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  1. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    There's no need to be so upset, Yuki. Best not make any decisions you'd come to regret. :ph34r:
  2. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I'm not sure if they can reduce more than one damage, but if we can incapacitate Mr. Ryo we might not have to worry about that ;)
  3. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    My gang has reason to believe that Jotaro is the boss. We know for certain that Ice is not the boss. Also Hydras - Please vote this day phase. Please please. We need to incapacitate Mr. Ryo this today so that we may disband the Japanese tonight. I'm sure I can speak for the Russians when I say, thank you for disbanding the Cartel last night. Let's take down the other half of that alliance today / night. :)
  4. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Oh, you hit them last night phase for two? Successfully? This is pretty excellent, because my gang has dished out a total of seven hits to Jotaro. With your two that means he has one health remaining. This upcoming night phase is going to be pretty sweet. I would like to vote to incapacitate DG. I urge the rest of the gangs to follow suit, so that Jotaro has nobody to hide behind next night phase.
  5. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Ohhhh myyyyy..... ....... Alisyn is one sneaky lady!
  6. The Weekly S*T Scoop 24

    Oh sean :wub:
  7. The Weekly S*T Scoop 24

    I just want to weigh in on this debate and say that birds are the best. Yay birds.
  8. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Oh hello, Mary. I wasn't necessarily proposing an alliance, I was just suggesting that maybe we should all (Americans, Russians and ourselves) coordinate our attacks better so that we are not allowing our enemies so much extra time to shoot attacks back at us. I do think Marco will likely join the Japs once this is all over with, and we do have to look long-term. The Russians will fall tonight, without a doubt and hopefully they can take Senna with them. I do not think it's best to incapacitate Marco at this time, let him waste his ability.
  9. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    This is exactly what I said right before the end of the Day yesterday. The Cartel has every motivation to ally with a strong gang and if they can continue to use the Japanese as a shield, the Japanese will take all the damage in place of Senna. Best case scenario for The Cartel, is the Japanese continue to ally with them, we all target the two of them until (hopefully) the Japanese manage to take us all out alone (remember Japs, you guys have been acting ALONE). While trying to take on 3 gangs alone, the Japs are going to sustain a good deal of damage, such an amount that The Cartel could have a shot at the end of the game, if they last that long. I'd just like to say, to the Japanese specifically, I think I can safely speak for all the gangs when I say that most of the aggression towards your gang is not personal. Your alliance with The Cartel certainly does strengthen The Cartel, but in the end it weakens your own gang. Like I mentioned above, you've been acting in The Cartel's best interest and you've been acting alone. While trying to protect two bosses, who knows, you might sacrifice your own. I'd like to suggest to the rest of the gangs that we team up against one of the two of them. If half of us are targeting The Cartel and the other half the Japanese, it just gives both of them more time to potentially hurt one of us (and maybe even disband the Russians in a coming night phase). We need to pick a target (ultimately, The Cartel), but if the Japanese continue to stand in our way, we'll just have to temporarily put The Cartel on the back-burner.
  10. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    And keeping your gang close could secure them first place. Okay, let me explain it like this. You two are working to get rid of the Russians right now, and your current Day Phase strategy is to incapacitate Alisyn. Solid plan. With you two working together, the rest of us can't really manage to muster enough votes against either of your gangs should we want to, because the 6 of you will work together. If your gang and The Cartel continue your alliance after the Russians are gone, it will work largely in The Cartel's favour, especially if they are as close to disbanding as it seems. We wouldn't be able to utilize the same strategies you are currently using against The Russians - incapacitate one of The Cartel members during the Day in order to have an easier time during the Night - because gaining 50% of the votes against The Cartel wouldn't be possible as long as you are providing them with 3 more votes to use as they please. Your gang is providing them an extra line of defence, a cushion if you will, around Senna.
  11. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    It's not so much help the strongest players as it is hide behind the strongest players.
  12. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Why would they be talking about whether or not they would take Kyo or Wst if Senna wasn't even being threatened yet?
  13. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    So sassy.
  14. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I would still like to know what Senna can do. Investigate Senna.
  15. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    The only reason the Russians were picked collectively as the first target, was because it was collective. It's a given that one gang will fall first, and in effort to make it as amicable as possible, it makes sense that we all band together to take out one gang, which we decided would be the Russians. Nothing in our plans changed, we made it clear that during the previous night phase, we would attempt to get our PI back. That's what we did. I even said last day phase that the following day phase (right now) we would band together with the rest of you to take the Russians down, if necessary. Meaning, if you guys couldn't deal enough damage to Stanislav to make the final blow. Today we wake up, and your gang has my gang's territory and you still want to be allies? All you had to do last night phase, was exactly what you said you were going to do.
  16. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    So many gangs, so confusing. Anyways! That's assuming we have idea what they'll be up to next night phase, Mary. They've made it pretty clear that their intentions conveyed during the day phase do not at all line up with their night phase actions, and because of this we were unable to get our PI back the following night phase. Whether or not this was intentional is irrelevant.
  17. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Marco suggested to the Hydra yesterday that they put their differences aside for the day/night in order to take down the Russians.
  18. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    The whole, "let's all get rid of the Russians" thing was fine, until it became clear that that's not really the goal. To be honest, for the Cartel to say during the last day phase that they were going to team up with Hydra(?) to get rid of the Russians and then do something completely opposite, strikes me as suspicious and odd. I'm not okay with using "get rid of the Russians!" day after day in effort to hide whatever other gangs want to do during the night phases. I want to search Senna. That's my vote. There's nothing more we can take from the Russians and anything else is a wasted action.
  19. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Re-directed what attack? What exactly happened last night phase?
  20. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I'll just say outright, Marco, we've no beef with you or your gang and I'd be pleased as punch to see the Russians fall first. We've got some other stuff to deal with for now, but should you be unable to rally the troops this night phase I'm sure our gangs could find common ground to rid of a common enemy.
  21. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    The alliance seems to be everyone against the Russians.
  22. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I guess it just strikes me as odd that Mr. Stanman would publicly admit to being the boss, only for a fellow gang member to disagree with that claim. Doesn't seem to be much strategy here, and maybe that's what they want us to think? "No boss in their right mind would openly admit to being the boss." Except who would have serious motivation to convince everyone they're NOT the boss? The boss.
  23. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Chessmaster, gang boss - all the same to me. ;)
  24. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Well, why else would Stanman make decisions for you if he were not your boss, hm?
  25. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I'd just like to mention that Alisyn gave all of us a second (unintentional?) hint that Ether is the boss of the Bratva gang. ;)