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  1. Because lets face it. There's eventually going to be a thread where all we wanna do is post links to stupid videos we see on youtube. Just mark anything NSFW or NSFL if it contains content that can be regarded as such (nudity, crudeness, etc) Absolutely no links to porn or gore allowed. On with the links now.
  2. WOAH HEY IT'S A THREAD FOR ANIME AND MANGU and I am totally the wrong person to be starting this thread, since I don't even watch anime anymore. Except for that one show, Attack on Titan. It's like, okay. I hear it's following the manga and the manga is like lightyears ahead of where the anime is, so if this anime stretches on for more than like a season I'm going to bail. I don't care about Erin THAT much.
  3. Honestly, right now I'm just looking forward to hopefully maybe getting a job that will pay well and that will set me on the right track of accomplishing my goals. Namely getting a new/used car and/or moving out. I don't have the highest hopes any of this will actually get accomplished though.
  4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    why was i not notified of this thread earlier AC:NL is all i play when i touch my DS and ive been playing it since last summer if yall are looking for some free shit and/or furniture sets, hook me up with your friendcode and i will raid your town and reverse-plunder it with goods
  5. So hey, y'all remember that quick poll I had you submit words to? Well those words are the theme for the holiday album that I want to get together before December 25th. How's this going to work, you ask? Simple. You users will pick ONE WORD out of the list of words, and submit a song that corresponds with that word. Only one song/word per user is allowed: I will be accepting submissions on a FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. So whoever gets a song/word into me first, their submission will be accepted and others dismissed. Sorry. Now for the general rules nonsense before I get to the list: SONGS SHOULD BE IN MP3 FORMAT. NO OTHER FILE TYPES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Songs should not be longer than 8 minutes. Upload your music to Mediafire and/or Sendspace. If you want to use an alternative file-sharing service, that is fine. Please keep in mind that these services should be free and don't require any sign-up/membership BS Please format your submissions in the following manner: Artist-Album-Song.mp3 You do not have to add a track number since I'll be arranging everything. With all that said, heres the list of words to choose from. When submitting music, PLEASE PM ME WITH A LINK TO YOUR SONG, AND THE WORD THAT YOU CHOSE FROM THIS LIST. DO NOT POST OR LINK YOUR TRACK/SUBMISSIONS IN THIS THREAD. I will edit the list and mark off available/unavailable words as I get submissions. irritatingcommercialnostalgicfrustratingoptimisticmagicfamilyfoodexpensivebirthdaylonelyhecticworklootguiltmas It should also go without saying, submissions will remain anonymous until after the album has been released. Y'all have until Monday, December 23rd to get me your stuff. It's a 15-track album so that shouldn't be too hard, right? If you have read and understand the rules, please for the LOVE OF GOD INDICATE SO by posting a picture of a cat.

    yeah ME TOO
  7. this is a thread for talking about oldschool S*T stuff... and stuff like remember that time when S*T and CD went to war with each other

    10 more submissions to go folks--HURRY

    what theres only BEEN 3 submissions, i wat

    got 3 good submissions so far
  11. ...and it made me frown

    I hate how fucking poor I am. Hate it. Any time I have money it HAS to go toward bills. Or it has to go to some stupid expense that I just don't even have the capacity to process. My piece of shit car needs repairs. My shitty bills have to get paid. I can't afford jack dick and can barely afford to pay bills. I can barely afford to put gas in my car to go anywhere. I fucking hate this I fucking hate this I FUCKING HATE THIS SO FUCKING MUCH
  12. ...and it made me frown

    hooray for headcolds, i said sarcastically
  13. So STers--what is one word that you would use to describe the holiday season (christmas in particular)? Post that single word here.
  14. Do You Keep A Diary?

    bri i am not EVEN CLOSE TO BEING FINISHED HERE In 2011, my mom gave me a diary to keep, I guess because she liked the cover on it and it reminded her of some books I was reading at the time (Jane Eyre and some Austin novels, all of which were shitty) Baffled by this, I decided to write an erotic novella instead. WARNING: THE LITERATURE AHEAD MAY BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE!!!!!! it ended there, when I finally fell asleep and my muse fled the room like a hostage out of a hostage situation. OBVIOUSLY it needs a spell-check or two, but its otherwise some flawless literature. Maybe I'll pick it back up and continue writing someday?????
  15. Do You Keep A Diary?

    I'll do everyone better and just post exerpts from my diary that I had when I was like... 9 years old. BRACE YOURSELVES FOR SHEER RETARDATION BEEP BEEP AT THE TIME, I WAS REALLY BIG INTO SMILEY FACES. A HABIT THAT I DIDN'T REALIZE I HAD STARTED: WRITING INTRODUCTORY PAGES TO PERSONAL BELONGINGS (I still do this with sketchbooks) Also NO, I don't know what "Spazz Out" meant at the time. But I liked the word "spazz" and that fuckin' "S" thing was a THING going on at school so I wrote it EVERYWHERE. I AM ARTEEST Legit don't know why I ever kept a diary since I mostly drew in it or wrote made-up fake stupid shit in it 90% of the time. It starts. PRINESS MARIO AND TOADMARIO (kill me) THE DREAMS OF A 9/10 YEAR OLD. SO SIMPUL. "PLEASE GIVE MY MOM A MILLION DOLLARS. KILL THE DEVIL. AND ALSO CAN MY SISTER MEET WILL SMITH????" theres more to come, but i guess i breached an image limit that i wasn't aware was there. STAY TUNED
  16. annnnnnything else folks? EDIT: also putting in my word, which is LONELY
  17. Childfree - A Discussion

    What you don't get from the "you'll change your mind EVENTUALLY" I get atleast like, twice a week. I don't want kids. I thought I wanted kids, and have had pangs in my head where I've said, "yeah, ok, having a kid would be cool" but those pangs shrivel up and die the minute the actual responsibility of caring for a child comes into play. Simply put, I have zero patience for children. None. I don't even have the patience to LOOK at a child for more than 10 minutes. They're irritating. They're gross. They say stupid things. They are stupid. I'm stupid too, I can't teach for shit so what business do I have attempting to impart knowledge onto someone 10x stupider than me? And I'm selfish. I don't want to spend money on a kid who's going to get sick often, outgrow their things, break their toys, who constantly needs and wants MORE all the time. It's taxing enough coming from a big family that has little resources to spare.. I can't even stomach the thought of repeating the cycle of endless poverty and grief by bringing a child into my life. Besides that, I have no maternal instincts whatsoever. The only thing I've felt any LEGIT motherly love toward is ducks. I want a swarm of ducks. Can I PLEASE have ducks instead of children?
  18. Talk about video games here. Any games. For any system. Talk about anything. You can talk about how great a game is or how shitty a game is. You can talk about how excited you are for a game or a system, or you can talk about how completely retarded the 2Ds is in concept even if it isn't exactly targeted to your age demographic. That said: 2DS IS RETARDED: THE THREAD
  19. So hey anyone here been long-term member enough to remember the S*T album projects? Well I'm bringing that shit back, so get your asses ready for this. THE RULES ARE SIMPLE, SO PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE CUT AND PASTING THEM You will select precisely 10 songs that you feel best represent you and your musical tastes and who you are as a person, etc etc. These songs cannot be over 7 minutes in length because that shits ridiculous. SONGS MUST BE IN MP3 FORMAT AND MP3 FORMAT ONLY. OTHER FILE FORMATS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AND IMMEDIATELY DISCARDED. Please label your songs in the following format when compiling your albums: ORDER NUMBER-ARTIST-SONG TITLE (example: 01-Jimmy Buffet-Is a faggot, etc). Please also provide a .txt file with playlist info so just in case there is any confusion, I am able to edit the files so they show in the order of your preference. Put all those files into a folder, zip it up, and PRIVATE MESSAGE ME WITH A LINK TO YOUR ALBUM.​Now this is the hard part, because I'm unable to refer y'all to any good and also free uploading services where you can dump your zip files. I think is the only site around that doesn't require you to sign up in order to upload/download files, but if anybody here knows of any other site (that isn't heavily monitored by the feds) please... Do Drop a link here and I'll edit this post with that info. Otherwise, heres some additional rules: Since this is an individual community album project, you are free to make your own album art. Recommended specs are 500x500 px. This is totally optional.Daydreamer is allowed only ONE J-POP SONGAcktacky is allowed only ONE CUT COPY SONGThe Dan is not allowed to participate at allAny and all Jimmy Buffet songs must include "Is a faggot" somewhere in the filenameenjoy yourselves Oh I guess it's also worth mentioning that because this is an individual community album project, I'll only be accepting albums from the first like, 10 people who send me links that follow all these bullshit rules. GET THEM TO ME BY 11-14-2013, 12:00AM EST. Chop-chop
  20. just link your stupid last minute albums here SIGH HUFF TSK heres my sisters album
  21. you forgot half-assed and quickly cobbled together with zero effort
  22. Bands I've seen live are Dream Theater Cut/Copy Video Games Live Distant Worlds Bands I'd LOVE to see: Gorillaz Django Django Stray Cats Caravan Palace Brad Sucks
  23. yeah from what ive listened to so far (acks, blecks, seans, and some of triOcs) im really digging them all but have some favoritism toward beans
  24. 3 users have offended me with their WRONG FILE TYPES and LACK OF TRACKLIST TXT FILES and NOT PROPERLY LABELING THEIR SONGS WITH PROPER INFO. my jimmies are nearing maximum russling