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  1. School

    No, that would be me.
  2. How is nihongo master? I've always been wary signing up for things like this.
  3. S*T Community Album Project: August

    Not even. It was only a week or two ago.
  4. S*T Community Album Project: August

    I guess I'll post here that mine are submitted. :>
  5. S*T Community Album Project: August

    I just need to think of one more song, and then I'll submit.
  6. ...and it made me frown

    I've been going through sporadic allergic fits all day. For a while I feel fine and then suddenly my nose is super stuffy, my eyes feel horrible and I get the annoying sensation to sneeze but only ever actually sneeze once every ten times. Just take my nose PLEASE.
  7. What are you listening to?

    I could listen to Doris all week (and probably will now).
  8. ...and it made me frown

    Would bang either way.
  9. Roleplaying: A History

    (sob) I'd also like to note that S*T was also my first forum ever. Ontop of that, it's the one I'm most active in. Really says something, right???
  10. Pffff. Also, yes. This is where Rosetta Stone fails in immersion. If you really want to immerse yourself as much as you can (other than just living in the country) it's as easy as diving face first into the language. Music, TV, podcasts, books. It may be hard to have to look everything up but that's how you learn.
  11. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Dear Kelsey, Love, Anna <3
  12. Roleplaying: A History

    The other problem is because of my frequency and I feel guilty making people wait for me to get the motivation/energy to write. Also, I was totally interested in your coma idea. :D edit: it's similar to this story idea I have about dreams and these people (kids) who are able to see them in the real world while others only see them as, er for example, ghosts and such if at all.
  13. ...and it made me frown

    I am clearly the best Leo. B)
  14. Roleplaying: A History

  15. Sean's Monthly Manga Club #3: Magi

    We were able to make it somehow. ;__;
  16. Get Anki! It's a flashcard system that you can use on your computer or a smartphone. You can make your own flashcards or download premade sets. Reviewing the Kanji (RtK) is usually recommended and I believe they have stuff for Kana as well. I learned Kana in class so it was really just going bit by bit (vowels first, then ka, then sa, etc.) repeatedly writing hiragana and then moving on to katakana (which is obviously easier for being somewhat similar). And, again if you have a smartphone (particularly an android), you can download Obenkyo that let's you watch the stroke orders of Kanji and Kana and write it yourself. :D It also comes with Tae Kim minus the helpful annotations. But all in all, it's really good to just keep writing while remembering to stroke orders. Even with Kanji, you'll notice patterns that make it easier to learn/write including when you're trying to figure out how to write other things that pop up. If you need any help, I can dig through my documents and send you some stuff. :>
  17. Roleplaying: A History

    I first started in high school with my best friend Blaine. We did it out of notebooks (pokemon and naruto fandoms lolol) and at the time I didn't even know what roleplaying was. When I moved to Florida I had free reign over the internet and one of the first things I did was google "roleplaying site" and didnt expect any results (because again I didn't know if it even was an actual word). S*T was the very first in the results and I did my first roleplay with Nef and was so proud of myself until I got my graduation grade. From then, I dabbled here and there including on the site that should never be mentioned but haven't done much lately because I'm so self-conscious.
  18. Twitter

    Followed! :D
  19. ...and it made me frown

  20. Twitter

    That wasn't me. XD I just told the staff to interact with each other.
  21. Twitter

    I am now following all of you! Except, sean I think. I'm not sure if I already did or even what your handle is. (Tried searching seanzilla/seanz1ll4 and got nothing)
  22. What are you listening to?

    I've been wondering where you've been D: (no seriously I stumbled across a post you made and wondered where you disappeared to). Now I'm wondering if you're here to stay? DD: