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  1. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I don't like Manhire. And I'm not sure Ella is good either, to be honest. Sounds too....girly. I just liked the description more than anything. Yeah, and it won't just be us on board, I'd imagine. Other crew members, who can be NPCs.
  2. ...and it made me frown

    Chance Ebola could reach the UK. Lovely.
  3. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I put my name into a pirate name generator, because...well, why the fuck not? And my pirate name is: Ella 'Jolly Roger' Manhire "The Scourge of locker Haven!" This pirate be wreaking havoc wherever they go! Sounds rather apt. Hmm, to use or not to use?
  4. Celebration Thread

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH. MY GOD. Looks so, so amazing!!
  5. I can think of songs for two people, but I want one more. I'll see what I can come up with ^^
  6. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I kinda only knew that because of Aladdin. >.> SEE?? Disney teaches you stuff!
  7. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    Isn't a scimitar more of an Arabian/Indian/Asian-ish blade?
  8. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    Maybe he's gay. That would be hilarious lol
  9. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    So Ero, is your mermaid going to be fish on top and woman on bottom? xD
  10. Twitter

    Some people tweet about every little incident in their daily lives lol
  11. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    It's good! We need a guy, for sure. I'm torn between being Master Gunner and a doctor. Is it too much to be both?
  12. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    A pony? What kind? xD And I don't think customs would like me bringing in my tattoo machines, as it means I intend to work.
  13. Twitter

    I'm actually pretty rubbish at using Twitter. I never really think what I have to say is interesting, so I often end up re-tweeting other people, or replying when people send me something
  14. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Already started tattooing it. :D
  15. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    A crew full of smexy female pirates, or will there be some dick in there too? xD
  16. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I don't want it. I just wanna be a smexy pirate crew woman person
  17. Twitter

    I'm going to follow all of your guys now.^^ Mine is @laurabtattoos
  18. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    Me me me!! I love Pirate role plays
  19. Celebration Thread

    I'm going on the Harry Potter Studio tour in London next month, yayayayayayayayayayayay! It's gonna be so awesome. It's actually where they filmed it, like actually actually.
  20. A Poem About Friendship (For Kyo)

    Aw, that's so cute! I love your bromance! And I love you two, you're like my fellow British frans<3
  21. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday Kyo, you sexy thang! I hope you have a day full of fun, and sparkles and cake! Looooove you
  22. ...and it made me frown

    I reckon a hand bra would be really comfortable actually
  23. ...and it made me frown

    As long as there are new bras - that fit - when you return them, I don't really care what you do.
  24. ...and it made me frown

    I need to go bra shopping. I hate bra shopping. If I lend someone my boobs, can they just do it for me? Because that would be awesome.
  25. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    You could always come to England?