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  1. ...and it made me frown

    i just popped in for the first time in however long, and was sad to see this too :(
  2. What's up?

    from the pain lol however, she was on her period, which makes it worse. she's never cried when i've worked on her before. but yeah, it still sucked :(
  3. What's up?

    do you hurt people's feelings? >.> i made my first customer cry a little while ago. i felt so bad.
  4. What's up?

    it is pretty shite, to be fair. i've had an account for years now, and i'll admit that i still don't really get twitter. that's still a pretty cool job, though. i'm still hurting people for money. oh, and i've decided to ignore capital letters, outside of role playing, of course.
  5. Site Upgrade

    looking goooood. i gotta admit that i never really bonded with the new style of the forum. this is much more like what i remembered S*T to be
  6. Mods?

    the colours in your avatar/signature are beeeeautiful
  7. Mods?

    i've told ack, and she said she'd sort it :)
  8. Mods?

    I still lurk about, watching you all from afar
  9. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    RANDOM POST OUT OF NOWHERE Drawing I did recently-ish Toxic Tears
  10. butts

    I like your butt
  11. I'd already expressed an interest in resurrecting this, but you didn't want to do it without Jenel, which is fair enough. However, she's clearly back on board now, which is great, but no one else got asked {as far as I know} At the end of the day this is YOUR role play, you created it, so you're free to do as you wish, but...yeah, would have been nice to be invited. :(
  12. Thanks for the invite back to this, guys.
  13. Post your Desktop

    I have NO idea what you guys are talking about. xD I haven't changed my desktop from the day I got this laptop, which is coming up for two years ago now lol I'm picky with stuff like that, so when I find one I like, I stick to it. Here It came out massive, so instead of shrinking it down, I'm just gonna link. I'm lazy like that.
  14. ...and it made me frown

    My Christmas started really well, and then ended really badly. - My mum got caught stealing AGAIN {not from shops, from friends/family, which, to me, is worse} - My Grandpa died - I got food poisoning, or some kind of stomach bug :( I hope you guys had a better one, I really do. I know I'm not here as much, but I love you<3 Here's to a better New Year, and then my birthday, huh?
  15. Many greets.

    I think you must have already been inactive when I joined Zombie/Bang, as I don't remember seeing you already. Of course, that doesn't mean we haven't actually crossed paths, it just means I have no recollection of it. I joined around 08/09, I think. Either way, welcome back! Just in time for Christmas too ^^ Have lots of fun and stuffz, biting people and suchlike