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  1. ...and it made me frown

    No, each just once. When we had the toilet water coming down our walls it came mainly from the light switches as well.
  2. ...and it made me frown

    That reminds me of when the tenants who used to live above us somehow flooded their toilet to the point that it leaked down OUR walls. And around that same time oir carpets were flooded because apparently our neighbors next to us forgot to turn off the water for their washing machine when they moved out.
  3. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Will let you know. I'll have the others decide.
  4. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    As for me, I will be sending cards and because I'm such an attention whore, I want cards. Edit: I also forgot we would probably need a secret Santa limit (not including shipping). I'll talk to staff and update y'all when we confirm. I'm guessing it will be the standard 15-20. And as a postal worker I will say that international shipping can be pricey (but not too bad if you have the money) and takes time. Please be considerate about this option.
  5. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Reserved for list of participants. YOUR ADDRESS WILL NOT APPEAR HERE, ONLY NAME. SECRET SANTA TriOctium Asura ack! Nikkia HerculeHastings Etereality Mystic DemonicGate SENDING CARDS Rain Bell Rubberrazors Asura ack! HerculeHastings via Facebook Etereality DemonicGate Mystic RECEIVING CARDS Rubberrazors TriOctium Asura ack! Etereality Ice DemonicGate Mystic (I think)
  6. DnD [Open 5e] Beyond the Boundary

  7. Shanedan!

    I don't remember that name but I'll remember you now.
  8. for once i actually have more than one song to submit!
  9. Oh Hello There

    I've grown twenty times stronger from when we last met.
  10. yo

    i'll just stand in the pews.
  11. Celebration Thread

    In my opinion, the most fun!
  12. New Mascot - Poppy

    Okay, so, like, hiiii! My horrible boss is passing the introductions to me to do. So, like, here is your new mascot Poppy. She's, like, you know, so cute and likes books and stuff.
  13. Starry Sean Protest

    Attention Everyone, It has come to our attention that Sean only has four stars. He is upset. So upset. Like, really crying and stuff. I mean, just check out this chat log; I mean, can you see how sad that is? Super sad. So yeah, like, this is a protest to stop that. Or make it worse. He would prefer it if was the former. Either way, I'm telling you that stars matter to him.
  14. Starry Sean Protest

    That face is something drunk Sean would use.
  15. Starry Sean Protest

    Four for me as well. THIS PROTEST IS A DISASTER.
  16. Starry Sean Protest

    I wanted to do this part too but I changed Dan's name to something offensive.
  17. Holly Hearts totally took an UNPLANNED VACATION [ >: ( ] but she's back now.
  18. I've gotten up to "Is That So?" which I have to subscribe to read. Right now I'm doing drills because I know I have a hard time with Katakana.
  19. Pretty self explanatory. Learning a new language is a common goal among people all over the world and I know of a few people who are doing just that (and assuming that there are more). I thought this thread would be pretty nice in finding learning partners and also sharing useful resources to help out. I also thought that since we have plenty of members who already know a foreign language (i.e. NOT ENGLISH LOLOLOL) they could offer themselves as a mentor of sort to help those who are interested in their native tongue (or whatever, you multi-lingual smarties). As for me, I've been on and off self-studying Weeaboo, German and French. For now I've dropped French as the only motivation I had to pick it back up is that I apathetically studied it in middle school as I didn't really care for the only other elective (Spanish) and felt the need to continue where I left off. Oh, and speaking of Rosetta Stone, in my opinion I feel it is not at all worth it unless you consider it a bottom-tier supplement whether you dished out the cash for it or not. From my own experiences using the program, it's a copy-paste lesson-plan (spanning across all the other languages they offer), doesn't go into cultural aspects at all and more importantly the answers can be incredibly easy based on patterns. And not language-learning patterns, just "I can already tell what the next answer is even though I really don't actually know what the answer is to heart" pattern. Not only that but you can find better, more effective ways to "immerse" yourself into the language (Lang-8, etc.). And to close it off, usually text books offer you more material to go by and advance in than the whatever-hundreds of dollars you'd have to spend buying each Level. And I guess this might be helpful.
  20. I will now. I stalled because I now have to subscribe and I ain't got the money for that now.
  21. The Birthday Thread!

    Thank you. :>
  22. Weekly Scoop ############

    Title is sufficient. Carry on.
  23. Shelmii - The Draws Worthy Of Being In Here

    The downside of being an artist. You always see your flaws and look up to other's perfection. Even if no one else can see the flaw YOU KNOW IT'S THERE (sob).