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  1. Fire's Beginning

    Altruis lucked out as he waited, hoping that the man hadn't done anything yet. His tracing spell worked out perfectly though. As the man moved away, Altruis followed the movements, keeping a safe distance until he was alone in the classroom. Altruis placed his left hand on the wall and cast another barrier spell, this time without any illusion tricks yet. monomagic The room tinged yellow under the magic protection and Altruis stood just in the door way outside the spell. "Being of a high status within the academy, it is my duty to handle situations as well. you've now become my situation," he said watching Storm from the outside, curious how to actually handle this better than before. Storm couldn't use magic as it seemed, so the spell would hold against anything that wasn't too powerful. This magic was also under different laws than what most mages used. It was his own creation.
  2. Omnomnom

    I was referred here by my close friend Ice. I dont usually bother with intro thing's. Im quite a introverted person. I've ben an writer for some time now and Love it with a passion and do enjoy food. Its breakfast time!
  3. Fire's Beginning

    He had a valid point. Altruis had no actual proof against the man, and to hold him here would soon cause trouble. Even if he knew there was something wrong with the intruder. instead of continue a fruitless interrogation, he walked to the emblem and with and intentional slow movement, began wiping the spell from the table. It hissed a moment, and a subtle sound resonated around him. monomagic, then the emblem was swept away, along with the magic that it brought. Altruis smiled at his work, then looked to the man. "Feel free to leave at any point." Before he could leave, Altruis turned with a flourish and strode briskly from the room, taking a stair case to the immediate right and bounding up them.
  4. Fire's Beginning

    Altruis's eyes narrowed. "I'm not under any kind of rules by the academy. I'm just here as a guest, however, I deal with spies quite often." Altruis couldn't stop whatever it was the man had planned, but he was using an illusion to hid something else as well. Altruis had studied all magics he'd come across, and this wouldn't be anything new. "So you aren't really a mage at all. You're indeed the enemy."
  5. Fire's Beginning

    "Well, i'm not sure you have to much of a choice," Altruis stated, placing his palm into the emblem. The magic resonated and glowed yellow as it activated, casting a dome that coated everything in the room as it passed over it until stopping on the walls and all entrances. "I'm sure if you made it in here as a student, you would be able to recognize this spell," he said standing and leaving the spell active and glowing, etching into the glass while he put distance between himself and the "boy", who wasn't a boy at all. The occupants, what few there were, now stared in awe and slight fear, despite all being trained or used to magic. "Now you can tell me what you really want here."
  6. Fire's Beginning

    Altruis couldn't help but intercede now. The boy wasn't working on school work by any means, and if he couldn't use magic, he would not have been accepted into the academy. He showed this saying he had somewhere to be, while he should be in class for a few hours still. Altruis had practically rewritten a large number of the class standards. He lifted himself from the table he sat at and walked casually over to the boy, taking the only other seat there. "So let me help you. I'm not busy until a little later myself," Altruis said. He used his finger to trace an emblem on the reinforced glass table top and when it was complete he looked at the boy with a smile.
  7. Fire's Beginning

    "Well, the homework holds little importance if you can't do the magic though," Altruis said carving magic symbols into the air. "though I might ask, where are your books for studying? Surely you would need those if you don't already know the material," He added with slight suspicion. Altruis had been through all the classes and ever book the academy had for the classes, and he knew how the system worked. The boy didn't seem to be studying anything classes related at all, and his odd pointing was giving him away.
  8. Fire's Beginning

    Altruis noticed the boy enter the room in his mass of giggling girls, but had seen such a thing plenty of times. Playboys who have powerful magics that girls love, or deadly good looks, or a powerful family. It wasn't too common place, but he knew and ignored it until he noticed that same student skipping classes. Altruis took another sip then called over too him just loud enough. "It seems classes don't interest you very much do they?" He took another sip then set his cup down on the tray as a girl came over, a smile on her face. "Would you like more tea sir?" "No thank you, but it was good as always." He held his hand over the table and summoned up a few coins from sub space storage to pay for it. the girl giggled slightly at his gentle smile to her, then she scurried off for him to finished the last of his tea. Altruis turned back to the boy taking notes still and added, "Though I'm sure you don't care either."