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  1. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Meis, more or less forgotten now, could feel a headache starting to form at how impatient and childish everyone around him seemed to be. He pointed the Astral Blade in Emmane's direction and gestured for the elf to join him in the center of the bandits. Even if it was their center, it was safer than being among their ranks. "Well, it seems like negotiations have gotten quite sour. I really just wanted some information myself," Meis said to no one in particular. He looked around at the situation at hand. One elf, one brutish...winged man? An Asian man with strange power, himself, and Aria. On their side, Zaza, and a couple dozen bandits. Aria alone could handle it, but that wasn't going to happen. He sighed and held the cursed blade down by his side as he realized it wouldn't be right in this situation. The blade quickly lost its luster and began to disintegrate in dazzling colors of purple until nothing was left. "Eyes Aria," he said, then with little effort his eyes turned to a lucid red. Able to see clearly helped a lot in the low light. "So, do you want to fight, or would you rather let us go," Meis called out to see who would speak up. (Sorry. Not really sure what to do atm)
  2. Same. I'm not really sure what I want to do with my characters right now, so I was hoping to see someone else post so I might be inspired. I'll try to come up with something though I guess.
  3. The Scars of Magic

    Dunno really. Seems like most RPs suddenly collapsed simultanously after the Carnival ended.
  4. Unchained (.//hack or SAO style rp)

    I tried to start one called Ascent a while back to no avail, and recently started an Augmented reality one that has died already. So I'm not expecting much, but I'll keep an eye on it. (I don't think most people here like science fiction) 1.) So here are some questions. Do you want IG character info, or out of game? 2.) Is this RP ONLY within the game like in .//hack or will it have IRL parts like SAO II? 3.) Is this "Void" game like SAO with only fantasy elements, or like GGO with steam punk sci-fi? 4.) What is the max level here?
  5. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Meis was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the winged man. Whether friend of foe, he had immediately caused more trouble than Meis had wanted and Meis already didn't like him. Impulsive and brutish. Tch, and now we have someone else jumping in too. Meis took his stance again, only this time his blade remained sheathed. "Aria, stay close to me. You'll be safe," Meis said, and Aria replied with courage. Meis held his right hand forth and spoke the words: Astral Forge A light suddenly burst forth, bathing everything in hues of red, violet, and black. He pushed power into the light and it resonated in response. Irritation. Anger. Determination. Power. Protection. These feelings poured from his soul and into the light, which began to take form in turn, the power lacing and weaving to create the shape of a blade, like a seamstress, or a black smith of the gods. This took no longer than a few seconds, but when it was complete, the light vanished and in his hand was now a katana with a deep purple tinged blade, a lighter purple aura swirling from it's surface. "Enough of this madness!" Meis yelled and his body moved like water, the blade slashing the air around with bursts of purple and black hued energy surge with each slash. The energy passed through the animals without leaving a scratch on them, but each one collapsed and soon the area grew silent. Meis glared in the direction of the other's who'd arrived unannounced. "I don't know who either of you are, or what you're here for, but I dearly hope you're not a foe and that you will let me extract information from that bandit," he said, his curse sword tipped in their direction.
  6. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    It's all right. We'll all support you I'm sure!
  7. Starry Sean Protest

    *couldn't care less about stars*
  8. Free!dom

    I love Free! I haven't touched the new season yet cause I'm kinda waiting for it to end first, but I totally watched the first season and was stunned by the awesome animation. *Roped*
  9. Zankyou no Terror

    I use to watch a lot of anime. Not saying it's legal or illegal (which it is legal but the number of adds is very disconcerting) but it's got most of the latest anime as well. Here is a link to the anime for you.
  10. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    (yeah. I'm following. Couldn't post yesterday.) Meis stepped forward with confidence as well as something of disinterest. Aria remained close to him, he face contorted into a worried frown. The comfort she found was in in that of Meis's hand resting gently on her shoulder. "I must apologize for the intrusion so late this night. I would also apologize for your pets, but we've already made our amends there," Meis said rather flatly. Aria nodded in response to this, feeling sorrow for the fallen life whether good or evil.
  11. ...and it made me frown

    All my friends bailed out on our big plans, so now I'm spending my last weekend in town sitting in my room playing Elsword and listening to music. T.T Life seriously sucks sometimes.
  12. Zankyou no Terror

    Yeah. I went and watched what's out already and I'm liking it. I'm not sure how much I like having someone who can completely out do both their efforts without even breaking a sweat. Kinda down plays how good the main characters are >.> But yeah, when I realized it was a british accent, I was surprised. Very good on that one. I like the animation as well. It's not all bubbly and such and they all look very good. Certainly fits the dark tone of the story.
  13. Hi guys!!!

    Hello hello. Welcome. All that jazz. If you like RPing stuff, I recently had a few ideas and you're more than welcome to check them out, if they tickle your fancy of course. (yay advertisement) Hope to see you around a lot ^.^
  14. Zankyou no Terror

    I couldn't finish ergo proxy x.x Something about it was just...taxing.. Still stuck on episode 14. I'll be finishing this one most likely. I also don't remember the OP, so I can't really make a comment on it. I don't remember people by name like that >.>
  15. Zankyou no Terror

    I've seen the first episode. Kinda been wait for a few episodes to come out to watch at once. I like what I saw so far. A very interesting one to say the least. Since I haven't seen much though, I guess I can't really say much else about it.
  16. So,towards the middle of the RP Carnival, I noticed my ability to come up with riveting tales and ever eloquent stories was failing me. I couldn't seem to concoct anything new and/or good really and my writing sort of fell off for a while. While I was busy packing somethings and looking at some awesome stuff and playing games, some ideas struck me like lighting cast by (insert mage name here). Of course, I'm not going to claim that I'm back at an awesome writing peak again. However, these ideas are interesting to me, so maybe some of you will find them interesting and might want to join me for a fun RP based on these ideas. *Note: none of these have names yet, and these are short descriptions. Hyaaaaaaaa! This idea struck me while playing an MMO on my PC. Really it's an idea for a character that sounds fun, therefore the concept only really exists so I can use a new character idea. It's a world where long ago (insert beings/breeds here) all live together in peace. They thrived and had a grand country under the rule of (insert name). These people live well with advanced technology based on the one thing found in great abundance on the planet, Luxcerium. (explained later) With this magic material, life was created in the form of (insert android race name) and they created their own empire as well, living peacefully alongside their creators. When the Luxcerium began to run dry from over use however, the (insert) went to the humans/demons/angel/elves/etc. for help and were denied. War broke out soon after and was waged for many years with the people winning. In a tragic twist of events, the war ended with the destruction of the (insert) from celestial cause. The people also suffered great loss, forcing them into the equivalence of the dark ages without the use of Luxcerium. Thousands of years have passed since then and the tales and legends of old slowly faded more and more with the progress of man, until society was once again thriving and the Luxcerium and (insert) were forgotten. (this last paragraph here will probably be changed for something different later) Gods Among Us Okay, so I think all of the ideas are just for awesome character concepts, but moving on...This idea sprang up while I was viewing some radical images on the google. The setting is modern day wherever the hell, but it's modern. Magic is, of course, total fiction. Young (insert character name) believes this as well. Even if he wishes that something about the world were extraordinary, he is painfully aware of that blandness that is earth. However, one day he witnesses an event that will change the fate of mankind. A person, who he's never seen, is found in the middle of a four way intersection in the midst of rush hour. As he stands there, people yelling at him to move, a beast of unknown origins emerges from seemingly nothing at the call of the man. The beast, following the mans orders then goes out and beings destroying everything he can. While doing so, another man steps forward and summons a completely different, but equally terrifying beast and there, in the middle of downtown (city name) they fight a battle that changes everything. (This story can go several places, so I'm just going to leave it there for anyone who finds the concept of summoned beast interesting) Lost Wonders Again, character concepts, but this one has something that might amount to possible story line. This one hit me while packing. Janus, a man of legend. He has fought demons, warbeasts, vampires, fallen angels, warlords, mages, and a thousand other races to tedious for me to concoct. His skill in (blank) is that of a paragon and he is a being of untouchable power. Janus the Unparalleled. Janus the Paragon. Janus of the (blank) Knights. Janus the Legendary. Janus the Fair Skinned. Janus of the Golden Hair. Janus...well, they get the point. So when this young man by the name of Janus (lastname) appears in the city of (blank) with claim to be Janus the Reduced Power he gets all manner of scorn and disrespect. The villagers all know the tales of Janus, and they all KNOW with out a shard of doubt that this man couldn't possibly be "Our Lord and Savior Nicholas Cage Janus." So then who is he really? And who is this all powerful, coated in roses Janus? Basically, this Janus had his powers drain by whatever thing and he is no longer the all powerful guy. And he isn't the only one. The other (blank) Knights are the same way. This tale is about their journey to regain their powers from whatever to achieve whatever, for blah blah blah, yadda yadda. You guys get the idea. If anyone has interest in these, please feel free to say so ^.^
  17. The Muse Has Returned!

    Well, if you two wish to engage in discussions regarding that one, since it seems no one else really cares about any of the ideas, I can start a PM for it....?
  18. The Birthday Thread!

    Day of birth happy. *nods in approval*
  19. Ghost in the System

    Ghost in the System In the year2021, Neigel Hassen, creator of the virtual reality game Seraphim, created the first plausible augmented reality device in the form of big clunky goggles. Using cameras that film constantly in real time and feed connections to the goggles, the program creates a real time copy of reality and projects it through the lenses. Other programs are used in combination to create virtual objects that work in real time as well. This system was a great break through and was named God Vision. Over the course of a decade with much research, experimentation, and investment, the program was set up for to run in all across the world. Cameras placed in cities, and programs installed in already created cameras to spread the augmented reality to the public. June 3, 2031, God Vision went live and swept the world away with its revolutionary system. All across the globe people bought the now sleek model glasses and goggles to use. Schools, homes, private and public; God Vision became a necessity. Children and teens took to it the easiest and quickly became attached to the system, using it for things like games, exploiting bugs and glitches for fun, creating programs to run alongside it to both help and hinder others. It was a great success. After several more years, the God Vision system began to grow weaker. Rumors began to spread about strange glitches in the system and several unexplained incidents occurred with people falling unconscious while using GV. To disperse any rumors of the God Vision system being dangerous, the company used the obvious compatibility issues as an excuse to upgrade. With advances in technology, the servers worldwide underwent maintenance for a week as God Send was installed over the original God Vision to solve the problems. 2037, and the world is continuing on just as always using God Send. On many forums popular among younger people though, rumors about a ghost in the system linger. The familiar legend of the God Eater floats around. Though widely dismissed as impossible, a fairy tale, or a simple legend, what is the truth? Overview Your basic ghost in the system story line. Mysterious rumors revolving around dangerous self-programming AI in augmented reality that lives in the program and causes people harm. A group of teens gets interested after hearing about the rumors and decide to take action. They then begin to search for the truth behind the legend and become detectives. They use skills that aren't widely known to exploit the system: hacking, glitches and bugs in the programming, black market items.They fight against the established system in this manner to find the secrets hidden away and uncover the truth. :Terminology: GV- This stands for the original version of augmented reality, God Vision. GS- The current version of augmented reality, God Send. Mods/God’s Eye- These are AI created by Seraphim CO. to manage the server real time. They handle things like bugs and glitches in the programming, usually appearing where out dated programming, or glitched/bugged space exists. Admin/Hand of God- These are AI created to maintain the laws of augmented reality. They can’t enter private areas, school zones, and other places. They appear where people are attacking the system. (Rumored to have been created to handle God Eater, but never confirmed) Other stuff TBA? ______________________________________________________ So, any takers on this here idea?
  20. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    I'm really liking the final fantasy theme :3 I liked the comic one too, but this is better to me >.> btw, I do like the simplistic approach as well. Both look good.
  21. The Muse Has Returned!

    Well, that one can go several ways. One is the generic guy gets this power somehow and goes on fun adventure with friends to fight the evil group. One takes us to the future where they are captured and the people are force to fight each other like in those movies. Another could be a battle for the world by others. I'm sure I could think of others too. Also, it's mostly just for the concept of characters who summon there, so story is totally open to anything.
  22. Shadows of Chandur [OPEN Mini-RP]

    Aria stooped down to inspect one of the wolves who wasn't coated in blood, whispering something under her breath as she pet the fur gently. Her hand came upon something rough and when she looked closer it was apparent this one had a collar. "Meis. These wolves have collars. I think they were someone's pets or something like that," she said looking up to him through the darkness. Meis's eyes lost their lucid red and returned to their natural blue as she eased himself from the fight. "Anything to note about them?" he asked bluntly Aria glanced around at the other two in the group, aware that she wasn't to use her abilities without permission or plausible reason. Meis crouched down beside her and took a look himself, patting her arm slightly to reassure her. While Aria secretly inspected for any traces of magic, her eyes glowing lucid red for a moment and it was quickly obvious that they weren't plain collars. Meis stood up and looked at the others there and said, "Whether of interest to you or not, these wolves were familiars of some type," he said as if he'd done the inspecting himself. (not really sure where you wanted this to go Time, so here ya go. Also, who was it that dropped out?)
  23. NC-17 Outcast

    Joi breaking the silence startled Arn and he nearly fell out of his seat, catching his balance just in time. "Sorry, I..uh, yeah! Toilet! Please excuse me," he said awkwardly standing and walking away from the situation. Ugh. The moment is ruined now. That could have been my chance! Stupid bladder! Wait, chance for what? What was I even thinking about...This isn't any time to be getting romantic with her you idiot! As Arn washed his hands he looked at himself in the mirror and saw the pathetic attempt at bandaging that Joi had done for him. It was crude, amateur, and Arn couldn't help but smile at it. She had tried which was really all that mattered so long as it was effective. He dried his hands on the cloth hung on the wall rack and adjusted his hair as he exited the bathroom. "Sorry about that," he said rejoining her at the dining table. With the previous mood destroyed, Arn couldn’t think of much to talk about. The biggest thing on his mind was what exactly they’d witnessed just before. A robot? And it replaced her mother without her knowledge too. The best thing they could do would be to investigate in the morning. For now, there wasn’t anything they could do. Arn yawned and scratched the back of his neck. “I’m tired now. How about we call it a night? Tomorrow morning we can go and investigate. Try to figure out what we can,†Arn said grabbing his bloodied shirt and getting up. He could see the worry in Joi’s eyes as she fidgeted with her hands and he said, “It’s all right. In the worst case, you’ve still got me. We’ll do everything we can, so just rest for tonight. I’ll sleep on the floor and you can have my bed for the night.†He led her back into the room and tossed his shirt in the hamper by his door. Despite the clutter of all manner of posters on his walls, electronics lying around in boxes and scattered about on shelves, and the large computer set up, there was still enough room to lay out a pillow and covers for himself. He pulled his socks off and tossed them into the hamper and after Joi had lain down, he clicked out the lights and went to bed himself. It wasn’t long before they were both fast asleep after the days absurd events. _____________________________ The next morning brought the gentle sunlight through Arn’s window, casting it’s morning spell over the clutter of his room. Arn stirred awake as the first rays of full sun pushed over Joi’s sleeping figure and into his face. Morning would usually consist of hygiene, followed by a short work out, then breakfast, ending in his seat at the computer. With Joi in his room, Arn skipped his workout and going straight to breakfast. “Hmm…I don’t really know what she eats. What do I have here? I need to go shopping. Eggs toast and bacon will do just fine though,†Arn said as he pulled the food from the fridge and began cooking. Joi awoke to the fragrance of bacon and the sight of sunlight flowing over Arn’s bed. She walked out of her room and plodded to the kitchen to see Arn cooking. "Smells great!" she said, "Are you cooking eggs?†“And bacon and toast. I don’t really have a whole lot right now since I’ve not been shopping in a while. Have a seat. I’ll be done in just a moment,†Arn said from his spot behind the counter. Joi sat down happily; glad to have a decent breakfast for once. Arn finished cooking the fried eggs in the bacon grease the way he liked it and buttered the toast as it popped out of the toaster. Soon, Joi was served two fried eggs, two pieces of toast, cut diagonally and placed on the outside of the plate, and three slices of bacon, fork included. “I apologize if it’s not to your liking. I just kinda did it all how I usually like it,†Arn said sitting down at the table with her. They began to eat and she seemed happy just to be eating, so Arn didn’t worry much. They had small talk while eating; not touching on the big problem at hand and it was a pleasant meal that way. However, as Arn finished, he finally broached the subject. “I figured we should leave early and head out that way to investigate. Probably best to leave before my father wakes anyway,†he said checking the time on his PD which read 7:38 A.M. “Take your time eating though. There’s no rush,†he said a little too quickly in an attempt to reassure her. It wasn’t the time that bothered her though. After the previous night’s events, it was unsettling to think about returning. Even though she knew it was the only thing to do, there was no way to prepare for whatever might lay in wait at this point. Arn ran water over his dishes before returning to his room and booting up his computer on a single monitor. While that ran, he slipped out of his “lazy pants†and pulled on a pair of clean jeans, then a clean shirt about binary, his jacket over that, and finally socks. Returning to his master piece, he checked the news to find nothing new that was of value, both a good and bad thing. His messages to find a few spam mails, and one from a source about a possible job. Hey QueenCard. I thought I’d let you know that I think I’m about to get myself into some pretty deep shit. It’s rather unavoidable at this point, but I don’t know exactly what it is I’m getting into really. I don’t think it’s worthy of details right now though. I don’t think I’ll be able to take that job right now, but I’ll keep you posted of course. I might not be as accessible either so if you don’t hear back from me for a few hours, it’s just that. If it’s few days though, then I might be in trouble. Anyway, I wanted to let you know before anyone else. If I need anything I’ll drop you a mail. ~GodEater After sending the mail off Arn peeked from his room to see Joi cleaning the dishes and putting them in the drainer beside the sink. “Ah, you didn’t have to do that. I was just going to do it later.†“It’s easier to clean right after you finish. Besides, I can’t just free load. I want to at least do what I can do after staying the night here and putting you through so much trouble,†Joi said without looking from her task. Arn didn’t have any way to combat her statement, nor did he intend to. Instead, he said, “Well, thanks for the help. I said we should go investigate, but I think it would be better to stop by your place first to get the things you need. Can’t have you walking around town in PJ’s all the time.†Joi glanced down at her clothes for a moment, suddenly very self-conscious of her rather unkempt appearance. She blushed slightly, but Arn had already retreated to him room. Not long after she had finished with the dishes, Arn had given her his hoodie, which seemed to dwarf her small stature, and he donned the jacket that now had a rip in it from the attack yesterday. “I’ll carry you if you want. I don’t think you’ll fit my shoes after all. We can bring back whatever you need, so I don’t really mind,†Arn said rather absently, not thinking as much about what he was saying as he was the situation and what to do. Despite the offer, Joi respectfully turned him down with a stern reasoning. “You’re hurt. I can’t have an injured man carrying me around like that. It’s just wrong. I’m perfectly healthy and capable of walking on my own.†With that said, Arn locked up the apartment and they were on their way to catch the 9 o’clock train. Though Joi had refused, she walked awkwardly along the cold sidewalk bathed in useless sun light. They arrived a short while before the train and had to wait for it, but once on the train it was warm and pleasant. They discussed what to do when they reached the site, but neither of them really knew what except and the discussion quickly fell to silence. One lazy montage later, and they arrived at Joi’s house, the door still busted open from the robo mother. “Well, that can’t be good,†Arn said inspecting the jacked up hinges after Joi had already gone inside. “You can get everything you’ll need to while staying with me too, so take all the time you need. I’ll just wait down here and watch TV or something,†he said while looking around the place. Joi stopped a moment, baffled and alarmed at what Arn had said. “Stay with you? There’s no way I could. I mean, it’s a small place, and what about your dad? I couldn’t intrude like that,†she said. “You can’t possibly stay here though can you? By yourself with no work or money? What if something else where to happen? I’m offering it to you, so don’t worry so much. And my father can suck it up or get out. I pay all the bills, so he has no say in the matter anyway. If he gives any problems I’ll handle them,†Arn said with a reassuring smile while adjusting his glasses on his face.
  24. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Yuna! *squee* That is so awesome! XD
  25. Shelmii - The Draws Worthy Of Being In Here

    These are astounding. I really like the first one. Bros! I feel like I waste all four years of high school learning to play music when I could have learned to do this....*depressed in corner*