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  1. What's up?

  2. Hey, guys! How could we miss the Psychedelic Space Lounge (i.e. General Discussions), eh? Let's talk about stuff that doesn't have or doesn't need its own thread, but let's also make the Big Guys' jobs easier by keeping it spam-free. That doesn't just mean ads but also the dreaded pointless jibberjabber and the many limbo threads. If you want a Random Discussion (something I'm not all interested in) you can ask the Big Guys. If you think the topic you want to talk about won't won't get all that much attention as its own thread go ahead and put it here instead. I think it'd be best to do that anyways just in case and once it gets plenty popular here, move it to a brand new thread. All the while, let's stay on topic and even change topics as long as its on topic and drown ourselves in multiple discussions, yeah? Obviously, Big Guys, if y'all need to add specific rules or even close this thread then do ya thing, mang. So to start this off, I guess it'd be appropriate to congratulate ACK! and her new fine crew on the rerererebooted site! What amazing fellas! #someonefindanewtopicwhileikisssomebutt
  3. Celebration Thread

    The better half to the ol' Complaints Thread, this is the feel good thread to let out your happy, sappy feelings. We're all so cheerful and excited here. Recently, I've come to realize how much more of a confident and outgoing person I am now compared to how quiet and self-conscious of a person I was before. Not to say that I've stopped being quiet and self-conscious but that it's sure is a lot of damn progress. I really have some awesome friends to give a big chunk of credit too.

    With the blue hair style and lab coat I keep imagining her as a scandalously grown up Naoto.
  5. Hello, everyone. It's that time of year again where we all decide to be generous to our fellow greedy members! I'm sure you already know the drill so let's get to it. If you are interested in Secret Santa, hit me up with your name and address and whether or not you can send internationally. We will compile the addresses in a list and match you up with a secret Santa who will be the only one viewing your address for obvious reasons. The gift limit is the standard $20 (or whatever you call your munz). As for card exchange, let me know whether you want to send and/or receive. You only need to provide an address if you want to receive. Yet again we will compile a separate list of addresses and make them public to those who wish to send. Please contact me, the wonderful rubberrazors, via PM or Skype and I will confirm as soon as I've added you to the appropriate list. Those who just want to send cards can simply state so below.
  6. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

  7. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

  8. Post your Desktop Does all the work for you I guess.
  9. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Thanks all for the cards! Amanda's given me new reasons to go north ~~~ #hottingly
  10. Post your Desktop

    Bwahaha! >=D
  11. Post your Desktop

    And that image would be? edit: here's mine. the least cool.
  12. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    My new year's resolution is to be in secret Santa 2015 just so I can have an adorable gift.
  13. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    It's hard to grow them this time of year. I am horrible.
  14. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas. It's more than jusy late, but I didn't end up sending cards this time around because I got way too busy with work. I apologize to everyone who expected dick drawings in their cards. ;__;
  15. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

  16. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Everything's set! Thank you all for participating and if you have any questions please let me know. Hopefully I accommodated to everyone's need in regards to Secret Santa! I'm looking forward to another year of wonderful cards from everyone!
  17. rubberrazor's dumb idea brothel

    Frustrated that I lost my gigantic "origin family tree" notes that I made SO I GUESS I'LL JUST START OVER and save it here for good measure.
  18. rubberrazor's dumb idea brothel

    Totally bumming off of DemonicGate (but that's okay because he loves me and said i was awesome srsly), I'm gonna be posting up all the dumb things I do. Drawings, story ideas, dumb characters blah blah blah. I'm always inspired to create things but rarely do I ever do anything with them. At least here I can give them the light of day they kinda deserve and exercise my brain storming. Warning, may be incredibly messy and confusing.
  19. The Birthday Thread!

    You're welcome. (Hlbd)
  20. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Everyone prepare! I'll have lists sent out tomorrow.
  21. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    So with the list looking pretty good, I'm setting the deadline as Friday, December 5th. The following Saturday I'll send the Christmas card lists to senders and arrange everyone's secret Santa.
  22. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    You're fine. And our list is steadily growing with some good numbers. Thank you all so far. :D
  23. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    You can always sign up to receive Christmas cards! No money required!
  24. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I forgot to message you my address. I'll do that now. > _ >