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  1. Love Bite

    Far away, up close, it didn't matter. Silas was effortlessly erotic, beautiful without practiced grace. Luca liked that. Liked the wildness in his eyes, and the reckless sensuality of his lips. He was fire and Luca couldn't look away from his radiant heat. He let Silas move his hand where he wanted it, his wet fingertips applying warm pressure as they slid down his chest. Silas didn't need to do more than that, as Luca quickly took over from there. He played with Silas's nipple until it stood happily for him, even leaning down to snap it up flirtatiously between his lips. He was almost too teasingly gentle with it, licking with just the tip of his tongue before he gave it a more straightforward nibble. He could see that Silas was growing harder by the second, but thankfully Silas took that matter quite literally into his own hands. Luca made it his duty to focus on everything else to make up for that, however, lavishing Silas's body in silky caresses and sucking kisses. Another finger joined the first and pushed inside, this time far less easily. They weren't going to get too far in the bath, but that wasn't stopping Luca. Silas grew bolder, though, his voice as steamy as the bath and his hips working lewdly atop Luca's lap. Well, Silas had never been shy about expressing when he wanted sex, so it was nothing surprising. Regardless, Luca found it freshly exciting every time Silas went in for the kill like that. But his kisses and words were painfully teasing. Luca couldn't help himself, begging for kisses with his lips and only receiving an aching brush of Silas's lips in response. The little cocktease. Luca smiled sharply, his lengthy canines hungry for a little revenge now. "You bitch." He laughed breathily before suddenly shoving Silas out of his lap and against the side of the tub. He came in behind him, his hard shaft pushing insistently at Silas's perked ass before sliding between his cheeks. He laid his lips against Silas's neck and along his shoulders as his hips rocked needily, a soapy wet grind against Silas. All he wanted was to pound him mercilessly, and holding back like this was only making him hungrier. The entire snuggly mood of the afternoon had shifted into something more fiery, but even that wasn't surprising; today had been filled with shameless sexual fun for them. They communicated best with their bodies. It was only natural. "I think we're past snuggling," Luca said at last, biting at Silas's ear. He wrapped his arms around that slender waist and in his usual, rough way, tugged Silas up out of the bath with him. "I can't deal with this teasing anymore." Dripping water and soap all over the floor, they left a trail of puddles all the way from the bathtub and to the bed. Luca might have cared about that some other time, ruining his floor and his freshly changed bedcovers, but some things took priority over a kept house and fucking Silas's lights out was one of them. He bent him forward over the side of the bed, which was conveniently high enough for him to come in behind Silas and give it to him. Of course, Luca was the type to keep something like this in mind when mattress shopping. A bed fit for a king. He let Silas attempt to get comfortable there, maybe prop his knees up on the bed frame for a bit of support (and boost), while he went to the bedside table and grabbed the lube. He wasn't taking it slow anymore. After all their fooling around today like horny teenagers, it was time for something more adult. He squeezed out the lube directly onto Silas's waiting hole, slicking it in with his fingers. Unlike before, when he'd just been cranky and impatient to put it in, he took his time about it, using more than was necessary and sliding his long fingers inside again. With his free hand he massaged Silas's pillowy little butt, spreading him open enticingly. Bent over like this, he looked way too indecent. Luca bit his lip and admired freely, all the while working out the tightness with his pushing fingers. Despite his unhidden eagerness, he was at least good about that much. But only for long enough. He used even more of the lube until it dripped like honey to the bed and the floor. So much for a bath. He nudged the hot tip of his cock against Silas's slippery opening, teasing it in return for all of Silas's taunting in the bath. He leaned in, droplets of water from the ends of his hair raining down onto Silas's back. But despite the closeness, he didn't quite push in yet. "Want it? Then tell me how much." There was no hiding the cruel smile in his voice, even if Silas couldn't see it.
  2. Celebration Thread

    set in the tentative dates for both sunset's and BFF's visits in february. super nerve-wracking but I'm really excited~; especially for sunny. I must be a worthy senpai. orz
  3. Triumphant Return

    Yo hey sup woo
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    being amazingly hot the usual and also playing wow because I am a giant loser
  5. Love Bite

    Silas was certainly squirmy today. Defeated the point of a relaxing bath, Luca thought, but he didn't complain about Silas getting snuggly with him, either. Strange that despite lacking the soft, squeezable curves of a woman, Silas's body was still extremely touchable. There was a different sort of comfort to it. Not the plush softness that wilted beneath his strong touch, but a firmer, solid frame. And he wasn't a complete rock, either—still soft within his arms, pliable and easy to hold. So, as Silas continued to wiggle around in the water, Luca merely used every change-up to rub his hands over a different part of him. He soaped down his shoulders, then down his arms, and over his back. His fingers glided easily over Silas's wet skin, trails of bubbles left in his wake. The pleasantly light aroma of white tea permeated the steamy air, intermingled with notes of sandalwood and spicy ginger to offset the fairly feminine fragrance into something more androgynous. Relaxing, up until Silas began to press little kisses against his neck. That was pleasantly different; usually it was Luca doing all the neck-kissing, for obvious reasons. His lips were a treasure, though. Luca welcomed every sweet touch from them, his eyes closing as he sighed deeply. For his dominant nature in the bedroom, Luca enjoyed sitting back like this sometimes, basking in the attention. He was the hedonist god, pharaoh of desire, and Silas his devotee. Yes, he rather liked the thought of that. His eyes opened once more when Silas's lips reached his. Beneath heavy lids, his gaze was ember-hot and playfully dangerous like a flame. Silas's kiss was slow, perhaps too slow, but right now it was perfect. Luca reciprocated just as slowly, letting his lips acquaint themselves more closely with Silas's. They had kissed so many times by now, but Luca had never really stopped to appreciate it this much. He felt uncomfortably hot all over, and it was more than just the steam-swirled water. Their mouths fit together so perfectly. Luca might have been angered by that before, at how challenging it was to his inflated sense of heterosexuality, but now it only excited him to feel so at home with Silas's every feature. He raised his hands up around Silas's cheeks, kissing him more deeply but still just as slowly. Mesmerizing, really, putting all his focus into a single, sweltering kiss. He had been all right with just relaxing in the bath, but that didn't mean he wasn't all right with this, too. Whatever Silas wanted was fine by him right now. He moved his touch down once more, sliding down Silas's soapy back and down the sweet curve at the bottom. His fingers spread out before he tightened his grip into a rather eager squeeze on Silas's butt. He really hadn't expected to find much appeal in it, but Silas tended to surprise him like that. It was effortlessly touchable, just the right balance between too soft and too firm. But ah, was that too forward? Was that what Silas was going after right now, or was he just feeling affectionate? Nah. Luca pushed aside that moment of uncertainty and restored his confidence right away; he knew how to read body language better than that after being alive for so long. Silas wanted it. He was practically sweating it, he wanted it that bad. And knowing that, Luca grinned, sweeping Silas's pout up into a more sudden kiss with a nip of a bite to it. And at the predictable (and adorable) wince that followed, he seized the opportunity to slip Silas some tongue. Their bodies pressed close beneath the water, but Luca pulled Silas into a more intimate position regardless, spreading Silas's soft thighs around his hips so he was more properly straddling his lap. "You're too much today," Luca remarked as he broke his insistent kiss. He was all smiles, though, genuinely enjoying every second with Silas. The look in his eyes was all too obvious, especially as he stared down and ate up every inch of Silas's shining, wet flesh with his predatory gaze. He licked slowly at Silas's chin before pressing a kiss to it, trailing his lips down his throat and ending at the scars his teeth had left. But he didn't bite in, just teased the sensitive spot with the tip of his tongue and feather-soft kisses. All the while his hands continued to stray low, and without much in the way of warning, his fingers slipped down to rub at Silas's entrance. It seemed he rarely touched there unless he was going to put it in Silas, so even this was a bit different than usual. His touch was light at first, toying with the tight little hole to loosen it up some. He glanced up to see how Silas liked it before putting on a bit more pressure. Thanks to the soapy water, it didn't take much before his finger just slipped right in, sucked up greedily. Luca perked a devilish smirk at the way Silas's body warmed to him so automatically, but he supposed that was part of why he liked sleeping with him. Silas could bitch and moan all he wanted, but when it came down to it at the end of the night, Silas always melted for him. "Tell me," Luca said, in that equally melting voice, "where you want me to touch you."
  6. Love Bite

    Luca was a bit puzzled. Not by the fact that Silas stopped him and wasn't quite ready to go at it like rabbits, but by the fact that he seemed afraid that Luca would get upset by his request. After that annoying display of tenderness, Luca didn't think there was any reason to fear an adverse response. As a result, Luca could only smile rather crookedly, watching the roses bloom on Silas's cheeks. He touched a hand to one of those heated cheeks, hoping to calm Silas's unfounded fears. "If you like," he said simply. He pulled one of Silas's hands from his shoulders and kissed it warmly before helping Silas back to his feet. What a strange gesture. But after today, his affectionate gestures were becoming steadily less strange. The sun lit up the bathroom from the window over the tub, and Silas would definitely notice the way Luca's entire body instinctively shrank away from it. Daywalker or not, darkness was still preferable. He let the water run while he leaned forth and closed the wooden slats over the windows, immediately dimming the room for his comfort. Besides, he didn't need any neighbors looking in curiously. It would have been quite a sight for those gossipy cougars, their notoriously heterosexual manwhore of a neighbor, currently standing there getting another man naked. Luca helped Silas out of his clothes, noting that they really needed to fetch cleaner ones for Silas to wear. Whatever. It didn't matter if he wasn't going to be wearing them, anyway. He set aside the mildly wrinkled top, the cutesy capris (they worked well on Silas, at least), and everything underneath, leaving Silas just how Luca preferred him. This time, though, Silas wasn't going to take his bath alone. Luca worked his fingers down his waistcoat, unbuttoning it quietly. He didn't feel the need to talk to Silas, and it wasn't awkward, either. Just a comforting quiet between them, calm and pleasant. He let Silas play with the water temperature to his own taste—Luca could obviously handle anything comfortably—while he undressed. When he was done, he came in behind Silas, slipping his hands around his upper arms, which felt so slim beneath his broad touch. He pressed his lips against the side of his head, breathing in and out slowly against Silas's back. The bath finished filling, however, and he pulled away at last. Still figuring that Silas was unsteady, Luca helped him in first before climbing in after him. The bathtub was more than enough for two people, perfect for heavy relaxation and a bit of intimate cuddling, which seemed to be the focus of the afternoon. Luca leaned back against one end and pulled Silas back between his legs, letting the steamy water envelop them in a near-smothering embrace. "This is good," Luca said, finally breaking his silence. He barely wanted to move, but he did anyway, using his fingers to comb Silas's hair back out of his face. More than that, he gave his scalp an invigorating little massage, fully allowing Silas to relax and do absolutely nothing. Luca supposed he deserved it for that stellar BJ earlier. Smiling at the recent memory, he was surprised to realize he wasn't impatient to just pound Silas's ass into the mattress. Even with their closeness, he just wanted to enjoy this, just as it was.
  7. Haha. Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida, is exactly 2,428 miles (3,907.5 km) from my house. Pretty close, yeah. ...
  8. Love Bite

    "You look good in glasses." What the hell. Luca glanced over at Silas to gauge the intention behind that comment, but he'd already turned his face away. That, Luca supposed, was enough comment on its own. Was he embarrassed that he found Luca attractive? Luca only smiled to himself and kept driving. Normally he would've ditched the specs this far away from the office, but now he was wholly determined to keep them on. Fuck the sunlight in his eyes. If he was actually getting Silas to openly admire him, then like hell was he going to do anything to diminish that godly feeling. Regardless, he was relieved to pull into the garage and out of the light at last, giving his eyes a few solid blinks to rid them of the sting. He led the way inside, but looked back at Silas, marveling at the comfortable way he settled right in. There was something wholly soothing about seeing him there in the doorway slipping out of his shoes, like he belonged there. Like he'd always been there, and always would be. Luca blinked again, but this time there wasn't any stinging sensation in his eyes. He shrugged out of his jacket and placed it next to the scarf Silas stole from him, rolling back his sleeves once more. He stood there in the living room, quietly in thought about what to do about Silas now that they were home. Before he could even dwell on the realization that he automatically considered his home Silas's too, Silas spoke up: "Hope you didn't have a bunch of shit to do today." "I work because I want to," Luca said, smoothing his hair back out of his eyes. "Not because I need to. They'll deal without me." He stared at Silas for a long time. He had never been afraid to make eye contact with Silas, but it was amazing how much his gaze had evolved. From purely predatory, to meltingly sexual, to this. Whatever this was. Coupled with his words, it communicated fairly clearly, though: You're the most important right now. He moved himself at last, realizing Silas was still rather out of it. His hands slipped around his waist, strong and supportive without even trying very hard to be. His lips swept down, soft as a whisper, over Silas's features. He brushed kisses onto his forehead and down his nose, wondering what the hell had gotten into him to be this embarrassing. But none of that hesitance showed in his demeanor. "Look at me," he said, his voice quiet but just as powerfully commanding as always. And once Silas inevitably tipped his face upwards, Luca greeted him with a kiss much like the one he'd given him back at the office. There was no selfish hunger behind it, no sexual kick. Just something warm and innocent, born out of sweetness. He raised his hands up to each side of Silas's face, his fingertips moving soothingly into his hair as he pressed more kisses against his lips. When he stopped at last, he didn't pull very far away, leaning his forehead against Silas's. He breathed out, unsure of the unnaturally fast pace of his heart. "I don't know how you do this to me," he said at last, honest and painfully vulnerable for a change. He turned away suddenly, swiping the glasses off and putting them onto the kitchen counter. He rubbed his fingertips roughly into one temple, feeling the strain of his own words, of his own strange feelings. He knew what it was. He knew what it had been for some time now, only he didn't want to admit it to himself. The same stupid feeling he remembered almost tangibly from that year—1873, he remembered keenly—in the Piazza della Signoria, of the Florentine girl who had at last tamed the nightdwelling lion she had chased for months. How he had broken down with unhindered smiles and nervous flutters. How he had told her under the half moon, the gentle murmur of the Arno in the distance, "Ti amo." Only this was far from that shamelessly romantic, as bizarrely real as that had been. There was no moon over Florence, no sweeping landscape beyond the city, no sigh-inducing wardrobe fit for a period drama. This was sloppy and unexpected. Ugly. Not the way it was supposed to happen at all. It was all wrong. And somehow, that seemed to just be exactly right. That, after centuries, this was the way he'd finally, truly, be staked in the heart. Carelessly and lacking delicacy. Almost nobler in its prosaic letdown, like Achilles shot in the heel. Even now, all he could visualize was himself in the Piazza, smiling from the fountain as he sat there as arrogantly as Neptune behind him, but the Florentine girl was lost to his memory. All he saw now was Silas. Silas under the half moon, Silas's voice over the babble of the Arno, Silas's smile in the dark of the plaza. He closed his eyes for a long second, before opening them to the present. Luca took Silas's hand in his own. His voice was barely above a breath—"Come upstairs with me," he said—as he led the way to bed. They had done so many times now, but the walk was different this time. Luca felt like he was on the shameful walk to execution. He supposed it wasn't so far off. As he sat Silas down on the end of his bed and leaned in to kiss him again, he knew he'd killed off the last of his reservations concerning Silas. He wanted him. It was that simple.
  9. ugh you don't know how much I'd fucking kill to walk through diagon alley UUGHHHH thanks for uploading these! it looks like so much fun, super fascinating * 3 * I'm glad they've kept so much stuff... it would gut me if they got rid of any of it or tore it down. u__u
  10. Love Bite

    It was difficult, really, having to clamp his hand down over Silas's mouth to muffle his moans when he got too loud. Luca genuinely enjoyed the sound of them and only wanted to hear more, but having the entire office hear what was going on in the director's room wasn't exactly something he was ready to address right now. But it was hard to say if he'd managed to quiet that last, startlingly pleasured moan as Silas came hard. Surprisingly hard. Luca stared at him in a bit of awe, amazed at the effects of his own blood. He knew it hadn't always been that strong. Just a taste had never been enough in the past to bother a human. He wasn't exactly an expert on vampire blood, and he wasn't sure any of those existed, but he knew right away his blood was becoming more potent with age. There were vampires much older than he was, but at a couple of centuries, his so-called brothers dwindled down in number quite a bit. Fresh turns were like disposable meat. It took a special sort of resilience to persevere as a vampire, and the older one got, the easier it became to survive. Luca was a prime example of what it took to get by. He shook off his reverie thanks to that single, strange look from Silas. What the hell was this modest look? Was he actually acting shy? If it weren't so fucking cute—and dare he say it, virginal—Luca might have actually been grossed out. It didn't seem like Silas, or at least, it wasn't something he'd ever shown to Luca before. While Silas went to go clean up, Luca spaced a bit, still weirded out by that look. At least for Silas's sake, it wasn't like Luca was reeling over how gay the whole thing was. No, no, for once, that was the last thing on his mind. As if barging into offices to act like a pair of fags was the most natural interaction between them by now. And really, it sort of was. "..So, um... any way you could give me a ride back to your place?" Silas asked, standing there and still in full-effect adorable mode. Luca really was weirded out now. Where was that confident little asshole who had barged in here not too long before? "I'm not sure if I can do the whole bus thing again, right now..." A strangled noise emerged in Luca's throat. It was quickly evident what it was when a huge grin spread over Luca's features, and a loud laugh followed, handsome as its owner. He stared at Silas as he laughed, hovering the back of his hand over his mouth to calm himself down a bit. "We're leaving? Just like that?" Luca's shoulders still shook. Yes, so his office chair was squeaky clean, but there was a more obvious problem and he was surprised Silas hadn't realized. "...You've got blood on your face. You stupid ass." He sighed, grin still fully intact. His voice sounded different when he let go and laughed like that, a trace of a decidedly non-American accent bleeding through. "—No, don't touch it, don't touch it. It'll just get everywhere." He laughed again, taking Silas's wrists in his hands to ensure he didn't go rubbing his face. He got up off his desk, towering over Silas once more, and smiled down at him. Well, there weren't any more coffee-stained napkins to use, so Luca would just have to go the absurdly easy—if beastly—route so they could just get the hell out of here already. Tilting Silas's chin up and to the side, he leaned in, giving his cheek a soft lick. Had this been anyone else, it might have been awkward, like some teenage boy trying to be sexy with his first girlfriend in bed and failing miserably. Luca knew what he was doing, and consuming blood was his specialty. There wasn't anything laughable about the way he used his tongue to clean Silas's cheek. Maybe only intimidating, like a huge lion playfully licking at a wounded baby gazelle before finally chowing down on it. He snickered lightly and wiped Silas's cheek with his undamaged hand, then followed up with a long kiss to Silas's lips. Unprompted, surprisingly. But they were there, they looked tempting, and he wanted to kiss them. That was all. "Come on." He smoothed down his clothes and plucked the glasses off his desk, putting them on. Guys in glasses were supposed to be more trustworthy, or something like that. "Let's get out of here before they start thinking we're doing exactly what we just did." Perhaps their nonchalant method of office escape was rendered useless by the way Luca held onto Silas's wrist the entire way out of the building. He was unsteady, though, so what was Luca supposed to do? Let him stumble around? Thank god for the secretary and her big fucking mouth, though, because Luca definitely heard a few murmurs that added up to "mentally challenged cousin" as they breezed on through. Luca just took a huge gulp of his coffee and kept going, as if stopping for even a second would mean everyone would know what happened. He only took a short detour to wash the blood from his hand, which had healed almost completely by then. He had never been so glad to be out of work and safe in his car. Em had accepted his excuses about going home early because of this "cousin" (well, Luca was just going to roll with it because it was easiest), but only reluctantly. Silas's appearance had raised suspicions, and Luca was going to pay for it the next couple of weeks at work. "Don't ever do that again," Luca said as he started his car. Despite the strict command, he was smiling again, and showed no signs of putting that smile away.
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  14. ...and it made me frown

    today has been a rocky, rather ugly day after what was a really kawaii AF day (but only because of my own stupidity; kinda wanna hit myself in the face with a bat) I am just glad all that is over with so this is like half-bad half-good I guess??? yeah;;
  15. Love Bite

    It was rare that Luca felt bad for anyone, especially when it came to Silas, who deserved every smudge of misery his sass brought onto him. Now was one of those rare times, though. The raw anxiety in Silas's every quivering motion was telling, and his eyes were that of a wounded animal in a trap. Seemed like that tiny bit of blood he'd tasted had quickly run its course, because there was no ounce of confidence left in Silas. Luca allowed Silas to fumble about mentally for a solution. He, in the meanwhile, knew there was one very simple way out of this. Simple, in a practical manner. Getting the will to do it was less easy. Sighing, he tucked himself back into his pants and straightened up. He'd made up his mind. The faster he got this over with, the faster they could leave. He stopped Silas's frantic search for an out by placing his fingers beneath his chin. His touch was warm, far gentler than he'd been with him just a minute ago. "Come on, get up. Come here." He helped Silas out of the chair and onto his unsteady feet, then turned him around to face the window. Sunlight painted horizontal lines onto Silas's face, highlighting the gorgeous bone structure that Luca found himself grudgingly attracted to. He pulled his nervous little coffee-boy between his legs, letting Silas lean back into his body. He leaned his head forward, lips positioned just beside Silas's ear. "You're lucky I kind of like you," Luca mumbled, stirring Silas's hair. "I wouldn't do this for anyone else." His hand slid down the subtle curve of Silas's abdomen, dipping beneath his shirt and down to his pants. He flicked them open and paused, gauging Silas's reaction. He probably didn't expect Luca to help him out at all. Shit, even Luca didn't expect to. He had made this decision literally seconds before. And even if he told himself it was just for the sake of getting out of here quicker, that didn't quite mesh with the sensual way his fingers moved along the prominent shape of Silas's arousal, as if hoping to make him moan. He expected to feel gross about it, maybe even to pull his hand away and realize he couldn't go that far over the homo line. To stop and realize Silas would be nothing more than an occasional fuck whose pleasure meant absolutely nothing to him. Instead he just slipped his fingers beneath the waist of Silas's boxers, stroking down the underside of his upright cock. His dark hair tangled sweetly with Silas's lighter strands, and he breathed his scent in hungrily. With a soft breath, his lips pressed against Silas's ear, blushed a cute shade of rose. "How is that?" Luca whispered deeply. His fingers moved slowly along the warm, firm flesh, as familiar as touching his own. He pushed down on the fabric, getting it out of the way and leaving Silas exposed. The teasing strokes melted into an all-out hold on his length. This would have been easier with a little slickness, but Luca made it work through the warmth and experience of his touch. His hand was large, engulfing, applying just the right pressure to pull the moans that Luca so desired right out of Silas's parted lips. With most of the blood painted onto Silas's cheek—really, they were going to have to get rid of that too, and Luca took his share of the blame for it—he shrugged the oversized cardigan aside with his wounded hand and held Silas around his slender waist. His splayed fingers pressed into the softness of his lower abdomen, hoping the pressure there only increased the pleasure. And once Silas's panting breaths increased in number, Luca's hand only picked up the pace as well. There was so much to enjoy even in the subtler, tenser quietness of the act. Just the pheromones drifting off Silas's feverish skin were like fireworks to Luca's enhanced senses, driving him wild with want. If he wasn't careful, he was just going to get stiff all over again. What a shitty cycle that would be. They'd never make it past Em at this rate.