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  1. [Closed] D&D for friends

    ~ Ricard ~ I'll flesh this dude out as it comes to me, but here's what I have for now... He's a genuinely nice guy who wants to do good. He appreciates the beauty of little things and lives in the moment. He forgives easily. He's great with kids. Ricard worships Sehanine, who is a goddess of love, among other things. He reveres love, and he will do anything he can to help someone in a romantic jam. He's a terrific wingman, even if you don't know he's helping you out. Especially if you don't know he's helping you out. He asks for no reward, but instead lives vicariously through starstruck lovers. His critics and enemies might call it voyeurism, but to him, it's purer than that. Or at least that's what he says. -LOST LOVE- Ricard is in his 140s. He's been around for a long time, and he shared a considerable chunk of that span with someone he loved very much. His partner's name was Taeros, and they were together for decades. Ricard thought they would grow old and die together, but that all changed one evening. Under the full moon, he read the short letter. "Goodbye, Ric. I hope you can forgive me." -Taeros And Ricard called upon all his faith in his goddess, and all his wisdom, and all his serenity, and he tried to move on. He tried to understand and respect Taeros' decision. But that's not good enough. He needs answers. Serenity be damned. Ricard has to know why.
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    Peace and tranquility is the way of Yoga. E. Honda is belligerent and obvious. Look within yourself and ask: Is this a man you can truly trust? The answer is no.