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  1. Leaving forever

    Nothing about my drunken texts is ever sexy. xD And Adam, you were the only one who got some love. Everyone else got random stuff.
  2. Leaving forever

    Jokes. How many of you are disappointed? xD Anyway, from Friday 30th until Sunday 1st, I'm away at my friend's hen do. Apparently in American it's called a bachelorette party? I'unno, just trying to put into context for people. But yeah, it'll be a weekend of dancing, drinking, and half naked men. Yaaaaaaay!! I am back midday-ish on Sunday, but I have no clue what sort of state I'll be in lol Oh, and I will have my phone on me, but I doubt I'll be logging in, because I'll be too busy having fun and stuff. ^^ Sean, I'll try and keep up with the Life Game before I go. When I'm away, just skip me or whatever. I'll try and make up for it when I get back. Kyo, unfortunately this will throw my stalking schedule out of whack. I promise I'll get right back on it when I return. Everyone else, I'll missssss you. Perhaps. Probably not, but it sounds nice, right? Go and have fun whilst I have fun! :D
  3. Leaving forever

    Ugggggh, feel like shiiiiit My body is so not used to such alcohol abuse. And apologies to Val and Kyo for the drunken texts. At least I didn't send them on the toilet?

    Ommmmmg, DD and HH!! And the others, of course, it's so awesome that you guys met up, but it's ESPECIALLY cool about DD and HH!
  5. Sean's Game of Life

    Kiora got the role of Queen of Hearts, as she's so confident and loud. This gave her a chance to interact with some people she'd never really noticed much before, particularly Tachi and Hannah, who play the two characters she interacts with most on stage - the King and Alice, respectively. They seem nice, although Tachi isn't someone she'd really talk to normally. He takes school really seriously, he's all intelligent and shit, and she just wants to have fun. Activities Still more dancing, dancing, and more dancing. The classes aren't always to her liking, but she does it anyway. Started playing pool at the pub. She's not the tallest child though, so she finds it difficult sometimes, and uses a step.Had her first kiss.
  6. ...and it made me frown

    Someone I haven't seen or spoken to in years just added me on facebook. As soon as I accepted, she sent me a message asking how I've been. And you know what? Looking at that message, wondering what the hell I'm supposed to say back, I realised I just don't care. I have no inclination at all to tell her, however briefly, how I am, or hear what she's been doing. Obviously I don't want her to be terminally ill or anything, but I don't care about what she's doing with her life. I accepted because I don't mind her seeing my shit. I don't have anything interesting on facebook, but I set it as private anyway. I'm not sure if this makes me frown because I feel this way, or because it just shows my tolerance of people is slipping more and more.
  7. Leaving forever

    Ack, how could I ever leave you baby? I'm surprised so many people thought the title was legit. As if you guys could get rid of me that easily! You're stuck with me for good lol And YES, I'd totally be up for meeting up with you. The wedding is next July, but there's no specific date yet. I'll let you know when I've booked my flights and stuff. DG, come with us? It's in Bournemouth, which is on the southern coast of England. Meet you there tomorrow? :P And Shadow, I'm English, so we have £££ instead of $$$. We also don't do £1 notes. Maybe I could throw £1 coins at them? Not sure they'd appreciate it lol
  8. Game of Life OOC Thread

    Lol yeah, Sean told me you'd wanted the Mad Hatter, so he suggested the Cheshire Cat to me, which seemed perfect. But it's Wonderland, right? Everyone is crazy/weird!
  9. Game of Life OOC Thread

    It's cool, I'm going to just see what's left once everyone else has picked. And HH, I had no plans on being Alice. I say go for it.
  10. Leaving forever

    All depends where the wedding is being held, and where I end up staying. I just know it's in Maryland, which doesn't really narrow it down lol everything is so spaced out over there anyway. I might have to get someone to stalk Kyo for me whilst I'm gone, so I can stalk you instead.
  11. Leaving forever

    Not that wedding, you silly twat! xD That's next year, and I wouldn't fly out to Maryland just for a hen do lol But, I could come see you when I'm over there? If I have time. And Raiiiiine, I have every intention of having a good time lol
  12. Game of Life OOC Thread

    I don't know what everyone is thinking regarding roles in Alice in Wonderland, but if I can, I'd like to call dibs on the Cheshire Chat. Pretty much fits Kiora's weird, crazy outsider personality perfectly.
  13. ...and it made me frown

    In what sense, Dan? Or was it both? I'm frowning because I misses you
  14. Leaving forever

    Herpes will still be there when I get back ;)
  15. Sean's Game of Life

    Sam is the only child brave enough to approach me so far, so she gets kudos for that. No idea how I feel about her, as she seems a bit wary, and shy people annoy me. Pub peeps. Regulars of the pub keep me company outside of school, and help me with my homework/do it for me. When I'm a bit older, they said they're going to let me have alcohol. 'Mom' and 'dad' who own the pub said they're okay with that. Should be fun. Activities: - Dancing class after school. I'm gonna be a cheerleader, duh! - Entering the talent show with sexy dance. Got disqualified, and then got yelled at by those bastard teachers. {I hear that word a lot at home} - Learnt how to pull a pint
  16. Leaving forever

    WELL Sean wants me gone, and Nikkia liked his post, so OBVIOUSLY she wants me gone too. But you know what? Fuck you guys, I'm going to come right back and annoy you all. SO THERE ilykyoandval And Ice, I'm sure I'd love you too, and thank you for the feels
  17. Game of Life OOC Thread

    Hmm, I think I might have set myself up for a fall here, as I've excluded myself from every friend group. Ah well, she can become a crazy cat lady porn star or something!
  18. Sean's Game of Life

    Kiora didn't really interact with anyone at this age. She was the outsider of the group, and kindergarten for her, was at the pub where she lived. (In a room above the bar obviously, not in the actual pub itself) Her playmates were the punters of the pub, mostly in the garden as children are allowed out there. Most of her interactions were with adults, not children. For this reason, she's used to being the centre of attention. Activites: - dancing (with an audience, of course. It's more like bopping and arm waving though) - singing/screaming - running around, a lot. There are many people to see in a pub, ya know!
  19. Game of Life OOC Thread

    I'll leave it, because I'm lazy. xD
  20. Sean's Game of Life

    What did your room look like? I didn't have a room. I was found in a box under a pool table in a pub. What was the first word you ever spoke? Vodka What kind of toys did your parents buy you? Coasters What kind of stories did they read to you? Viz Which one of your parents showed you the most affection? The fruit machine And finally, which infants did you go on playdates with? Maximillion, Franz, Inigo, David {all males, natually}
  21. Game of Life OOC Thread

    Sorry Ice, I just noticed how similar our first names are. Want me to change mine?
  22. Game of Life OOC Thread

    But supersexy sounds betttttttter
  23. Game of Life OOC Thread

    Fucking hell you guys move fast. Am I the only one who works in the day? xD Name: Kiora Starr Goal:Become a porn star, fuck everyone and give them herpes Strengths: Creative, Intelligent, Supersexy
  24. Game of Life OOC Thread

    This sounds fun, count me in
  25. ...and it made me frown

    Ouch, poor you. At least I don't have to work with mine anymore.