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  1. Hey

    Remember the rules, Zi.
  2. Artistic Thrift Shop

    It's pretty good as you don't even have to submit anything, just participate and practice at least once daily.
  3. Hey

    There's my sexy frand and now we can do sexy things aaaawwww yeah. Sneak around the Out-of-character section and chat it up, Bad Red.
  4. Introduction

    I've always wanted to meet you, Amy. /creepybreathing
  5. What are you listening to?

    San Diego radio suuuckssss.
  6. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    My roommate has an S4 and she loves it (compared to how crappy her oldie phone was). I only have an S3.
  7. Artistic Thrift Shop

    9. TOOLS OF THE TRADE 9.1 Shops Buy your way to fame, son. Blick (Self) is basically all I ever buy my art supplies from anymore. It's an unhealthy habit. Someone help me.9.2 Programs You should already know a majority of these programs that I'll list later, but I'll do it anyways eventually. 9.2.1 Custom Brushes and Tools "Is it so much to ask for free awesome brushes," said everyone always. Frenden's Brushes (Self) a.k.a my favorite brushes of all time. For MangaStudio and Photoshop.FADE IN (Animation World Network) guides you into formatting your document into scriptwriting. You can then further customize it how you want. I do this. 10. SURREALITY ORIGINALS We're all a bunch of artistic dicks. DragonGuard's Dragon Guard Armor: Be a nerd and make some armor! But in all seriousness, DragonGuard talks about his project using pepakura (1, 2). His thread and answers to questions gives a good summary of the hobby! 11. PRACTICE Because you haven't found that magic genie lamp yet. SketchDaily (Reddit) is a fun little subreddit that gives you daily themes to do some sketches. In other words would you draw already sheesh.NaNoWriMo (Self), or National Novel Writing Month, is your write of passage into the industry (once you've failed the first year). It takes place every year in November with a goal to write a full novel by the end of the month. Oh, woops I made a typo.Language Is A Virus (Self) offers some fun exercises and games for writers. But being a writer, you'll still probably hate yourself in the end.
  8. Artistic Thrift Shop

    4. ILLUSTRATION 4.1 Anatomy How do all the muscles work? 4.1.1 Human MM-MM! That sure is a sexy butt! ProkoTV (YouTube) produces some great videos about figure drawing. He goes into some fine detail to help you understand the how the process can be both intricate and easy with practice!Sycra (YouTube) is almost like your typical college art class. You might know of it's Coil Technique video, Sycra does figure drawing, color theory, product reviews, etc.PoseManiacs (Self) should already be on your own list, you goof! Posemaniacs has a plethora of poses and body shapes for reference only. By that I mean you should still have a basic knowledge of human anatomy to work with these poses they are not meant to be 100% accurate when it comes to muscle strcuture/movement, etc. Women's Anatomy Varying Your Body Types NSFW (Tumblr) is an awesome guide about the shape of a women's body. A definite saver! Men's Anatomy 4.1.2 Animals Because we don't already have enough furries out there. 4.2 Landscape The key is a lot of rocks. 4.2.1 Perspective "F*ck these buildings, man!!" 4.3 Color Theory and Related Subjects Black and White is such an eyesore. 4.3.1 Color Theory "Why is everything always blue and orange?" Color Scheme Design (Self) gives you plenty of options to make it easy to pick and choose colors. 5. DIGITAL 5.1 Paint I.E. reasons why 95% of new artists want a Cintique. Ctrl+Paint (Self) offers many videos that teaches you the artform of digital painting and technique mostly for free! The reason I added "mostly" is because it also offer Premium Videos that many people want (and maybe find worth it). 5.2 Design Now you too can make some work of out out of squares and lines! changeofthought (Self) should give you plenty of inspiration with its collection of amazing graphic design work! I believe it offers more than GD as well. 5.3 Pixel Art Yes, Pixle Art is in my bookmarks so I might as well add it in here. gas13 (Self) offers some nice and thorough tutorials on making Pixel Arts. And oh hey look! Some other tutorials as well!Dragonfly Cave's (Self) spriting guide will let you make your own Pokemon junk just like all the other losers at there (<3). 5.4 Color Theory and Related Subjects (Again) Black and White is such an eyesore. 5.4.1 Color Theory (Again) "Why is everything always blue and orange?" Color Scheme Design (Self) gives you plenty of options to make it easy to pick and choose colors. 6. WRITING The next Kephen Sting. (will further expand sections later) Seventh Sanctum (Self) is all about generatorrrrsssss. Sometimes people even use them to actually write about stuff! Can you bleieve that?!DailyWritingTips (Self) is self-explanatory with their more prominent tips displayed on their right side-bar. Believe it or not, they're pretty good at updating!Serendipity (Self) contains more generators. Apparently, they have recently resetted due to spammers but they still have good offers. 7. MUSIC 7.1 General Music I like to call this "Trash Cans Against My Neighbor's Walls". 7.2 Guitar Get blisters! Develop calluses! JustinGuitar (Self) offers a whole freaking bunch of lessons and practice material. I'm sorry as I haven't gone through the site myself yet (it was on my to-do list...) but it came highly recommended! 8. MISCELLANEOUS
  9. hi

    seriously geez
  10. im a thug

    you wanna fight son??? I mean, sir.
  11. im a thug

    oh excuse me while i strip.
  12. Video Games General

    Good, I don't have to do a marathon. I thought it was because 3 made it seem like it was continuing from the last with everyone already calling you boss or whatever.
  13. Video Games General

    Question; should I play all the other Saints Row before playing IV.
  14. Video Games General

    Obligatory Xbox One or PlayStation 4. (ps4)
  15. Anime/Manga General

    SHINJI'S A WHINY LITTLE PUNK. I actually write my own Shoujo. Like a lot of them |: I even have one about the Yakuza.
  16. Video Games General

    Guys shut up and let me geek out about The Sims 4.
  17. Anime/Manga General

    Usually I go into corny/girly mode and read a bunch of horrible but cute Shoujo. Other than SNK which can get in my nerves but what Jaggering is a worst main character than Shinji I've been reading those horrible shoujos.
  18. would you kindly guide me to the town that i believe is named "Funky"?

  19. Dragon guard armour

    I have a friend who does cosplay and just finished a modified version of the Ironman suit (with lights) and then it ended up flying off his car while he was driving. He spent mooooonths on it. Anyways, it's something I've been interested in but knew I'd probably be too impatient for. How long do you think itd take you to do just one armor?
  20. eyooo

    Weeeeeeeelllllllll Okay.
  21. Profile Backgrounds

    Yeah I like the one I have now so I'm all good. I did have to switch from Chrome to Firefox to get it to work buy I think that was more a Chrome problem than a site problem.
  22. Profile Backgrounds

    Okay. I tried using a more vertical image of a bear but it ended up just showing his ears instead of fitting it like i thought it would.
  23. What are you watching?

    I watched the Life of Pi over and over again because HBO was the only channel worth watching out of the 13 others in this hotel and it just kept replaying.
  24. Profile Backgrounds

    Neat. But what are the dimensions so it's easier to find a picture that fits (unless I'm dumb and it's right in front of me).
  25. eyooo

    Sign for your papers, exexexex-husband.