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  1. Salvete

    Oh I never lost the place, I'm just a lurker, I actually follow on facebook. I don't post much any more, haven't been into roleplaying in awhile but I thought I'd give it another go, it's too bad S*T isn't hopping like it used to be! And Pain... I don't remember you at all. I'm sorry O.o; Did you go by a different name by chance? (I'm ganna feel like a real douche if you say no, lol)
  2. ...and it made me frown

    I work at a hotel and a couple days ago some gentleman was particularly unhappy with our services, we're only a two star hotel, the expectations aren't really high, but I handle well with people who dislike our hotel. I realize most people are clueless as to how much things cost so when they hear my nightly rate they think they should be getting room service and a back rub! Regardless, of whether they realize how far their money goes or not, it always gets under my skin when I'm personally attacked. I was the epitome of pleasant to this man, smiling and friendly, but the issues he had I was unable to fix, they were things like how many TV channels we had, I seriously can't do anything about that. He swings by the front desk at one point to pick up his pizza (which he complained about because the pizza man cannot go to his room, it's just the way our hotel is set up) and while he's there he tells me he did not like my service or the way I checked him in, that I was not a "personality person"(if anyone knows what that means I'd love to know) and that he would be talking to my boss. It's not like I could get fired or even penalized by this, my boss tells me on a regular basis I'm her best employee, her 'go-to' girl, I'm literally untouchable, but just the fact that even though there was nothing I could do, and even though I smiled and was friendly the entire time, I'm told I did a poor job? It just really irks me and normally my skin is much tougher, but every now and then I'll get one that just rattles me. :\
  3. Salvete

    Well, I remember your Valentine, and I remember we roleplayed together on more than one occasion but I don't believe any of our roleplays met conclusion, nor do I remember what any of them were about... so maybe I'm not much better off....
  4. Roleplaying Classifieds

    Username: ErogenousEnigma Name: Ero, Enigma, Glass, Daemon Available Times: Evenings before midnight EST. Post Length: Depends on the story, the speed of the story, if the post involves scenarios which need to be responded too by the other players(i.e. conversations). On average 3-5 paragraphs. Post Frequency: Post frequency depends on interest, the more interested I am the quicker I come up with a response, ideally, daily. RP Preferences: Fantasy, medieval, romance!!, anything with a lot of drama usually appeals to me. I'm not a big fan of sci-fi, futuristic, and/or space. Character Preference: I can enjoy just about any role, females, males, hermaphrodites, gay-straight(except for malexmale), villains and heroes, but I have to have a passion for my character. Contact Details: PM, skype - glassdaemon Other Notes: *I don't care if people lose interest in a rp, it happens, I just wish THEY'D TELL ME! Especially if it's a group and there are multiple people who could continue the rp without them, but aren't because they're being polite and waiting. *I like people who bring their own side stories. I find it very exciting that there is plot A going on but then suddenly this character has an interaction with something else entirely that stirs the drama plot! I often try to bring side stories to the table because it keeps it interesting and realistic, versus just being a pawn that has no life outside of the main story. I do this best with pre-designed characters. *I love 'oxymoron' like characters, for instance a zombie priest is one of my DnD characters. Seyerna and Sage are an oxymoronic couple in that Seyerna is the female who is a demon and is extremely helpful and friendly, where as Sage is a human, the male, almost angelic with his powers, but is very cold and kind of cruel(This plays off the angelic female and the demonic male that fall in love).