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  1. FINALLY a thread where you can discuss western cartoons and comics. Also, a great thread to recommend stuff to newcomers or people looking into getting into comics/cartoons with a well-established history. Been finishing my collection of Transmetropolitan up, and still in the process of getting more issues of SAGA and American Vampire as they come out. Fantastic series, all of them. Check 'em out. Or like, post about stuff you do read or watch or whatever.
  2. Video Games General

    No. None of the Saints Rows are really all that connected in terms of story. It's like the GTA series, only with more giant purple dildos.
  3. Video Games General

    weren't you paying ATTENTIon they said it would sell for $129.99
  4. Ask Bleck Things

    why does my eye hurt every time i poke it
  5. Deviantart

    Here is my deviant art. It is full of ass and poo.