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  1. Newb Poetry

    I write sometimes. I'm going to post the works that I make. This one is called "Cobbled Lies the Crooked Path" Cobbled lies the crooked path The one on which I tread And whilst I trecked this fickle road I found my past selves dead With each turn I’d understand And with each one I’d ask All smiles for the victories But defeat brought out my mask I’d hide behind the eyes that shine And clean myself with tears Til finally that dark day came And everything made clear The crooked path had overgrown I could not find my way Retreat was not option And so I chose to stay I followed forward blindly Not knowing where to turn Twas in those darkest moments That I was prone to learn The errors of the past Are past and nothing more Present actions change the future The past is set in stone I had figured out the cobbled secret And thus made up my mind I’d escape that crooked hell With all the power of man kind No outside force could help me Yet no inside force could keep I would not be prisoner Or a story for which to weep I found a gap within those trees And wrote a path a new Left a sign for more to follow The least that I could do I hope that those who read my sign Will comprehend the depth "To walk upon these cobbled stones Is to damn yourself to death.â€
  2. Before he could respond to Thomas or the girl the door to the clssroom opened. In stepped a very attractive young woman introducing herself as Ms. Clearwater. She's not the she? She looks way too young. "I'm Frank," he said instantly enthralled by her presence, "Frank Thomas. No! Wait, I mean, this is Thomas. Frank Ricci, I'm Frank Ricci." Embarassed and now bright red Frank turned tail and returned to his seat. Immediately putting his into his folded arms. Smooth move Franky, very smooth. I wonder if that girl noticed? What am I saying? Of course she noticed, everyone did! She had nice eyes too, now she'll just consider me a clown. One heck of a great year this'll turn out to be. Poor Thomas felt more nervous shaking my hand than I did responding to Ms. Clearwater. I should sit by him, at least I know his name. Frank gathered his things and positioned himself inbetween the girl and Thomas. He felt a little more comfortable being around those whom were also early. "Hey Thomas, I hope you don't mind me sitting here?" He asked kindly, "You seem like a nice guy." As he took his new seat he glanced over at the girl nervously. His eyes searching for any hint of her emotion toward him. He just gave his most sheepish smile and began to remove his needed materials from his bag. Looking at Thomas he assured, "don't worry about the pencil man, I'm just a little OCD about those things. Luckily, I always have a ton of them on me."
  3. G First Day Discussion

    We'd be more than happy to have you. I'm going to cap it at 4 though, until people graduate so that more can join.
  4. Hi, friends~

    Hello. I greet you with love. March 16, 1990.
  5. Maybe I was a little rough on him. I mean, I don't even know his name. I'll just introduce myself and apologize. Before he moves he notices a girl enter the room. He is drawn to her immediately, drawn to perfection. He notices her skirt. The perfect creases, not a wrinkle to be found. No stray strings sprouting from the stitching. Immediately he was moved; for it meant that she cared for something as much as he did. She had a passion and he wanted to know what it was. For a moment he was distracted by her slight smile before remembering the boy. "Hey," sprang forth from his lips as he walked over to young man's desk, "I'm sorry about snapping. I didn't even notice anyone else walk in. I'm Frank, nice to meet you." If I can make friends before the louder kids arrive this entire situation might become so much more tolerable. Extending his hand, he smiles, shyly.
  6. H-hi~

    I greet you with love mi amigo.
  7. Why...Hello there!

    Wow...that is something else. Very cool.
  8. G First Day Discussion

    This is where you can discuss everything about the Fist Day RP. It's set in a high school. So make a character that is a freshman-senior, or a teacher, or the creepy janitor. This isn't in a set reality/fantasy world, I want you to bring the other aspects with you. My character has no special powers or abilities. But do not let my lack of such limit you. With this RP I want to show the mods exactly what a newbie can bring to the table, and while some of us aren't exactly new, there is reasonable room to grow always. Now, that is not to say we don't have rules. Langely High has a VERY strict principle. No powers at lunch, if powers even exist, because know. Lunch is for eating. Basically, keep it G, if need be I'll make it PG, but I want anyone and everyone to be able to join in on the fun. Have fun with it, but don't ruin someone else's time. And you CAN NOT role play as a stapler. I've tried it and it doesn't work. Three posts of "Click click, click." and I'd probably have to erase you from the school's registry. With that students and faculty, welcome to Langely High.
  9. “I’m sorry I’m late!†Snap. Dang it! Ruined. His instument of passion gone in less than a second. His focused posture was now slack, his effort in vain, his art destroyed. He looked up to the intruder. Hazel eyes scanning the Harry Potter-esque boy. I can't believe I broke a pencil over that. It wasn't his fault, but who reads the scheduled time wrong? And who would run into a class that they thought would be full; yelling? He's pretty brave to be honest... I'd have just slunked into the back somewhere as quietly as possible. And he's sitting up front. This guy might just be my ticket out of ridicule. Hey, try and keep it down next time. I broke a pencil when you yelled. Who misreads the starting time for class anyway? Wouldn't you want to wait as long as possible before getting here?
  10. Greetings from the Guard

    You intrigue me Mr. Guard, may I call you Dragon? I wonder only what your interest are as far role plaing? Art thou a mighty smiter? you...uh...take a more sheepish approach? Perhaps you just jump right in and react to anything thrown at you? *Catches a random arrow and snaps it in between two fingers.* Whatever your style may be, I am pleased to meet you and hope to see you flourish here. Welcome.
  11. Hai! ^^

    Hello! I do not remember you, but I still greet you with love.
  12. If you have the ability to make lemonade from lemons, imagine when life gives you strawberries!

  13. [OOC: Be warned. I am rusty like a Kansas pickup.] Wow! I'm the first one here. Great...first one the first day and so everyone is going to think I'm the pet. They'll only notice my hand-me-down shoes and tattered jacket. They won't even think of getting to know me before jumping in with insults. I bet even the teacher will laugh at the jokes, she's already looking at me in that weird adult way. I'm such a dunce sometimes; I should have waited in the bathroom until SOMEONE else showed up. This seat is so uncomfortable. Grimy blue plastic with a chipped and faded fold over desk, and such a friendly reminder etched into the particle board "These are the best days of your life," followed of course, by the Jolly Roger. I wish I was home schooled. No having to meet new people, no fake smiles, no secret tears. I hate this place already. Maybe if I start drawing the others will just leave me alone. Unzipping his backpack the awkward, lonely looking young man removes his supplies. A notebook and a finely sharpened, black, number two pencil. It's important to note the point is pristine, perfection is never compromised. And he begins to draw. The basics an oval, with what looks like the beginning of a neck and tail protruding. Two large arches placed high above the back. His pencil moves silently, his hand never making a move which was not sactioned by his mind. Never before has anyone been more calm, more focused, more assured. He is completely lost in thought and does not even notice the teacher exiting the room. He has solitude. [OOC: Again rusty, but I think it can be worked with. Any advice is appreciated as are compliments. If we compliment each other on good posts and offer friendly advice for the others, we could bring about an incredible community. Bring it on oldies, I can take the punishment.]
  14. Why...Hello there!

    I am Newb. Let me begin by saying that I am thrilled to meet all of you, and still recognize some of you. Ihave been known by a three letters in the past: DRC. I'm breaking away from that shell and growing as both a person and RP artist. The best way to describe what I like to try and accomplish in a role play is for you (the reader :D ) to close your eyes and imagine one of the greatest films you've ever seen. It's going to be something like that. Epic battles, romantic love sequences, heart wrenching losses, and enlightening resolutions. So now that you know the basics of who I am and what I aspire to do. Let me see who my new friends are going to be. Drop me a line, I only bite if you want me to!