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  1. What's up?

    Still around! #lurkersftw and yeah. That's college in a bottle. It doesn't! You're not crazy!
  2. So What Do You Think Happened?

    I've actually been thinking about this recently! So Ima respond :D App!!!!! I open my phone and go in order, open my FB app and scroll, open my 9gag app and scroll, check my email using my app. But then I get the checking S*T and I have to open my chrome and go to the url. After using nothing but apps, it comes off as a hassle(not one I'm not willing to take, I love this place, lots of love <3) Also, maybe I just haven't figured it out yet, but when I get on and see someone new has posted(on my phone), I can't click and it take me directly to the newest post. I have to go into the section, find the thing that was posted in, the scroll to the newest response. I dunno if it's fixable but bleh. I probably have more comments but I'm in class. Shhhh~
  3. Lunar New Year and Eye Infections

    Hm. That's interesting. The more you know~
  4. Lunar New Year and Eye Infections

    Taco got bit by a chihuahua?? Why did I not know of this? :o Is there symbolism in those customs?
  5. ...and it made me frown

    Been feeling crappy and hugely congested, no time to go to the doctor nor the money to. So just tons of sleeping. Had an exam today. Psychopharmacology exam. Studied for it. Understood it. Fucked up the exam. Fuck!
  6. In Search of the Past

    Talia was eager to be off, energy coursing through her. She always needed something to do or else she got bored relatively quickly. She followed closely behind Taylel in the lead, not having any qualms about people being behind her. She was pretty trusting. Cody had no arguments, though he preferred to stay back with Regalia. Taylel obviously had something off about him and, while he was more than curious to learn about the fellow, he was more comfortable letting Talia break the ice in the group. So, he walked silently beside Regalia, letting his mind wander to the possibilities of what they would find when they finally found what they were searching for. Will they be hostile? Or welcoming? Will the recognize their queen? Or will they not have survived the meteor at all? Talia smiled widely at Taylel. "So, you were with Regalia before we joined along. How did you two meet? Obviously Regalia wants you around for your knowledge of the land but why did you tag along? What's your agenda?"
  7. In Search of the Past

    Talia rolled her big brown eyes, her light brown hair blowing with the wind about them. "Demons are going to encounter us no matter which way we take." She answered evenly. Cody sighed inwardly. Even if she wasn't, Talia always portrayed herself as being in charge. He had to admit, though, that she was good at it. She typically knew the best way to do things, or at least the best way to get them out of trouble. She was strong for her size, even though she didn't look like it in her skin-tight pants and her black blouse. He smiled to himself. She could definitely handle any situation she put her mind to. His own dirty blonde hair was also being played with by the wind, which also rustled his white shirt and dark pants. Directions weren't his strong suit, so he made no move to comment on the route they should take. Having no one to argue with her, Talia went on. "It's no use trying to avoid the demons. They've made these areas their home and sooner or later, some are going to find us. I don't care which way we take to get to where you want to go, but we need to make sure we're prepared for the high possibility of getting ambushed by them. The weaker ones wouldn't be a problem but there are some that are pretty damn strong." So long as they don't have your headstrong attitude, maybe we could just lose them. Cody thought to himself, but he knew better than to speak those words. He glanced over at Taylel. Curiosity was usually a healthy trait, but with Cody it only served to get him into trouble. He went to great lengths to figure things out, including crossing boundaries those holding the information he searched for may have put up. That's what I'm good for. Not fighting. He liked to play in his head scenes where he was useful, capable of gathering information others couldn't get and saving people in the process. Facing the truth, though, he was bad about getting information, regardless of how badly he craved it. He had been thrown out of plenty of places for being too nosey. If Talia didn't like him so much, he'd guess she'd ditch him just the same. Talia continued. "Since demons will always be a hazard, I think we should continue you to Phaim so as not to waste more time."
  8. What's up?

    Oh, ya know. Stress, stress, and more stress. Just doing school and work. Decided I really want to get my book published and so I have that determination burning through me right now. Which is cool cause I have a goal in my life, after having no idea what to do with my degree once I get it.
  9. What's up?

    See?? This is like my only connection to you guys! What's up? How ya been? :D P.S... I seem to be quite able to like things, just unable to raise certain peoples' reputations.... #likeaholic
  10. What's up?

    Sooooooo. Kyo and Seanzy. As expected, a lot of your stuff would have been 'liked' by me except I can't 'like' stuff for some reason. So you're safe from my causing you annoyance. For now. Also, I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH LIKE FOR REALS I WISH I COULD PHYSICALLY HUG ALL OF YOU COME BACK INTO MY LIFE T.T West, I'd talk to you! If I could hold a conversation! :D I still love you <3 And welcome to the states! I'm still far from you but eh :D HH, YES. I've wanted another game for like, ever. I support this. Sean, I know I knew and said this but still, congrats again on your job! I'm so proud of you! *pinches your cheek* Mystic, you and Sean are so cool, what with your awesome jobs and success in life. Congrats! Good job! Yay job! :D
  11. Site Upgrade

    I'm not allowed to like anyone's stuff :'( Why? :'( I don't abuse it too much.....
  12. 3rd time's the charm?

    Welcome back, Stranger!
  13. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I'M SORRY I LOVE YOU ERO Ok ok, here we go! If I drink, I die. If I eat, I am fine. What am I?
  14. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Ooooh, I agree! But how does "nine brothers have i" fit? Btw, I'll put a new riddle up after my exams today if people wanna keep responding :p
  15. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I would have responded to this except for the fact I have no idea of the answer o-o
  16. Mods?

    #aliveandlurking And I have the ability to drag Taco here as well so consider this his post too :3 He just doesn't know it yet :3 P.S. Who is SallyEl? o.o
  17. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    HH already explained this one to me so I won't answer :x
  18. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Fine then D:< A blind man is alone on a deserted island. He has 2 blue pills and 2 red pills. To survive, he must take only 1 of each color. How does he do it?
  19. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    :D speaking of cheesy jokes, I learned some statistician jokes. Wanna hear them? :D
  20. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    What ELSE is orange and sounds like a parrot?
  21. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    The answer was lobster, yes :p What's orange and sounds like a parrot?
  22. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    What goes in the water black and comes out red?
  23. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Ooooooooh! Thanks Westie!!!
  24. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    *still confused* v.v
  25. Dancing with Death [Private]

    Marx had his hands in his black jacket pockets as he walked comfortably through the streets filled with people. A smile hovered close to his lips but never fully sprung. He seemed quite content. His eyes calmly scanning the crowds for anything out of the ordinary, though he hardly expected to find anything. He doubted Lionel would be following him and Jarrod around. Not with the way he had bolted from the last place along with the reputation both he and Jarrod had. The fact that he doubted to find Lionel was the entire point of him being out and about instead of staying guard for the incoming Baron. For some reason, he felt the Baron was hardly in any trouble at all. Without Lionel around, why would he be? As he walked, he let his mind wander about things he remembered from the last crime scene. He smirked softly. There had been nothing at all to go off of to trace anyone except for that lucky piece of cloth from Lionel's coat.... Cat, Bear, and Bird had all split up to do the same as Marx- keep an eye out. Jarrod was staying nearest to the Baron's quarters, perhaps because he knew the least information of the five of them. He wanted to make sure the Baron was properly guarded. He was sure no one would get to the Baron while he was within range and, if someone did, they wouldn't be able to get away without being spotted and taken into custody. Marx had simply agreed, having no reason to urge the Inquisitor away from the task he'd set his mind to. Besides, if Marx felt he wouldn't find anything and the Baron was safe, why make a big deal out of anything? Marx finally reached the shopping centre of town, filled with merchants and buyers galore. Everyone was laughing and bargaining, filling either their baskets or the pockets. Marx saw nothing of much interest and so continued walking through the middle of everything. Things mostly sold were just fruits or vegetables, some areas selling meat and some selling clothes. Nothing that seemed very worthy of being stolen so Marx didn't bother keeping too close of a watch to anything. If someone stole from this place, it would be the seller's problem, not an Inquisitor's. Fruit was hardly worth his expertise. Finally passing through the bustle, Marx noticed he was making his way back towards the Baron's quarters. He and his squad had taken roads that would eventually lead them back so they didn't have to worry about timing when to turn around and start heading back. Conveniently, the sun was still at a pretty good level for Marx to be kept warm and awake as he continued on. Before long, he reached the beautiful stone of the castle-like figure that would hold the Baron for a day or two until he either got too scared or too bored and decided to leave. Marx shook his head as he entered, none of the guards stopping him, knowing who he was. It makes little sense to me. A Baron was killed so the most logical answer for the other Barons is to come out and make sure everyone knows where you're going. Of course. I must be an idiot to assume otherwise. He could also give a harsh laugh of disapproval but knew better. An Inquisitor was to be respectful to those stupid enough to provide him with a job, right? If no one high-classed died under odd circumstances, Marx and his team would be out of a job. Grim, yes, but true enough. He ascended the stairs so he was on the same floor as the Baron would be- probably was by now, considering the time of day. Curious, Marx headed to the room he was told the Baron would be staying. Knocking, he was welcomed in and saw the Baron sitting on the bed, looking up and talking to Jarrod. Judging by the look on his face, it seemed Jarrod had broke the news to the man how risky his traveling was and the Baron was hardly taking it well. He seemed very nervous, so Marx offered a smile. "Ah, sir! Welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't meet you when you first arrived. I was out with my squad making sure the streets weren't hiding anyone with any dark intents. Everything looks perfectly fine so far and my team should be returning before too long, so no one will be able to enter your temporary fortress, sir." His words seemed to reassure the man greatly. With a nod toward Jarrod, he went back out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind him. A man in power on edge is a dangerous man to all. He remembered those words from long ago and never once have they proven false. He glanced up at the sound of footsteps. Cat was coming towards him. "All clear, I assume?" She nodded with a bored look on her face. "Yes. Quiet and dull. I don't even see why we need to be here. It's highly unlikely for Lionel to come chasing his persecutors." Marx gave her a nod. "I know, Cat. But it is our job to stay, you know that." She gave a huff and crossed her arms. "We've never taken so long to grab somebody, Marx." Then she cocked an eyebrow. "Are you worried?" He gave a smirk. "No. Everything is under control, as it should be. Just because we have a fugitive is hardly a worry to me. Wouldn't you agree?" She gave him a knowing look and smiled. "I do. What's the plan for tonight?" He hadn't even began to think about that. As it stood, things weren't going to get exciting enough to stick around. "I'm not sure yet. Just stay around, close to the Baron. I don't want eyes off of him for a moment tonight." She nodded, understanding it was an order. "What will you be doing?" He thought a moment. "I think I'll guard outside. No one ever does that. I want to see if there's a reason why." Cat laughed and wished him well before going behind him, starting her pace up and down the hallway in front of the Baron's door, where she would stay all night. Marx went on and descended the stairs, running into Bird and Bear. He held back a laugh. They were always together. They were assigned opposite roads of different length and yet still managed to arrive together. Though Marx knew why this was. "Everything check out?" Both nodded, Bird speaking for both of them. "Everything is as it should be. Are we guarding inside the building tonight?" "Precisely. The both of you make sure the inside steers clear of anyone but the two guards at the front door, here. This is their post and they know not to move from it, especially while we are on the premises." Both the men nodded. "Understood." Bird said and they both moved upstairs, splitting up and beginning their routes for the night, occasionally to meet up where they had split. Marx went outside, the guards at the doors again having no problem with him. They had remembered the faces of the 5 to be staying here with the Baron. Marx went out a good distance, past the length of the gardens around the building before he began creating his own route. He made sure he circled the entire building in his route, his eyes watching for any changes in footsteps in the ground or small branches being bent or broken, anything that would show it was tampered with while he was away from the spot while circling. The sun began setting and Marx had studied enough to know what everything looked like to be able to notice any change. As his vision began shortening thanks to the sun's disappearance, he began relying on his ears, listening for the sound of anyone being close. He felt his adrenaline spike a little as the darkness made him on edge. He smiled. Being outside would be fun. He hoped it meant that, if anything happened, he was most likely to be the one to deal with it. The flicker of torches outside soon became the only light he had.