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  1. Love Bite

    Luca gave Silas exactly what he wanted, just the way only he could do, at times. Maybe it had something to do with Luca's significant amount of experience; still, it amazed him how well he could read Silas's body. He slipped into that kiss in exact synchrony, instinctively knowing what Silas wanted from it: that slow, burning pressure that grew gracefully more intense until it burst into something profoundly erotic. Of course, Luca had never had problems with that last part, damn him. That was only further proven by the sneaky, effortless way he made Silas open his mouth so he could invade it with his tongue, pushing right in to slide insistently against his own, all while spreading his legs presumptuously so he was straddling Luca up close. Silas's hips perked back automatically into that firm hand at the hungry grope over his rear. No matter what Luca did to him, it always seemed to get his blood moving in seconds. Sometimes it was almost as frustrating as it was unspeakably enjoyable. The way those sharp eyes roamed down over Silas's exposed body when he pulled away was enough to send a fresh shiver of excitement through him. He savored the soft feel of Luca's mouth moving down his neck as his greedy hands wandered over Silas's skin. "Can't help it," he purred in response to Luca's playful remark. It was true, really. Though Silas suspected he would be acting similarly in this situation if he were stone-cold sober, he was still feeling the effects of Luca's blood making him restless and... eager, though perhaps not as intensely as at the office. At this point, it all felt so distractingly pleasant that he couldn't tell anymore if it was abnormal. But he didn't have time to ponder it for long. Silas tensed as those deft fingers slipped, sudden and uninvited, between his ass cheeks, his mouth falling open in mute surprise at the soft rubbing and nudging against the sensitive area. This was the second time today Luca had touched him in a way he never had before. Even with how off-guard it took him, he couldn't help but slowly loosen up to those enticing touches. He was already watching Luca's face when he turned those curious eyes upward, connecting their gazes at the sudden and pleasurable moment when that long finger slipped inside him. Silas's breaths picked up visibly. "Tell me where you want me to touch you." Luca would easily see the heat that sparked immediately in Silas's eyes at that smooth command. They widened just subtly before those heavy lids fell with an even hotter focus on him, so obviously turned on that he might have even been a little embarrassed for himself if he could see his own face. A clearer hint was probably the way his body shuddered, very much unable to help the unconscious little clench that trembled around Luca's finger. "Right there," Silas breathed. His hips writhed in subtle provocation, though, really, everything about him at that moment seemed provocative: like the way his mouth hung open invitingly on his flushed face, warmed by the steaming bath water and, now, clear arousal. Still more forward was the way he took Luca's other hand to place it where he pleased, which currently seemed to be Silas's chest. He pressed it against himself, sliding it down manually until Luca's fingertips brushed over his nipple. "Everywhere," he amended softly, his voice sweet in its earnest appeal even at such a low volume. He was quickly growing hard, but it was his own hand that inched down to brush against himself. He didn't focus on that for long, though, much too distracted by the small but very present reminder inside of him that something even more exciting could be going on down there. The rocking of his hips became less subtle, putting some pressure against Luca's cock in a clear hint. "Or just fuck me," he suggested in a falsely light tone, halfway playful, but with no hint of a real smile in his voice anymore. That was what he wanted – he had never really been afraid to say so. Silas paused for a moment before brushing his lips over Luca's with a taunting lack of pressure, just barely enough to be considered a kiss. "Unless you wanna... just sit and touch each other all day." Another of those annoyingly soft kisses, not even pressing his whole mouth into it. "Or snuggle... We can do that." Even now, his quips lacked a wholly smiling tone, clearly just trying to goad Luca into action. This time the brush of his mouth was barely even a kiss: just a touch.
  2. Love Bite

    Belatedly, Silas seemed to realize he hadn't given Luca quite enough credit. The indulgent way he touched Silas's cheek and agreed to his abrupt request put him immediately at ease; all he could do was quietly admire that lopsided smile and try not to openly sigh with relief. It seemed Luca wasn't quite so spooked after all. Maybe Silas had let his doubts run away with him, but he supposed it wasn't too surprising, with the... ugliness they'd shown each other in the past. But, if he was honest, the dynamic between them had been subtly shifting for days – maybe even longer. Just under the surface. It still came as a shock to be treated with such pure sweetness by someone he knew to be extremely... fierce in other situations, despite the soft, intimate way they'd just kissed downstairs. Silas was still thinking about the tender touch to his cheek and that unusual kiss to his hand as he stood letting Luca undress him. He lifted his arms automatically when necessary and let himself be stripped in an almost laughably childlike obedience, distracted in the midst of his own thoughts. His eyes drew up when Luca started to take off his own clothes, though – looked like he was going to join him, after all. Silas gave him a subtle, wordless smile, just the barest pleased curve of his mouth, before turning his back to run the water. His eyes lingered on the candles on the side of the tub, wondering in the sudden dimness if he wanted to light them. It seemed a little overly romantic, to take a candlelit bath in the middle of the day. There was enough soft light coming in through Luca's bedroom for him to comfortably see, anyway, even if the covers over the bathroom window made it almost dim enough to nod off in. When Luca pressed in behind him, though, Silas had the keen sense that he wouldn't be nodding off anytime soon. He wanted to be present to soak up and observe this novel change in Luca, to come to understand the things that were shifting between them – even if all of it was wordless. Because he seemed to be just as content with that silence as Luca was. Even when they had slipped into the water and Luca gave a simple murmur, Silas only hummed vaguely in response. The water was nearly uncomfortably warm – just the way he liked it – and it wrapped him in an enveloping embrace similar to Luca's behind him, quieting his mind in seconds. That small hum in his throat drew out into a more sincere noise, however, as Luca rubbed at his scalp, slowing his thoughts even more in relaxation as he let his head fall back into Luca's hands. “Mmmm. That feels great...†he murmured sincerely. A bath hadn't been such a bad idea at all. Silas wasn't even sure what had prompted him to suggest it – not once had he ever simply bathed with someone like this. A few racy showers, maybe – but those had just been rather shameless excuses to get sexual. This was actually... calming. Luca's solid presence behind him and those deft fingers on his scalp erased every unpleasant thought in Silas's head, leaving him blissfully relaxed and smiling absently. Even so, just as he'd suspected, none of it made him drowsy. It didn't even keep him still, not for long; once Luca's little massage had done as much as it could, Silas couldn't help slipping around a bit and turning so he could hook an arm underwater around Luca's back. His smooth-shaven legs tangled with Luca's as he lay against his torso, nuzzling his face against that tanned chest without much thought, suddenly unable to help giving the smooth skin there a light kiss. It was right in front of his face, after all... He rested his head there afterward and stayed like that for several moments, seeming like he might be content with the new, cuddly position, but soon he was right back to his restless sliding around, seemingly unable to find a satisfactory way to lie. None of it felt quite close enough – or maybe the feeling of slipping against him in the water was just a little too pleasant. Silas pulled himself up, Luca's shoulder as sturdy a ledge as any, tucking his face instead into his neck as his arms hugged loosely around behind it, taking a quiet moment to inhale the warm smell of him. There was no shyness in the cutesy way Silas hugged onto him; they seemed to have quietly moved past that by now. He lingered there comfortably. Only he found himself continuing to press little kisses against Luca's neck, his lips moving slowly as if admiring the feel of his skin. He seemed to have forgotten he'd just decided he didn't want to fuck – because there really was no mistaking the way he gently began to suck at Luca's skin as he worked his lips up toward his jaw. There still seemed to be no reason to say a word, not for Silas. He simply pressed his mouth over Luca's when he reached it, his body sliding in a quietly suggestive manner against him, his kiss slow and coaxing. What he wanted was obvious by now, but they had never taken this sort of slow, intimate approach. Even for its softness, it excited him. It wasn't exactly that he'd forgotten the way he'd just been feeling: only, now that he knew, or sensed, that Luca was more open to him than Silas had imagined, it felt... different.
  3. Love Bite

    There wasn't an easy way to describe how Luca looked at him when he said that: 'they'll deal without me.' Like it hardly even mattered compared to making sure Silas was all right. He felt all right, especially in the focus of that unusually sweet look, but after a moment Luca seemed to notice the sway still in his stance. His hands rested automatically, almost girlishly, on Luca's chest as he slipped steadying arms around Silas's waist, another sickeningly cute pose that, in his current state, made Silas just want to laugh with delight. He didn't know exactly when it had become okay for them to be so sweet with each other, but like hell he was going to complain. Getting this sort of affection from Luca felt like lounging in the only blessed spot of sunlight for miles. His skin tickled pleasantly where Luca's lips brushed over it, drawing a rather cute smile out of him with a happy breath of a chuckle. Silas was still smiling when he tipped his head back, his eyes flicking up to meet Luca's lightheartedly. He expected a kiss, this time, but somehow... not the one he got. It wiped the smile right off his cheeks, the way Luca kissed him with slow warmth, thorough and... personal. Silas felt like he was saying something, but he struggled to understand it, even as obvious as it was by then. But no matter how confused it made him, Silas couldn't pretend it wasn't everything he wanted from Luca right then. His hand slipped up thoughtlessly to the back of his neck, easily swept up in that honest, affectionate sentiment shared silently between them, kissing him back in a way that seemed more hungry than it began; though, for once, the hunger had nothing to do with getting their clothes off. Just... Luca. His mind was stunned into a sort of silence as they finally pulled away, breaths mingling softly as they stood with their foreheads pressed together. Luca spoke before he could even try to address what that had been. "I don't know how you do this to me." Silas actually worried when Luca pulled back suddenly, yanking those attractive glasses off of his face to rub at the side of his head as if it ached. All at once, the situation felt unsettling and confusing again. What was this turning into? What did Luca mean? Was it not okay? Was he going to run from this and go back to being his usual self now, back to their usual boundaries? Silas didn't know if he was okay with that. That worried him more. That seemed like a dangerous thing to feel for someone like Luca. "Luca?" Silas prompted uncertainly. He didn't answer for several long moments, standing there with his eyes shut and his eyebrows drawn together. The silence frayed at his nerves, but even worse was the way he responded so vaguely when he finally did, even though the warmth of his hand around Silas's should have been reassuring. "Come upstairs with me." He did, but even with that hand still closed around his, every step made Silas more anxious. Were they just going to fuck it all away now? Silas didn't want that. It was probably the first time he'd ever had that thought. Sex wasn't what he wanted right then, even with Luca, even with how unjustly sexy he looked today - not even the borderline aphrodisiac in his system could make him believe that was what he wanted. They had just brushed against something highly alarming to Silas and he was in no way done processing it. He didn't want to shove it all back down and mute it with sex. With every step they climbed Silas felt like he was inching up to the top of a rollercoaster, or approaching the edge of a cliff he was meant to walk off, into unknowable, empty air. Still, he came along without resistance. It wasn't until Luca sat him on the bed that Silas's anxiety finally found its voice, his hands coming up tentatively to Luca's shoulders, not quite pushing him away but pausing him effectively. He pulled his lips away from Luca's and stammered a bit, still not even sure what he intended to say. "L- Luca... wait." His brows pulled together, round eyes flashing up to Luca's with clear uncertainty. Silas had never turned him down before, and certainly never for reasons like this. He tried to find something reasonable to say and opened his mouth to say it... but nothing surfaced. God forbid he was honest or tried to talk it out. Instead, after a few tense moments, he switched tracks altogether. "Can we take a bath?" he asked quietly. Silas didn't seem to realize how bizarre that would sound until it had already left his mouth. He backpedaled, once again showing more self-doubt in a single day than he had probably shown in all the time Luca had known him. He wanted to blame the stupid blood, but he knew it was Luca making him question himself so easily. It had been like that from the beginning, even if he never showed it quite like this. It was almost enough to frustrate him back into his usual self. "I mean, you don't - have to, you never seem like you need one, but..." He sounded like an idiot. Silas took a small breath to calm his nerves. "....I wouldn't mind one," he finished at last. Well, that had sounded stupid as hell. Silas could feel the embarrassment coloring his cheeks warmly, much to his disappointment. His hands remained on Luca's shoulders, sitting there awkwardly while he waited for Luca to give him some kind of look and wondering where he'd misplaced his balls. He never acted like this.
  4. ...and it made me frown

    I can't seem to sleep at night. It's starting to get really inconvenient. I wake up in the afternoon feeling like shit about myself because, well, it's the afternoon, then it basically takes the rest of the day for me to even wake up fully, and by nightfall it's like I'm ready to actually start my day. Such bull. S: It's been going on for so long now that it's ridiculously difficult to change my schedule. Even if I get next to no sleep and stay up all day, I somehow get a second wind and manage to stay up to the wee hours of the morning again. In the same breath, though, I'm pretty sure it's because I don't have enough going on in my days. Times like these make me miss being in school. I need a schedule. Or... a life. Hahaha. OTL
  5. Celebration Thread

    This is my 300th post! Feel like I should have more, though... I am also celebrating how incredibly gay the RP with that loser right there ^ has gotten. I mean... wow. Even I didn't think it'd get this gay. Damn. Some other, RP-unrelated things are getting pretty gay, too. Also in a good way. I'm into it.
  6. Love Bite

    Silas's eyebrows drew down at the unusual snort Luca made, pausing in his scarf-tying efforts to look up at him strangely. Was he doing that badly? He squinted a little as Luca suddenly laughed outright, not at all sure what the hell was so funny but unable to help a reflexive twitch of a smile in response, a little dazzled by that attractive, genuine laugh. Silas didn't think he'd ever heard him laugh like that. He liked it. "...You've got blood on your face," he explained at last. "You stupid ass." "What?" When had that happened? Luca easily predicted what he was about to do, catching Silas's hands just as he was reaching up to feel his face for confirmation. There was an odd sensation as he stood and stepped close to Silas, still holding his wrists and pointing that handsome, almost... fond smile down at him, an intimate sort of pose that, from an outside perspective, would have painted them almost like some cutesy couple. Silas found he liked that, too. ...Christ, he really needed to sober up. The oddities didn't stop there, however. He couldn't help a quiet laugh as Luca bent down to lap at his bloodied cheek like a cat. Well, there were no more napkins, he supposed, but the bizarre reality of what he was doing and the ticklish feeling were a little too much for him not to giggle at, even if Luca went about it like it was the most natural thing in the world. For him, Silas supposed it was. Luca was chuckling back by the time he was done, but both were cut short by a surprising kiss right to his lips. He lingered just long enough for Silas to savor it, and for once, he didn't bother trying to will away the excited flutter that responded in his chest. He just enjoyed the moment. Still glowing a healthy pink by the time he'd (finally) fixed his scarf, Silas followed Luca out with a grin, waiting patiently while he gave his lapdog whatever excuses were necessary. Emerson seemed to do a sort of double-take at Silas, perhaps something to do with the unsettling change in his eyes since their previous encounter, much darker and rounder than they had been barely fifteen minutes ago. It only made Silas want to laugh even more. He couldn't resist giving the little nerd a sassy lick of his lips when Luca wasn't looking: the resulting expression was priceless. He trotted innocently along with Luca afterward, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. It seemed it would be a while before he could act seriously again. He didn't hear any of the murmurs that Luca's sharp ears picked up, much more focused on the fact that he considerately held a steadying hand around Silas's wrist the entire walk out. Good thing, too – he actually kind of needed it. Silas sank comfortably into the passenger side of Luca's BMW, shutting the door and reclining the seat a bit so he could rest his head, which still hummed with a dizzy sense of buoyancy. "Why not? I thought it went pretty well," he sighed back in a casual, smiling tone at Luca's command. Silas laughed musically at that. He didn't seem to actually be contesting Luca's word, just making light of the situation, which, from Silas's current perspective, had turned out beautifully. Sure, he had no idea how long he'd be enduring this absurd high, but so far it hadn't brought him any real trouble. "I won't, though, don't worry," he went on just as easily after a moment. "Your secretary's a bitch. Probably wouldn't let me back in, anyway." Luca obviously wasn't that bothered, either, with the way he was still smiling, Silas noticed with a glance. His eyes stuck to him for a few moments as Luca pulled out of the parking lot, seemingly distracted by something. "You look good in glasses," he said finally, his tone faintly impressed, another rarity for Silas. This time he seemed to notice his own strange behavior, though, turning away shortly to glance out his window instead. He watched the streets pass by in a colorful blur for the rest of the ride, seeming captivated but unseeing in truth, his mind wandering elsewhere. Silas stepped in through the garage door after Luca when they reached the townhouse, leaning against the wall for support to take off his socks and shoes. Now that Luca was there again, it seemed more inviting than earlier, cool and dim and homey rather than chilly and boring, even the everyday sounds of hanging up car keys and another person's footsteps putting him at ease. He stepped in and slipped off Luca's scarf, tossing it in his habitual place on the back of the couch without thinking. "Hope you didn't have a bunch of shit to do today," he mused belatedly, sounding at least a little apologetic. It was clear he was still reeling a bit, though, his steps slightly aimless and his eyes drawing back to Luca repeatedly with the same sort of fascination he'd had at the office. Those glasses really did suit him. Silas had said he wouldn't barge into his office again, but it'd almost be worth the trouble it'd get him in to get to see Luca dressed like this again.
  7. Love Bite

    It was a good thing Luca finally cut his worrying short, because Silas was becoming increasingly anxious with every silent, awkward moment that passed without presenting an answer to his embarrassing 'problem', just waiting for Luca to mock him. His eyes finally slipped back up to Luca's at the soft touch under his chin, a surprisingly gentle sort of gesture that very nearly put him at ease all by itself. Luca beckoned him onto his feet and closer to him, making up for his instability by helping Silas up and letting him lean back against him. Silas was hesitant at first, but he gradually let his weight sink backwards into him, especially at the next low murmur in his ear. "I wouldn't do this for anyone else." Those words echoed in his head as Luca's hands crept over him, his heart jumping into a sudden sprint in his chest as those warm fingers slipped down over his stomach. Was he really going to..? What else could this be leading up to? Silas inhaled sharply as Luca unbuttoned his pants, clasping at his knee with one hand as he was fondled slowly, letting out a halting, unsteady breath in place of the moan that wanted to draw out of him. He had to be quiet, he knew, but fuck, every touch against him was electric, even through his clothes. He'd never been so excruciatingly sensitive. Predictably, he couldn't keep silent as that hand dipped under his boxers to slide directly over his throbbing hard-on. "How is that?" Luca breathed against his ear. At first Silas could only moan softly in response, fingers gripping Luca's leg a little tighter as he tried to bite the noise back. Jesus fuck. As if it wasn't shocking and stimulating enough that Luca was touching him like this, it was unfair how desperate Silas's heightened senses made him for the man behind him, for that velvet voice tickling against his ear, for the touch of those large, experienced hands – he wanted them everywhere. Every bit of Silas's skin that he touched sang with pleasure. "Don't stop," he whispered finally, a shameless plea. He struggled to swallow down quickening breaths as Luca pulled the waist of his underwear down, exposing him shamelessly in front of the window, exciting Silas further even though there really was no way anyone could see them clearly. His fingers trembled in their grip on Luca's leg when that firm hand closed around him, making him bite his lip harshly to keep from moaning aloud again, but that could only do so much to mute him. The way Luca was going about this, it would be a miracle if he lasted more than a minute. But perhaps that was for the best. The way Silas squirmed back against him as his hand started to move and the raw noises of pleasure he couldn't stop making were bound to provoke him – it was a good thing Luca had just gotten off. "Mmmmph..." he groaned behind pursed lips. Silas's other restless hand found its way over the one Luca had on his stomach, encouraging him with those needy touches, pressing into him to spur him on even as he inched embarrassingly close to the edge already. He barely had the presence of mind to be surprised how smoothly this was going without any sort of lubrication; as always, Luca knew just how to hold and squeeze him to get the desired effect, applying pressure in just the right places and amounts to make Silas melt against him. Thankfully, at least Luca seemed aware enough to remember where they were. When Silas's noises started coming higher and more frequently, he wisely pressed a firm hand over his panting mouth before he could give them away, which at least gave Silas a bit of freedom to voice how he was feeling. He breathed heavy, muffled moans against his hand, hips bucking a few short times as he began to nearly vibrate with trembling desire. His eyes clamped as tightly shut as the grip of his fingers as it all exploded at once, Luca's hand just barely managing to stifle his sharp cry of pleasure as he came. It lasted a small eternity for Silas, the unbelievable feeling rolling through him in powerful waves. Silas wasn't sure he'd ever come so hard from a simple hand-job. The oh-so-inconvenient fruits of Luca's labor shot forward, smattering gracelessly onto the seat of Luca's nice chair. Tissues or not, they'd have to find something to clean that up... At least it would wipe easily off the smooth surface. That seemed to be the least of Silas's worries for the moment, though. He panted for breath as Luca's hand finally lifted off his mouth, taking several long moments to rest his weight completely against him and catch his breath, red-faced and drained in the wake of all that intense feeling. His hand remained on Luca's leg, but it had loosened its grip, sliding down a little to hang over his knee. "Jesus..." he exhaled. Slowly, he pulled his boxers back up, fingers fumbling a little to fasten his pants again. He was quiet for another several seconds as he did so. "...I don't know if I like this stuff or not," he admitted in a small voice. He gave a self-conscious little laugh, finally leaning forward a bit to put his weight on his own feet, gaining a sense of balance after a moment and eventually turning to peek at Luca shyly over his shoulder. Silas – shy. That should have been proof enough of the outrageous effects of the blood. Still, there was a sort of glimmer in his eye, something pleased and maybe even grateful. Luca hadn't left him hanging after all. It was... sweet?, of him, for someone who was so determined to stay as straight as possible. Maybe Silas was having an influence on him, after all. Those unexpected words from earlier popped into his head again: I wouldn't do this for anyone else. He averted his gaze after a moment, sweeping it around yet again for something useful. Luckily, this time, they actually landed on something: a slightly wrinkled napkin on his desk with a ringed coffee stain, likely from earlier that morning. He wasn't sure how he'd missed it before, but he was infinitely glad to see it now. Still moving a bit slowly under the heavy influence of Luca's essence, he took the napkin and cleaned up his mess, wiping thoroughly to be sure no trace of it remained to bother the chair's finicky owner. He dropped the used, crumpled paper in the waste basket by Luca's desk, finally turning to look at him again. "..So, um... any way you could give me a ride back to your place?" he asked tentatively. "I'm not sure if I can do the whole bus thing again, right now..." Clearly, he wasn't aware Luca already planned on taking him home. Another thing he obviously wasn't aware of was the huge smudge of blood on his cheek. He simply went about wrapping Luca's scarf back around his neck like he was ready to go, distracted as he tried to remember exactly how he usually tied it.
  8. Celebration Thread

    Wahh, thanks Ice! ♥♥ so sweet;; it's so dorky, I dunno how you take it seriously. ahahaha, WE WANNA KNOW TOO THO. I feel like I also already have Mystic on Skype O: I'll check~
  9. Love Bite

    The jagged sound of Luca's breathing and the way his body tensed and shifted was enough to let Silas know he was doing his job well, even if he did rather admirably at keeping quiet. Silas himself wasn't doing so well at that, even with his mouth full: probably the only reason Emerson wasn't hearing every bit of it. The slight forward rock of Luca's hips took him off-guard, producing surprised little noises from the back of his throat, the unexpected depth making his eyes water by reflex. Despite that, the little whimpers weren't necessarily in complaint - not entirely, anyway. Silas wasn't usually quite so self-deprecating, but just then, it was unsettlingly stimulating to be... used, like that. At least that involuntary hip motion meant Luca had to be close. Silas felt pretty close himself, even without touching himself directly. He didn't think he had ever been so uncomfortably, painfully aroused, especially not from just sucking a guy off and lightly fondling himself over his clothes. That seemed tame compared to how desperate his body was. Even the light touch of Luca's fingers around his face zinged with sensitivity, the brief, likely accidental dip of a fingertip into his ear making him absolutely shudder. Luca's low voice above him saying he was going to come only made him hum even more deeply in response, prompting him to give just a little bit more, sucking hard to pull him over the edge. Luca's hand came down on the back of his head just as Silas realized he was about to blow. Even if he'd wanted to pull away or even spit it out like some picky people did, Luca didn't give him a choice. He swallowed the hot, salty liquid down with uncomfortable gulps, difficult while Luca was still taking up so much room in his mouth. Finally, though, his climax waned, leaving Silas panting as Luca retreated from his mouth, licking at his tired lips with a dazed look on his face. "Now what are we supposed to do about that?" It took Silas a moment to understand what Luca meant. He looked up before following his gaze downward, teeth worrying at his lip slightly when he saw the very obvious bulge in his pants. He knew it was there, of course, but it hadn't occurred to him that that was a problem until now. ...What was he going to do about it? The tone of Luca's sigh was telling as ever, the distasteful way he said 'that'. Was he really still so no-homo that he wouldn't help Silas get off, even after he'd just sweetly, shamelessly blown him in his office? Well, shamelessly before - the shame seemed to be flooding back into his face now. He peeked up at Luca with rather pitiful anxiety before glancing about the room. Damn it - he didn't have his own bathroom. Or tissues, even, absurdly. Though, the very concept of having to slink away to the restroom to jerk off by himself after what he'd just done would have almost been enough to help him lose that inconvenient hard-on, only the abnormal substance in his system kept it firmly in place, and aching steadily. "Um..." It was obvious Silas had no idea what to suggest. He could barely bring himself to look up at Luca again as he tried to sit up a bit, shifting uncomfortably as he looked down at the borrowed cardigan he was wearing. He seemed to be considering tying it around his waist for cover as he picked at the sleeve thoughtfully - there was no way he was walking past that fucking secretary to get to the bathroom to take care of this. "I could... tie this..." he started to mumble, but the sudden embarrassment he felt kept him from continuing. He would look absolutely ridiculous with a scarf around his neck and a sweater around his waist. He looked helpless sitting there blushing with blood on his face and an uncomfortable, shameful boner, his eyes still skittering about anywhere but Luca's face as he fumbled for some solution. His clouded mind wasn't helping him out in the least.
  10. Love Bite

    For once, it was Luca who seemed to melt under Silas's mouth. He didn't even try to turn Silas away, the dirty bastard. It made him wonder briefly how many other times Luca had fooled around at the workplace; that tender topic was shut away quickly, though, when he remembered the two cutesy secretaries he'd met earlier. Oh, well. He had way better things to focus on - like the sexy, vulnerable little gulps and sighs he kept hearing above him. Luca's pleasure had always gotten to Silas, the way those low noises would rumble out of him, dripping with genuine desire. Being down here where he could tease him so directly only made him unspeakably eager to draw those noises out, to take Luca to the edge and make him feel just as blissful as he made Silas with the very instrument he had in his mouth. "Fuck, that's so good." Silas hummed softly in response. That was exactly what he wanted to hear. The sweep and tug of Luca's fingers in his hair encouraged him further, enticing him to look up at the soft touch on his cheek. His eyes flicked up to find Luca's, that stare seeming even more heated when coupled with the arousing sight of Silas's mouth wrapped around him. "Just how many guys do you surprise at work with blowjobs?" Silas couldn't resist that one. He pulled his lips back slowly to empty his mouth and give him a quick retort, pink lips smacking softly like he was innocently pulling away from a lollipop. "Lots," he murmured back with a sultry grin that was just as teasing. As much as he really meant it as a joke, it was quite apparent he had done this a few times before. It helped that he knew exactly what felt good to another man, having matching equipment himself. Only his equipment wasn't quite so big, he was forced to admit as he took Luca back in his mouth. Sucking on the tip of him was one thing, but as Silas lowered his head he only seemed to get thicker, especially now that he was fully hard. Well, that hadn't taken long. His aim was undoubtedly to please Luca, but it also seemed like a slow sort of revenge at first, every movement of his lips and tongue sensual and drawn-out, determined to not to miss a single part of him as he gradually worked his way down. "Mmmmmm..." Somehow, the experience was almost as sensuous and teasing for Silas himself; Luca wasn't the only one who was stiff anymore. Just trying to comfortably fit that thick cock in his mouth gave Silas a dirty sense of promiscuity, making him ache with arousal. He couldn't resist egging himself on a little, instinctively knowing his own horny little sounds could only tease Luca more; he slipped a hand between his own legs, the one that wasn't holding and stroking Luca at the base, shivering emphatically with a muffled groan at the first shocking touch against himself. He thought the fucking scarf had felt good. The freakish vampire blood had amped up every one of his senses, especially sexual ones, it seemed - as displayed by his sheer eagerness to suck Luca off in the first place. He seemed to grow even more eager now, however, just lightly feeling himself as he began to suck in earnest, his head bobbing with the motion. Light touches seemed to be all he needed, anyway. Even just a drag of his finger made him shudder with want. It only served to make him look and sound more intent, his cheeks flushed and burning with heat as he tried, really tried, to take as much of Luca's cock as he could. The wanton way it made him feel trying to choke it all down was too erotic to resist when he was so unbearably worked up. Silas breathed heavily through his nose around indecent little slurping noises and muffled moans, increasing the pace of his steadily bouncing head. No matter how desperate part of him was to simply pull away and tell (or beg) Luca to just fuck him, he didn't stop. He wouldn't, it seemed, until Luca was just as far-gone as he was - or further.
  11. Celebration Thread

    DD DON'T TEASE US And yeah, Ice was really the only one we were sure about. At least SHE'S honest. -wiggle fingers at Ice- :J I will also read this yuri RP. I hope this isn't an empty promise. My hunger for the gay knows no bounds.
  12. Celebration Thread

  13. Love Bite

    Luca's chair was like a plush, leather throne, still warm from when he'd been sitting in it. Silas leaned back for a moment with closed eyes to absorb it, his hands running slowly over the soft arm rests, making his palms tingle. It was like all his senses had suddenly come alive. Every shift of his body reminded him of every piece of clothing he was wearing, sliding against his skin like angels. He lifted a hand to feel the scarf around his neck, fingers clenching into it when he felt how utterly soft it was, unable to help pulling it right off so that that ticklish fabric would brush along his neck. The resulting sensation was so pleasant that he actually groaned quietly. "Weird," he murmured casually in response to Luca's brief explanation, his voice soft and far-off. He sat up a bit, at least trying not to be so incredibly fucked up - how had that even happened so fast? He had literally only tasted enough to coat the tip of his finger. He looked down to see the vague red lines left around his fingernail, head bowed distractedly as Luca went on in annoyance above him. "Idiot. Why would you even go and do that in the first place?" Silas frowned at that. Wasn't it obvious? He felt like it was. Because, you know, Luca drank his blood all the time. So why not? He'd been curious. Well, clearly, there was a reason why not. He was too foggy to try and defend his ridiculous logic. It had just seemed like the thing to do. "Do you just go around tasting blood from all the random guys you hook up with in bars?" Oh, wow. Wow. Hang on. Could he even say anything more hypocritical if he tried? Silas didn't think he could. Funny how even in this mindless state Luca could provoke him like that, making him want to give some quick and sassy retort that would undoubtedly lead to some stupid argument. But, somehow, the response that came out of his mouth when he looked up was a completely different one. "You're not some random guy," he objected. Staring up at Luca from below, he looked wide-eyed and strangely alluring, though perhaps in an off-putting sort of way, the focus of those huge pupils boring into him like there was nothing else in the room. To Silas, there suddenly wasn't. He stared for an unusual amount of time, wanting to look down and admire how fuckable he looked all dressed up like this, but his eyes were stuck on Luca's for several long moments, still surprised how light they could be all illuminated in the daylight like they were now. Maybe it was the effect of his blood making everything in his sight glimmer prettily, but right now, facing the window behind Silas, they looked absolutely golden. Just having them fixed in his direction made him feel a little warmer. In a few places. "Luca..." he found himself saying softly. His name always rolled so nicely, so easily off the tongue. Luca. What a beautiful name. Silas's feet prompted the rolling chair to move forward, his hands resting on the tops of Luca's thighs, parting them some without much thought so he could be close to him. He slid his hands over the slick fabric of Luca's trousers, the feeling still so ticklish and stimulating on the skin of his palms. "...I was such a bitch to you the other day." The look on his face was abnormally sincere. He couldn't imagine being so unpleasant to someone so beautiful. It seemed wrong. His addled mind could barely even recall why he'd been so upset, only how horrible and sick he'd felt in the following days away from him, thinking their... whatever they had going was over and done. That he'd ruined it in one fell swoop. Yet here he was. Reliving the fact that they were apparently okay again was enough to make something leap in Silas's chest. So was the fact that his face was now barely a foot away from that intoxicating smell he had, not to mention other, more... tangible things. He hadn't even noticed that his hands had already found their place over Luca's crotch, teasing over his clothes. He moved them now to actually unbutton his pants, his mind clearly having switched tracks a bit. "I never said I was sorry... did I?" The question seemed rhetorical. He knew he hadn't apologized. It was out of character enough for him to mention it now, after the fact. Still, it seemed that was something that was still on his mind, deep down, for him to have brought it up at all. Even as spaced out as he was, Silas's fingers were nimble when it came to this. He unzipped Luca's pants and pulled him out of his underwear with ease, thanks to the ever-convenient flap in the front. It seemed he really had forgotten where they were: that, or he simply didn't care. Luca was warm in Silas's hand, imposing even before fully erect. He stroked him slowly as he shot a devilish glance upward. "Let me make it up to you," he purred, wetting his lips in a clear hint. After that, his mouth was busy elsewhere. Silas dipped down to press his full lips to the side of Luca's dick. They parted to give him a wet, more open-mouthed kiss after that, his tongue extending to drag firmly against his skin. Silas only continued shifting those wet kisses all over him, his tongue lavishing every sensitive dip it came across, before finally he pulled the head of his cock completely between his lips, beginning to suck coaxingly. He had never gone down on Luca before, but it was clear he'd been missing out. That smart, pouty mouth of his wasn't just good for pissing people off, it seemed.
  14. Ahoy!

    KYAAAAAAAAAA IS HE YAWNING? WHAT IS HE DOING? IS HE SURPRISED? EHEHhehehehe ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ [plays with the foxie, ignores everyone else] (welcome though I hope you have fun here<3<3<3<3 you should get along with everyone here <: ) (also that gif is from Twilight. that's a baby vampire. don't question how I know this.)
  15. Love Bite

    Oops. Silas winced apologetically when he saw the blood dripping from Luca's palm, though admittedly he didn't feel too bad, knowing it would take more than a letter opener to the hand to really hurt him. Not to mention the sheer volume of blood he'd drawn from Silas in comparison. He stood reining in his half-smile as Luca came around the desk, trying not to grin outright at the anticipated rare look of shock on Luca's face. But, also anticipated, he looked pretty miffed, too. Before he could offer an explanation, four-eyes was opening the door behind him, drawing an impatient sigh from Silas that was amusingly near-simultaneous with Luca's. He should have locked the door, too. Silas stepped aside to let Luca handle his underling. Clearly he was the only person he'd listen to. "Oh my God, Luca, you're bleeding!" Silas turned a bit to give the guy a disbelieving little stare. What a drama queen. Though, maybe Silas had become a bit desensitized to the sight of blood at this point. His eyes flicked back to Luca about the same time he turned to give Silas a pointed stare of his own, but all Silas was thinking was: Em? Well, wasn't that adorable. Silas rolled his eyes when Em lingered worriedly, but finally he acquiesced, though not without sending Silas a bitchy little glare first. He tilted his head with a cocky twitch of a smile in return, just barely resisting giving him a triumphant little wave of his fingers. Luca sure was popular around here. It felt like all Silas had to do was enter the building and he was tripping all over secretaries with crushes on him. How annoying. "Coffee?" Luca asked in flat disbelief. Silas actually did shrink a little under that tone - and his impressive demeanor, all tall and snappily dressed and haughty; not that Silas would admit that, even in his posture. He tried not to, anyway. "In my stolen clothes, even?" Luca added to the end of his incredulous questions. Silas bit his lip to keep from smiling. He'd just known that would bug him. But after a bit of a pause, Luca seemed to get over it completely, giving Silas a relieving and rather charming grin. "You're so stupid, Silas. If it wasn't so cute, I might be pissed." He nearly beamed back in response. Well, he could ignore the first part if Luca had loosened up enough to call him cute. That almost made up for all the trouble he'd gone through to get here. He sauntered over to examine Luca's wound, curious at the sight of him bleeding for the first time. "At least I brought coffee, right?" he joked. He set the cardboard tray on Luca's desk and took his wrist lightly in both his hands to look at the spilling liquid, almost expecting it to look strange somehow. It didn't: just plain, dark red blood. "And I'm just borrowing these. Like I could go out with this showing." Silas pulled a hand away to tug Luca's scarf down a bit, revealing the darkened marks with a bit of a squint up at him. "Couldn't exactly go get my... one outfit from Wes's, either..." he trailed off. He waved that topic away quickly when he realized Luca didn't even know who Wes was. "Sorry I freaked you out, though." So very casually, Silas dipped the tip of his middle finger in the shallow pool in Luca's palm and lifted it to his lips before it could drip. Almost as soon as it hit his tongue, Silas's pupils dilated visibly, stretching to an almost scary width in his green irises, making them look abnormally dark. The taste was unremarkable, surprisingly - again, it seemed just like regular blood - but in an instant he felt almost as though he'd been drinking for an hour. But... different, somehow. He actually swayed a little from the sudden lightheadedness, grabbing lightly onto Luca's waistcoat to keep his balance. "Whoa. What the hell," he muttered. He took a steadying breath, only upon inhaling Luca's scent he couldn't help but breathe in as deeply as he could, sighing it out heavily. He already knew Luca had a good natural aroma, but suddenly he smelled even better. Silas didn't quite notice how much closer he'd shifted against Luca to breathe him in. "...the fuck's in your blood? X?" There was a strange prickling starting in his limbs, making him shiver subtly. He'd never felt anything like it.