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  1. Celebration Thread

    Whoot, still quiet here but less so
  2. Small handout I made

    Well it's encrypted so it's garbled text, and I've got the same text with a more readable font ready incase my players really can't read it.
  3. Small handout I made

    Hey guys, So I've been playing D&D with my friends for a few sessions now, and I figure I step things up a bit and give them some real-life puzzlework to do, instead of just 'I roll for perception' and 'I roll for history' etc. So I've made a small handout with a encrypted text on it, and I've done my best to make it look cool and old. I'm quite happy with the result:
  4. ...and it made me frown

    I... can't wait to move out on my own now... /sarcasm
  5. Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice

    A wall... of our house... which is three stories high...
  6. Small handout I made

    Hehe that might be a special font I downloaded, else it wouldn't be that pretty... But the staining and burning were all done in one go, just printed out the text, crumbled the paper, soaked it in tea (2 or 3 times over) and then burned the edges. It wasn't really hard, but it took a little while. I really like the result. I've also tried the same method with coffee, which was supposed to be a darker stain, but it's almost exactly the same.
  7. Celebration Thread

  8. Hello.

    Hey there, I'm gonna give you a nickname... The Great and Glorious Radiant Lord Who Rules Over All Who Stand Below As He/She Stands Atop A Great Monument Built In His/Her Honour Does that sound ok? In short: TGGRLWROAWSBAHSSAAGMBIHHH
  9. Hear me out - Dinosaurs with Lasers

    Yay we're all returning!
  10. Celebration Thread

    I graduated today! :D Got a 8 (out of 10) on my final internship project. This internship is partly why I haven't been online for much lately, but now I'm officially a 'bachelor of science' so I hope I'll have some more time on my hands.
  11. I once ate half a bag (let's say 15 or so) of deepfried these (or something similar to these): They were ok, all I tasted was the soy sauce but you should try them some time, they are supposed to be very healthy. And I want to eat turtle, the great turtle is supposed to be SUPER tasty. (in fact, so tasty, they had trouble naming the damn thing for years because they had to be shipped to England to be named, but they were always eaten before they arrived XD)
  12. Celebration Thread

    Your avatar is the cutest thing ever....
  13. Free!dom

  14. Should have been 'the more you knowwwwwwwwwwwwww' Anyway, I've found this book called 'chineasy' which I still haven't bought. It should teach you Chinese in a somewhat different way and it seems rather fun. So I wanna try to learn it that way. Chineasy:
  15. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    Amroth moved up behind Quarius just to be nearest to the rotter next to Tellorda. He marked it with Hunter's quarry and shot an arrow. Hitting for 13 damage, which 3 extra for the hunter's quarry. He then shot another arrow, dealing another 9 damage. (if the first rotter has somehow died of my first shot, my second shot is at the rotter next to Sanger). Attack rolls: Roll(1d20)+11: 14,+11 Total:25 Roll(1d20)+11: 13,+11 Total:24 Damage rolls: Roll(1d12)+1: 12,+1 Total:13 Roll(1d6)+0: 3,+0 Total:3 Roll(1d12)+1: 8,+1 Total:9
  16. ...and it made me frown

    Well we've got a few kind of blocks, like if I go to the steam store I'll get a 'games not allowed' message, so there's a block on just general, well known gaming sites and such. But until now I could always go to S*T, but today it said 'games are not allowed' (S*T is apparently a gaming site). And the worst thing is, I think that the colleague who literately sits next to me is the person who manages that firewall. I wonder if he has figured out WHO went here so often... hmmmm
  17. ...and it made me frown

    Somebody at work blocked surreality, so no more lurking while at work... 〒_〒
  18. What are you listening to?

    This just makes me happy :)
  19. that girl's art

    :D That game is so awesome! I totally wanna play it again! Good times, good times...
  20. that girl's art

    How did I not see this thread before? Is that Rasputin? :D
  21. that girl's art

    I now realize this sounds a bit insulting, it isn't meant to be...
  22. that girl's art

    Sorry us filthy peasants can't see the genius of your glorious drawing D: