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  1. ...and it made me frown

    Surreality is dead. Q.Q I see only two roleplays relatively recent, and nothing in these OOC threads.
  2. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Well I first thought atomic numbers, but uhh, 58 gave me ce, so I dunno. Actually I couldn't find any element that matched "Pe." Fe - Li - Ce Ni - Co - La - S
  3. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    They were facing inward.
  4. ...and it made me frown

    He likes drinking, I don't want to be the reason he doesn't. Just seems stupid to me just because of one comment that may or may not be related to him drinking.
  5. ...and it made me frown

    I told my partner he was mean to me while he was drinking, now he won't drink around me. :\
  6. Lunar New Year and Eye Infections

    I'm with Ack! I know nothing of lunar new years except that steam had a sale and now I'm broke.
  7. Site Upgrade

    So lovely.
  8. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Alright Ice I was waiting for the next one, what happened?
  9. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Maybe it doesn't count 1 as a brother because if you cut it in half it's just 1 and 1, which together would only equal 2, and I don't really know, just guessing. . .
  10. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    I feel like it's got to relate to numbers.
  11. Crystalmoore Estate

    The halls continued to rumble with the power of the storm brewing outside, Abigale flinched at a particularlly violent roar of thunder, and though she stumbled she managed to keep her footing and continue towards the light ahead. She felt her hands shaking as she contemplated who it could be, her mind inevitably filling her with fear at the possibilities of it being someone other than whom she sought, or worse, something. "Hello?" Abigale whispered into the darkness, as she drew near she realized the light was peaking out from around a corridor. The house rumbled once more, she pressed her palm to the wall and waited it out, another crash. A nearby window illuminated the entire hall, her heart dropped into her stomach at the array of shadows that reached out at her, but in the next instant they were gone and she was left bewildered at what tricks her eyes had played on her. The mansion creaked and moaned with the force of the wind and rain. "Is anyone there?" Abigale called louder trying to speak out over the storm but still timid at what could be. Just as she passed the window a torrent of wind and rain pelted her back, she spun around, the light forgotten as she stared in disbelief at the wide open window that just a moment prior had been closed. The rain was quickly drenching her curls and clothes, worse it had estinguished her candle. She dropped the candle and threw herself at the window having to jump to reach the ledge and pull it down, it was a struggle but once she pulled that first inch it seemed to snap closed. With a sigh, followed closely by a shiver, she turned to retrieve her candle only to be face with a woman just at the bend in the hall, garbed in an elegant turquoise gown, but it were eyes that startled her, for the briefest moment she swore they flickered gold, they had to have, she couldn't make out the color without the candle, had they not just been glowing? Abigale frowned for whatever reason this woman did not instill fear in her as everything else in the house seemed to do, though she didn't realized how bizarre her calm was after the strange events. She should have been afraid especially since she couldn't place this individual, not at first, it took her a solid minute of simply staring to realize this was whom she sought.
  12. Crystalmoore Estate

    Though she knew there was someone else here and she knew she knew them personally she couldn't remember who or even where to find them. There were plenty of doors along the dark corridor but she just felt they weren't what she was looking for, still after wandering past a dozen or more quickly starting to feel like she was in an endless hall she wasn't so sure any more. Five minutes past into ten, and then into fifteen, finally frustration rulled over, having encoutered no turns, stairs, or even different looking doors, she was even beginning to doubt the decor, the thought made her hesitate, she stopped and looked at a vase sitting on a small table, it was filled with a bouquet of roses that looked almost black in the dim light her candle offered. She snatched one of the roses from the vase and immediately regreted her decision as the thorns jabbed into her soft palm, the rose falling to the dark wood floors as she abruptly released it. She stared, her violet eyes wide in horror at the gaping wound on her palm, a simple thorn shouldn't have cause such damage, had it somehow ripped the wound when she dropped it? Blood welled in her hand and quickly began flooding from her porcelain skin and dripping to the ground. Turning to the closest door she needed to find something to bind this with she threw open the door only to be faced with the bedroom she'd woken up in. "What..." She muttered aloud into the darkness. When she glanced back at her hand there was nothing there, her skin smooth. She spun around looking down each hall and seeing no vase, no rose, but there was an obvious bend down the hall she thought she'd been walking down that she didn't recall, the halls even seemed a bit more illuminated or perhaps her eyes had just adjusted to the dark. With significantly more hesitation she let the bedroom door slip closed and headed down the hall towards the bend. This time as she walked she peaked in the occasional room but it mostly seemed to be bedrooms, but at least they weren't all the same bedroom. The flicker of another light in the distance drew her eye and she was filled with a mix of emotions, eagerness at the possibility that there was another person, and possibly the one she saught, but also the aching fear that the light could be something less desirable, she couldn't help the fear in this dark hall, thunder rolling outside, various creaks and whistles passing through the old building.
  13. Crystalmoore Estate

    MASSIVE HUNT FAILS TO FIND TRACE OF CHILDREN The three Somerton children who disappeared in Emerald Vale Wednesday were still missing late last night despite a massive search. Police have established that probably the last time the children were seen and recognized by a member of the public was when a courier, known to them and their family, met them on Hillcrest Rd just outside of Emerald Vale, on Wednesday afternoon. He saw them “holding hands and laughing.†Their father, Mr. Beaumont, 40, said yesterday: “Somebody must be holding them against their will. They would otherwise have come home by now.†The clipping was at least three years old. The young girl placed it back in the single drawer of the cherry wood end table she’d woken up next to. She was fully dressed as if she’d just passed out on the bed to take a nap. The room was that of a child’s, the bed doned in pastel pink, with a frilly bed skirt, the mountain of pillows ranging from cute characters to lace and more frills; one entire wall was lined with shelves where dolls and stuffed animals sat; along another was a large window, curtained by sheer pink drapes; along with the end table there was also a writing desk and chair, a dresser, and an armoire all of them done in the same cherry wood. She rose and moved over to the armoire just to the side of it was a tall full length mirror, it was several feet taller than her but this ensured it showed her entire form. The person in the mirror was both familiar and alien to her, she tilted her head from side to side, examining her violet eyes as they seemed to glow in the dim candle light, her short curly blonde hair bounced easily from side to side with the slightest of movements, on the top of her head was a large pink bow holding back the more rebellious of her curls. Her dress cut off just below her knees, poofing out in a wide bell around her legs with layers of petticoats to keep it’s shape. The dress was mostly white, layered in more pink to match her bow, decorated with frills, lace, and pearls. With her white stockings and pristine white boots she looked like one of the porcelain dolls that belong on the self on the other wall. A rumble of thunder alarmed her to the weather outside and she was quickly drawn from her reflection bouncing over to the window. She reached for the ledge but her fingers touched a smooth, flat surface. Confused she took her attention from outside to the rim of the window, it was completely flat, she couldn’t even make out any seams for where the window would have been placed into the wall, it was almost as if it was painted on and yet she could see the rain pelting the glass, the trees several stories below billowing with the wind the storm brought. The window was obviously there, she just couldn’t see how it was done. Another rumble and a flash of lightning made her stare out longingly at the scene below, she knew this place, though she couldn’t remember her own name, or parents, or how she got here. This was Crystalmoore Estate, out the window she could see several other structures done in dark gray with white molding, the trimming was extravagant with swooping arches and twisted filigree, as was the norm for a Victorian mansion. Beyond the Estate was nothing but forests for as far as she could see, that, she glanced back at the end table, that was Emerald Vale. As she headed towards the door she reached up to her neck where a small chain hung, she worried the pendant between her thumb and forefinger. Just as she reached the door she realized her habitual habit and looked at the pendant in her fingers, it was in the shape of an ‘A,’ for her name… Abby… Abigale. After a moment of remembrance at her own name she returned to her destination, reaching for the handle and pulling the door open only to be met with a pitch black hallway. A wave of discomfort made her rethink her plan, closing the door and pressing her back to it only for her eyes to fall on the candle still glowing in the dim room, it barely looked like it’d been lit an hour ago. She moved over to the writing desk and picked up the tray it sat on and resuming her original plan. Even with her candle she hesitated at the opened door, biting her lip, it was still quite dark. With a trembling sigh she pushed herself out the door, from the hall the room suddenly seemed to be the creepier of the two options as it was now lit only by the flickering light from outside, another rumble of thunder startled her and she slammed the door by accident. The hall was barely illuminated a few feet beyond her candle as if the darkness was more than just a lack of light but a solid shadow that fought with her flickering flame. She huddled her candle close to her chest and started walking, her boots making the slightest clack on the wooden floor. Each piece of decoration was another torment in the dark, the pictures of elegant ladies and gentlemen looked like monsters until the candle illuminated them, the soft flapping of tapestries against the walls sounded like the padding footsteps of a stranger coming upon her. The light was playing with her eyes, the drafty halls tormenting her mind. She chewed on her lip, debating each step, but she kept on, there was someone else here she wanted to find, she just couldn’t remember who for some reason.
  14. Mods?

    Phone slow, double post, oops.
  15. Mods?