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  1. nah kyo and ack also shared an artist
  2. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    oh shit really sorry wait let me edit that
  3. the sheer amount of mistakes in some of these albums almost warrants the creation of a short bus album i swear to GOD also im kind of looking for an excuse to do a shortbus album

    that was sort of just after i got my haircut. my hair is slightly longer now and looks dumb: need a haircut and re-color
  5. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    i take solace in the fact that i may or may not have contributed to beans postlike record
  6. id like to dedicate this shout-out to pain for COMPLETELY IGNORING THE RULES STATED CLEARLY, IN BLACK AND WHITE (AND RED) IN THE FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!!!111
  7. yes, i didst gets all the albums sent to me HOWEVER it was kinda up to yall to put your NAMES ON THE THINGS.................................
  8. amanda it is supposed to be a NEW THREAD FOR DOWNLOADING CONVENIENCE there needs to be a shortbus album pronto for all this foolery
  9. Compliment The Person Above You

    i like your avatar val
  10. no. however, future album projects will
  11. no? well i'm making one anyway. ask me anything and i do mean literally anything except for that one thing which i refuse to answer
  12. Ask Bleck Things

    ok second question whats the UNfunniest thing youve ever seen/heard
  13. honestly, i've been having a great time drawing with pencil/markers again. i didn't realize how long i'd been on digital media until i looked through my sketchbooks, and the most recent one i had on hand was from 2009. so picking those up again and just sketching away in them has been nice, and "easier" too. but i've also been learning to do new and fun things digitally, too. there are tricks to SAI that i didn't even know existed and i'm really having a blast just tinkering around with new brushes, canvas settings, etc. iunno, i guess i enjoy both equally despite hating literally everything that comes out of my hands. no shut up go away kyo whats a teacake and yes
  14. Ask Bleck Things

    what's the funniest thing you've ever seen/heard
  15. i refuse to answer this question there was a point in our friendship where i thought i was in love with you and i was literally THIS CLOSE to asking you out in high school but immediately thought better of it when crunch time came. i now understand what platonic/friend love is (but this will not stop me from making you uncomfortable with sexual harrassment that is just what FRIENDS DO) on a good day, atleast like 50 on a bad day, just my own, and my own ass gets pretty stinky
  16. ok ok so these new forums have features i didnt even KNOW about, so let me just say, the 10 person cap on submissions is p much null and void HOWEVER, for people who are submitting links to their albums here in this thread, like.... ok, heres a run down of what im going to do. when people get their submissions into me by this wednesday, ill be making a new thread that has a MASTER LIST of peoples submissions (for convenience of downloading) if anyone has albums that they havent sent my way, you're free to post links to your albums in that thread. all i ask though is that links to albums cease here, because it's just messy and im apt to lose track. so, you know, PM ME LINKS TO YOUR SHIT IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR ALBUMS TO DONE GET LOST HERE
  17. Remember that time when...

    i remember the nudes that got passed around skype chat. i remember being a large participant in the passing around of said nudes in skype chat.
  18. its not so much about the company endorsement as it is getting hosting space on ACKS server
  19. beans did you EVEN READ THE RULES
  20. HH: I believe dropbox requires you to sign up in order to upload/download files. Since I'm the one these albums are being filtered through, I'd prefer not to have to sign up for ANOTHER service that I'll never use regularly, and I wouldn't ask that of other users either. Also I think I mentioned in the first post that THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO SEND ME THEIR ALBUMS WILL HAVE THEIR ALBUMS OFFICIALLY RELEASED IN THE MASTERPOST. Insofar, I have 2 albums from Bleck and Ether respectively. Y'all best get your SHIT TOGETHER AND SEND EM MY WAY Also appending my rule about dan participating but with one addition: dan must include a bonus track of him singing "fly me to the moon"
  21. fine you know what i am making a new rule daydreamers and herculehastings albums must include like 1 bollywood song
  22. Prepared to love the hell out of it because I'll be album spamming the hell out of these boards FOR AS LONG AS I AM A MEMBER
  23. just posting this that is all

    yeah whatever
  25. So you wanna get into some new tunes, but don't know where to start, eh? Well heres the thread for YOU. All you gotta do is this, in precisely this order: -Post a link to either YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD, or basically any website that will allow you to sample music for free -PUT THE NAME OF THE BAND, ALBUM, AND SONG UNDERNEATH SAID LINK AND IN BOLD so that way we all know what we're getting ourselves into -optional: you may include a brief little blurb about the band and such you are linking... like what style of music they are, other albums they got, your attachment to said song, etc ALLOW ME TO START US OFF JANELLE MONAE--THE ARCH ANDROID--WONDALAND