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  1. Hai! ^^

    I have been a member of S*T for a few years now, but it has been a long time since I've really spoken to anyone on here. So, I thought I'd introduce myself, as I don't expect anyone to remember lol I'm Pain. :D I love to role play {obviously}, I also love food, and most of, if not my entire, life revolves around tattoos. I've been training for the past three years to become a tattooist, and I can honestly say it has taken over my life lol. However, while it is a HUGE amount of work, I love it, and feel exceptionally lucky to be able to do what I do. I hope my fellow S*Ters are just as happy in their careers, although I know it often isn't the case. So, are you in school? College? Uni? Work? A bit of both? Tell me eveeerything! Also FREE HUGS FOR EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU ALL {except Adam}
  2. Hai! ^^

    too forceful?
  3. Hai! ^^

    and I don't do chit chat NOW GET NAKED
  4. Hi, friends~

    I'm pretty sure I remember you! Heeey :D My birthday is 6th January 1988
  5. Hai! ^^

    do we have to? can't we just go straight to the sex?
  6. hi

    Well, I love you Dan, even if no one else does
  7. Hai! ^^

    That's good, neither am I. Actually, I kinda can be. xD Res sounds good!
  8. hi

    I'll admit, I was waiting for you to pop up. It just isn't S*T without The Dan. :P Missed you ;)
  9. Hai! ^^

    Haha, I didn't at the time, but I realise now! It's nice to meet you! Is it okay to call you Resonance? Or you prefer to be called something else? Yeeeeah, that kinda never worked out, did it? I just remember all you guys playing it loads lol
  10. Hai! ^^

    Oh ma gosh! YOU! You have the most amazing smile eveeeeer. Even if you rarely EVER smiled for me on Skype! It's good to see you<3 Heeeey, your name rings a bell, but I don't think we ever really spoke? If we did, I'm sorry, because I don't remember!
  11. Referral Contest

    I should be a hot shit at this lol Cool idea, thanks Ack
  12. Hai! ^^

    Fair enough, tattoos aren't for everyone! :D I think it might be kinda hard to tattoo an ice cream though. xD Aw, I'm glad you two are still so close, I can't wait until she comes back, she's one of the sweetest people ever!
  13. Hai! ^^

    Hey, it's nice to meet you too! :D I love your avatar, by the way
  14. Hai! ^^

    Day! Good to see you! I'll tattoo an ice cream on you, sure, where abouts? You and HH could get matching ones! Is she back too? Maybe it is >.> Lol hey! I will likely make a thread in the Creative Works section for people to browse, if they so wish. Ramos! Omg, hey! It's so good to see you're back<3 And yes, you ALWAYS owe me Mountain Dew:D If I remember correctly, you and I used to chat about a lot of random shite on Skype.xDBring it on!
  15. X [Private] Flesh and Silver Discussion

    Name: Siora Age: Roughly 37 Race: Dhampir Appearance: Blonde hair, pale, almost white skin, and slightly pointed ears. She stands around 5'4", with a slender, muscular build typical of the Dhampir. Her face might have been attractive had it not looked so drawn and gaunt, and her emerald eyes are the only thing to express rare emotion. Abilities: Besides the usual traits of a Dhampir, Siora also has telekinesis - the ability to move things with her mind. She also has the ability to wield two blades simultaneously.
  16. Hai! ^^

    Hey DragonGuard, thanks for the greeting. I'm actually very open to tattoos meaning whatever people want them to mean, even if it seems like 'random pictures' to others. I don't think they must have an extra special meaning, because ALL tattoos have meaning, even if you just happen to like a design. They mark a certain period in your life, people often remember what was happening in their life when they get a tattoo, and therefore it means something. Also, I do care, even if they pay me. It's my work forever on their skin, it's advertising, so it has to be good. The only time we say no to a tattoo, is if it won't work, in which case we advise something else, or if they've never had tattoos before, and want one on their hands/face etc. Or, if it's hugely offensive. Sorry, went off on a little rant there lol Jeni is a cool name! I like that a lot -nodnod-
  17. Hai! ^^

    Thanks for the welcome, Raine. I'm sorry Junsui, I don't recognise your name, did you go by another one on the old site? My memory is dire though, sorry! AmAjOrNeWb, thanks for the love greeting! Who can resist a bit of love? I greet you with love too lol
  18. Can you do running man?
  19. Hai! ^^

    Ack - I don't really look to see who's online on Skype, to be honest, so I shall have to keep an eye out for him. And how about a pokemon tattoo for you? :P Pikachu? He's a classic! I wouldn't mind a Pikachu tattoo actually...maybe on my bum. Ouch. I used to know a site that had all the pokemon episodes on it, or all the old ones anyway, and I started watching it from the start again. That was a few years ago now though, so I don't remember the site. It was like nostalgia! I still have the first movie on video. xD Kyo Hey You Sexy! That's a cool name, right? we could add Phoenix on the end too, if you'd like xDD Val, Aslan is one of the coolest lions ever, but Pepsi Max is still wrong. :P {this is the part where you tell me I'm referencing the wrong Aslan, but eh lol}
  20. Hai! ^^

    Aaaacck! I miss you<3 and Noel! How is he? He and I used to Skype quite a lot, he's so sweet, and you two are an adorable couple! I'm so happy for you guys ^^ Aw, thanks beautiful<3 That's such a nice thing to say. Although, quite a lot of the work posted on our fb page is my mentor's work, but it's still cool that you like it lol He's very good, and I'm lucky to have him -nodnod- Do you play the pokemon card game? Or is it different now? I haven't played it since I was about 12 lol Pikachu is still my favourite though. I'm really glad to see you arooound, it makes me happy lol --- Nikkia, nice to meet you! And wow, a vet? That's amazing! I wish you luck, it must be hard work, but so rewarding too. I always think if you love doing something, the hard work is worth it, and if you give it your all, it pays off. Yeeeah, money is an issue for many people when it comes to getting inked. Even more lucky for me, I don't have to pay. Everyone in our studio tattoos each other for free. :D --- Bah! More replied whilst I was writing, you guys are fast {or, I'm slow, which seems more likely} Adam, I automatically get an invite. Besides, I could talk shit until I annoy you enough that you just give me a hug. I'm so adorable ^^ Blackfrost, do you mind if I call you Kyo? As that was what I knew you as on the old old S*T. Or is there another name your prefer, like your real one? xD And ewww, pepsi max? That stuff is so bad for you, plus normal pepsi tastes MUCH nicer lol :P