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  1. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Excellent! I'm glad you're enjoying the chocolate :)
  2. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    YAYYYYY :D :D :D :D :D :D I'm so glad you got it not too late after Christmas! I couldn't get my hands on the proper size of those safety eyes, I had to order them online! I'm so glad you like it~~~~~ The salted pretzel Dairy Milk is my absolute FAVOURITE. I love it so much. There aren't many foods here that aren't in the United States, but Canada does have great chocolates and candies! I only just learned to crochet this past year, but this isn't my first attempt at the magikarp dice bag. I've made a few others, with various needle sizes and yarn weights. I hope it measures up to a quality dice bag! :D EEEEEEEEEEE so exciteee~
  3. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    So today I saw that a few people have received their secret santa gifts and ran to check my own mailbox to discover that my gift arrived as well! ~~~~~~~ My secret santa was Eth. He made me the coolest Minecraft card and got me a pretty diamond necklace (minecraft diamonds) (more rare than REAL DIAMONDS) My favourite part is the back of the card LOOK AT THIS CUTE CHRISTMAS CREEPER!!! Thank you so much, Eth~ :wub: Also my own secret santa recipient: My gift is going to be the latest of them all, I think. It will arrive after new years. HOWEVER it is ~handmade~ so maybe that is a good consolation. I hope everyone had a great christmas! EDIT: OMG THE "A" IN NIKKIA IS A CREEPERRRR!!
  4. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I think mine will be a tad late :(
  5. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    It's crunch time for me right now so I'm hoping my present gets to the recipient on time! D: Should be in the mail super soon!
  6. Halloween

    I'm going to get a ton of halloween candy (from the store, because TOO MUCH ANXIETY trick-or-treating -- "will she say i'm too old? will she yell at me? ugh maybe i should just skip this house, oh no that old lady looks mean too, fuck it, let's just go home") and do something fun and scary. Maybe watch movies, maybe play video games, I dunno yet. :)
  7. Wait so do I suggest a thing now? Like right here? I can do it right now? Mine isn't going to be manga though, is that okay? I mean I know the rules say it's okay but like, is it actually okay? Do you guys want my non-manga suggestions??????? HELLO SEAN WHY ARENT YOU ANSWERING MY MANY QUESTIONS????
  8. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    wowowowowowow sean sean's the meanest to phresh anyways phresh, no mention of WOW!??!?!?!?! WHY YOU MAKE ME SAD :(

  10. Hi, me llamo Phreshaer.

    Phresh don't like your own posts, jeez.
  11. Hi Nervous I'm Dad

    Dan loves knives and is scared of aliens but he also loves to befriend 16-year-olds. I am interested in seeing how this plays out. oh also, welcome! hehee :)
  12. Meep :3!

    What is your league username? We will ARAM! Man I love ARAMs.