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  1. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Why do you have to set your whores on whoever he instructs?
  2. Celebration Thread

    I'd just like to say that Hershey's chocolate is different in different parts of the world. Even from the United States to Canada is a huge difference. Somehow America Hershey's is really really good.
  3. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I would also like to Incapacitate Dutch. :)
  4. Sean

    I voted no. :( :(
  5. Sean

    Hey I was just trying to balance the votes out :(
  6. Sean

    Welp now everyone knows.
  7. Bicycles

    I'd like to get on a bike this summer, I think. I run the treadmills at the gym, and pavement outside, and ugh god. I can't enjoy it.. At least biking makes me forget that I'm even exercising in the first place.
  8. Sean

    Oh hello Shadow. I'm Lindsay, rubberrazors is Brianna/Anna/Bri and Seanzilla is Sean. :)
  9. Sean

    Aw guyyys :wub:
  10. Sean

    I can feel this turning into "the last post in the winner" thread.
  11. Sean

    I just wanna say that everyone should stop fighting over who sean loves the most. Because it's clearly me. :ph34r: ;) B)
  12. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I switch my vote to Mr. Shurra.
  13. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    I vote to Investigate Senna
  14. Bicycles

    Keep in mind, to get in shape you have to deal with being out of shape for a little! Don't be disappointed in yourself, you're getting active and that's what's important! Definitely nothing to be disappointed about. :) Also sorry I have nothing else to contribute, I haven't been on a bike in years hahaha.
  15. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Lmao, I was thinking the same thing earlier! That they're just moving pawns all over the board all willy-nilly.. Anyways, INVESTIGATE SANCHO.

    Aww, thanks guys :wub: This past winter I've been keeping my hair pretty short, Ice. This is the longest it's been in over a year, so much upkeep ugh.

    Might as well post here again. :)
  18. Mafia War [Day Phase XI]

    Why pick the brothel then if it's mostly useless??
  19. Short Vacation

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'll be relatively inactive between now (Thursday 9AM EST) until Monday 9PM EST. Just going home for a bit to hang out with my family. :) I'll be able to pop in here and there, but I'm not sure how consistently.
  20. Short Vacation

    WELL, for those of you unaware, this "short" vacation turned into a rather long vacation. I found myself stranded in the states for a few weeks, and getting things together has kept me from Surreality. Just wanted to apologize to everyone and let everyone know that I am back in Canadia where I belong. :)
  21. Staff Changes!

    Hey there, members of Surreality! As you may have noticed, the staff is all sorts of different colors now. This is because we've restructured the staff in effort to make it more organized for both the members and the staff alike. Below I'm going to list the staff and their respected role on the boards. This is to let you know who to go to with specific concerns so that we can handle them effeciently. ack! is our Webmaster. What that means is questions regarding the site's functionality, the board set up, strange coding stuff or member registration should be directed to her. She can also answer any general site question regarding any area of the board. Nikkia, as an administrator, handles any and all member disputes and complaints. She's also available to answer any general site question regarding any area of the board. Any general questions, concerns or suggestions can be directed to her! Kyo is our Events Organizer. He's the guy in charge of all of Surreality's site-wide events. He also handles all concerns regarding our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter (GO FOLLOW!) He's also always open to content or contest ideas, so feel free to PM him those suggestions! Valentine is a Global Moderator. He answers any general site questions, regarding any area of the board and performs general site maintenance. PM him if you want any post/topic changes made including moving/editing/deleting, etc. He oversees our Mascot so any and all concerns or suggestions can be directed to him! Raine is our Master Scholar. Her job is to promote our Students to Gradutes when they complete the Graduation process. She accepts all questions and concerns regarding the Graduation system, the roleplaying forums as well as the library forums.
  22. Site Suggestions!

    Is Surreality missing something it once had previously? Or maybe you'd like a completely new feature, used on other forums? Feel free to list any and all suggestions you have that could improve your experience here at Surreality. These suggestions can range from technical forum-usage things, to content things, events, you name it!
  23. The Birthday Thread!

    Awww, thanks guys! :)
  24. Ethics

    i don't want to pry, but are the reasons you're displeased with your company things that you are owed from them, that you haven't received? I mean things like, lack of professionalism, disrespect of their employees, etc. Or are they more protocol things? Like "I know this company would run better if they did this thing instead of this other thing that they do, and it's annoying that I have to do things inefficiently"? I ask because if it is the former, your manager's responsibility would be to be the liaison between you and the company, and make good on whatever promises were made. I think if it's a protocol thing, that your manager has little control over, I would stick it out for a little while longer, maybe a week or two at most. Otherwise, I would leave at the end of your contract.