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  1. What are you listening to?

    I love me some Franz Ferdinand. Hoping to see them live while they're in the US! EDIT: o rite... I tend to waffle between indie rock/pop/that sort of thing and hard dance/generally dance-y stuff with a good beat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boGCwYr4M00 ... don't judge me, I enjoy dancing like a fool to anything remotely dance-able.
  2. Referral Contest

    Never feel silly! I have done far, far sillier things... and THANK YOU! So far it is slightly boring and filled with existential unease from being in a drawn-out state of transition. Hoorah. But yes! As to not completely derail this important thread, I once more state my intention to trumpet the awesomeness of this site to the virtual world.
  3. Your Forum Style?

    Ohohoho, bucking the trend: Watermelon//Banana//Vertical. I like colors. I can't help it.I will FORCE some cheer into my day even if I don't need it. I also may be clinging to the last throes of summer. But I also might end up changing them tomorrow because I'm indecisive like that.
  4. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Also known as the "Hot Pink Blobby Oval" fetish.
  5. Referral Contest

    Whoops, I should have clarified which kind of graduate I meant xD Yeah, IRL I just graduated from college, so I can't bug my pals about it. But I will totally RP anywhere here, and I am ultra happy I am a S*T graduate! Nyuuuuuo don't make a sad face D:
  6. Ah, I'm glad! Seeing as I'm a bit rusty I didn't want to immediately jump into something emotionally fraught and full of tiny plot intricacies. And that assumption would be absolutely correct!
  7. Referral Contest

    Grawp why did I just have to graduate now I can't pressure my friends in person. :[ TO THE INTERNETS!
  8. New to the Site!

    Hi! Welcome! We've got a lot of crossover in terms of interests, it would seem. ^o^ Also, the 20's are quite fascinating! Such a time of turmoil and social shifts, and contrast between sinful decadence and desperate poverty. Also the clothes. *swoon* I hadn't thought of RP-ing it! That's awesome.
  9. Former RPer getting back into it

    Hullo and welcome! I am also quite new here, and also getting back into roleplaying! Also also getting back into writing by getting back into roleplaying. Also also also I played Galatea quite a bit. Hurrah!
  10. [[insert forthcoming character profile here]]
  11. Long ago in the sacred mists, Our Lady Diae with hamlike fists Did rend the earth asunder. We pay tribute to her divine blunder. --Inscription on the main lintel of the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae THE PLACE We begin in the midsize and bustling town of Elros, a charming, if not somewhat mundane, locale packed to the gills with all the features one might expect as standard of such a town--bored sons of merchants, squabbling housewives, a mysterious and significant-seeming cat sitting in every third window. The thrust of the adventure, however, takes place in and around the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae. The temple is located at a convenient distance from the town, but not so convenient as to not qualify as an adventure. Being the thirty-fourth out of thirty-seven temples for Diae, it is not particularly important, and the crack over which it is located is generally regarded as a mistake by Diae. However, the surrounding woods and very swampy swamps hold their own particular charm. THE OBJECTIVE You received the following letter just a few days ago: Dear __X__, I am writing to you because you have recently come to my attention as a being of spirit, courage, and having extra time on your hands. I believe you know of the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae. A rumor has recently come to my attention that an artifact of significant value and unknown may lie within its depths. Because I am a man of relatively substantial means and unreasonably little patience, I must obtain this artifact at once. I will provide for the majority of your supplies.Should you accept this quest, I can offer you an impressive amount of gold and enough liquor to drown a goat. You will recognize the artifact by its radiant paint job and general aura of mystery and oldness. Please reply in haste. Yours, Geraldo Bombersput. TL;DR Standard medieval/fantasy setting, retrieving kinda crappy artifact from kinda crappy temple because kinda rich guy is paying you to, swamps, adventure, fun times. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Just something I thought might be fun, plus I need to practice and get the RP-ing going again. Post if you're interested! Open to all sorts of characters. Yay!
  12. Oh, hi! *little dance*

    @Raine Bell: Thank you! At least if I lose my soul it will be in the best way possible. @Asura: UFF. Worst drops ever. Also somehow despite my attempts at evasiveness it still manages to steal so much of my gold! D: Thank you. Also, nom, bacon. It's been said before, but it makes so many things so much better. @The Dan: hi okay i no leave ^^
  13. Video Games General

    Re: 2DS--This, in addition to the Wii U, is making me go: "Nintendo... huh... bluh?" Consoles--Possibly PS4, though I don't currently have a PS3. Thinking about getting one after the release of the PS4 anyway, because there are a lot of games I would like to play, and the lack of non-cloud backwards compatability for the PS4 is less than appealing. In the continuing theme of "I am totally behind the times," I recently made the switch from mac to windows and SO MANY MORE GAMES. MMO's here I come!* *Except, apparently, for FFXIV because SERVERSBLAH. It would be nice if I could buy the game via digital download within the next couple weeks. -_-
  14. Just wanted to pop in and say hi, as I definitely RP'ed with you and some others a while back... I was known as BrocadeDreams back then. *waves cane in appropriate old geezer-ly fashion* It was a fantasy RP that didn't get far, but I enjoyed what did happen. Hopefully I'll get the chance to RP with you again ^^ Welcome back, hoorah!
  15. Oh, hi! *little dance*

    @Tsai Kou: Thank you! I'm sure that you are excellent at other activities involving your hands, such as typing awesome works of interactive fiction. @DayDreamer: I enjoy cooking and baking things in the shapes of animals... And steak... And cupcakes with bacon crumbles... ((also, thank you ^^)) @Meheres: Thanks :D I hope that the self I rediscover is as not-completely-sucky and imaginative as it was before. @Valentine: Thank you!! In reality the mushroom people are tiny erasers, so they might give you a slightly upset stomach. @Blackfrost: Thanks much! I will try to snag a cookie, though I am not above crumb-scrounging if they are worthy cookies (the vast majority are).