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    Username: Junsui Name: Jen, Jeni, Jun, whatever floats your boat. Available Times: I'm GMT, and I work full-time. I'm available evenings and weekends though. Mostly evenings as I'm sometimes busy weekends. There may be a day or so I won't reply but if I have something going I make the effort to check more often. Post Length: Depends on the RP, mid-long. Post Frequency: Again depends what I've got going on in terms of RPs, I probably couldn't manage more than 3 posts a week. RP Preferences: I'm open to most things, I used to like RPs with dark, moody themes but I also like sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, fantasy... I did a few RPs long ago based on FF8 that had a University/Garden setting and I really enjoyed that. I like a good romance too. Also up for realistic RPs. I guess just get in touch and let me know :-) Contact Details: Skype is jenlucy_hocking or PM. Email is good too jenlucyhocking@gmail.com as I check that often.
  2. Lily was excited for class to begin when she became rather ruffled by an untidy, platinum blonde girl running into the classroom. Though annoyed at her lateness, Zoey was the kind of person Lily wished she could be - uncaring, a free spirit. Though, she supposed, we're all the people we are for a reason. She was both flattered and nervous that Zoey chose to sit next to her. She supposed it was either because she genuinely wanted to get to know her, or, she wanted to buddy up with someone who appeared to be nerdy and therefore a good study partner. "No, no it's not taken." she replied to Zoey, continuing to look straight ahead but side-eyeing the girl, before widening an eye and cocking an eyebrow at the things she was doing with her mouth. Her attention was pulled back to the front of the classroom as Ms. Clearwater began speaking about the first task - to write about what they would have done if they could this Summer. Excellent. Li loved a bit of creative writing, as this was her opportunity to let her imagination run wild. So as to make sure she had enough time to fit everything in, she mapped out her beginning, middle and conclusion to her short story. Li's story comprised of a solo visit first to Berlin, Germany, to take in the history - something she loved. Here, she would meet a wise old professor who would tell her to visit Rome, and the secrets she must uncover. Lily was a sucker for secrets and history and uncovering long lost treasures, mystics and adventures. All in her mind, of course. After she had finished her piece, she sat looking up at the ceiling, fully engrossed in her creation, and the ring of the bell took her by surprise. She gracefully stood up, gathering her books together and popping them into her satchel. Her long, honey coloured ponytail with a slick curl at the end teased around her top as she did so. Lily was wearing a white shirt, quite baggy, and rolled up at the sleeves. Her skirt was black suede, and hung just above the knee. At this point, she wasn't sure if Zoey really wanted to be friends with her, so she decided to continue to the next class without her, and she was caught in conversation with the teacher anyway. She popped her story on the pile with the others, and followed the others out of the classroom, noticing the two boys in front. She wished they would want to be friends with her, all of the students, really, if only she didn't appear so dismissive.
  3. Still slightly flushed from having drawn attention to herself, Li began to feel a little better that neither of the two other students had said anything about it. Clearing her throat, she pulled out her timetable and ran her finger over the lessons throughout the day, taking it all in. She was excited about them all. She was more excited this year particularly as this was the year they got to choose subjects. There was obviously still the compulsory basics - but all in all Li was happy with her choices. Writing was one of the classes they all had to take, but even so, she was happy to be there. Writing, as well as getting lost in a book, was one of Li's happiest pastimes, getting lost in her thoughts was a frequent occurrence. Her attention was drawn upwards as another person entered the room. When the woman didn't sit down with the other students Li was confused, and suddenly with a raised eyebrow realised she was the teacher. She tried to hold back a smile but couldn't contain it, and cocked her head to the side, resting it in her hand, as a thoughtful look crossed her face. She was happy because this meant there was a young woman she could relate to - someone she might be able to talk to about studying who wouldn't think she was uncool or weird. As she raised her head again, Li heard Frank address the teacher. Of course she would be the recipient of the male students' attentions, she was very attractive and clearly not far from their own age. She gave a little sigh and opened her notebook and wrote her name on the first page. Lily Littlewing. Once she had written her name perfectly, she glanced up to find Frank giving her a sheepish smile. She held her gaze for a moment, not really sure what the right thing to do was. She realised she must probably look confused and awkward, so whilst bobbing her head down a little, she half smiled back, and quickly turned her gaze to Thomas, then to Ms. Clearwater. She wanted to make a really good impression on the teacher, so, confidently, she addressed her. "Hello, I'm Lily.". After she had spoken, she lowered her gaze back down to the two other students. "Hello." She nodded at Thomas, then at Frank. The classroom suddenly filled up with other classmates, and they were in cliques. She couldn't understand why they were so late. As they rustled around, finding their seats, playing jokes on each other, trying to impress one another. Eventually, the noise dampened down, as people sluggishly prepared for their first lesson.
  4. Li noticed the room become deathly quiet after she had sat down, and now hoped that people would arrive, to avoid her having to make awkward conversation with anyone to fill in the time. It's not that she was unsociable, or unfriendly - she was just an introvert who didn't do very well in conversation. She longed to be the bubbly type, she knew that if she could only open herself up to friends that she would have a lot of fun. But her neat exterior often put people off. They assumed she was rigid, dismissive. She gave a slight jump when the student behind her sprang up from his desk to speak to the other guy in the classroom. They would talk to each other and it would be fine, but she would have to shuffle around her desk to not appear uncomfortable at being silent while a conversation happened. Unfortunately it was out of her control, as she nervously placed a hand to her cheek her pen rolled off the side of the desk. It could have been an anvil, it sounded so loud to her. She watched it fall off in slow motion as her cheeks flushed bright red - she looked at it a few seconds, knowing that once she bent down to scoop it up, she would be drawing attention to herself. She did so in a slow, swan like motion, not helping but look behind her as she did so and catch the eye firstly of the student who was stood up, then to the student sat at his desk. She noticed the difference in character by the way they held themselves. The former, seemed somewhat composed and more similar to her, it was something she felt drawn to - though seemingly he more confident. The second, seemed a little more unravelled, but he had a childlike worry in his eyes. If only she knew how to put people at ease! She felt silly and awkward, and snapped her body back around to look once again at the teachers desk. Noticing the time, she wondered what was taking the teacher and the rest of the class so long to get here, when she began to hear the chitter chatter of groups of people walking down the hallway.
  5. Long time no see

    Thanks for the welcome! Sure, no problem. I'll help where I can. I love all those guys including you! I miss them all too :(
  6. Her backpack as straight as her skirt, she clip-clopped down the hallway with her face looking downward to the slightly weathered looking floor tiles that resonated the footprints of many students before her. Her arms were folded in front of her as she walked, clutching the books she'd been told to bring on her first day. Li was always prepared, and as such had read the books over the summer to make sure she was fully up-to-date. Her hair, bound up in a high ponytail with only a few wisps out of place, it bounced along as she trotted around the corner and in sight of the first classroom of the day. Always one to be sure, she stopped at the sign outside the door which marked the lessons within. Yep, I'm in the correct classroom alright. I'll most likely be the first one to arrive, as usual. Being so prepared as she was and so focused on her studies, Li found little time for friends. She was not one to be seen bounding in with a clique, and she was always on time, if not a little early. Although saddened by it and longing for a group to call her own; the books she read had become her friends. She took a big sigh, nervous about the day ahead but, because of her reserved and mature nature, you'd never know it. She walked in confidently to the classroom, and noticed with a sharp halt that she was not the first one in there - terribly unusual, and though she had previously been dismayed by the thought that she would most likely be the first student to be seated and ready, she felt herself inwardly flushing with a wave of annoyance that people had beaten her to it. Not wanting to appear rude, Li gave the students a hurried and awkward smile, though their eyes did not meet. Promptly, she resumed her orderly walk to the desk at the front-corner of the classroom, pulled out the chair and sat down in a ladylike fashion. In a military-manner, she proceeded to put out her black pencil case and notebook, before finally laying out her study books in the order she knew she would need them, straightened up her shoulders, folded her arms and bowed her head; ready for the class to begin, and upon reflection, thankful that she was at least third in the classroom. She now wouldn't have to awkwardly interact with anyone else that entered the room.
  7. Hai! ^^

    That's OK, I've not been active for a really long time :) Hmm, most people just called me Jeni or Jenia. I can't remember the first name I went by! Hello anyways :)
  8. Hai! ^^

    I remember you Pain! But similarly, it's been a loooong time since I've been on the forums, so not sure if you'll remember me. Anyways, hello!!
  9. Why...Hello there!

    Hello! Nice to meet you. Your RPs sound like they're going to be awesome to read! :-)
  10. Long time no see

    Hello, Valentine. Yes, I remember you. Don't worry, you won't have to go all bane on my ass, or as we say in the UK, bane on my arse, I'm an oldie. Geez, it feels so weird and wonderful saying that, like I get a sense of pride! Got a little warm feeling inside! I must have been 13 when I first came on S*T. Crikey! Ooh front end developer, you snazzy thing. I want to get more into the technical SEO side of things. I'll have a think, I'm finishing up my last week and work and will have some spare time next week whilst packing. Do you want to send me a PM with your email address and we can talk there about SEO for the forum? Are any of the old chaps still on here Ack? I'd love to say a big hello to them again. Yoshi,Raya, Rodent, MorningStar, Sari-Chan, Iza, Mizu, Klown, Wisty? Hope I haven't left anyone out... I tweeted Kikla about this today and she said she was going to have a read!
  11. Long time no see

    Aw man, did you just make me a graduate? *GLOMP*....wait do people still say glomp? It's all coming back to me............
  12. Long time no see

    Yo yo - yep, it must have been over 5 years!! No, no, modelling was only a short stint for me! I wasn't very good at it! I work in SEO now, doing nerd things :) About to move to a different city and start a fresh life! And you?!?! Also... HIHIHIHIHI!!!!!
  13. Long time no see

    Hello everyone, I'm Junsui, and I'm returning to S*T/Surreality RP after a looooong time, many years! This forum pretty much summed up my early teens! Looking forward to getting to know you all :)