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  1. hi.

    I remember you! I doubt you'd remember me though lol Welcome back :D
  2. Celebration Thread

    I saw on facebook! Take me for a ride in your car? ;)
  3. Except, I have no idea what. And, often, I'm not the most reliable partner. >.> Not really selling myself well, am I? Anyway, I'm sure I COULD be reliable, if I got something I could really sink my teeth into {shut up, Ero!} Seeing as I have no idea what I'd like to write, I'll at least give you SOMETHING, and list some randoms/genres/general ideas I like. This is helpful, yes? Yes. - Harry Potter - Lord of the Rings - A Song of Ice and Fire - X-Men - Fantasy - Medieval - Hunger Games - Vampires - True Blood - Supernatural stuffs That's all I can really think of. You don't have to limit yourself to that list. It's just stuff I know I like. So throw stuff at me if you want. :D Also, I only play females, because I am awful at playing males. I don't like romance to be the core of a story, but it usually comes in somewhere. Annnnyway, I think I've successfully scared everyone away, and if I get any response to this, I'll be surprised. xD
  4. I wanna role plaaaaay

    What is sorcerers? Or do you just mean wizards/magical beings? And no, I'm not really interested in sci-fi at all. The closest I get is Red Dwarf lol
  5. I wanna role plaaaaay

    Okay, guys, I find it hard committing to ONE role play sometimes, let alone four, so this'll have to be a group role play, or people will have to wait/go away. :P Hunger Games could be cool. How could it be made ours though? As in, not just reliving the books? Watched Underworld again last night. Kinda made me want to do something with vamps/weres, whatever. Maybe.
  6. Celebration Thread

    Let's all go to Flooooorida
  7. Celebration Thread

    Not too sure, to be honest. It's a big villa on a complex, I think lol I didn't book it, I'm just tagging along. xD But I don't think it's too far from Universal, Disney, etc. HARRY POTTER LAAAAAAAAAND :D :D :D
  8. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    YOU'RE super nice. Thanks lovely ^^
  9. Celebration Thread

    12th until 26th
  10. Surreality is HIRING!! ... sorta

    Teehee, the Promoter position exists because of me.
  11. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Finally got this fiddly fucking thing finished. Jokes, I actually really enjoyed doing it. Just would have been nicer if it wasn't a cover up. PLUS, major respect points to MYSELF for actually remembering to take a picture!
  12. Celebration Thread

    I'm going to Florida in February!!
  13. Back, but not as some know me.

    Yay! You finally decided to come back!
  14. Hi Hi Hi

    I've got seniority over both of you, on both sites. :D
  15. ...and it made me frown

    Rik Mayall is dead. :( We lost an amazing man today. RIP
  16. Sean's Game of Life

    Kiora would never get into University, even if she did have any desire to go, which she does not. She just wants to dance, so any future involved with that would be great for her. Until then, she'll carry on working at the pub. Tobias - her boyfriend. Kinda. Open relationship, so they have the option of sleeping with other people, as well as sleeping with each other. Who said romance was dead? Franz - he continues to tutor her, and it's really helping. She does, however, feel as though his time could be better spent elsewhere, as she has no intention of being book smart, or going to college. He could be studying for himself - not that he needs it - or just enjoying his free time. Activities: - Working at the pub. Pretty much what she's done for most of her teenage life so far. - More cheerleading, as always. Plus some gymnastics. Going to football games to cheer on the school team is more fun than she thought it would be. People get so excited about the parties afterwards, but she's used to being around alcohol, and therefore doesn't see the big deal. - Sleeping with the football team, all at the same time. Jokes. It was individually.
  17. You can be the love interest!
  18. Yay! Someone else still misses it too. If we did resurrect this, we'd have to change it a bit, as our female lead is no longer around.
  19. ...and it made me frown

    I hate having a poo and it's like shitting a sideways crisp.
  20. EDM vs J-Rock Album Battle

    I couldn't disagree more strongly with Kyo's face. And hair. And his general existence. Haven't listened to the albums yet, but given my general preference, I'd say I'm more likely to enjoy the EDM album. I'm not usually a fan of music in another language. Unless it's Rammstein. Or Die En Grey. Or some other foreign band I may or may not have listened to and possibly liked.
  21. Sean's Game of Life

    Job Kiora works at the pub, obviously. Not serving drinks, as she isn't legal, but she's been helping out for years now, and gets an allowance for it. Not anywhere near as much as the posh kids at school, but it's enough for her. Those twats couldn't pour a pint to save their lives. Or drink one, for that matter. Activities Cheerleading. She became friends with the Captain, and is now finding that she's considered 'popular'. Apparently being a cheerleader at highschool requires being fake and bitchy, but she doesn't comply with those 'rules' and still hangs out with her other friends too. Double apparently, this makes her 'unusual', and not hated {much} by the other students. She's always been a bit strange though, in other people's eyes, so she's used to it. Losing her virginity to Aiden, which annoyed Tobias, so she slept with him too. Having sex definitely made her life even more fun. Doing school work. It's dull mostly, but she gets tutored now, despite not really needing it, and having someone push her helps keep her motivated. Besides, it's keeping the teachers off her back a bit too.Interactions Franz - Her tutor. Someone she's never noticed before, but he's sweet, and very clever. He barely knows her, and yet he seems to believe in her abilities, regardless. He's smarter than she is, but he doesn't flaunt it. Her grades are definitely improving because of him. Hopefully cheerleading practice won't clash too much with their sessions. Emma - She seems really innocent and naive, but she's okay. Drinking alcohol was obviously a bit deal for her, but Kiora won't hold her naivety against her. She's aware that everyone else's upbringing was different from her own, and her home aka the pub, is a novelty to other people as well. Emma's free to keep coming around, but Kiora's not sure where the 'friendship' will go. Then again, she's been meeting so many new people lately, who knows? Amber - Cheerleading Captain. Tall, thin and blonde, naturally, but her choreographer needs some work, in Kiora's eyes. Not as hot and amazing as she likes to think she is, but Kiora has chosen to watch from the sidelines, waiting for her downfall, instead of bringing it about herself. She's too young to step up as Captain right now, but maybe in the next year. Sam - Sam seems to come and go. Perhaps she's scared? Either way, Kiora is slowly teaching her more about the fun of being a girl. Why is everyone so sheltered around here?!

    Picture from the hen weekend I went to. This is me and the bride to be! In our hotel room, which was pretty shitty, but fun nonetheless lol look at the curtains! xD The wine in those plastic cups was the start of a very messy night lol
  23. -resurrects old thread- Can we bring this role play back, pleasepleaseplease??
  24. Sean's Game of Life

    Kiora chose Humanities, simply because it doesn't sound quite so intelligent as Sciences. They're probably classes she'll end up bunking anyway. She already gets in rather an impressive amount of trouble regardless, so what's a bit more? She also chose to join the Sports club, seeing as she can't draw for shit. Participating in sports is also something she enjoys, and is good at, as she's physically fit and does intend to be a dancer in some way in the future. Hannah has turned out to be a surprise. She did quite well as Alice, and she didn't seem quite as scared of her as everyone else. They'd hang out a few times a week, and interactions like this made her realise how different her life is to everyone else's. Still, it was nice to have a new friend outside of her own social group. Sam hasn't been around so much lately, but Kiora still sees her at school sometimes. She and Hannah are some of her only female acquaintances, which is nice, even if they are completely different from her own group of friends. Aiden & Tobias Two guys from her group of friends, one of whom was her first kiss - Tobias. They're slightly older, but she's known them a long time. They're both sons of pub regulars, who she pretty much grew up with, but didn't get closer to until the last few years. Now they're all in Middle School, they can hang out more. Activities: Joined the cheerleaders. Got to step up her gymnastics, but it shouldn't be too hard. She's only little, so she'll likely be a flyer. Almost got suspended for starting a fight with an older girl, who tried to bully her. One black eye, and a few lost teeth later, the girl won't ever bother her again. She managed to sweet talk her way out of suspension, but did get a week of detention. Started to actually pay some attention in class, as all the teachers tell her constantly that she'll never amount to anything if she doesn't try.