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  1. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I have a blackberry, so I can't contribute to FANCY FONE TALK. :( Let's talk about birds now. How do you guys feel about BIRDS
  2. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    @Tsai: D: Ugh god, noo! Ahhh I hate them so much..... @Resonance: Hmmm, I'll have to sayyy.. cheesecake. I like cheesecake a lot. @Lady_Riddel: Rocky road for sure, no contest.
  3. hi

    ew ugh god get out
  4. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: Nikkia Name: Lindsay Available Times: Most days / times - I'm located in EST and am mostly available afternoon - evening. I can also often be online while working. Post Length: 5-10 paragraphs. Depends on what I'm given to work with. Post Frequency: Depending on my inspiration / motivation I can posted anywhere from once a week to multiple times a day. It depends entirely upon the synergy I have with the other players. RP Preferences: I really enjoy a lot of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fan Fiction roleplays. However, shoot me any of your ideas and if they interest me, I'll definitely consider taking part. Contact Details: I can be contacted here via the PM system or on skype - nikk1a ; please mention in the add "message" that you are from surreality when you add me.


  7. What are you watching?

    I'm currently watching through Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood! I just got caught up on Community which is amazing annnnd I think before that I watched... Pushing Daisies? Again? Haha.
  8. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    Oooh! You have a cockatiel! What's his name? How old is he? Can he sing any cool songs? :wub:
  9. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    Kelsey, I will lick your face every day. I don't really dance anymore, but I did like to dance a lot when I was younger. Tsai, I can't really say I do... I hate house centipedes... does that count? (There was a baby house centipede in my apartment recently, which was a surprise because someone told me once that Canada doesn't get those, ugh god) DayDreamer, I love pretty much alll birds. Right now I have two lovebirds so I guess they're my favorite right now. I like parrots, which I guess is a pretty broad category. My next bird will either be a Conure or a Cockatiel :)
  10. Hi, friends~

  11. What are you listening to?

    The Dear Hunter for me today. :)
  12. Why...Hello there!

    Hey there! Welcome to Surreality :)
  13. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    No. :ph34r: :wub:
  14. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    Hahah! It's on my lower back, on the riiiight? side. Yeah, right side. (I didn't just go check :ph34r: ) It's a honeybee. Bees used to be my favorite "animal" and I guess they're still my favorite as far as insects are concerned. I have a few birdy tattoos planned as well! Tiny Bailey Boco chocobos :wub:
  15. Hai! ^^

    Hello! Welcome back to Surreality. I'm Lindsay and it's a pleasure to meet you. I think I remember you from original S*T. Currently, I'm just working in Toronto, Ontario. I'd like to become a vet of some kind? Or a handler or a behaviourist for parrots. That's awesome that you're on the road to becoming a tattoo artist! I have one tattoo currently, but I have plans for many more when the money allows. :)
  16. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    Actually, no.. I haven't. I've read that trauma, near-death experiences, major surgeries, etc. can cause you to have an out of body experience. I've never really had much of any of that. I'm not even really good at dreaming, to be honest. I rarely dream at all - or rather, I rarely remember my dreams. I'd like to learn how to lucid dream though, that sounds like it'd be awesome.
  17. RULES Rules & Guidelines

    Surreality User Guide After discussion among the staff it has been decided that we are going to reassess our rules on the forum. This thread will highlight what we consider to be rules, why they are in place, and exactly what they involve. This will not affect rules for the Role Playing sections of the forum which are in place to make sure everyone has a particular standard in their writing experience. Please consult the Role Playing Guidelines if you are not familiar with them. Surreality Guidelines Rather than give you strict rules to follow we are now going to offer you some guidelines. These particular points are here for the express purpose of keeping the forum tidy and organised. We do not want members to feel they will get in trouble for breaching these guidelines. We are asking for your respect, and in return we will trust you to use your better judgement when posting. So here are our guidelines. 1. Please remain courteous and respectful to your fellow members at all times. This is a pretty simple one. Surreality is a community and we are here to have fun, learn, improve and get creative with each other. Please try to show each other the respect that we all deserve. We’re all human, and sometimes there are going to be disagreements. Sometimes harsh words will be said. It’s unavoidable. We’ll tackle those issues on an individual basis, however, in the event of any serious disagreements, if the situation is resolved amicably, then no party will be punished in any form. Essentially kiss and make up and there’s no problems. 2. Post discussions in the appropriate forum and keep discussions friendly. This is simply to keep things tidy. At Surreality we encourage discussion and interaction between members. We are going to allow people to be off topic in discussion threads. This allows for conversation to be much more natural. We do ask, however, that you guys try to keep on track. If the conversation begins to completely derail then have some respect for other users who may want to talk about the original topic and move your discussion to a new topic. Nobody will be punished in any way for being off topic, with the exceptions that are highlighted in the rules section below. So as always, use your better judgement on this one and respect your fellow members. 3. Try not to double post. This isn’t hard. We have a pretty intuitive interface here, and it includes an edit function. Ultimately this is just keeping the place tidy, and avoiding the encouragement of rapid spam posts. Again nobody is going to get their butt kicked for double posting, however, a staff member may merge your post with your previous one if they feel it necessary. This ensures that we tidy the place in a non-destructive fashion. We will endeavour to avoid deletion of any posts with the exception of malicious or explicit ones highlighted in the rules. 4. Any thread that is not a role playing thread is rated PG-13 by default. Basically don’t be disturbing or depraved. Casual swearing, etc, is fine but don’t be excessive. The Rules So here it is. The Rules. Unlike our guidelines these rules will be enforced quite strictly. These rules are in place to maintain a happy environment within the forum. Each breach of the rule will get you a warning. You can have 3 warnings. After that you will be put on a trial of sorts. Staff will discuss the issue and come to a consensus as to what to do, whether it be another warning, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban. In the event of Gross Misconduct Admins may decide to ban a member immediately, examples of Gross Misconduct include spambots, posting malware or pornographic links, selling of illegal goods, etc. 1. Do not discuss any illegal activities. This includes piracy, hacking, fraud or basically anything Illegal. An exception to this rule is for academic debate. By all means feel free to discuss opinions and hypotheticals, i.e Drug legalization, Piracy Laws, etc. Do not, however, confess or admit to performing illegal activities, or conspire to commit an illegal activity within this forum. Do not discuss your consumption or purchase of illegal drugs or attempt to sell illegal drugs. 2. Do not be deliberately abusive to other members. Bullying is 100% not tolerated. While disagreements and arguments are bound to happen, measures will be taken to any comments that are seen as bullying or a personal attack on a member. This includes attacks on people’s appearance, their opinions, their sexual persuasion, their gender, or their religious beliefs. Extreme cases may be considered Gross Misconduct and result in a ban. 3. No Spambots/malware/pornography. Pretty simple. Spambots will be deleted. Pornographic material will be deleted. Malware links will be deleted. Any actual member of this forum will unlikely have issues with this. Basically don’t be a spammy robot, guys. If you have any questions please feel free to PM a staff member. Alternatively create a topic and perhaps some of our older members can help you out.