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    I love RPs about sci-fi, fantasy, ancient Japan, supernatural and many different anime/fandoms, etc. I read a lot and play too many computer games.

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I'm an administrator on Surreality and i've been around inside a month or two of the original version of the site's inception (S*T), i've made some amazing friends and become a better person because of this community and it's really helped me to come out of my shell and become a more confident, happy individual.


I do a little of amateur graphic design in creating avatar and signatures, wallpapers and other little things, as well as some amateur photography. I spend an awful lot of time playing computer games (and RPing of course!!), on my Xbox and 3DS. I'm mostly playing Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, DIablo 3 and GTAV at the moment, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon X on the 3DS.


I love movies, reading, anime, all things Japan. I'm a pretty chilled, straightforward guy overall who really values friendship and happiness above all. I don't need much in life but I like my few creature comforts. I have a golden doodle called Rufus (golden retriever/standard poodle cross) and a lilac-point siamese called Misty.