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  1. What is with all this GREEEEEN??

    He said it was horrible. He said it was the worst. But I'm here to prove Seanzilla that green is the best color ever! Hello, everyone! I'm rubberrazors, your new shiny promoter for the site! I'll be making it my duty not only to promote this site but all the wacky things you guys do in here! I'll be the first to admit that we haven't really been promoting our various social networks to you. I'm sure you know about it in the back of your head but really, what have we done to remind of you that? And our poor newcomers too! How will they ever stay in the loop while they stalk their friends? Well, hopefully I can change that and that should be fun especially with the RP Carnival so close to town! Trust me when I say you'll be in for some great events this year! So, follow us, like us, reblog us! If you haven't already, hit me or Nikkia up to be added to our Skype group as well! We are a chatty bunch! And don't forget to share us with your friends! I'll be doing my best, but I'll also pester you guys for help as well! >) Facebook Twitter Tumblr
  2. What is with all this GREEEEEN??

    The only real good thing about blue is blue eyes. >( But even then green eyes are so much better.
  3. What is with all this GREEEEEN??

    Okay, you win.
  4. What is with all this GREEEEEN??

    The only solution to this is to just bring it back, you know. Relive the good ol' days.
  5. Surreality's Role Play Carnival is coming!

    You've done did it now, Wst.
  6. What is with all this GREEEEEN??

    You can't take away what's special to us Bean.
  7. Weird Habits

    Ughghghhfh face hair I hate them so much. I pluck them all the time and a couple of days later (usually when I don't have anything to pluck them with) I can feel them coming back. It bugs me so much.
  8. Playstation 4

    How do you get Fight of the Year?
  9. What is with all this GREEEEEN??

    BLUSH Our members only deserve the best!
  10. Surreality's Role Play Carnival is coming!

    Mystery solved. I'm done following this thread now.
  11. Surreality's Role Play Carnival is coming!

    Now I'm just wondering who ??? really is.
  12. EDM vs J-Rock Album Battle

    Let the music overcome you and your sweaty pores.
  13. EDM vs J-Rock Album Battle

    EDM wins by default.
  14. Weird Habits

    Chips/fries in my sandwiches/burgers. I've actually tried to eat it without any but it's just... not the same.
  15. Surreality's Role Play Carnival is coming!

    Awwww... How cute of Time~~~
  16. Playstation 4

    I don't know what I expected, but this looks dead on. XD
  17. Sean's Game of Life

    Alfred My favorite cousin, Alfred, had always been the brother I never had, but after my first breakup left me utterly destroyed, he proved to be even more important to me than that. Despite how busy we were with college preparations, jobs, etc. we spent a considerable amount of time together. Activites - The band didnt't have enough time to do live shows as often as we liked, but we managed to release a couple of EPs and an LP. - I wanted to get used to writing essays like I expected to be doing in college, so I started writing music reviews. I went through my own collection and even the Music Shops collection researching, comparing and coming up with a "fair" judgement. - My time in the library turned into major study sessions. I rented textbooks, took mock exams and wrote all the notes i could before my fingers fell off. - Whenever I had free time, I would do exercises on my guitar and keyboard. Despite how much my fingers hated me, I would usually stay up late at night doing this. - I filled up a horde of notebooks full of poems, lyrics, and music notation, all crowding up Daddy's "man cave". I prepared myself to apply for SSU. It took a bit convincing from Daddy to take all this college stuff seriously. I assumed "whatever, musicians usually drop out anyways" but I didn't just want to be a musician. I wanted to be the music guru. Or at least I could become a renowned and respected tutor/teacher. Either way, I decided to take electives in Music and Creative Writing.
  18. Events Organizer, reporting for duty~

    It used to be required that RP mods read every single RP back in the old days, iirc.
  19. ...and it made me frown

    If only he majority of the world understood this. Like, I don't understand why people act as if saying no to something is a personal attack. I can just rant about this all day...
  20. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Shit can have corn in it too but I still like corn. >(

    Twenty years.
  22. Surreality's Role Play Carnival is coming!

    Well duh. It's tomorrow now.
  23. Surreality's Role Play Carnival is coming!

    We're obviously going to revive my karaoke game. Why else would we need a microphone?
  24. Events Organizer, reporting for duty~

    It's always been my nickname, but yes, I am indeed more special than you. :D