eyes. "Welcome home," She cooed in a voice so quiet and gentle if not for the utter silence it would have easily gone unnoticed. The woman's eyes moved back to Dione, gazing up and down her body, her small mouth pursed with a level of alarm, but it easily vanished from her flawless features, "Princess Dione, welcome to the home of Exarus. I am Lady Charna, High Priestess of this domain." Dione's eyes were unsure, fearful and concerned. Royce had not hesitated to pay his respects to the astonishing image before her. She was shaking with concern for her well being, despite his words. The one body of Etyx shook her head a little and took a step back, not comfortable with anything going on. Her eyes were unable to leave the Lady Charna's face. Yet she felt her lips trying to beg Royce to get her away from the daggers she felt coming in at all sides. Royce squeezed her hand, keeping her from fleeing. With a wave of Charna's hand she turned and led them into the dark temple. The entrance was grand, the entire building made of black marble, the railing done in spiraling elegant designs. Massive doors were held open by more guards, their armor was strange, they wore shining silver plates over their lef shoulder down the entire arm, the right arm only a bracer, their chests mostly bare except for the straps to hold the armor in place. Inside it was an eerie domain, the walls were glowing with magical orbs, keeping everything in a dim purple hue. Many of the rooms down the halls did not have doors but merely a translucent fabric that did little but shroud the individuals within in an erotic way as they wrapped around each other performing all sorts of nefarious actions. Men with other men, women with other women, and many times entire groups of people writhing together. The halls were filled with musky scents from people fornicating, lightened with sweet incense and candles. Royce tried to keep Dione's attention on him as they walked down the hall, though he knew he was failing as a pair of almost naked women walked by wearing nothing but what looked like a bikini, one of them very busty with short hair so her chest was fully exposed. Dione's figure could not get close enough to Royce as they walked through the dark, dank, smelly halls. The noises left her several bright sides against her pale skin, her heart leaping when noises sounded like torture rather than . . . love making. Her eyes grew so wide when she watched the barely clad women simply walk past her and Royce, him not batting a lid. His world was the complete opposite of her light and conservative one. The women in his culture walked around as clothed, or not, as they wished. Where as her own covered up every inch of skin and only teases of cleavage and chest were shown in her own. They stopped in front of a room, the door opened for them. She was instructed to enter it and that Royce would meet up with her shortly. Dione was reluctant to part from him. Her fingers unable to unlace from the near death grip they had been in since the dismount of the horse. “Royce.†Dione whimpered as he gently pried her fingers from his. “No.†She choked softly. The fear crept into her spine, causing her chest to freeze as well. “Somethings wrong.†She said sincere. “Don't go.†Dione begged for the last time. Her fingers finally separated and the Lady Charna leading Royce away she was ushered into a bathing room. Two female attendants stepped into the room behind her and closed the door. They came up to her and gently began unlacing the leather shift from around her waist and where it did lace up around her bust. Dione's eyes were wide with shock and uncertainty in her new surroundings. She had never met another Exarus until Royce had taken her. Now she was in the heart of their lands being undressed by two small, quiet women. They did not make eye contact with her as they went about their work. Their silence and diligent work reminded her of her own chamber maids, which oddly brought back a level of comfort in such alien lands. She was washed, her hair dryed, brushed, trimmed and some make up applied to her pale face. The two women left her side for but a moment, returning with several large platters with jewelery spread out in each one. The designs were all linked together by rings that permitted whatever it was they had brought out to be edited upon desire. One thick, heavy piece was fashioned around her neck. It was a solid piece of what appeared to be silver studded with several bright pale diamonds. Attached at the base of the silver choker were three rings. One of the attendants attached a web like design that was draped over one of her enormous breasts, and then another that fit over the other. Around her bust line a single chain was fixed in place that linked to the bottom portion of the stone dotted spider webbed top, wrapping it around the curved bottom portion of her breasts. From the center where her eel began a single chain fell to the beginning of her sex. Spaced evenly down the chain were many rings where the attendants again attached two chains to either side of her waist. They then attached a duplicate long chain from the back of her choker which ran the length of her back and laced between both of her plump cheeks. A more intricate piece got attached to the front of the end chain. It then got laced between her legs and fashioned with the other chain threaded through her cheeks and linking in on the other side. Dione let out an almost pleasurable gasp as she felt the cleverly crafted piece arouse her sex. It was a single piece which brought its wearer arousal upon movement of the figure. No penetration, only simple movement back and forth drawing a kind of gentle, relaxing rub. Two more chains were draped down either thigh side and linked to the chains at her sex. Stepping away from their work the two attendants disappeared from the room and left the provocatively clad Etxy standing with out any direction as to stay, go, sit, do not sit. Dione grasped her arms with either of her hands trying to reassure herself she would be alright and that Royce would return soon to take her out of such an anxiety straining environment. Zoned out trying to push out all of the strain and fear in her Dione jumped when the door opened and another unknown woman stepped into the bathroom with her. She took a few cautious steps back as she advanced, her eyes large with worry and concern to everything Exarus. The woman that entered had hair like midnight shrouding around her bare tanned shoulder down to her waist, she was as sparsely dressed as most everyone within this temple. A slip of fabric tied around her neck and hung limp over each breast, just barely covering her nipples, the smooth round flesh exposed on either side, then draping down the front to her groin where it met with a long skirt, split up the front to revel her smooth legs. Her eyes were dark and held a certain level of unsettling malice to them. She moved with an eerie grace, as if she were floating into the room, stepping over to Dione and stroking her blonde hair from her shoulder, eyes roaming along her body in a strangely possessive way. "My Lord Exarus, I hope the vessel is suitable." The voice that chanted between painted red lips was cold and rather cruel. "I am your faithful servant, Tessa." As if summoned by her presence Dione's eyes grew pitch black and her lips spread into a content smooth smile. “It is by far the worst piece of shit I could have been forced to exist in for so many human years. Or even trail alongside for that matter.†It said angrily, its eyes focused on the inviting image in front of it. “It resisted every advance and modification to date. However, I did improve her I say. A woman with a body like a child no longer.†It laughed victorious. “No my Lady Tessa. This vessel has served its purpose. It has conceived a body for me and in due time I will be free of it for good.†Tessa frowned, and then swiftly lowered her head, "I apologize, her mother was so beautiful too. I suppose she took after her brutish father. It is good that you managed to correct her imperfections though. You have turned her into something quite lovely. Please, my Lord, let me aid you as you need. You need merely call for me and I will do all I can to aid in this process and hopefully make it smoother than it has been. I hope my son did not give you much more trouble. He is a gentle soul and I feared he would not understand the significance of your coming." “Indeed.†It said with a light sigh. “After today I will remain dormant until the birthing, which will take longer than humans. So do not be alarmed.†It brought it's vessel's fingers up to Tessa's face and stroked her cheek with interest and affection, smiling. “Your son was tardy. I warned him not to be, he did not listen. I assured him he would damn himself and the Etyx. However he pulled through in the end, there for I will not damn him after all. The Etyx however I give to your houses and the elite as their doll and toy. The condition of her body only need remain alive. None of her figure matters if it is marred, starved, sexed in any manner. It will not hinder my bodies development. I will be drawing from her suffering, actually. Be it emotional or physical, my gestation cannot have any happiness towards my vessel. She deserves all of it for being such a bitch all these years.†It paused. “Also your son, I intend to punish him a little, yet I demand great reward for him doing his duty none the less. You will give him all the Exarus women that he wants. He will have lands, wealth, power, status. All of it. However, he cannot have, touch or see the Etyx. She will be his punishment. It disgusts me, Tessa, but your son has emotion for the vessel.†Its fists balled up irritated by its own truthful comment. “Do you understand?†"Emotions? For an Etyx," Tessa sighed, pressing the back of her palm to her forehead, "I should have foreseen that, how distasteful. I will see the situation remedied. If Royce will not willingly release his hold on the wench, I'll see one way or another that she is wiped from his mind." She smiled wickedly, her eyes narrowing as she looked over Dione's mostly naked form, "As for the Etyx witch, she will get all that she deserves and much, much more. I will revel in her cries." “Thank you. It sends me to slumber in great relief knowing you will carry out their due punishments. Upon my birth and growth I will reward you ten times the rewards given to your son.†It said before Dione's eyes dropped back to their soft blues and a dumb clueless look came over her, signaling the departure of Exarus. Tessa's eyes darkened, staring down her nose at Dione, suddenly reaching out with viper like speed and nasty painted claws to match snatching her chin and holding her head up to stare down into her pale eyes. "Wretched Etyx, you will burn for causing my Lord such trouble." Suddenly she threw the Princess away from her, turned and left the room. Dione shuddered at the angry grasp of her face, her words and then the toss away as if she were not anything worth looking at any longer. She stepped back until her back ran up against a marbled pillar where she remained trembling at the actions of the woman she had no idea was. Moments after the departure of the dark woman two men came in, dressed like the ones at the door, each grabbed an underarm and escorted Dione through the halls until she came to view a large dome like cage. A large elegant door opened and they walked inside after acending several flights of stairs. In the center of the dome cage was a circular bed covered in dark blankets and pillows. To the side was a small table, cushion and a bucket. “This will be your place. You will not leave this central stage. You will accept the word of Exarus and his verdict, your punishment for not accepting your lord sooner into your life. Your body is no longer, has never, been yours. It belongs to Exarus elite. We will do with it as we please.†The darker skinned guard said in a tone that expressed not a lick of emotion, deep and powerful. Dione was left petrified, shaking, heavy chest heaving as anxiety built up in her chest waiting to explode. She jumped when the door slammed shut and the key locked her inside her prison. “No!†Dione screamed as she rushed down to the door a flight of steps below where her bed was perched on the stage for all to see at any given time. “Please! Let me out! Please†Dione cried after the men as they walked away as if nothing wrong had ever been committed. She clung to the cool metal, pressing her body up against it in agony and defeat. Tears staining her face, her body aroused by her attire against her desire and current emotion. She slid down against the gate, leaning against the chilling metal in defeat. “He said I would be safe . . .†She moaned. “It was suppose to free me after . . . after . . .†Dione cried in heart wrenching pain. Lady Charna had apologized that she couldn't stay, that she had to leave for 'cleansing' but that she would return in a months time. She kissed Royce's cheek and told him to stay true to his heart and then left. He didn't see the High Priestess often, no one did, but she was a powerful individual that could demand obeisance if she wished, though she never had, she was an easy to love Priestess, unlike his own mother who was cold and calculating. Several women caught him on his path to find Dione, grasping his arm and rubbing his chest, their hands slipping beneath his clothes impatiently. Grasping one of the girl's hand he looked into her eyes, "Where is Dione?" The woman giggled, "The vessel is in the stage..." Royce's face paled, why would she be there? He swiftly escaped their groping hands and hurried to the center of the temple. Sure enough there she was, almost naked in a bejeweled outfit, her eyes shifting around the room as already people were gathering to gaze at the 'vessel' what had that woman meant? His heart plummeted with alarm. This isn't what was supposed to happen. Royce ran up to the bars, reaching between their narrow gap, "Dione..." He cried out to her. She let out a high pitched cry when she felt a touch and then the familiar voice. “Royce, what are-are---are . . why am I here? I . . I . .†Her eyes filled to the brim with tears. Crying was all she could do. “You said . . you said . . . . Royce why am I . . . please what . . what is happening?†She choked. "I don't know, I don't know," He grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bars and as close as he could to him. "I'll figure this out, I'll find out what's going on and get you out of there... this isn't right... this isn't..." He clenched her arm trying to hide the fact that he was trembling. Dione shook violently in all her upset. He had no idea what was happening. Up until now, he knew, he had known. “I'm afraid.†Her eyes parted despite the blur that her tears created. “Time to go my Lord. Your bath and the beginning of your rewards of Exarus begin now. You will no longer be affiliated with the Etyx whore. She is below you, do not disgust yourself any longer. Come.†A deep male voice said from behind the knelt figure of Royce. Royce snarled at the man, grabbed Dione and kissed her through the bars, "I'll figure this out, I promise..." But then the guard grabbed Royce's arm and he was dragged off along with the help of two other guards. Dione screamed after him as he was hauled away from her. Her lips numb from his brief yet passionate suckle. “Royce!†She screamed one last time before he was out of her sight for good. Time became her enemy within the first day, second it was a tormenter, by the third Dione's eyes were glazed over as she felt her breasts being groped, yanked and squeezed beyond pleasure and comfort. Someone was inside her, enjoying himself. What she thought was the moistness of the mans love making, was actually blood. She laid on the edge of her circular bed, legs sprawled, jeweled outfit removed and mounted by a man alien to her. He bit her neck leaving deep marks, rough nails scraped at her once flawless pale skin. Now it was dotted with bruises, various cut marks, skin splitting. All of this within a matter of days. They had given her countless men, or men had been granted her. She was nothing more than a doll, a toy, a temporary vessel for their lord. Another few days passed, Dione sat in the middle of her bed. Hair in all directions of disarray. Her body was unclean from every encounter. She still had blood between her thighs, fresh blood dribbled down her mouths corner from the most recent visitor. He had been so rough, she had felt him nearly snap several of her bones. Or maybe he had, moving was not an option, it caused far too much pain. Her stare was such a deep and mindless trance that when the gate opened and food was placed on the small table near her bed she never responded to it. It was as if the visit had never happened. “Watch†A voice whispered as Dione's eyes followed a pair of figures walked along the second floor of the temple. A man accompanying a woman. Most of them was shadowed in the dark dank atmosphere of the temple, though some of the lighting gave even her blurred vision clarity. Her mind was so numb and unable to process thought, though she knew those features. Dione let out a pained scream when she felt a thrust so rough and deep she was sure he had shattered her pelvis. She closed her eyes tight, wishing away the fresh trickle that came between her legs. A sharp sting radiated from the out side of her left breast, her nipple in pained sensitivity as the man smacked it like a toy. Disregarding the agony it left her in, or perhaps that was the point. Their possession of her continued like this over a months time. Dione was bloodied, beaten, forced into countless sexual encounters and talked down to as if she were a sin to have even taken a single breath of the same air they, the elite Exarus did. They made sure she lost any connection with humanity in which she felt equal to them by any means. “What an ugly doll.†A pair of women sneered as they walked past the dirty, bloody form of the vessel which laid crumpled by the cage bars. After a rough session visitor had left her by the bars, many had paid their respects to their soon to be born lord and left gaping wounds or cuts in skin pressed up against the bars. Their disappointment when she did not shriek, cry, lament in indecipherable words when they contributed to their lords creation. Be it she had passed out from all forms of torture, or, did not care what she felt anymore. She was an ugly doll, after all.
  13. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    Her mind was still dull, existing in a haze that barely had any cares of awareness to attend to all that was going on. He had paid for a single bed for their nights stay. Had she retained any strength or energy there might have been a squabble or even a verbal debate. Dione was too tired and hungry for all of this, so she simply complied and entered the room. Sitting on the edge of the bed she listened to him throw his new normal, raunchy comments to her about physical interaction with him. Dione completely ignored his words as her eyes slowly wandered around the shamble of an inn. Everything had age and minimal care applied to their upkeep. Whatever the amount he had paid for the room had to have been overpriced. The service promised had not appeared, either. Dione eventually laid on the edge of the bed, as far from him as she could mange. She could pick up his breathing as he fell sound asleep. He had not bound her that night. Was there now trust, or knowledge she was shit out of luck without his being? Her eyes closed for several minuets. Body at rest in the overpriced, horribly stuffed mattress in a shamble of an inn. “I wouldn't have chosen here either. So we agree about that much.†A very familiar, dark voice chuckled in her ear. Dione's eyes snapped tightly together as tears still found a way to fall down her cheeks. Her small pale frame shuddered for a few seconds before she felt everything stop in unison. The second it had stopped, it began with Dione standing at Royce's bedside. Her fingers were unlacing the easy weave of the leather shift. It fell to the floor with a muffled thump, her dress soon followed. Pitch black eyes stared down at the sleeping figure of Royce. “Not good enough?†She said in a deep raspy tone, it was upset. Dione's former self was shut away in a dark and hopeless void. It was it's playtime now. There was much to do! Guiding its vessel out of the inn it walked, naked, down the steps and disappeared into the forest. Stopping at a well lit break in the trees it parked its vessel against a large sturdy tree. A huge gasp came from Dione's lips as she felt it separate from her and release her from the void. Her eyes looked around worriedly, not recognizing where she was or knowing how she had managed to arrive there. “ Why did you bring me here?†Dione choked. “To finish what I started.†The dark voice said as a familiar tone threw its invisible hand across her throat and hoisted her into the air. “You continually fail me!†It screamed in such upset. It's fist choking her while its free hand slammed into her ribcage multiple times. It did not cease until there were identical cracks for each rib in her cage. By then the pain and shock had rendered Dione unconscious. This made its work easier. It then proceeded to shatter her hips and pop the disks in her spine like they were all toys to reassemble. A small cut appeared at the base of her cage, out flew two bones bloodied and coated in the muscle that had once had a purpose. Her broken hips were pulled wider than the child like hips she had possessed prior to the creations redesign of her body. With as much force as it used to break bone, it just as easily began mending them in their new width and angle. It had successfully shrank her rib cage, caved in her waist and given her more womanly shaped hips. Though it is upset was not remedied completely. Looking to her feet it growled and shuddered with upset. Long, wide and flat, masculine feet! A few crunches, snap and pop her feet were successfully thinned and shrank into small, arched little feet. Lowering its newly perfected master piece to the ground it rewarded itself with the rough groping and pulling of her breasts. Big was feminine and voluptuous to it, a little more never hurt its visual pleasure. She would be a created favorite of all Exarus Elite. Feeling content with its sculpture, it lowered itself until her body fully absorbed the entity. Pitch black eyes sprang open, observing the moonlit forest through her inferior orbs. It stood her up from where she laid, then began walking deeper into the forest. It could feel her adjusting to the redesign of her once childlike body. The sound of night was broken when a few dogs muffled noises sounded through the brush, catching the pale, slightly bloody Exarus crafted princess paused. It watched three huntsmen and two dogs break through the foliage, stop and stare at the sight before them. It smiled at them in an alluring manner while it lifted a long pale arm to beckon them to come closer to the naked pale beauty. The awe struck st ate the men were in left it so a m used, and aroused. “Come.†It said in Dione's soft melodic voice. It had never tried to use its vessels body beyond moving in on Royce. Wide eyes and slow steps coated in disbelief came forward upon command. “My . . . lady . . .†One of the men said mouth gaping, possibly drooling as well. Its motions were sensual, elegant and proper in drawling allure to its marvelous mastered body. Coming up to the one that had come closest it pulled him up against its enormous chest and then stroked his hair for but a second while it wove an elegant thigh behind its target. In a fluid motion his neck was snapped and plucked from his body, spine dangling from the base of the skull. Bloody sprinkled itself over Dione's little white body, making the spots stand out more than would have. The other men and their canines were alarmed, eyes wider and mouths gaping in awe, confusion and fear. “Don't go.†It cooed in her lovely tone. It launched its vessel forward and quickly had both scalps in either of her hands. Lifting them up as much as it could it then drew the bodies into one another and smashed their faces as if they were two soft rocks. Blood splattered and coated the once pale face. The creation laughed and tossed the me to either side of it. It had the ability to do damage and lure all in one swoop, how pleasing. He would not deny it tonight. Not tonight. Crunching and movement sounded behind where it stood. It turned its head to look over its shoulder and pleased as ever viewed Royce watching its backside. When Royce woke up, he yawned and stretched rolling towards Dione only to see the space empty, "Dione...?" He rubbed his eyes, looking around the room finding nothing but her clothes, "Oh no..." He jumped out of the bed and pulled his boots on, just as a scream shattered the silence. "Fuck!" Royce bolted out the door and through the tavern as quickly as he could, following the horrifying sounds. The scene he found through the forest was shattering and for several moments he just stared, his mind struggling to piece together the gruesome image. "Di-Dione..." But he couldn't seem to find words. The creation turned to completely face him. An amused grin on plump lips. Black eyes staring directly at him. “I don't know why you even refer to that thing. It doesn't exist. You might as well consider it gone from today forward.†Taking a few steps closer its vessels body limped at random intervals or paused as it found pain in the redesign of its body. “Come.†It said in her sweet vocals. The voice that came forth was not Dione's sweet, and musical voice and as the entity stepped towards him he took a step back. "Why are you doing this to her?" “It is mine to do as I see the need, desire, wish, want. This vessel was chosen and given to me alone. I am its master, as I am yours. She has resisted her entire life. I will put her in her place, and you will graciously accept yours.†It explained with great irritation directed towards Dione's upbringing. Royce frowned, "My master? No, and neither are you her's. You will free her." Instead of backing away further he closed the gap, grabbed her shoulders and shoved her against a tree. "Release her, demon." It took the shove with a twisted grin spreading between the soft pale lips. Grasping the sides of the tree with its vessels nails it launched itself with inhuman ability into the air. It flew the several feet distance between where it had been pushed to where Royce now laid on his backside. The creation's strength forcing his wrists above his head, fingers gripping at the muscle and bone as if it was a fresh clay in the creatures grasp. Powerful thighs ceased his sides as they crawled down his bodies length until it had found his sex with its vessels. Large breasts grazed his chest as the being heaved labored breaths. It smiled with such excitement. “You'll regret denying me as your master.†It promised him. “And you cannot speak for the Etyx trash. I don't understand how you could. It is against Exarus's visions.†It's face scrunched up in slight disgust. “Don't even suggest the idea that you might have enjoyed the Etyx in any way. You're close to tardy, and I will not forgive this. Make your amends now . . . Royce . . .†It said as it pressed its being against him sensually. Royce ground his teeth, writhing beneath the impossible strength of the entity. "Release her, I will not submit to you, demon." He sneered and bucked trying to throw her off. Even as he resisted his body had other responses that told a different story. Her body was so perfect against his, her groin warm rubbing against his. He clenched his fists and pulled at his arms for freedom even though her grip was painful, digging into flesh and muscle, squeezing until he was sure she'd break the bones It growled angrily at him. “Stop . . calling . . me . . demon!†It screamed at him. “She has never been released from me. Not once since her conception! Do not force my hand, Royce. Do not force it. Do not force it.†It said in a softer, chilling whispering tone. “Sent to fetch me, did they not speak to you of your entire duty to Exarus? Did they? Seems not.†The creation hissed. “You were given a last chance, warnings. I even redesigned the ugly flesh to your liking.†It dropped his entire chests weight against his, moving its vessels mouth closer to his ear. “And I know what you want, what you like.†It paused and then yelled. “Yet you refuse to take it!†In a quick motion it sat up on top of him and threw a strength filled punch into the face of its escort. The sound of its vessels knuckles cracking and blood flying from each one was testament to the anger the creation had wielded against him. It stood up from its target, both fists balled, augmented chest heaving in exhaustion and anger. Eyes large and angry stared at him engulfed in the emotional resource its vessel provided it. “Deny me once more, Royce. Once more to seal your fate, and damn hers.†Royce's anger shifted into confusion, until she struck him with such force his head was thrown to the side his lip split easily. He choked and spit blood to the side, shifting his jaw to see if she'd broken it, luckily it didn't seem she had, but it sure hurt like hell. Free of her weight and hands he stood up, keeping several feet between them. "Striking me isn't really the best way to convince me you're not a demon." He glared up at her, but he was still curious, what did this demon know of his task? "My task was to bring the Princess back to the temple, nothing more. If you are some sort of creature of Exarus then you will free me, and allow me to take her to the temple as was planned." It hissed at him. “When you fight with something pathetic like this, there is little you can do to demonstrate your true heritage.†He was such an insult to it. “I am more than that. But I was offering a gift to you both for doing your duties to me. Now you have damned yourselves, her more than anyone.†It laughed. “So be it.†The last three words it spoke and its entire presence disappeared from her being and around them. Air around them and the night itself became lighter and more natural feeling. Dione's body staggered unstable from the beating she had taken and given. Fuzzy vision ceased when she let out a high pitched gasp for air, tears swimming down her cheeks. The Etyx sculpture collapsed to her knees, swaying still unsteady, eyes fixed on the one thing that it recognized. “Please . . .†She choked in the most pitiful voice imaginable. Her soft plea was both relieving and crippling, as he realized Dione was back, but she sounded so weak. Royce's arms latched around her and pulled her tightly to him, "I'm so sorry, Dione. I don't know what that thing will do next, but I think we're out of time... I fear what it will do the next time it rises." He pressed his lips to her forehead, squeezing her trying to be reassuring, but he himself was uncertain. Her sobs were slow, heavy and long as it took what little strength and energy she had to release each one. “I knew it would get worse. That . . is all it has ever been.†She said so softly. “I wish you had listened . . when I said it . . . cannot be controlled.†Dione closed her eyes and felt the warmth he offered, she felt so cold and lifeless. How was she even alive? “Why are we out of time?†He clenched his fists against her back, he was still uncertain about telling her, but it seemed she was going to find out one way or another if that demon got its way. "It wants me... It wants me to take you, Dione... to lie with you... It said that I have denied it for the last time...." “Wh-wha-tt. . . . why?†Dione said with a fresh wave of upset emotions. Her body cringed, trying to ball up into him. “Then . . why . . didn't . . you.†She said in thick labored sobs. All she wanted was her freedom from it, and he had denied it what could have rendered her unwanted and free? Why? Royce gently stroked her back, still trying to soothe her as she pressed closer to his chest. "Dione, I am great many terrible things, but I am not and will not become your rapist... and... I don't think it would go away if I had.... It has this claim on you, it speaks as if you are nothing but its play toy, its doll to do with as it pleases." His words dropped the ultimate devastation into her entire being. She let out deep painful cries, the saddest, most pitiful scream that could have been mistaken for a drowning person. “I . . I . . .†Her voice quivered. “I've . . . never . . once been asked what it is I wanted.†She lamented so quiet, a near whisper. “I am not even my own.†A statement of utter truth, and it destroyed her to acknowledge it. “That is all I have been, a toy.†She whispered to him, a shaky hand reached out to touch the darker tanned skin of his arm. “I am sorry . . that I hurt you.†Dione said between sniffles. "Oh Dione..." He sighed, feeling crushed from her painful sobs. "I know you won't believe me, but you're not a toy to me. I wish I could give you all that you want..." She gave a rough laugh despite her pitiful cries. “And why . . .would you want to do that?†The subject change was helpful, she only hoped he kept talking to her. Royce drew his cloak around her bare shoulders, "Because I want to." He really couldn't think of a better answer for her, he wanted to protect her and stay close to her, to guard her in all endeavors Dione nuzzled against his chest some more, trying to smother her face in him so she could be absorbed from the world into somewhere more peaceful. “Such a rough, dirty man wanting to do something kind.†Dione murmured softly, her body relaxing a little bit more as he seemed to be warming her up. “What made you want . . .†Her voice got quieter. “ . . to do that for someone that was simply a job.†She gave a faint, sarcastic and amused laugh. “I . . . don't know if you're good, bad, neither nor. I almost do not believe your allegiance to Exarus, either.†She said softly. He smiled softly at her gentle 'insults.' "I am not as bad as you think I am and neither is Exarus, our deity gets a rather bad reputation because our fellow followers aren't so 'pure' in nature, certainly not like those of Etyx." Drawing Dione back enough that he could see her face, his finger combed her hair back, the blonde locks sliding through his rough, calloused hands. "My job was to bring you to the temple, that does not make you the job. You are still a person, and I feel for your strife. I will do everything I can to help you against this entity." Half lidded eyes looked up at him as he cleared hair from her vision. “After all of this, I doubt it.†Dione said softly, her lids closing more until she did not have the willpower to part them anymore. “I am a target, I am a toy.†She paused as a few breaths was required to continue talking. “And only my captor thinks more of me.†Her tone grew sad and bitter. She brought herself back into him and got comfortable. “Don't tend to me anymore. I fear for you. At this point I'm disposable. And you have a chance.†"Not a chance, Princess, you're not getting rid of me that easily," He let her fold back into his arms, pleased she sought such comfort from him. He ran his hand down through her hair over and over again. "Besides, it claims to be my master too, so who knows what it will do to you if I were to leave you. I can't allow that." Dione gave a soft moan and tried to shake her head as her response, though her head never moved. “I won't . . tell.†She murmured as her entire being simply shut down from the mental and physical drama of the night. At least it had all ended with the one human still by her side, the one that saw her like they were. A person. An individual. Not like a plagued birth that was the only line to lead the family into the future. Not like those that had sent a rough dirty man to collect whatever the hell she was to be used for.
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    The figure hung limp in his grasp as he kept it at a distance. It smiled amused at his sudden offensive gesture. “No you won't.†It promised him as a red tongue came from between bloody lips and lapped up the blood thrilled. “There will be no denial of what I want, Royce.†The creation said before it completely left the princess's body. She fell into his embrace, held gently and then brought into the safety of his grasp. Dione remained out for the duration of the night, sleeping soundly in her captors arms and a cloak to cover her naked body. Every now and then she would give a twitch, a slightly fearful moan, then whimper herself back to the quiet, comforting sleep she so greatly needed. Several hours, near afternoon by now, Dione's dull gray blue eyes opened up slowly. They peered at the cave's walls groggy for several minuets before she realized that what she was laying against rose and fell in the same pattern. Lifting her head up just enough to pull back from where she leaned against something her eyes grew wide quickly. Dione's heart froze and her breath ceased several seconds. Why was she sleeping on him? Why was he holding her? Why were his arms wrapped . . . kindly around her? Peering at his arms she caught her shoulder bare. It had not been bare when she had . . . Dione frowned for a moment. When had she gone to sleep? She did not remember anything beyond his offer for food. A moments gasp of fear left her lips and she found herself lurching out of his embrace, or trying to before he wrangled her back in to calm her wild dulled eyes. “Let me go!†Dione screamed terrified at him. “What did you do to me!†She yelped as the lack of knowing or understanding became clear in her eyes. “Why am I here? Why am I naked? I . . I . . I don't even . . . I can't remember falling asleep.†Dione said greatly troubled. Royce simply held her wrists to keep her from harming him or possibly herself. With a frown he responded, "The entity. It... I don't know, it spoke strangely, it shredded your clothes as if your dress was little more than a cluster of dust." When he felt she was relaxed enough that she would lunge he released her wrists, letting her escape him. Swiftly pulling the blanket from beneath him he wrapped it around her shoulders to preserve whatever might be left of her modesty. "Has it ever done anything like that before? I mean for you to black out and not even remember?" Nervousness grew as she listened to him explain her nudity. Dione's body shook a little, her eyes quickly avoiding his as he pulled the blanket around her and asked a question. “Yes, many times. They were usually far in between one another. I haven't had . . . this kind of spell in a year or more.†Her eyes gathered a little courage and glanced up at him for a second or two before they retreated shamefully to the cave walls. “What did I do?†She knew her spells never were well. Something horrid always occurred . . . . each spell it seemed to worsen. He frowned, alarmed at her complete lack of memory and uncertain as to exactly how much he should disclouse. She was so fragil, he worried at how she might respond. "Humm... well...." He struggled with trying to find the right words, it's not like he couldn't tell her she tried to jump him. "It seems the entity doesn't hate me as much as you claim. It said... that I was her's... or yours. And well, as you see, bit me." He tilted his head to show the marks on his neck. He'd leave out the part of 'having her' and punishment to hopefully to keep her from worrying over much. Dione's worried eyes followed his neck until she saw the bite mark. Shaking hands flew up to her mouth as she let out a gasp. “I did that?†A pained moan came from behind her still trembling hands. “I'm so sorry. I . . .†Her eyes tore away from the wound and looked distraught at nothing specific, unsure and hoping for it to give her a why . . . she had harmed him. It troubled her a little when he mentioned the lack of hate, and how it had laid a claim to him. “It's . . . never spoken before.†She mumbled numbly as she crawled out of his lap and shakily stood up on starved legs. Walking only a few steps before her legs stumbled and gave in she fell into a dusty heap on the cave floor. Soiled blond hair flew all over, landing across her eyes. Dione stared at the ground unable to wrap her mind around what had fully happened. She was absolutely terrified by his words. It was acting out so strongly. Royce wasn't quick enough to jump off the ground and catch her as she crumpled, but he did go over to her and sit down in front of her. Pulling his bag forward he withdrew one of the wild apples he collected and pressed it into her palm, "Please, eat. It's probably taking advantage of how weak you are right now." Cautiously he brushed her hair from her face, tucking it behind her eye, "I'm here to help you figure out this thing." He tried to be reassuring but the reality was that he knew even less about the entity than she did. Pale eyes shifted to look directly at the apple in her hand. She listened to his words, which upset and angered her all the same. He was possibly right. Cupping the apple in both of her small pale hands she stared at it meaningfully. “No one has ever said they wanted to help me with it before.†She nearly whispered. There was no telling if he was there to craft the creation into power for Exarus's desires or to become a kind of right hand weapon for their current leader. Dione was so confused by his actions, his words, his touch, his entirety and how he handled the entity within her. It was almost as if he was as much their wishes and wants, as much as he wished to . . . help a . . . Her eyes shifted to look directly into his eyes. First searching for the answers to the questions she still had not figured out. Though after a moments silence she knew only he had them. “ . . . Why . . .†Dione said softly. “Are you of Exarus, yet kind and helpful to me. More than any Etyx I have ever encountered?†She asked as tears flooded her eyes. “What am I to you? Truly?†Dione was so confused now. Was she an Etyx? Was she Exarus? Was she nothing to either side? "Why does me being a follow of Exarus mean I'm not supposed to be kind and helpful?" Royce threw back easily, his dark eyes analyzing as he tried to discover her motive for her line of questions. "The slaves of Etyx fear the entity whereas I am curious of it, I wish to learn of its purpose." “I . . I don't know.†Dione quietly admitted. “I've never known Exarus to know beyond what I was taught. I clearly cannot think for myself.†She murmured embarrassed and slightly ashamed. Her head shook slowly as her eyes closed. “I don't want to learn. I want it to leave. It has brought me nothing more than pain, death, terror and agony.†Having momentarily given up on caring for presurving herself she dropped a portion of the cloak and pulled her long blond hair away from her backside to expose the three deep scratches on her lower back. “It does this to me often.†She confessed. “I have scars from the past.†Dione continued sadly. “Why didn't you ask it questions, ask it to leave me alone . . . . when I talk to it . . . it . . .†She quieted. Royce looked baffled at her questions, "I was the slightest bit distracted trying to preserve your innocence while it threw you in my lap. Sorry if my concerns were more on keeping it from tearing my clothes off to." His eyes darkened, "I'm still a male...." He shook his head as he tried to will away the image of her naked form writhing in his lap, then brushed his hair back from his face. Drawing his attention back to her previous comment he looked her in the eye with a hard expression, "You can't just make it go away, you must recognize that by now? Maybe there is a way to get rid of it, but you'll never know unless you learn more about it..." Dione covered herself back up and gave a faint nod of her head before she brought the apple up to her lips and slowly began to chew the first piece. Once it was swallowed her eyes looked back up at him for a moment. “I don't know how to learn.†She told him firmly. “I fast, it grows strong. I ignore it, it attacks me and those close to me. Yet you're the only existence it seems to want or care for. Maybe I'm not where we're suppose to start in dissecting this demon's reason to cling to me since birth.†Dione said feeling helpless, angry and so afraid. He gave her a smirk, glad to see her considering something other than defeat. "We'll have to study it, see what triggers it and if we can figure out why those things trigger it and if it does happen to... rise again to try... this.... I'll make sure to see if I can find anything more useful out." Royce peeled off his black tunic exposing a tanned, muscular chest and handed the shirt to her, "Something to cover with until I can get you more clothes...." Blushing she grasped the fabric and gave him a respectful bow. Standing up with his support, she gave him another thankful bow of her head and slowly made her way out of the cave. Wincing at the bright light coming down into her eyes she paused to adjust to it. Once comfortable with the light she kept walking out of the cave. Feeling him only a few steps behind her she turned her head over her shoulder and held his eyes. “I won't run.†She promised him. “There's water a small walk away. I wish to clean up and eat my apple.†She felt a moment of loss and gain all at the same time. For the first time she had no deep need or desire to run home to mother and father. A single night's experience had changed so much about her, and this man. Dione felt her cheeks flush cherry red as she realized she had been staring at him while thinking. “I . . I'm sorry!†She blurted out dumbly. “I . . I'll, I won't be long.†She said stumbling over her words before creeping off towards the water she had heard and smelt. Dione felt her heart racing as she tried to pick up the pace, not wanting to chance him doubting her words. Stumbling from time to time as she got closer to the waters she kept forcing back thoughts and observations she was not going to admit to herself just then and there. Fasting had simply crippled her ability to properly analyze situations and . . . and . . things among them. Yes that was truly the blame, which still came down to her as the cause of the problem. Dione sighed and dropped the blanket, tossed the apple onto it and then slid into the waters with out a moments hesitation. The liquid was cool and relaxing to her sweaty, dirty body. Dione brought up several cupped hands of water to her face to wash away the metallic taste which had lingered since she had woken up. After the third of forth draw of water she found her reflection catch her attention for a few seconds. Her eyes were so lifeless. The pits they were lodged into had a darkened brown around her once flawless powdered lids. She felt a second of self identity begin to waver. Had that been her, or someone else? Was this her? Or was this a design by it? “By me.†A deep darkened voice said from behind the bent over paled princess. Dione's head snapped all around her looking for the source. She was rewarded with nothing until an unseen force plucked her up out of the water and threw her against a tree. Her lips parted to mouth a scream, though the entity had managed to mute her ability to do so. Dione struggled helplessly as the creation kept her suspended in the air, all the while the feeling of a hand which started to take on a dark misty look to it. She could feel its other dark hand holding her throat up against the tree with no effort at all. The direction of the second hand traveled to her left breast, as it pinned her with its left hand, and began groping and pulling at it in a rough and demanding way. Dione felt a thick solid pain in her breast as the creature groped, kneaded and pulled at the small dollop. The creation kept repeating the motion until it had successfully augmented the small breast into a very large and alluring piece of work. “Etyx have horrid breeding lines.†The voice told her angrily. “I've hated the way you look so child like even as a woman.†It was so displeased. She could feel its hate and upset in her appearance as it groped the other vanilla breast and repeating the process to make it the kind of allure it wanted in her. Tears ran down the sides of her cheeks as it assaulted her and sculpted her further. Once it was content, Dione stared at a dark figure and bright white teeth smiling pleased. Her now large bust heaving in terror, fear, shame, shock and numbness. “I will fix you to my desire.†With its last words it permitted her fragile pale body to drop from the several feet it had held her at against the tree. She fell with a solid thud as her figure hit the tree's base and the ground.
  15. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    Former bright blue eyes, now a dull and almost grey hue slid over to the figure enjoying his sustenance. Her stomach churned several times, forcing her to take more time to come to a conclusion, a single thought about what it was she knew she wanted, needed or refused. Her entire figure was zombie like. In her mind she was a whole functioning creation that had direction, movement and an end goal. Each motion was slower, the body taking its sweet time managing its resources as she tried to turn herself from him and the sound of his kind provisions. His simple words. Damned stupid words. A darker aura about her giggled, her much whiter than his teeth spread into a slightly twisted smile for but a moment. “Polite.†She whispered as her fingers crossed one another in several patterns and motions. Her entire demeanor flipped within a single breath, at the bat of a lash. Looking over towards the male figure that had been guiding and taunting her the entire time. Elegant, until now, innocent eyes focused in on the man feeding himself. “You're mine, you know.†Dione's once soft spoken voice said in a deeper, rasper voice. Something more powerful, the creation that had haunted her, said in clear dominance. It drew her figure up from where it sat, which had been a distance far from him. Her eyes never able to stay fixed on him. They jumped from every angle, her fingers always working and never staying still. Every second a portion of her twitched as if it was unaccustomed to its vessel. Alien in what it was dealing with. How strange for something so omnipresent appeared a newborn foal on its first steps, all the while forcing its presence and power upon him at the same time. Her bindings broken. Shredded threads fell like dandelion fluffs in the air at her sides. Former Dione's head lolled from side to side slowly, her branded freed hands limp. All of her being seemed as dead as the presence that had been bound to her essence since childhood. Her eyes had no focus despite the forward motion she made in slow time near the figure feeding itself. It stopped a distance from him and finally noticed the troubling threads that clung against its frame. Be it displeasure, unhappiness if it possessed the ability to fabricate a understanding of no emotion. Fabric began to fall like a summers wind carrying such lovely dandelion tuffs. Stopping halfway in its redesign of its ensemble it found interest in its visual interests posture. Everything had changed since it had found a moment of distraction. “Exarus won't let you lay a cut on this.†Its lips said so deep and alien-like. It smiled at him, eyes pitch black now with an amused look on its vessel. It was the most beautiful, torn, twisted, arched Etyx bred to date and Exarus claimed it as its own! Its smile twitched with several unsure flickers from its fingers and limbs. Coming a few steps closer it found Dione's knowledge in the garment she wore and unlaced it all with great skill. Tossing the entire useless Etyx design into the fire to fuel it, of course not suffocate the light and warmth, it stopped within few feet from its destination. Palms thrown back behind the princess's well bred thighs, fingers cleaving for something to destroy or love. Her entire small chest heaving from its efforts to simply regain control of such a weak and manipulative body, it was out of practice and power in the physical world. Down on its kneels after a falter, dust coming up to his bowed knees, it crawled up to him the remaining distance. Weaving its way into him it found every crevice Royace had to offer and filled it. Wrapping its vessels arms around his neck, right leg wedging its way around his backside, breasts in clear sight as its vessels sex throbbed against Royace's own. Smiling down at him it was absolutely thrilled with itself. It felt the thrill radiate through him. A new lifeline for the creature to suckle from. Virgin white teeth sank into his neck while renown imagined nails drew blood from his currently bare biceps. It drew back for a moment, dirty blonde hair flying behind its vessel's pale bare shoulders. Strands flying left, then right and then finally settling in the dust of the cave. It smiled and shifted its sex against him. “You cannot deny me for long.†It said in such a deep and dominant voice. Sex pressing into him it drew its tongue and painted Royace an invitation to its vessel. “Have now, have later. Punishments will begin when tardy.†It said snuggling into Royce's figure with such ease, as if it -she- had been bred just for his figure.