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  1. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    G4 ponies are fuggo, and you know it :P Finiiiiished
  2. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I haven't forgotten, I'm just waiting on someone else to post. -coughscottcoughcough- :D
  3. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Another pencil is about to bite the dust. This one is even more pathetic than the last. And my current pony, in progress
  4. I haven't eaten any weird foods, but I've eaten non-foods. Well, things you wouldn't normally decide to have a munch on. Grass - all kids tries eating grass, right? Cat food An Ariel non-bio table - basically detergent for a washing machine. It looked nice. It did not, however, taste nice.
  5. Celebration Thread

    Putting my car in for an MOT always makes me nervous. I was pretty sure it would be fine, but there's always a worry that something needs work and will end up costing shit loads. But it passed with flying colours! Not even an advisory. :D

    Well look at you looking sex-saaay in your uniform!

    Throwback Thuuuursday {it isn't actually Thursday here anymore, but whatevs. It's still Thursday in parts of the world, therefore this is acceptable. Perhaps} I was about 19 in this picture, so it's 7 years old! Crazy. Shit. This was obviously back when I had no idea how to sort out my eyebrows, but hey ho, we live and learn lol
  8. ...and it made me frown

    Let it out, Sono, that's what we're here for<3 Robin Williams death is sad enough without the association with your father. I find celebrity deaths sad, but this one seems worse. He meant so much, to so many people, and what makes it worse, is the floods of tributes, saying exactly that - how much he was admired, loved etc. He was so adored, and yet he obviously felt completely alone. Others have said that they don't get it. How can someone who has so much fame and fortune, be depressed? His death is an awful, awful reminder that money, and material possessions, can not buy you happiness. Also, that just because someone smiles and laugh, doesn't actually mean they're happy. A lot of pain can be hidden behind a smile. I just...I'm finding it hard. That picture of Aladdin and the Genie hugging that lots of people are posting? It choked me up. He's in a better place now, but I miss him. I didn't even meet him.
  9. ...and it made me frown

    Robin Williams isn't dead, he's just been sucked into Jumanji. He'll come back. Right? :(
  10. YouTube Megathread

    This one's for you, Sean! So cuuuuute
  11. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    Yeah, Raine reminded us all, which is why I sent a second message apologising for my first message lol
  12. Celebration Thread

    A customer made me this cake! :D
  13. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    It looks great! Thank you Mystic, I love it<3
  14. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Darth Vader poooony Also for my brother lol
  15. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    She's my girl, I love her. Hmm, maybe oranges and yellows? Maybe blue? They're just the colours I associate with her. You can do whatever you think looks best. Thanks lovely :D
  16. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Yaaaay! May I have a Rikku one please? From X-2 though, not X.
  17. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    You're welcome. Do you take requests?
  18. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Lack of talent? What are you chattin' about? I think they look awesome.
  19. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I want to start this role play noooow lol

    I like the Halloween pictures, guys! Y'all look great. :D Here is a picture from the wedding I was at yesterday. I'm the one in black, next to the beautiful bride. She's one of my closest friends, and it was so nice to see her marry such a lovely man<3
  21. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    Full Name: Isabelle Dean Nickname(s): Izzy, Iz. Age: 28 Position: Master Gunner, Medic Personality: Izzy, who absolutely hates being called by her real name Isabelle, is abrupt, blunt, and honest to a fault. If she doesn't like you, you'll know it, if only because you won't be a blink of her radar. She can be compassionate and kind though, to the few that she cares about. Those people will also see that she has a good sense of humour, but it's often hidden by the responsibilities on her shoulders, and the scars from her past. Weapons: She's competent with pretty much anything, but she always has a sword, dagger and pistol on her. Skills: She's the main medic/doctor aboard the Vile Siren, but her skills aren't as good as those who practice on the mainland. She's adequate enough to be of service aboard a ship, as her interference could be the difference between life and death. Knowledge of cannons, and other weaponry. She makes sure all the gunners know their job, and do it correctly and efficiently. Any and all mistakes land on her head, as she's in charge, so she's extremely strict and doesn't suffer fools gladly. In fact, she doesn't suffer them at all. No one is a worthy risk to her job. Appearance: She's short, at roughly 5'2", but more than makes up for it with fierce attitude. She's rather small, petite almost, but her frame is almost always hidden beneath men's clothes - breeches, loose shirts, and boots. Her blonde hair is long, which she wears in dreadlocks, and due to the general uncleanliness of a ship, look like a darker blonde than they actually are. Emerald eyes look out from a tanned, feminine face, which is usually covered in soot and other dirt, from working with the cannons below deck. It's obvious she's female, but she doesn't flaunt it. History: Izzy was born on the mainland, the location of which she is unsure of her. Her mother died during childbirth, leaving her with her older brother and father, who was a raging alcoholic. Any money he earned was spent at the local taverns, leaving Izzy and John, her brother, to resort to stealing, just so they could eat. When their father would return home, he'd often yell and scream at them for any mistakes he thought they'd done, including trying to hit them. However, he was always so intoxicated that he'd stumble, fall and then pass out. This lasted until Izzy was 14, and John was 16. They decided to leave, and join the crew of a ship which was setting sail from the local harbour. Izzy had never worn a dress, or even women's clothes, and nothing changed from that moment on. She didn't try to hide her gender, but it was easy to go unnoticed, doing the work she was told to do, all the while watching, and seeing what she could learn. Her brother, who had worked at a local blacksmith's until they'd left, was a dab hand at most things, and was quickly made a gunner. They were crew on that ship for four years, during which John was promoted to Master Gunner's Second, and she took his place as a general gunner. When she was 18, the ship was attacked by Hade's Nightmare, and the pirates who invaded, after having killed their Captain, told them they could join their crew, or die along with their Captain. Wanting to live, John and Izzy didn't hesitate in joining, having no idea that they were stepping aboard one of the most feared ships currently sailing the seas. Izzy's gender had largely been ignored during her time aboard her first sailing vessel - with the exception of some groping hands at night, which she'd either ignored or encouraged, given her mood - but on Hade's Nightmare, she was never allowed to forget it. During the daylight, she was expected to do each and any task given to her, even if she'd never done it before. She'd been beaten if she couldn't do it, and never acknowledged if she could. She worked twice as hard as anyone else, for no respect, and any time her brother tried to help her, he was beaten too. Being killed during the initial attack started looking like the better option, but Izzy was too stubborn and determined to show weakness. At night, she was treated like a whore, and expected to like it. The only person who never touched her, with the exception of her brother, was the doctor, who watched what she went through, night and day, and told the Captain he needed an assistant - someone to train to take his place, as he wasn't getting any younger. Hearing who he wanted as an assistant, the Captain immediately denied the request. Knowing not to push, the Doctor - Bill - waited for his next opportunity, and when the Captain was drunk one evening, asked once more. With the rum softening his heart ever so slightly, the Captain agreed, but only so long as it didn't interfere with Izzy's jobs. It didn't give her much time to herself, but Izzy relished a new learning experience. Helping her brother meant she knew how she man the guns, maintaining the cannons and loading them, but she knew very little else outside of weaponry. The general running of a ship was knowledge every pirate knew, but she yearned for more. She was 22 by this point, with a hardened heart and a feisty attitude. She fought back when she could, especially at night, and with her new medical lessons, her time upon the Hade's Nightmare wasn't completely living up to its name. She even got made a gunner, finally, although she was better at it than any of the other men she worked with, bar the second, and the Master Gunner himself. Things were looking up, and she actually started to smile occasionally. Bill was pleased with her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, especially when she made her first, correct diagnosis and treatment. She was still treated as one of the lowest ranks on the ship, but she finally had something to strive for. Life was better. That was until one evening, when someone tried to take her in bed. Reacting on instinct, she kicked out, catching the First Mate in the groin. What happened below decks usually went ignored by the Captain, but seeing his First Mate in pain enraged him. Instead of punishing Izzy, he chose John, and had him shot on deck, right in front of his sister. She never got over that moment, but also refused to allow any of them to see her upset. Apart from that moment when the pistol was fired, she didn't show any emotion in front of her crewmates, even Bill, and the next time they pulled into a harbour, she snuck off ship, and never returned. Vowing to get revenge, she worked on any ships she could, fighting, biting and clawing whenever someone tried to hurt or touch her. She became completely obsessed with avenging her brother's death, deliberating pushing everyone anyone away, and refusing friendships and lovers. Then she joined The Vile Siren...
  22. Hontoni isogashi

  23. Celebration Thread

    Just discovered that the original series of Pokemon is on netflix :D Yay nostalgia
  24. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    Yay Scott! VoidMole is Scott, right?