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  1. Celebration Thread

    Aww don't be sad! Remember when Steve left for "college"? He actually left for rehab.
  2. Celebration Thread

    Yeah he's just a crackhead now.
  3. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    She says, as Jotaro wheezes on his death bed. :P Anyways, investigate Bri!
  4. Sean

  5. Sean

    :ph34r: what's going on in here
  6. Sean

  7. Sean

    sean only notices me ;)
  8. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    There's nothing to really "believe." Believe what? That you said you would attack the Hydra and then just... didn't? There's nothing to believe, the facts are what they are. I'm not sure how taking an undefended territory that merely allows you to chat during the Day Phase can be considered "trying to help," either.. Oh well, I suppose. B)
  9. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    BRI YOU DIDN'T THINK VOTES WOULD PROGRESS THE GAME???? Also, I didn't pardon the undisclosed take-over of the Communications Tower after they assured us they'd help with the Hydra. I just don't have anything to really say about it that I haven't already said. Doesn't seem consistent for a gang that feels they have "no hope" they can win, and would "help the Italians take out the Hydra if only we promised not to attack them."
  10. ...and it made me frown

    haha, yes that counts. what kind of car?
  11. Out 5/28-5/29

    I can second that cold food hatred, ugh.
  12. ...and it made me frown

    I just had a late one (40 days, wtf!!) during the whole stranded in the US of A situation. Then I'm like FREAKING OUT even though it's not even possible that month??? I swear my uterus makes me a raving lunatic like 80% of the time, haha! Also if this is your midlife crisis, make sure you indulge~~ hahah, buy a motorcycle or something.
  13. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I disagree.. The Hydra was targeted because after multiple attempts to get them to participate in the Day Phase, they have not. However, it was clear that they were still active during the Night Phases. We don't know very much about them and this makes them a larger threat than the Japanese or the Russians at this point in time. I think everyone assumed that their silence during the Day Phase was part of a strategy. We targeted the Japanese the last time we attacked because we knew they would not be defending Jotaro that night. We intended to keep them in a position where they would have to protect Jotaro every night. We assumed we'd leave him with 3 health, but when they were left with 1 health, they had the option of kamikaze-ing, which made them unreliable in the night phase again, I suppose. I feel like at least my gang has had clear intentions and motives each time we struck another gang.
  14. ...and it made me frown

    The frustration of late menstruations. :unsure:
  15. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    So much for helping us with the Americans. :blink:
  16. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    We successfully hit Dutch for 2, one hit was blocked. Seems like we found their boss ;)
  17. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I'll vote for the incapacitation of one the Hydra member, as per the group's choosing.
  18. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    People who are invited are not made aware of who the boss is when the invite is sent.
  19. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Please, ladies. Everyone has made it clear how we feel about each other. How we feel about each other's intentions. Let us put it to rest until the morning.
  20. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Let us not continue to go back and forth. Whether it's the Japanese and the Russians, the Japanese and the Italians or the Russians and us. As always, the Italians consider all that happens during our days together and our final decisions are made during the night phases. We have yet to make any alliances, even if our intentions seem paralleled with another gang's. Just remember, everyone, we are all enemies here. Maybe some more than others, if you can try to make that make sense. We will do what is best for the Italians, as we have from the start. If that works out for the Russians or the Japanese or even the Hydra, well... I guess that is swell for them, for the time, but in no way are we / have we / will we act in the best interest of any gang but ourselves. Edit: Also let it be known that the Italians attacked the Yakuza two night phases in a row - dealing a blow of 7 hits to Jotaro. I cannot see a way in which this would benefit the Japanese.
  21. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Is this what you mean?: Because this doesn't really clear anything up. Perhaps Yuki means to divert our attention this night phase? I was asking for you to explain your long-term intentions, Yuki.
  22. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    When and how did this change? Was it not this day phase that you pointed a gun at my head? Declared "this is war," and that you have every intentions of taking us down? Please inform me why your decision to take on the Italians has changed.
  23. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Refer to Yuki's posts starting this current day phase.
  24. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Hmm.. I'd just like to point out to my fellow Italians (welcome Marco!) that Yuki's first response to us, and many subsequent responses was that "this is war" and they're "taking us down." Let us not forget her threats.
  25. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I'm not sure where you are getting that we haven't followed through with our word a single time. I said yesterday that as long as the Japanese stand in the way between us and the Cartel, we were going to continue to hit you.