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  1. In Search of the Past

    Taylel, weaving between the rocky outcroppings that feebly attempted to impede on their journey, caught Talia's question while he wedged himself through a crevice. He said nothing, helping the others behind him to make it through first, then with a smile playing on his lips he finally answered where she could hear him. "I happened to have a run in with her back in the capital. I was on my way to the frontier lands from there. I have an affinity for artifacts you see, and the frontier is full of them. So naturally, I have obtained quite a wealth of knowledge about the land. I was on my way out when I saw her advertisement for people with unique skills willing to travel and join. Of course, there's no pay, but I'm all right with that. So we've been traveling together since we left the capital," he explained half truthfully. He hadn't said anything false, but neither did he provide any specific information about himself, side stepping the latter half of the questions with the vague answer of I'm in it for the journey. Regalia paid close attention to his words, recording them all and analyzing them for anything that could help reveal himself, but it was nothing she hadn't heard. In fact, it was all surprisingly close to the truth, minus her advertisement. Rather than him finding her, she found him having heard that he was knowledgeable about artifacts. He wasn't much good for what she'd hoped, but knowing the land was enough to keep him around. After they'd gone a significant distance through the ravine, they came face to face with a stone wall that blocked their path. from there, they had to travel through the forest north along the mountain face until, finally, Tayel found the wide mouth that lead to the cave. "I knew it was around here somewhere," Tayel said with a slight chuckle. No one seemed amused at this and he proceeded to explain that the cave would take them to the other side, provided they don't get lost. By this time, however, it was already twilight, just on the verge of night. Regalia had no qualms travelling at all times of the day, but she couldn't make the same call for her companions. "Seeing as it's dark, I suggest we wait until morning to cross over. I'm sure you're tired after the trip all the way to the top, and then back down again," she said considerately, folding her arms and standing idly by. Though capable of complex emotions now, Regalia didn't display much in that way. She was one of very few of her kind that ever developed so much. However, as a queen and a war goddess, it was required that she quell any emotions that could interfere with her duty. Thus, while still feeling emotion, it was more like the emotions were hardly even surfaced, bringing into question whether she truly had any or simply faked it. Tayel, previously inspecting the cave, returned and asked, "Are we camping out here then? If so, I'll start a fire and cook something, assuming no one else feels like doing it this time around too."
  2. It had already been more than three weeks since Regalia, running out of resources on her own, went in search of those who might aid her in the search for her lost comrades. As such, she had formed a hodgepodge group of people, the only ones who would even do so much as to humor and join her. Whether for their own goals or not, Regalia didn't care if they were in the group to benefit themselves, or just kill time. Any help was welcomed as long as it brought her closer to her goal. Standing at the edge of a cliff which had they'd been directed to before leaving town, Regalia sighed. She looked about from the vantage point and knew very well there was nothing even remotely close to the Synth in this densely mountainous terrain. One male human, one female healer, and one obligatory man in robs that no one in the group was quite sure about. He didn't say much, aside from the occasional quip for laughs, usually for his own amusement and more than just occasionally. It was just about the only thing he did. With his hooded robe, and a half-face mask, the man was quite the mystery. Any attempt to speak of himself was quickly, and rather skillfully side stepped, though sometimes obvious. Regalia saw through it, but eventually stopped inquiring. It wasn't worth the time doing it herself anymore, especially when the other two prodded enough as it was. Still, the man didn't let on anything, save that his name was Tayel. He claimed to know the lay of the land quite well and, despite his rather shady personage, he was true to his word. Their trip to the peaks of the canyons were made much easier by his keen knowledge. Regalia finally stepped away from the edge, brushing her long silver hair back from where the wind had blown, and sat on a large boulder. Her voice, the resonant lilt softened by the wind, rang out on the harsh terrain as she spoke to her current companions. "Well, I don't believe we will find anything useful here. as far as I can tell, there wouldn't be any way to safely traverse this area even if we there was. That aside, I believe that the other side of these mountains is occupied by the demons. It wouldn't be a fantastic experience running into them during a search," she said, straightening the nomadic cloak idly. "It'd be something all right, having an encounter with them. But hey! If you wanna turn back here, we can always take a trip to Raxtin rather than going to Phaim. This mountain range is the dividing border after all," Tayel said, using his hands as he spoke to hid his knowledge that demons lived close by there as well. Regalia considered this. The names of countries and continents were all new to her, and even if she could see an old map of the area, she probably wouldn't be able to make any kind of real correlation because of the drastic changes. She looked over to the other two and asked, "What do you think? I've no problems if it leads me closer, but you might have conflicting thoughts about going out of the country." (Sorry about the obvious exposition. I didn't work very hard to cover it up or progress the story. Still figuring things out really.)
  3. In Search of the Past

    "I agree with the lady. I say the demons can lick a shoe. A nasty one that some mutt has been chewing on for the last week before giving up and leaving to mold some back alley of Rak'Maun for several weeks, ignored by the disposal services because they get lazy and don't bother to clean such an alley," Tayel prattled on, then returned to the point, "We should venture on to Phaim! I know a couple who owns a tavern there we could stay for the duration of our visit. We might find leads there. After all, you said you searched most of Raxtin anyway, so there's no harm." Regalia heard him plenty well, but held Talia in her sight for a little longer than one might usually. Taking in the female's features and keeping a log of them. It wasn't as if Ragalia hadn't already memorized the woman's face, body, and voice, but something about her made it seem she was always ready to snap at someone. to avoid any unnecessary annoyances, she looked away and waved at Tayel. "All right. We'll take that course of action then. Since you're so confident in your knowledge and that's why I brought you along, do lead the way. I trust you know, but let's try to take the shortest route with the least hassle," she said, not withholding her motive for allowing him along. Tayel chuckled beneath his guise and adjusted the pack he carried. While mumbling his own amusement to himself, he turned from the cliffs and began heading along the ridge, aiming for a ravine cut into the rock long ago by weather that would carry them back down into the forest, and eventually into a cave complex that would come out on the other side of the mountains in Raxtin, the country of Iron Knowledge. Ironic to be named that when they imported more iron than any other country. In truth, it's title had nothing to do with iron, and only vaguely of their knowledge, It was the black ruins that gave them the name. Regalia had visited the black ruins once before when she first arrived, but was well aware that she wouldn't find anything of value there. It had all been secured either way, so no one went in or out anymore. with her own sigh and inner thoughts, Regalia stood analyzing the scene before her with less precision and more in appreciation, something she'd been lucky enough to obtain at birth. Then, like the wind that blew, she motioned with an elegant smile for the other two to follow and the scene melted as she focused on her footing rather than something trivial.
  4. Ancient Arunian Empire

    Students are free to join too. I'm totally fine with that. Everyone has to get a start somewhere! ^.^ If you want to create a small character, do so here. Name: Age: Gender: Race: Appearance: Skills: (if applicable) Backstory: (sufficient backstory.)
  5. //System Booting… //Loading Memory… //Running Diagnostics…Clean //System Check Pass… //Initializing Code::LUX… //Restoring…3…2…1… //DG_REGALIA_Q::N// After being locked in a pod for a century or three, the magic substance known as Luxcerium has been replenished on the planet Grudate in the lack of human presence. The pod activates and a woman escapes into dark, collapsed tunnels. Thinking logically, her best decision now is to escape the tunnels. With the layout still fresh in her mind, she makes her way through the dilapidated building and to a flight of stairs that would take her to the upper floors for escape. However, part way up they are collapsed and blocked as well. Sitting on the stairs and thinking of solutions, the rubble around and behind her collapses to reveal a young man, who is stunned speechless at the sight of a naked woman behind the rubble. Hey people who are still here. Thought I'd start up an RP for anyone who actually still likes this stuff. This is the beginning of another story I started writing, but never finished. In this story, there are three races to choose from: The returned Humans- Humans who came back to Grudate after centuries had passed and the planet was inhabitable again. The returned Mages- People who used the Luxcerium as a magic substance to cast spells and magic. The Arunian- A race of androids who run on the power of Lucerium. When the supple depleted, they all went into their life pods to wait for a day when they could thrive again. Their queen has awoken, but if any others have a well, they are few and far between. The story basically follows the queen after she wakes up, and the people who she interacts with from then on. You can be any race really, but remember Arunians are androids who were at war with the humans and mages when the earth was abandoned.
  6. Chaotic Ripples

    Not a bad idea really. However, for the future, these threads should be made in the roleplay discussion section. The RPs themselves can take place here, but as the name implies, that's the place for talking through and signs up threads. ^.^
  7. Ancient Arunian Empire

    It is. There isn't really a story to follow at this point. it's really all just some background information and going to the starting point. From there, it's really up to the people who are doing the RP to start taking it in which ever direction. It's based off of my own story as I mentioned before, but they world delves much deeper into the foundations of everything, and it will eventually have a whole series of short stories leading up to this one here. In my own idea certain things happen, but I wanted to RP with it too since I love the idea of androids and mages/humans being together.
  8. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Well magma goes in red and comes out black. Is it just any water, or something specific? because I think, like, crustaceans do that when they are boiled for cooking.
  9. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    With red, irritated skin and eaten clothes, Gidget climbed the stairs at her own pace. She noticed that most of the chaos she'd heard from the others had faded, leaving only the sound of her boots, still mostly intact, that clapped against the stairs and the creaking of the building. She resisted the urge to scratch her wounds and instead focused on her scarf. It flicked and coiled, swished and swayed, all at her will. Occasionally, she would stop and listen for anything, but only once did she hear the sound of gunfire from elsewhere. Not my problem right now. I'll let them deal with that. Not like I have much in the way of surprise here, but whatever. Gidget slowed her pace slightly feeling something off in the atmosphere. It didn't take long to realize it was the radiation from the dragon's breath, however, it wouldn't do anything harmful to someone who shifted through different dimensions. She was built tougher than that.
  10. NC-17 Taken

    Crystal allowed Storm to touch and kiss her, a shiver from his touch running through her body and uncoiling some of the tension. When his hands came to rest on her hips her she remembered that they had come to shower, seeing the blood and dirt on her body again. "How about we get clean dear?" She said putting her hands on his gently turning around to look at him and smile, "I'll wash your back if you'd like."
  11. NC-17 Taken

    Taken (Continued) Crystal strained herself to sit up straight and glanced at her body, realizing only now that she’d fallen asleep in full battle armor. For the first time since the war had begun, Crystal smiled and even laughed just a little at how absurd they looked. “I guess you’re right. Maybe we should take a shower…â€Crystal paused, unsure of what Storm would think of that suggestion. He didn’t like water, even if it was her water. She’d also thought before that moment that she would be comfortable with it. After losing Storm though, she knew that he was the only one for her. She didn’t want to leave his side for even a moment right now either. She couldn’t help but feel a tightness in her chest at the thought that he was almost lost forever though, and it was only with deep breaths and self-control that she managed to hold back more tears.
  12. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Coated in the layer of slime, Gidget could feel her skin start to tingle as she complained about how disgusting this was. Soon, however, her skin started to burn, and she realized it wasn't just slime, but it was eating away at her. Everything save her blade and scarf. "Geez! You stupid vampires! I swear I'm going to carve you up like one of those TV dinners!" she yelled out while trying to get the slime off. With no hope in the method she'd chosen, Gidget changed plans. Calming her breathing, she put the pain that had begun to seethe into her aside and focused. The air around her began to distort and an unusual power rippled through the space. Gidget's scarf began swishing back and forth as the power increased and then, without warning, she vanished in a cloud of purple petals. Not the third floor, but seven floors up Gidget reappeared with another puff of petals and the slime was absent from all her body, as well as a significant part of her clothes that were eaten away. "And I loved this skirt too," she said seeing how much have been eaten away. Though her skin was exposed, she paid no mind and continued up the floors, gripping and complaining about how she'd need a whole new outfit and a new bra as well having part of hers eaten away. I swear. When I get my paycheck for this one, I'm treating myself to something nice. I'll have plenty left after all. Especially if one of the others kicks the bucket. Guess I should watch out for more absurd traps. That Strigol isn't short of them is seems. C'mon girl. Fight on!
  13. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Gidget waited expectantly, but much to her disappointment, there was nothing. Not a sound, not a change, not even a small money toy clashing cymbals. She tapped her foot impatiently and called again into the void around. "Hello? Anyone out there? It's rude to keep a lady waiting you know!" Still no response. "Geez. Nothing good all week. It's always gotta be something," she said to herself with a sigh, lowering her blade to her side briefly. Raising it with ease, Gidget braced one foot stepping forward and swung her blade upward diagonally into the nothing, then lazily and rather clumsily changed directions and swiped right in a straight line, the blade dragging her slightly before resting against the floor by the tip. She waited after this display then said, "I guess you're just afraid or something.Either way, it's boring I think I'll leave you here then." With an added rude tongue and eye gesture, She spun around and started heading for the stairs careful of anything that could happen as she set foot on the stairs again.
  14. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Though the marking on the stairs piqued her interest, Gidget was far more curious about the stifling blackness that clouded the entirety of the third floor, or at least where she was. Casting a look at the mark, the pointed a finger and said, "You wait right there. I'll be back soon enough," adding on in her thoughts hopefully soon at least. Hearing the tell tale squeak again, Gidget spun around to address the matter, he scarf flicking slightly . "Alrighty then! I'm not entirely sure what's going on here, but since we're both aware of each other, how's about you pop out and chat for a bit," she called out, one hand on her hip, the other holding her weapon straight forward into the darkness.
  15. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    After waiting for no one to show in the end, Gidget decided to act on her own. She started into the building and pulled the curved blade from her back, scarf flicking slightly as she set out. Into the building and onto the first floor she went and with no further indications from the sound she'd heard. It could be real or not, but it didn't matter. Whatever the source it would show itself eventually have there a need for it. Gidget found a stair well and before she could start up the sounds of fight echoed from elsewhere. Guess they've already begun huh? I'm already unhappy with this, but I guess I can go it alone. She cast a look around the decrepit landscape with a shrewdness. It wasn't everyday she saw modern day relics in this world. A more rare sight than usual. She started up the stairwell and passed the first two floor before emerging onto the third floor just to view the sight. If they are fighting, I can take my time anyway. Best to go it silently rather than blazing like them she thought while weighing the blade on her shoulder. (sorry. Just kinda going along.)
  16. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Gidget's ears twitched ever so slightly at the sound. For years she'd tuned herself to the sounds of nature and the sounds that didn't belong. To survive in the wilderness and the civilized alike, you must adapt in such a way. What was that? My imagination? C'mon girl, you know better than that. Get your A game on! Vampires could mean bats. Bats would make a sound like that, but I might have trouble finding something like that. Gidget quickly sought the source of this sound if there was one. In the midst of day she couldn't see this being likely, but there was always a chance for the unlikely just like the impossible. (Is there a bat 0.0?)
  17. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Gidget had already gone to the scene before everyone else, uninterested in listening to them babble about nonsense. The area had been blocked by somewhat intimidating guards, though that posed no problem nor threat to her. Before getting close enough for anyone to see her, Gidget shifted with a sweep of her scarf and a small puff of purple petals and was past their line of defense and out of sight, reappearing with another puff of purple petals. This all in a matter of a few seconds and she was leisurely walking into position. She waited patiently for the others to join her and stayed out of sight of both the humans and anyone inside the building. Her scarf swayed slightly as she waited, patting her skirt free of dust yet again as she did so. Well maybe this will turn out better than I thought. They don't seem completely incompetent, though arrogant. Yeah. You get it guys. Teehee. (Well, that's the best I can do. Sorry gaiz.)
  18. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    (My mistake. I read too quickly while between classes. I thought they were meeting at the build cause I just read "Here." I'd like to correct myself, but everyone else made that not possible x.x)
  19. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    The next morning Gidget was woken with a jump. Her hand shot for the blade a few inches from her body and the scarf began to sweep around her before realizing it was only a stray squirrel out gathering the early morning. Relax girl. It's only a squirrel. You aren't being hunter for breakfast this time she told herself to calm down. After a few deep breaths, she sat up and stretched her stiff joints and muscles, peering up at a clock in the park she'd been sleeping in that night. Brushing off the little dirty that made it on her clothes, Gidget began sighed, having only a short while before she had to meet back with that bad of misfits from another world. She started on her way, blade slung firmly in its place. Somewhere along the way she met Luke on a park bench being mugged, but the situation was quickly subdued by means she was unaware. Well that's interesting. Guess he's got some tricks up his sleeve too. She passed by him with a hearty, "Good morning Luke. Glad to see you didn't kick the bucket in one night I guess. Feel free to join me on the way there good sir." Gidget didn't bother to stop walking however, with only ten minutes to get there she making it with only a few to spare if she didn't stop. If Luke followed it was his own choice, and not her place to wait for him. After all, they were only together for now.
  20. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    (Well I don't plan to read anything in that long post, but I've no problem with a time skip here. Aye P.S. That wasn't meant to be rude.) Gidget finished her work on the switch blade and set it gently on her back, the scarf falling on top of it and covering part as she headed back out into the concrete jungle. She decided to have fast food for the third night in a row, having no residence in this city. It was cheap, but filling and tasty. "I don't mind this kind of thing really," she said to herself while finishing the last of the second fry she'd bought. People stared at her as they passed the cosplay girl sitting on a city bench, but she ignored their gazes. It was nothing new in this world.
  21. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    (I have a problem with the length of your post good sir. it's 1005 words...)
  22. CLOSED Gods Among Us

    Lana didn't quite keep a tight track of time while being held hostage. Whether it'd been ten minutes or half an hour was rather irrelevant as she listened and observed the terrorists doing what they did best. However, at a certain point, she noticed unrest within their ranks, especially from the apparent head here. Whether he was the highest of their group she couldn't tell, but he was in charge here. He'd been barking out orders for a short while to his subordinates, occasionally getting whispered reports from masked woman figure who must have been high up in ranks as well. "Tell them there will be no exceptions on that. If there's one thing I won't back down on, it's that. Have all the remaining units on the lower levels move up. forget about the hostages there. We're going to concentrate our power and force them to submit. The agents might be good, but they aren't too smart just charging in like that. And they won't be able to handle it if we bottle neck them on the 13th floor," he said a little too loud. The woman nodded this time and fled elsewhere. He turned to a group of hostages and addressed them in a most demeaning manner. "All right. It seems like these people don't take us seriously. So, I'm going to use one of you as an example. Don't worry though. If your government goes along with us, no one will HAVE to be hurt," he said with a chuckle, "Not like they will listen." There was a surge of panic among the groups but is subsided all too quickly as they began scanning the various hostages for a suitable choice. Shit. This isn't going well. And here I thought there would be someone actually competent in charge. This is probably because of whatever's going on outside of here. Lana watched for a while as they various things were handled simultaneously before someone called out, "How about that child? That always gets a response from them." Her gaze followed the finger that was pointing to a young girl with her back pressed against a concrete support pillar. She had her knees pulled to her chest and arms wrapped tightly around them. When she looked up to the terrorist's gaze, her eyes had lost their shine and she looked more dead than alive. "Tch. These bastards are just making it harder for Contractors to get freedom. Completely useless," Lana said while biting her thumb. A nearby enemy glared at her, clearly having heard something, but unsure what he'd heard. "Keep your mouth. Unless you'd like to take her place maybe?" he added with a rather obnoxious cackle. Lana didn't suppress the wicked grin that slipped onto her face, her eyes staring daggers at the man muddy brow eyes. "Maybe I would. However, where would that put you when I don't die? Maybe I could carve your eyes out and feed them to my crow, or I could skin you alive, then before you die of blood loss I could dice you up and throw your parts off this building. Or I could just kill you before you move from that spot too," she said, her entire demeanor showing the proficiency to do so. By now the entire floor, including the man who'd been dragging the young girl and the leader, had stopped and heard the ongoings. Ironically, the terrorist had been rooted in his boots temporarily with fear. It wasn't until the boss called out that he snapped out of his fear induced stupor. "Bring that bitch with you. Two an extra one won't make a difference." The previously stunned man moved to apprehend Lana, but she stood up on her own with a hiss at the man and he quickly back off. Lana walked towards the leader with several guns drained on her. "Don, take these two to the roof. We'll use them to negotiate with those buffoons in the government. Everyone else keep a sharp eye on those here. You three come with me and two others go with Don. The rest keep on your guard for anything," he said ordered to under him. This time, Lana hid her devious smile and waited for them to make the grave mistake of making an opening for her.
  23. CLOSED Gods Among Us

    It was meant to be a lazy day. Lana had planned to make this one Sunday in Spring a very relaxing and easy day. She had no work from anyone and was happy about it. Rather than her usual 8:00 A.M. wake up call, Lana slept in until 10:00. Instead of a rushed morning to get her schedule together and make sure everything was laid out, she moved form her bedroom to the kitchen, fixed a bowl of cereal, the to the living room where she clicked on the TV. Clad in her Pajamas and curled up on the couch, she began her day just the way she wanted. No responsibility and no worries. Around eleven Lana finally crawled from the comfort of her plaid couch and shuffled to the bathroom. Stripping down, she hopped in the shower and let the water run over her bare skin. Onto her neck, cascading down her breasts and back, and rushing down her legs to meet the bottom of the shower the water went. She shampoo and conditioned her hair, then washed her body, getting all the places one might miss while not paying attention. After that, she just let the water wash over her until she could feel her hands getting too prune'y for her liking. Lana turned the water off and the silence that followed was ever soothing. After grabbing a towel and drying her hair and body as best she could, Lana wrapped it around her to cover her body then waltzed lazily to her closet where her outfits awaited use from day to day. Rather than something suited for a party or maybe business affairs, Lana chose a pair of khaki shorts that stopped just short of the knees, and a V-neck colored red with the words I'm not lazy, I simply enjoy doing nothing printed across the front. Next came socks and shoes, which had clearly been worn down from use. "All right! I'm finally gunna enjoy a nice Spring day with no destination for once," she stated aloud, daring anyone to object. Double checking everything was turned off and her door was locked, Lana left her apartment with a spring in her step and a body of vigor. She went off down the street of the city and, without destination, walked endlessly under the warmth of the sun that burned in the cloudless sky. Everything was going much better than she'd thought on her day off. No one had even dialed her cell to ask her to come for work or even to just hangout. It was a lovely day up until noon of course. Lana had stepped into one of the largest shopping centers in the city of Konell for lunch. It was one of those multistory shopping malls that have way more shops that any one other place. Standing in line to order Chinese food, the whole of the building shook as an explosion rocked through it. With the food courts on and upper floor and being full of people, it was the perfect target for an attack. Masked groups rushed, a motley bunch of people, and with the aid of Celestians they took control of the building. Those who tried to escape were captured and thrown back into being hostages, and any who stood to fight were met with vicious assault by the various beasts that aided the enemy. Lana's day went from being perfect to a tragedy in a matter of minutes. After the chaos of the explosion and attacks subsided it was obvious who held control, and they wasted no time either. "Listen here. You are all hostages now. Don't talk, don't cry, don't shout. Just shut the fuck up and do whatever we command. If you try to escape we'll catch you and make and example of your body. If you try to attack us we'll kill you. Simple as that. Now just sit tight and hope your military is willing to cooperate," the man who seemed to have the most authority stated. Lana noted that, while most of them had Celestians at their beck and call, the enemy also held automatic rifles and likely explosives based on their display from before. Why did my day have to turn out like this. Even if I wanted to save everyone it'd be a hassle to get through so many of them. Damn all you bastards! While thinking to herself, sirens from far below could be heard as the first appearance of help was made. Lana sighed heavily and chose to sit tight for time being. If push comes to shove she could at least escape herself. That much wasn't a grand feat, but maybe the military would be able to play it out smoother than she could alone. Next time I have a day off I'm just staying in and ordering take out she told herself while leaning against the wall they'd been pushed against for easy holding.
  24. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Gidget sighed yet again at the impatient nature of their mismatch group. A cocky, complacent Elder Dragon and his wife. A stranger named Linda who can talk with birds, a careful man named Colin, and someone who seemed to be a soldier maybe named Luke. All called in to handle one vampire. She'd hunted several vampires before, so it was slightly intriguing what made him so separately stronger than the rest. More things that interested her since coming to the states. She'd learned many things of others since coming from her own dwellings, though many didn't quite matter. People stared at her weapon all too often, but rarely was it a concern. Coupled with her attire, everyone wrote her off as a "cosplayer" and let it be. Some of her own etiquette was considered rude here as well, and things that were considered rude were polite. She learned these things quickly, but ignored some of it. After the supposed plan had be laid out for them and people began to disperse, Gidget finally breathed a sigh of relief that is was over. "This is going to be more trouble than it needs to be," she said to herself while walking down the street with no real objective. She could go anywhere she chose, but it wouldn't do much good. it was mostly a waiting game now. She decided to move to a secluded place and inspect her unique weapon. While it didn't need yet another maintenance, she had very little else to do as a wandering huntress. It was still a better living than as a Shifter in her own village however. (Ugh. the struggle for ideas is real)
  25. Welcome To The Jungle [OPEN Mini-RP]

    (Why can everyone hear her murmur under her breath T.T) Gidget couldn't hide her own content smile at the ignorance of Ingkells, and everyone else who followed suit in their belief of what she was. Rather than divulge anything further, she listened to them ramble on about plans and ideas for several minutes, noting flaws in logic and things that would easily be their down fall. Even as a child, she was older than most mages, vampires, and even a small handful of dragons she'd met. Certainly she had at least a little knowledge under her belt, or in this case, she didn't have a belt. At the mention of feeding the vampire though, her attention was piqued. It was an interesting concept indeed, however, would it really work? She tilted the hefty blade slightly while moving in her seat, eyes scanning the room both to see the others' reactions and to gauge who she was dealing with still.