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  1. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Yeah, I'm the kind of person who complains about wanting ALL THE ME TIME but I swear even with that attitude, doing some sort of exercise for 1/2-1 hour makes you feel great and refreshed and like all the free time you have left will be even more worth it. I loved exercising (except running, screw running) the only thing that kept me from doing it was getting frustrated with results (chest/arms), then discouraged, then lazy. Also, for those who are interested in getting into working out sign up for Fitocracy. It's a cute and fun way to keep track of your progress in a bit of a MMO way of points/leveling, quests and goals. That totally sounded like a sponsor post I'M SO SORRY.
  2. What are you listening to?

    "Youth Without Youth" by Metric on Pandora. Might play some Benga while I wait on more walk-in patients.
  3. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I used yo lift weights but my arms/chests are so frustratingly weak that it demotivated me from doing it anymore. That's why I wanted to try getting beat up so it's at least something I also like to do.
  4. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Laaaaaaame. But speaking of that, I've been wanting for a long time to do some sort of boxing. I want kick boxing but I'll probably start with ol' punch boxing.
  5. Ask Sunny

    Will you roleplay marry me? (No seriously I want to rp with you)
  6. Intro... I mean you know, whatever.

    Aaaaaah! Aaaaaahhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Every time I play Borderlands I think exclusively of you, guy.
  7. Hi, friends~

    I would give you my information but I'm pretty sure you already know that I'm awesome.
  8. im a thug

    Oh, well, if it is causing some internet security issues- CANCEL THE BOOBY PARTY.
  9. The Valentine Enigma ~Ask Me Anything!~

    Where are my chocolates, Mr. Valentine?
  10. I am Blackfrost! Come at me!

    Will you teach me how to glove? #edm
  11. Questions? Ask Me ~Anything~

    Will you lick my face?
  12. im a thug

    It was meant to be a nude fight SOOOOOOOOII