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  1. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Custom piece from this morning. I hate tattooing the legs sometimes, they twitch so much
  2. ...and it made me frown

    Overslept this morning. Woke up at 9:05 and was supposed to leave at 9. Needed to make up as much time as possible on the drive to work, so naturally everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Got stuck behind a tractor, got caught in the middle of a police chase, stuck in road works, and pretty much every set of traffic lights I approached turned red. -.- Given all that, I was only 5 minutes late lol
  3. Celebration Thread

    Kinda old news now, but Pink Floyd are releasing a new album at the end of the year
  4. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    The guys I tattoo them on wouldn't even know MLP had different generations. They just think the idea is cool, and the possibilities are endless. Once I've done a certain style/theme for a pony, I never do it again, so they like the individuality of it too.
  5. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Rough sketch of Stormtrooper pony, for my bruva! :D Is it strange that mostly guys have these?
  6. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    I'm going to kick you in the nuts and we'll see if you still say that
  7. The Birthday Thread!

    I'll be 27 in January. :( Omg, Ack, we can have a combined 30th! I'm going to Vegas!
  8. The Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday, Ackface!! I love you lots and lots <3333
  9. ...and it made me frown

    You're cute YOU SHUT UP
  10. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    I usually always leave their lower halves bare, as they have pictures on their rump. :D hate ponies? :( What is this? How can we be friends now?
  11. ...and it made me frown

    I want a pretty pink name. :(
  12. ...and it made me frown

    I know I should just let it go, I know that, and if it was about anything else, I likely would. But this is my work. I don't have a nine to five job, and I'm sure it's the same for anyone who makes a living doing anything artistic, but it's personal. That's my time, my work, my creation. It's probably silly, but I see it as a massive insult, especially as he didn't even have the balls to say 'I really want the original, and therefore I'm going elsewhere'. Whatever. If he wants shit, then fine. But fucking be a man. Don't just ignore me then go elsewhere. >.< And guys, this is why I love this place, you guys never fail to make me smile. ily all<33
  13. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Batman and Joker ponies!! I'm actually reluctant to let these go lol
  14. ...and it made me frown

    I know most people don't know the difference between a good and a bad tattoo, but this is just dire. Hopefully this works on my phone, but here. This is the 'tattoo'
  15. ...and it made me frown

    I only ever seem to come on here to rant, but that's what this thread is for, right? Anyway, a while ago my friend's brother asked me to do a tattoo for him. He'd been in a seriously bad motorbike accident a couple years before, and wanted a tattoo to remember that day - because he survived it. All cool, all fine. He gave me a picture of what he wanted, with some alterations. I say picture loosely. I'm not sure if he got a mate to draw it or just found it online, but it was crap. BUT, that's okay, because we can work with rough sketches. That's our job, to draw stuff up and create a good design for the customer. So, I drew it up, and showed him. First problem - he wanted the playing cards in it to be the date 2010. No 0 card exists, only aces. So I told him this, and compromised. He seemed okay, and liked everything else, but when a few days passed, he told me he didn't really like it, and asked if I could just tattoo the original image he'd brought in. Um, no? Every tattoo I do is an advert for my work. I'm not putting my name to shit. But, I told him I was willing to edit it as he saw fit, until we found something that worked (clearly playing cards weren't going to) I haven't heard from him since. Then I see on facebook, a picture of his new tattoo. The original, shitty design he'd tried to get me to do. On facebook. Where he knows I'll see. Cunt. Just cunt. I put a lot of time into trying to make it right and find something that he'd like. But no, he fucks off, goes behind my back and goes to a tattooist who is not only stupid enough to agree to tattoo that design, but to make it look even worse. You can't polish a turd, that tattoo would never look good, but the lines are shit, some of them will blow and others will fall out. It looks fucking awful. Oh, and the tattooist used aces and put zeros in the corner instead of A's. Wtf?! I kinda feel like that's karma, but he's obviously somehow pleased with it if he's putting it on Facebook. If he thinks he can come crawling back to me, wanting any kind of favour, he can go fuck himself. Hard. With sandpaper. You don't fucking diss me like that, and I won't ever forget it either.
  16. The Birthday Thread!

    I'd do it, if I lived anywhere near you. >.> Happy Birthday, DayDay! We've never spoken a huge amount, but I've always thought you were a cool dude, and you and HH are just so, so adorable! ^^
  17. Halp what is this

    I like how 'cookies' is the same in quite a few languages. Cookies are a universal language! -nodnod-
  18. Game of Life OOC Thread

    That would be me. Again. But, I've been meaning to say to Sean for a little while now, that it'll likely be best if I respectfully drop out.
  19. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    I have been described by more than one person as 'gentle' but it would still hurt. I don't see the point in making it hurt more than it needs to, though. Well, unless someone is a complete cunt. >.>
  20. This sounds really fun, but it also sounds complicated, and I'm a dumbass.
  21. Sean's Game of Life

    Mr. Diggery - Kiora's main interaction is with this man, who thinks she has great dancing potential. He's an occasional visitor to the pub, and he always talks to her when he stops by, full of charm and wit. He's in his late twenties, but he obviously has money, and the tips he leaves her are ridiculous. The club he owns sounds interesting. He keeps hinting that she could work there once she's left school, promising a good wage and amazing tips. He's slightly vague about the details, but she's interested, despite being too young. Apparently, it wouldn't be hard for her to slip under the radar, and fake ID is easy to come by. Sounds much, much better than silly old college. Activities: - Some minor studying by herself. A rough fifteen minutes a day {in the week, never the weekend} are used to glance at her school books. Without her tutor anymore, she doesn't quite have the same motivation. - Partying. Exam stress is hard on the students, meaning many, many more parties. As a cheerleader, she's invited to them all, and it would be rude to down them down. - Cheerleading. It's such good dance and gymnastics practise, and she's actually going to miss it when school is over. Hopefully this dance club or Mr. Diggery's will work out, so she doesn't become rusty. - She'd had to go to the sexual health clinic, to get rid of the crabs, and she'd given the football captain a punch in the face for good measure. She's a bit more careful about her sexual partners now, but she's hardly a saint. - Swimming. With cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics, Kiora is already really fit, but swimming is fun, and it works pretty much all your muscles at once. Besides, she never hesitates to show off her body in a bikini.
  22. Weird Habits

    Ah, but by accident, or on purpose?
  23. Game of Life OOC Thread

    Oh shit, I'd completely forgotten about this. Sorry Sean, I'll go and post in a sec.
  24. Weird Habits

    Volume on the radio/TV/CD player has to be an even number. Glad to see so many other people are like this. I randomly pull my toe nails off. Not just the top, but the whole thing. So it bleeds like fuck, gets sore and I have to wait for it to grow back. However, I never, ever pull off the nail on my big toe. Just the others {particularly my little one. That one doesn't even hurt anymore when I do it} I like coasters to be parallel to the edge of the table they're on, and a little distance from the edge too. In restaurants, I always like my back to be facing a wall, so no one can walk behind me. If there is no wall nearby, I like to sit on the side in which I can see more of the restaurant. I'm paranoid, and I like to see what people are doing. Or rather, what they're not doing to me. Which is always nothing. My bookmark has to be put inside my book correctly, so the right amount is poking out of the top. Never too much, or too little. That's all I can think of for now, but I'm certain there's more.