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  1. Hear me out - Dinosaurs with Lasers

    Everyone get out, he's mine. Except for Kyo, I've accepted I have to share him with Kyo. Or perhaps Val is sharing Kyo with me? Or the more preferred is that they're sharing me...ahh, Wishful thinking.
  2. Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice

    A salt lamp.... Hand for size ref and I felt like it. So, light bulb, tons of salt, and heavy as fuck.
  3. Celebration Thread

    Agree with Ice. ^^ even though I can't really say I'm back. I haven't started role-playing again yet, been playing oldish games - Morrowind, and currently Dragon age, and I also want to do vampire masquerade thingy.
  4. Halloween

    I'm 24 and I went trick or treating last year. Some old bitch told me and my friends we were too old so we threw the candy on the ground in front of her (as much as I wanted to throw it at her nasty face). It's a single piece of candy you cunt, you seriously going to grip on me? It's not like we were just being bums snatching candy from the houses no one is watching, we were dressed up, we did the whole "trick or treat" line, and yes we did have two kids with us, but damn it, if I'm walking around I'm getting candy too! No one else had a problem, a lot of people thought we were funny. One house we went to was cooking hot dogs and my brother got a hot dog instead of candy XD We're such weirdos. Don't know what I'm doing this year. I'm currently sort of kind of out of work. I left my hotel job for another hotel that paid more but... it didn't work out and I quit. I already bought my costume like a month ago so I'm good to go, just nothing that cost money. My friend wants to do something but she hasn't said what. I was invited to another party but I went to it last year and it was soooo booorrriinnnggg. The people there were tame. I actually went to two parties last year, each party I dressed up as my boyfriend's submissive, handcuffed, on a leash, in a corset, I was fuckin sexy. The boring party people looked at me oddly and giggled uncomfortably around me, the other party (which was fucking epic) people were pulling on my leash, I got to kiss this super cute girl twice, I got a lap dance, if I recall I was spanked by every female there, people got a serious kick out of my get up and I was just soaking up the attention. I just kind of want to dress up like a whore every year. For the record I did have a different costume on when I went trick or treating, there were kids about afterall - I dressed up as Rarity from My Little Pony, most people just thought I was a unicorn.
  5. ...and it made me frown

    I'm doing mostly better now, except it's been a week since they towed my car and they still don't have their own estimate (because apparently the one I faxed to them wasn't good enough). I called them Wednesday and was pretty much told that the car place they go through is really busy. I'm currently carless. My mother says I should call back and demand a rental but as I've previously mentioned I HATE talking to people over the phone. If they'd just give me the definite answer of it's totaled I'd go buy another car, it's not a big deal to me(Well, it is a big deal, but the stress of this situation has far outweighed my frugality), I have the money to go get another. It's just the fact that this is STILL going on. It's been two weeks since the accident. *Squeeze*
  6. ...and it made me frown

    Sunday I was in a car accident, wasn't too bad, lady side swiped me. She wanted to avoid getting the insurance involved and pay for it out of pocket. Okay, I get a quote, it's $3000!!!!!! The damage wasn't even that bad. Knowing my car would be totaled with such damages and being the good doobie I am, I do some research on my car and get an estimated value of about $1300, so that's what I ask the lady for, it'll give me a cushion to getting a new car. In the meantime my boyfriend and father did some repairs on my car to make it drivable. Nothing too pricy, I spent a total of $28 to get a 'new' side mirror from a car grave. By fluke my father noticed my tires were BAD, like there was a foot long crack around one, so I replace the front two tires with some cheapos. I go to get an alignment, cause first I needed one and second accidents tend to throw that nonsense off. Well in the process some piece is broken, it's a rusted up little thing that just crumbles when they guy tried to do the alignment. Can't do the alignment and now I can't drive the car at all with that piece broken, it's something to do with suspension. No one can figure out what exactly the part is, the people at the auto shop did some searching around but they weren't sure, I asked a friend at another auto store but she couldn't figure it out, I did my own research and still no luck. Anyway, that aside, I get a call from the woman who hit me insurance company - guess she didn't want to pay me after all - and this just creates a serious, fucking headache. I did all those repairs and now the insurance is involved so I'm sure to lose it. Sure I can dispute it if they total my car, but with this new part broken it's almost not worth it. It doesn't matter, I'm at my stress limit, I hate talking to people on the phone and I had a near panic attack when one of the insurance lady's used the word 'investigation' I thought I was just going to quit at life right there. My car is due to be picked up today. I just want it gone, I want my check and I want to never talk to that cunt hole again. My boyfriend took out my speakers - they were nice - and put the old blown ones back in. He doesn't know how to get the head unit out though and apparently I'd need something to get the old head unit back in. I'm pretty pissed about losing that. The icing on the cake? About Friday of last week I started having pain around my wisdom tooth on the bottom right of my mouth. I ignored it, because I'd had similar aches before, it usually went away in a day, this did not. Come Tuesday morning I'm in terrible pain from this, so I call my dentist - in the chaos of all this bs. Thursday morning my dentist pulled out the tooth - no worries, that's not what bothers me, shit I told him to pull the other - and he had trouble gripping the tooth. I swear he pushed my other teeth forward, and now they're all in pain. My other extractions were nothing, no pain, no discomfort, but this one? Auuuggghhh, my face hurts. I wanna go cry in a hole and skip the next week of my life. I'm so done.
  7. yo

    Been playing WoW and DnDing a whole shit ton. My campaign was recently completed (literally MY campaign my DM even acknowledge it was "Syl's Campaign" [syl being my character]) and we've started a new campaign just last weekend. Haven't really felt like rping so I haven't been around.
  8. dumb shit noia made

    I apparently need to get friendlier with Noia so I can get birthday cards. ^^
  9. Celebration Thread

    DNDPALOOZA!! My DM dubbed it so. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning we were doing 'challenges' where we had to take a picture of something (for the last two of ourselves). There were seven total: 1. An evil bunny has been running rampant terrorizing people, he hides in many forms and places, take a picture of him. 2. Find a real world item of something in the DnD campaign. 3. A representation of your character. 4. A representation of a boss. 5. A representation of a non-hostile NPC. 6. A picture of yourself performing one of your characters attacks. 7. A picture of yourself performing one of your characters daily attacks without caption - DM had to guess it. I found them hilarious to do. I found the last two challenges a bit uncomfortable just because I'm me, but I did eventually suck it up and do them. He gave us bonuses for completing them, the first 6 will only last for this weekend, the last one is a permanent alteration to one of the daily attacks. So we played from 6pmish to about 11:30pmish last night, tonight will be a super long night going from 6pmish to whenever the fuck we faint, last time that was at like 4am. Then we play again on Saturday night from 11:30pm to again, whenever we faint of exhaustion. I'm excited to play some more. ^^ I love my DnD campaign, my character has been around so long(I've been playing so much) she's turning into a fucking god. XD But no worries, my DM is always presenting new challenges, even though I'm just about unkillable. The rest of the team dies and I'm just trollin around like "Lul, death, what's that?"
  10. dumb shit noia made

    Venus was like my least favorite. XD Nothing against her, I just liked the other scouts better.
  11. ...and it made me frown

    Also spend $45 on a commission piece from this artist who confronted me claiming he really liked my characters and would love to draw them for me - this was months ago. I finally decide to spend the money for a piece from him cause I'm a sucker for flattery and I get shit. He says his net was down so he couldn't view my references and sends me this shitty ass piece that looked NOTHING like my characters, they didn't have the right skin or hair color, the one male WAS A FEMALE!!! So I chew him out point out everything that is wrong and he was like "wow, guess I shouldn't have finished it before approval" I wanted to be like YA THINK?? Seriously, I give my artists AMPLE information and I desperately encourage them to ASK QUESTIONS. Anyway, he offers to redo it and since I did give him money I play nice, I tell him sorry to give him trouble and thanks for redoing it. I get to see the line art, it looks good, only a small error that I hadn't noticed from the first piece (I was too distracted by Sage turning into a woman I guess). The next day I get the colored piece, I groan, cause there are STILL errors, you'd think after I chewed him out he would have gone back and reviewed my original note, double checked the references, just to be 100% certain everything was right. Sage turned into a black man(least he's a man now) he's supposed to be like Italian-olive skined(I told him this while I was chewing him out) and he added a scar to Sage's chest which I was scratching my head over, not once did I mention Sage having scars, Seyerna and Aisuriel have a scar on their chest, but not Sage. Again I have to wonder why he didn't go back and review my original note, all of this was mentioned. See if I ever fall for that bullshit flattery again, he obviously didn't give two shits about my characters.
  12. ...and it made me frown

    Just got a new laptop - a mini one, it won't replace my massive Asus gaming laptop - it's adorable and does everything I need except skype... It's technically a chromebook and when I picked it out it didn't even cross my mind that skype was a microsoft program. There is no compatible skype app for this thing, there's an all in one messanger called IM+ that CLAIMS to run skype but after downloading it, skype didn't show up in the programs list that it could connect too. ARGGHH! Also realized as I was typing this that it doesn't have a caplocks key, kinda random, but I'll adjust.
  13. dumb shit noia made

    Sailor Moon! ^^ I don't really know anime but I was a sailor moon fan as a little girl and I've been gaga over the remake.
  14. Sanctuary

    For several hours Aisuriel sat on the ground, trembling, becoming a fallen angel wasn't just a fear it was an ingrained horror, a phobia that crippled her thought process. She was an angel, designed to be pure in every sense of that word, she didn't even carry true emotion because too easily could emotion drive one into darkness. The demon's words were barely noticed, she couldn't grasp them and now she lay against the wall confused desperately trying to recall what he'd said as if even his darkness was better than where her mind currently lingered. She simply couldn't stop reliving the nightmare he'd thrust over her. Even though her wings were gold once more, her skin was a soft tan, and she no longer felt so sickly, the mind numbing horror would not fade. Her magical wings wrapped around her cocooning her in a soft embrace of purity, yet nothing could console her. The angel had cried herself dry, she still heaved, but her eyes had no more tears to give. Slowly she managed to pull herself to her feet, but everywhere she looked she was reminded of him. He would turn her into a fallen angel, even if she never caved she was doomed here - or at least that was how her shattered mind perceived the situation. On wobbling legs she stepped out the bedroom door, and as if on cue one of Zachariah's endless males walked by, catching sight of her and like a deranged dog he started towards her, first walking but he quickly changed to a gallop. With a hurtful scream Aisuriel started running away, "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" She howled, though no one would hear her. Even though her burst of power evaporated the male with ease she kept running, determined to escape, nothing was worth this. Along her path she evaporated several more males before reaching the front door, frantically she fumbled with the key struggling with the lock but eventually it clicked, the tumblers fell free and the massive grand doors peeled back. What was beyond the door was debatably much, much worse. The sky outside was a dim gray, there were no clouds, but neither was there a sun nor moon, the entire atmosphere was strangely dark, the earth below her feet was a crimson red, there seemed to be no plant life of any form, it was just a desert of red dirt. "Hell..." She whispered. The horror of the world before her and the one behind her kept her rooted for several long moment, but eventually she stepped forward. There was no escaping, but she couldn't spend another moment with Zachariah, the threat of becoming one of the fallen was too close, to heavily looming over her when in his presence.
  15. Sanctuary

    Humans didn’t know of her kind beyond folklore, demons knew very little of them, and this was all intentional. If humans knew angels existed they would receive a great deal more prayers, and demons being the malicious creatures they are would find more dastardly ways to cause trouble if only to bring out a rise. This demon was one such creature. But of course, demons would be demons, they would always be nasty, vile creatures bent on ruining peaceful lives for all others. Her sister was weak, obviously, no self-respecting angel would surrender themselves to one of those creatures, certainly not willingly. ‘Fallen Angel’ was too polite a term for her sister, it didn’t truly capture how disgusting she had become. That she still held the title ‘Angel’ at all was abhorrent and simply unacceptable, given the chance Asuriel would kill her sister herself. The humans had turned ‘Fallen Angel’ into a fantastical term that drew thoughts of naughty angels with beautiful dark wings, that might have broken a rule or sinned one too many times, which was not the case at all. Fallen Angel was a title for an angel that had turned away from their kin, they were no more than traitorous wretch that needed to be put down, unfortunately that wasn’t Asuriel’s task. The ground was coming quickly, Asuriel appeared like an asteroid shot down from the heavens, the humans would call it a sign, label it with a hundred different meanings all across the globe, all it really meant was an angel had come to Earth for whatever reason. Her limbs burned, the flesh turning black as quickly as she materialized, her true form held no humanoid shape, she was pure, but in order to exist in this world she had to take on a human form and seal away her true form like stuffing it into a dark bag – it was unpleasant. Bright orange hair weaved from her scalp, streaming back in a thick heavy wave appearing like part of the fire that tried to eat at her flesh. Eyes sprung open just before she hit the ground, gold like the holy fire that was rolling over each limb healing the charred skin as quickly as it was cooked. The crater was massive, Asuriel choked as the gift of holy fire that had been placed on her to see her to Earth was quickly fading away letting the full effects of the mortal plane overcome her. Her own impact had created quite a mess; the ground seemed to be steaming and smoking, a hole sunken in as if a god had reached down and withdrew a handful of dirt. Standing up Asuriel brushed her limbs of the dirt, her marble skin already marred by dirt and grim, she sneered, ‘How unpleasant.’ As she climbed the wall of her crater she could hear footsteps in the distance, and the incessant chatter of humans. Before long they came upon her, two men - hunters from their attire and bows - staring at Asuriel in all her naked glory, her firey hair drifting around her like a halo just covering the peaks of her nipples and tickling her belly. Her gold eyes shone with darkness, she could practically feel their impure thoughts as they watched her. It seemed clothing would be a necessity among these primates. Moving to depart from their lustful eyes one of them dared to grab her and as quickly as his fingers had grazed over her forearm she had turned and struck him with the palm of her hand, his head snapping back and cracking his spine in an instant as well as sending him flying back several feet. The other human stood with his mouth gaping, the lust had turned to fear, “De-de-demon….†He stumbled for the one vile word as he twisted around and went running into the forest. Was he calling her a demon? Asuriel shrugged and headed in the opposite direction he had run. She had no time to dwell on humans, her task was to find a certain demon and put him down. Twenty steps in and she stepped on a rock, growling at the offending protrusion, clothing would definitely be required. From there on she watched her footing but her feet were baby soft, she had never traversed the mortal terrain before, her mortal form not designed for it. There was something uncomfortable about being in the direct sunlight and only within the shade did she find relief. Her hair seemed to be sticking to her forehead for some reason and her eyes hurt when she stared into the sun too long. This was supposed to be an easy task, kill a demon, go home; instead it was becoming far more strenuous and unpleasant. The amount of relief she felt when she stumbled upon a river was greater than the first time she’d watched a human fall in love, it was cool to her lips and felt divine sliding down her throat. Asuriel spent several long minutes basking in the cool water before she forced herself on. A half hour later she found a human village, like the hunters that had found her they stared at her with lust, the women with a mix of disgust and envy, did all humans partake in such vile thoughts? An older woman scurried up to her with a sense of urgency, as she reached her she held up a large sheet covering her from prying eyes. “Scat! Go on, get!†The elderly woman yelled at the many prying eyes. Asuriel stood with a raised brow, amused by the woman’s tactics. As the crowd started to dissipate the woman took a step closer and wrapped the sheet around Asuriel, the angel being quite a bit taller than the older woman she had to stand on tip toes and stretch to get it around her shoulders. “Come, now, hunny, you can’t be goin’ around like that, men have all sorts of vile thoughts for one such as yourself. Come on back to my house and I’ll get you a proper outfit and something warm in yer belly.†Asuriel smiled, pleased to find a human that didn’t seem filled with sin and followed her. What she found was quite unsettling. The woman’s ‘house’ was little more than a shack of only one room, her ‘bed’ was some furs on the floor. Sitting down on the furs she watched as the woman stirred a pot of stew, she put Asuriel to work chopping various vegetables to be added, which Asuriel found rather amusing, but aided her nonetheless. As the food came to a boil and the delicious armoa filled the shack something unusual occurred. At first it was only one, a young boy came up to the ‘door’ which was just a hanging matt, he peered in with big brown eyes and said “Grandma, is supper ready?†“Almost,†The elderly woman replied, “Go and fetch the others and tell them to clean up.†The boy disappeared behind the matt. Minutes later dozens of children returned, herding in the shack and outside, they touched Asuriel’s hair and spoke of her beauty, asking her many questions of which she could not answer. “Stop bothering the lady and go eat.†The elderly woman commanded and like obedient little chicks they hurried out the door with their bowls of soup. A bowl of the stew was pressed into Asuriel’s hands once all the children had disbursed, leaving just the two of them. “Are they all yours?†The angel inquired gently, eyeing the soup with uncertainty. The woman chuckled a deep sound from the pits of her round belly, “My no, no, they’re orphans mostly.†The gold of Asuriel’s eyes turned bright with realization and love, “Oh.†Raising the bowl to her lips she sipped the stew as there were no utensils in this poor abode. The flavor was bland, but to Asuriel who had never tasted food before it was the finest of meals. With bright eyes, she grinned, “Oh, it’s delicious, thank you.†The woman chuckled, “Well, most of the kids call me Grandma, but my name is Lenore, whichever is fine.†“Grandma Lenore? How sweet. My name is Asuriel and I thank you for your kindness, but I must be on my way, however, before I go, I wish to repay you, for your kindness to me and to the orphans.†Asuriel placed her empty bowl on the floor and stood up taking the two steps it took to stand before Lenore. Leaning down Asuriel kissed Lenore’s sweaty forehead, the taste of salt coating her lips as she pressed her purity into the elderly woman. “Find peace with my blessing, Lenore.†Lenore wouldn’t realize what Asuriel had done until the next morning when she would wake without aches and pains, when everything seemed to fall in place, as each carrot she would draw would seem to be bigger and juicier than the last, day by day Lenore’s touch would bring more life and beauty into the world simply by carrying Asuriel’s blessing. Asuriel left with Lenore’s cream sheet, drawing the fabric around her she managed to tie it covering her body like a toga. Too bad she hadn’t managed to get shoes, another time, perhaps. Even as Asuriel stepped on twigs and stones her heart was filled with a sense of joy, pleased by the beauty she had already found.
  16. dumb shit noia made

    Wow, so beautiful. ^^
  17. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    I... I... aah... I dunno what fuggo means.... But I stand by my claim G4 PONIES 4 LYFE!
  18. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    Oh I like that pony, I mean I'd like her even more if she was G4, but she's still pretty awesome. ;P
  19. Celebration Thread

    Lol, I didn't know there was a yoai rp going on. Now I wanna go see if I can start a yuri one.
  20. Weirdest foods you've eaten or wish you could

    Personally I don't think this is weird but I want to eat dog, mostly so I can tell people I'll eat their dog.

    The adorbs! ALL THE ADORBS! *squee-spolosion*
  22. Valentine's Gaming Stream

    I need popcorn for this! But I'm at work and don't have any so I'll settle for my wheat thins. ^^
  23. Discussion: The Magical Girl Epidemic

    Oohhh, I wanna do dream! That sounds like fun. ^^
  24. Discussion: The Magical Girl Epidemic

    I'm here, just not sure how to go about this lol. It's way out of my norm.
  25. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Oh shit, that is fucking BADASS! Like Mr. Torgue EXPLOSIONS AND EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS BADASS! Thanks bunches! :D <3