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  1. Minecraft - Now With Our Own Server

    I moved my house back to a hill I liked in case anyone wanted to snag the spot I was in. Also, I said this in the server but so others know I'm okay with buying a dedicated server. The only thing that I'm worried about is not the cost, but whether or not it'll be used regularly. I remember the server I bought before wasn't that bad a buy so that not be all that big of a deal to even ask for donations. Edit: dan and I basically invaded daydreamers place but we were helping, we swear!

    I'm the one in the green lantern suit.
  3. Minecraft - Now With Our Own Server

    I've start building stuff near spawn. You can see my lights.
  4. I'm bored. What are you eating for breakfast?

    I had two slices of salami and chocolate milk. Gonna lift some major weights now, broguy.
  5. I'm bored. What are you eating for breakfast?

    I hate breakfast
  6. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I certainly like my chest hair. Edit: well not /my/ chest hair.
  7. PETS

    Doggy clothes~
  8. Referral Contest

    It's clear that you just give me everything. Clearly.
  9. Video Games General

    Any game is hard to me because I'm bad at video games.
  10. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I would like to sit this round out because I have a feeling I won't be around enough to participate in this game for a week or two. But I do want to play again eventually.
  11. Minecraft - Now With Our Own Server

    rubberrazors I can get back into building my amazing homebase again.
  12. Video Games General

  13. ...and it made me frown

    What's boring is being on call where you'd like to go out and do something but they could call me even as late as 1 to work so I just spend the majority of the day in my room anyways. Another words, not the ideal day off.

    I think ID go with Y because I feel a lot of people would choose X.
  15. Video Games General

    Sonic Adventures 2 Battle. YES SHUT UP I KNOW.
  16. Valentine's Sig Shop

    Eeeeeeeeeee, it's so cute! It sucks I'm on my phone or changing my things would be easier. Thank you!
  17. Mafia! [open for new members]

    What a bunch of jerks.
  18. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I'm going ahead and voting for blackfrost as he seems to be the most methodical and straight forward in this round and especially during this short day phase.
  19. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Only round two and things are already getting so worked up.
  20. ...and it made me frown

    I'm hoping good news for your mom, Twaine. D:
  21. Mafia! [open for new members]

    I'm pretty damn conflicted because that plan is good but at the same time I know we'd waste a vote on someone else who is possibly going to die anyways. But for now I guess I got Nikkia too. My suspicions were on DD but he turned out to be a doctor. Edit: also sorry, I'm on my phone so I cant format my font. Take that as an official vote please.
  22. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Well! It didn't really matter if I had voted Day or not then.
  23. Mafia! [open for new members]

    Whether or not someone is killed in the night, we have to come to some sort of decision.
  24. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Is someone having sexual foot fantasies with Kirby??? Edit: Whoever came up with that topic, not DD