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  1. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    I'd love one of my OC Seyerna.
  2. dumb shit noia made

    For the record, I would pay you for a piece. However I just forked out $45 yesterday for a commission, so I'll just say: you should draw Pearl and Opal together. ^^
  3. Starry Sean Protest

    Oh I see. I dun has any. u.u
  4. Mystic's Lack of Creative Talent

    Could I possibly convince-bribe-persuade-seduce you into making me one? ^^
  5. Starry Sean Protest

    I don't know what these stars are about, but I'm on board for sex tapes.
  6. ...and it made me frown

    My older brother essentially told me I'm not a worthy human because I'm fat - I don't think he realized what he was implying, or maybe I'm just delusional. And just now I had a confrontation with a guest because I wouldn't accept the credit card he wanted to pay with that wasn't his. He stormed out and shoved open my automatic doors by slamming the emergency panel, now I have to go outside and fix it but I'm kinda worried he might still be out there so I'm waiting inside for a while. :\
  7. Discussion: The Magical Girl Epidemic

    I'm not so great with humor, but I love magical girls, so I'd love to attempt this if you'll have me. ^^
  8. ...and it made me frown

    Ya know, I feel really numb about it. It made my head spin when I seen it and now I'm just kinda like "..."
  9. Hi guys!!!

    Awe, that's too bad. I grew up on Sailor Moon, I've always loved it. I collected the comics, the cards, the mangas, the sailor guides. So when the new anime was announced I was bouncing in my seat. ^^ Other than the terrible CGI transformations and their heads that seem to have inflated even more I absolutely LOVE Crystal. ^^
  10. ...and it made me frown

    My friends aren't whiny to me cause they know I'll verbally break them down to tears and give them a reason to be whiny.
  11. Hi guys!!!

    Gaea - Cleopatra - Cleo -... nope Chibiusa. Welcome to Surreality, I'm Ero and I'm you're local perverted and 'Not-a-lesbian' - titled dubbed to me by the ever wicked Pain as it became apparent that I flirt with females but am for the most part heterosexu... flexible... I'm terrible at being straight. But as Chibiusa you are safe, I don't really flirt with children. However, you are ADORABLE! SQUEEEEE! Please tell me you watch Sailor Moon Crystal, I'm so gaga for the new anime! ^^
  12. Amoria

    Thin jeweled fingers graced lazily over the layer of moss covering what used to be a strong stone structure, now massive sections of it were missing, crumpled around the ground, vines weaving between the remaining bricks. A strange eerie light flicked over the bricks, casting a shadow that was too bright for the heavy sun looming on the horizon, not long from dusk. The pale hand fell away from the remaining wall, disappearing into the folds of white silk the woman was garbed in, strange that they were still so pristine given her location. The strange shadow shifted, the monstrous figure coming up behind the blonde woman, it stood uncomfortable close to her, but she seemed unalarmed. The monsters features resembled something of an armored skeleton, between the plates of black armor spewed angry black and blue flames, yet they did not burn the woman even as they stood in such close proximity. Her attention was swiftly drawn from the scenery to a male, one of their new companions, as he spoke up. Pearl may not understand why they were in the company of others, but Opal did, and it wasn’t just because of the oh so handsome Alistair. With an enchanting smirk, Opal watched Alistair with piercing blue eyes, “Of course…†Her voice cooed, in an overly sing-song way, greatly out of place in the desolate location. Reluctantly following Pearl, the twins wandered through several buildings making sure they were clear of any of the undead. She joined Pearl in a double bedroom, the strange demon lying on the bed with Opal. While he did not touch her and he didn’t seem to show much emotion or response whatsoever, the queer woman wedged her back up against him, his flames partially engulfing her lithe figure as she swiftly fell asleep. Opal was awakened in the middle of the night to see her twin across the room on the opposing bed having been roused by the same sound. The demon who had been positioned behind Opal had already moved before she’d even opened her eyes. He now stood by the door, a massive axe that should have been held in both hands he easily carried in one, drawn, and engulfed in the same fire his entire body seemed consumed by. The dim glowing sockets where his eyes would have been seemed to focus, the magic drawing into a tight orb as he glanced down the dark corridors. Strangely all his fire cast no light and so the twins remained in darkness, only a sliver of moonlight peering through the window. Pearl was first to get up and leave, though she was well aware Pearl could take care of herself she rather be with her sister and so Opal quickly hurried after her. The demon leaned his head back and made a strange sound, resembling a growl, a rather intimidating sound and yet Opal smiled jovial back at her demon. “You worry too much.†She teased the massive demon who lumbered after Opal, his skeletal head bowed with a sense of frustration. On the ground floor, Opal peered around, none of their companions seemed to be up and about yet, or perhaps they had already been slain by the undead. Opal herself wasn’t a fighter though, so when the ghoul broke through the boarded window, she would have been the monster’s next meal if not for the demon who’s massive, flaming, clawed hand wrapped round her upper arm and yanked her from the ghoul’s range. He easily shifted her slender figure onto his arm so she essentially sat on his forearm and stabilized herself with her hands on his shoulder. Left handed the demon brought the giant axe down on the ghoul with such force it was split and smothered into a pile of gooey, fleshy bits. “That’s unpleasant,†Opal barely managed to convey before the demon all but dropped her, she caught herself just before falling on her face. The demon had bound off, dragging his axe down the face of another ghoul. “Xerizile!†Opal groaned, as she pulled herself to her feet. The demon glanced back at hearing his name but gave Opal no more acknowledgement than that as he continued mutilating ghouls.

    Definite fap material... Err.. Squish?
  14. [Discussion] Amoria

    Alright I think this is it, but there may still be edits to come if Noia and I come up with any other quirky tidbids. Name: Opal Age: Mid 20’s Personality: Opal seems relatively normal with a very out of place flirtatious side to her. She doesn’t seem overly concerned with the end of the world; she’s far more interested in her power and her summons. Appearance: Sexy Lady Weapons: (Not really a weapon)A strange book of unknown use, the pages appear to be blank at first glance(I don’t know what I’m doing with it yet, but it’s in the picture, and I want to carry a nifty looking book). She is not adept with any weapon; she does carry a dagger though. Abilities: Summons – Demons and Evil Sprites Xerizile – The demon most commonly seen with her(See link for appearance). He seems to be held together with magic, and uses a massive double headed axe that seems as magical as he is. If he has emotion it’s hard to tell, but he’s docile enough with Opal, whether that’s because her magic forces him to be or he’s actually submissive to her is impossible to tell. He will turn into a ferocious monster on command or whenever Opal’s life is threatened. Soul Syphon – Opal makes sure her targets stay dead by taking their souls, whether they’re one of the undead or of the living, she will syphon their souls and usually feed them to her demon companions, though she can use them in their most basic form as magic. She is even able to use them like tinder to her magic, enabling her to summon more and bigger demons. Background: Raised in a seemingly happy house hold with her twin, Pearl, they had a decent upbringing, or so they appeared to anyway. Being the daughters of nobles they would be raised in luxury, with all of their whims met, though they wouldn’t grow into the lovely young ladies their parents dreamed of. Their parents would do a lot of covering up over the years for their daughters disturbing activities. While her sister favored the undead, Opal had a strange connection with dark magic. She happily spent her time soaking up the moonlight and reading questionable material on ‘dark arts’ – whatever that may entitle. She was barely four when she conjured her first sprite, a formless shadow that loomed around the teetering toddler, catching her when she fell, and wrapping her in its presence like a blanket at night. Though her parents tried to banish the dark entity, they failed, time and time again, no shields, or wards could keep it from their daughter; they didn’t realize at the time that she had been the one to summon it. After a couple of days the sprite vanished, the little girl seeming particularly tired, her parents were just grateful the thing had left their lives. A week or so later she would conjure another though this time her parents would be witness to this act and find themselves speechless with jaws hung open. Their daughter was conjuring these strange shadow creatures and there was nothing they could do about it. Together the twins would perform horrific pranks on their parents. Opal would direct one of her shadow sprites to rouse their parents, yanking the blankets off of them from a seemingly invisible force and then –gently– pushing them around and leading them down the dark corridors of their estate where they would be met with gruesome little creatures, sometimes missing limbs, eyes, or bits of skin. The twins would sit back giggling as their parents screamed in horror at these disturbing little games. Though the twins had all but pushed their parents into complete terror of them they would still occasionally try and coerce the girls away from their dark practices. On those rare evenings Opal would escape with Pearl to study in solitude – they understood the others’ obsession. Their parents’ death would come just before the coming of the undead, early enough that all eyes were cast on Pearl. No matter how their parents had tried to disguise their dark activities, most still knew; at one point or another someone had caught a glance of them dancing with their monsters. The twins would swiftly escape their home. Without their parents around, Opal pressed her powers and summoned Xerizile. Opal is no fighter, but Xerizile is more than capable and so she keeps him around as her personal guardian. Between Pearl’s undead companions and Opal hanging off of Xerizile like there is more between them than just master and servant they haven’t been able to keep other companions, in fact most people see them and immediately turn run away.
  15. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I imagine there will be other crewmembers
  16. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    There's a pirate themed amusement park (sort of) near me called Jolly Roger's.
  17. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I'm really sorry about that history, I just got carried away. Normally my histories are itty bitty pitances not entire stories. :(
  18. A Little Out of Practice

    I would develop a character for your setting and post that in the thread. The character might help you come up with a little more detail or it might help other people get a better idea of what you might have in mind. If you don't have anything in mind it might spark some ideas in someone else who likes your character and maybe wants to join on that basis.
  19. Sanctuary

    He was impossibly strong, this shouldn't have been so difficult. She had spent time watching him before descending to Earth, he hadn't shown such prowess. "Honor is a mortal concept, even still, a demon is hardly worthy of such courtesy." His vanishing acts always caught her off guard, she barely got the chance to curse herself before he knocked her feet out and she struggled to twist around mid fall, failing as he was already on top of her, slamming her into the ground. Aisuriel hissed and bucked against him, clawing viciously at his shoulders, her pure power pulsing along her limbs and burning him at each touch. However the light of her power was quickly squelched as he bashed her into the marble floor, blood painting the floor from where he'd cracked open the back of her head. The angel groaned in pain, disoriented she wasn't able to resist as he manipulated her like a rag doll, her body and mind not lining up to attack. The bed against her back was a welcome relief from the marble that had swiftly bruised her shoulder blades and was the weapon to split open her skin. Straddling her and keeping her pinned, arms above her head, her eyes fluttering desperately trying to focus on her target with little success. "If you're looking for fear you're going to have to do better than that...." She sneered though she had stuttered horribly as she spoke. "If you were going to kill me you would have done it already. You think I'm stupid, you're so arrogant, you actually let me roam free, did you honestly believe I wouldn't attack you? How dense can you be. If you don't kill me, mark my words, I will kill you. Sooner or later you will mess up, you won't respond quick enough, won't be prepared...." Aisuriel hissed at Zachariah, a most unangelic sound. As she lectured him, keeping his attention on her golden eyes she drew her power to her palms and with an angry roar she thrust against him, throwing his hands off and shoving at his chest with the force of her holy fire. She was on her feet in a moment, the pain in her head already tolerable, an angry pulsing that made her want to swoon, but she resisted. Her golden wings unfolded from her like waves of liquid gold, somehow maintaining their queer shape. As quickly as they were forming they were thrusting towards him, each tendril wrapped around a different limb, shoving him into the wall with enough force to make the stone crack. Her fire coursed through each limb, seering his flesh with her mark. She drew back several of the extra limbs, the ends shone and tightened into a sharp end, suspended in the air as she glared at him with a malicious grin so very out of place on her holy figure.
  20. Hell Street

    Once, many centuries ago there lived a demon, though her blood was black, her heart was pure. Lore read that demons were monstrous creatures, aggressive, and vicious things; the lore though is not always so accurate. This demoness had lived a life as many humans had, though far from ‘normal’ she lived with friends and companions, she endured her own turmoil and sacrifice, but also held much joy in her life, just as many do. As a demon her life was dark, their methods violent, but not necessarily cruel or evil. Her name was Seyerna, with hair the color of night and eyes that resembled blood, she was the epitome of a demon, she was tall, her body lean and strong, but uncommonly beautiful with her elegant figure and ‘come hither’ features. There were no myths or legends on her, none commonly known anyway. If anyone wrote of her the text was lost, but her deeds had affected the fate of the world. When darker beings of her race thought to blindly open the gates of hell it was Seyerna that gave her life, willingly and without fear to protect those she would call friends and family. She tore her very soul, using her essence to scar the rip in the dimensional field that allowed the monsters of hell entry into the mortal plane. Though the demons that had escaped from hell wreaked much havoc, the world did recover and continued to prosper without their dark savior who was now bound in the pits of hell. In hell she faced new trials, the way of hell was simple “might maketh right†it was a constant battle, the demons and monsters of hell cared for little save the thrill of battle. She was no virgin to violence, but the very atmosphere vibrated with the aggressiveness of its tenants and it was a new world for her. Time in hell doesn't move the same way, it's not... linear. Sometimes it's the middle of night, and thirty seconds later it'll be mid-day, so there is no telling how long she lingered in this world, while the time in the mortal plane suggested many centuries, it may have been more, or it may have been less in the time waves of hell. It didn't matter though, the weight of always being on her toes was a heavy burden, not something she had done in life, she had made friends and companions, people to trust; now in hell, even those she traveled with, some she even called ‘friends’ where not someone she would turn her back too. So when the ripple in the dimension danced across her skin she ran for it, she knew that feeling as if it had only been yesterday, her mind screaming ‘Why! Why would anyone open a gate?’ It was a fleeting thought as even more prominent was the urge to escape. Survival in hell was not a game, and it quickly lost its appeal for someone who would rather seek luxury than violence. The most primitive part of her demonic mind craved the violence, enjoyed it, but she had not been born into this world and she had long since conditioned her mind to a more lax way of processing. As the portal fluctuated and shuttered with uncertainty she flung herself into the rip, not carrying to test the waters, not worried about what might be waiting on the other side, in her experience good people did not open gates to hell, but at that time, she simply didn't care. She landed on her hands and knees, the slight difference in gravity weighing on her flesh, making her tremble with familiarity – joy. Breathing heavy, unable to believe she had made it, that she was back on Earth, she could see her friends again! How long had it been? The world around her quickly rushed to her senses, the new smells, the strange sounds, realizing that whatever was beneath her palms was not any kind of flooring she had seen before. She was on her feet in seconds, her eyes wide as they took in the new world, bars curved and created a dome cage over her head, their heads, as she quickly accounted for the many monsters of hell locked in with her. Between the bars the air seemed to shimmer, curiously she touched it and immediately a shock of power went through her veins, ‘lightning’ her mind pieced together, or at least it seemed like lightning, she had known very few mages in life who could conduct lightning; fire and ice were one thing, but lightning was very different. Her eyes bolted around the room, her demonic thoughts immediately seeking an escape but as she took in the dozens of humans surrounding the cage curiosity became the dominant thought. The prominent humans before her were dressed different, their clothes blue that covered their entire body, layered in thick black pieces that appeared heavy and uncomfortable, they didn't appear like cloth. Other humans were dressed in completely white suits, even their heads covered with some strange white helmet, other’s still wore long white coats, they were further away raised up on a different level form them. The ones in the front held something that alarmed her though she knew not why, it was metal, and took on an ‘L’ shape, their fingers in the crook of the ‘L’ it seemed to be ‘pointed’ at them, what did that little device do? The air rippled again and she jerked to see the portal to hell closing, briefly she wondered if going back through would be a better option. Turning back to face her captors, the questions continued to rumble through her mind, why would they want demons in this world? They obviously had been the ones to open and close the gate; they had been prepared for them. Many of the humans eyed her, immediately Seyerna became aware of the fact that she was the only one in the cage that held any sort of human characteristics, the creatures they had brought over where the most grotesque of hell-born demons, most of them black or gray, their eyes black or red, some of them seemed to ooze slime, others looked like leather and some were completely scaled over, their bodies were not shaped like humans, some had more or less limbs, some were quadrupeds, in the end they were all disturbing to gaze upon. Seyerna though, even in her most demonic of form, with two sets of horns breaching her forehead, one curling around her long elfin ears, the others sliding back against her skull, her wings were black and scaled like a dragons, as was her tail that currently sat coiled around one ankle with claws, long and dark from blood stain, she still shared the similar bone structure and features. She knew she was a sight to behold for humans, but hell’s atmosphere forced her to retain her demonic state, demanded her most demonic thoughts, every second that she lingered her, it felt a weight was lifting off of her mind even as her demonic form seemed to grow heavier. Soon the features would recede and she would appear even more human, save her bloody eyes, canine fangs, and claws, but even her claws would shrink, and her fangs, which currently there were two sets, top and bottom, the bottoms would vanish entirely, the top four would become barely noticeable. A strange hissing sound drew her attention from the many human eyes on her, she looked up, to where the sound seemed to originate, the air there was different, her sensitive vision picking up on the very particles in the air, noting something not right about them. In moments her eyes were growing blurry and heavy, around her the grotesque demons were falling, passing out, or dying she wasn't sure. It felt like her heart was slowing, her mind was going fuzzy. Realizing too late that there was some kind of poison in the air, she held her breath, refusing to take in any more of it, not that it mattered though; the drug was already in her system. Her demonic body fought and struggled against the drug, trying against all odds to keep her conscious, being unconscious in hell meant certain death and so her body pushed her into overdrive, demanding her to stay awake. All of the demons had fallen and Seyerna stood on shaking legs, gazing through blurry eyes at the many individuals around her that she could no longer decipher, when once she could see their pores from across the room, now she couldn't even single them out. She could hold her breath for close to ten minutes, but it didn't matter, the drug was eating away at her reserves and minutes after the last demon had fallen unconscious she fell to her knees, still fighting. Several minutes more passed and she finally collapsed in a heap on the ground unconscious, the drug finally winning and blacking out her senses.
  21. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    Look, if you're trying to convince me to change it you're wasting your time. If Talon wants to go super historically accurate I'll change it(though it's a REALLY, REALLY bad idea for me to be in anything historically accurate) otherwise, it remains a scimitar. If you're trying to enlighten me to history, you're still wasting your time, I'm terrible at remembering things... I can't figure out how I got through school.
  22. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I dunno, I googled some random site on pirate weaponry, they mentioned a scimitar and I was like OKAY I WANT DAT ONE! To be fair, they had cutlass too, but BOOORRRINNNNGG!!
  23. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    I hate you both, I wanted a scimitar cause... CAUSE! Q.Q
  24. [Discussion] The Vile Siren - Pirates!

    So I'm just going to apologize in advance... I might have gone the SLIGHTEST bit overboard with the history... *coughcough* Full Name: Andorial Nickname: Andy(If you like your tongue in your mouth you won’t use this unless she likes you) Age: Unknown Position: First Mate Personality: She’s a bit reclusive with an air about her that makes her seem eerie. She doesn’t show a whole lot of kindness to anyone unless you’re in her ‘loop’ – most of the crew is not and thus they generally see her cold side. She is viewed as a brutal task master that has no mercy for failure and has no qualms about dishing out punishment. People within her ‘loop’ will see a very different side however. Weapons: Whip – As she generally punishes slacking crew members with it Dagger – Because it’s always good to have something hidden Scimitar – isn’t it sorta the pirate go-to weapon? Pistol – as slow as it is, it’s still nice to have when you catch that scurvy bastard escaping Skills: Siren’s voice – don’t listen too closely Shift – can change between legs or a tail Appearance: Black, wavy hair with a blue sheen to it, one blue eye and one gold eye, average height, curvy. History: Andorial was the eldest of two dozen sisters, a quarter of them died before five, the rest remained in the cove their mother resided in with her sisters and other distant family and friends. She grew up quite loved and well cared for, they were tucked away off the coast of a remote island with no humans about – they were safe. Only a few mermaids could shift between their tails and having a pair of legs, some believe their blood is more human, others believe they have great magic, others still believe it is something only the strongest of mermaids can do, but there is no proof of why or how this is done so it is all just speculation. It is a magical feat that Andorial happily took advantage of, exploring the island they lingered by, escaping her mother when she would get on her nerves, and occasionally just flaunting her capabilities over her sisters. Of course like any growing girl Andorial wouldn’t be satisfied with ‘safe’ for long. The difference between her and her sisters was her courage, she wasn’t dissuaded with the horror stories of humans capturing them and putting them in glass boxes and so when she was old enough she left. For years she would just explore the oceans, there was much to be seen that didn’t involve humans. She met other mermaids and befriended a wide variety of sea life. Eventually though she would be swayed by the strange sounds and lights at the coast. She had never heard such unpleasant noise being raised around beautiful singing voices, the crash of the oceans, and the occasional serenading whale. Curiosity bade her to investigate where she saw her first human. The vile ‘men’ her mother had spoken of, the creatures she had been taught to drown if ever in contact with, but there were women too. They all wore strange clothes, their voices were abrasive, nothing like her angelic voice designed to manipulate the weaker wills. Andorial wouldn’t be brave enough on that day to speak to any of the humans or even let them see her, she was still haunted by the horrors of all the stories she’d been raised on. Still, the curiosity was strong and she found herself again and again seeking out the shore line, watching them go about their strange lives. Inevitably, one day she would be caught, and by the worst kind too! A male with missing teeth, and a smell so rank about him her nose shriveled up and she had to fight the immediate urge to vomit. He wasn’t particularly intelligent though and made one fatal move by diving for her into the water where Andorial latched onto his wrist and dragged him down into the depths, doing exactly as she’d been taught. He had no idea how to manage in the water, his flailing was slow, his strikes at her were near useless, he was no competition for her speed and agility, let alone the massive power behind her tail, one accidental bat from her tail left him disoriented and easily helped her finish the job. She didn’t even have to hold on to him, she dragged him down until he stood no chance of reaching the surface and as he struggled to swim up she viciously attacked him, slamming into him knocking out whatever air he had left, tugging on his ankles to steal away the precious feet he may have gained. It was all too quickly that he drowned and Andorial watched as his eyes grew void and he simply stopped struggling. The experience was strange and left her rattled. Killing the human hadn’t been particularly upsetting, but the way he had responded when he’d seen her had greatly alarmed her. To think at one point she’d wanted to communicate with those vile things! She would not return to the shores for years to come. She didn’t return home, instead she returned to one of the pods of mermaids she’d encountered on her travels that she’d been particularly fond of. They welcomed her with open arms, curious of her encounter. They were a nomadic group and would travel the seas, she preferred that. Rarely did they ever go to shore, but there would be that one time…. The female humans didn’t spend much time on the docks from what Andorial had observed so as this one came about perhaps Andorial wasn’t as quick as she could have been, wasn’t as alarmed and so the attack caught her by surprise. She had glared up through the net she’d been captured in at the female who merely grinned down at her, excited by her catch. They dragged her by her tail from the safety of the water, hundreds of ways of death raced through Andorial’s mind, of the horrors that would await her in the ‘glass boxes’ her mother had spoken of. As if her imagination wasn’t vivid enough the female had brought exactly that – a box of sorts that was completely glass, it was filled with water and she was swiftly sealed within. Andorial was taken to a human settlement where the humans spoke about her but never to her, they looked at her like a specimen not as an intelligent being. Though Andorial tried she couldn’t break free, but she wouldn’t have too. Shortly after arriving at the settlement several of the men who had aided the female came into the room she’d been locked in, eyeing her with strange eyes she did not recognize. They opened her prison and reached in, grabbing at her and touching her strangely. She had experience with other mermaids but these males’ course hands were unpleasant as they fondled and caressed her and she quickly grew angry at their touch. Andorial bit and clawed at their arms until they retracted but she was angry now and out for blood. So when they tried to pull away she latched onto them and they tipped the glass box over spilling out the water and her. Quick as a whip she snatched the dagger from his hip and plunged it into his throat. She was twisting around ready for the other’s attack when the door flung open and the initial woman showed up, with a malicious scowl she swiftly killed him with her blade. The woman wasn’t as moronic as the men and with a net she managed to pin Andorial and disarm her before maneuvering her heavy leathery tail into the cage, refilling it and locking her back inside. Andorial would be moved into a new room with the woman. She learned her name was Veronica. Andorial didn’t care for Veronica. She looked at Andorial as if she was a prize, when her eyes lingered on her she swore she could see the gold coins swirling there. To Andorial’s dismay she quickly realized her fate depended on the whim of this woman and so far she hadn’t killed her and skinned her to make a trophy of her, hopefully she could prevent that. Though up to this point Andorial hadn’t spoken a single word, hadn’t muttered a sound, she decided if she was going to get her freedom she was going to have to use more than violence and anger. So on one evening as Veronica settled down to go to bed Andorial spoke up. Veronica expressed no interest in killing Andorial but neither did she seem ready to free her, as far as Andorial could gather she was Veronica’s personal prize. Andorial wouldn’t be discouraged though, she would spend the next several months luring Veronica with words laced from her voice, drawing her into a haze until one evening she actually let her out. Andorial didn’t kill her though, perhaps a little mesmerized by her own voice, or perhaps from the touch of soft hands that didn’t seek to harm her, but to pleasure her, regardless, violence was not on her mind. Andorial wasn’t necessarily free after that, for she couldn’t imagine Veronica willingly letting her escape, but neither was she trapped within the glass box any longer. Veronica allowed her relative freedom but she always felt her eyes on her, watching her every movement, though she wasn’t sure what the human could do if she just dove into the water, Andorial found herself reluctant to do so. Being on board the ship now instead of in a glass prison she began to learn the way things worked, the hierarchy on board, who the captain was. She couldn’t help but wonder how Veronica had kept her locked in her cabin, why hadn’t she been trapped with the captain? The captain was a creepy, older man who gazed at her with lusty eyes and Andorial found herself thankful that it had been Veronica she’d ended up seducing. Amusingly no one pieced together she was the mermaid, only Veronica had seen her shift from her tail to her legs and so they passed her by as if she were just another crew member. There were a few that looked at her with confused eyes, but even they would shrug it off. She supposed it wasn’t too surprising, only Veronica had seen her close up, most of the others had caught only fleeting glimpses of her through dirty glass while being screamed at from their captain to back off. Over so many months Andorial had just become one of the crew, she rather enjoyed it, the work, the sense of achievement… the treasure. They were always out hunting a new bounty and while she hadn’t grown up with much in the way of material items, had never needed nor wanted such things, when the opportunity presented itself she found herself greedy to snatch up the precious jewels. Andorial and Veronica found even ground, though they bickered often they spend their nights doing less angry activities. They fell into a system, being the only females on the ship they had each other’s back and a sort of comradery was born. This would be tested too the limits when on one evening Veronica killed another crewmember, Andorial didn’t know why but she knew well enough that Veronica wouldn’t kill helping hands for no good reason. When the captain demanded punishment for Veronica Andorial intervened. Staging a rather convince accident to swipe the captain over board she then slipped into the water from the other side as all the crewmembers stared off the edge their captain had fallen off. Just as they were preparing to dive in and save their captain they were halted from the mermaid splashing, exposing her familiar tail to them before yanking the captain into the depths where she drowned him. Andorial would return later that evening pulling herself into the porthole of Veronica’s cabin and gave her the captain’s hat she’d stolen from his corpse. With their captain gone and no designated first mate things were quickly getting wild, the ship could not function without a captain, the crew would do as they pleased, they would never get anything done, violence would go rampant and unpunished. As Veronica struggled to draw the crew in, Andorial saw a perfect opportunity to manipulate the weak to her will, and to make sure Veronica was very well aware of the fact that the only reason she was Captain was because of her. A siren’s voice is only as powerful as she is wise, she can talk all day, dripping every word with honey, but if she can’t create a shred of doubt in them she’ll never be able to manipulate them. Andorial was an expert at manipulation though, she easily and swiftly broke into their wills and had them hanging off every word she said in mere minutes. The crew had become humble and obedient to the only two women on board. Occasionally they would wonder why they had a female for a Captain, but Andorial would quickly nip that in the bud. Years passed, Andorial and Veronica created an impenetrable force and a fearful duo. The crew would change over time, some died, some left, some just got too old to keep up with the workload and they’d be left at port. They changed ships whenever they could ‘commandeer’ a better one. And now they stood together their sights on their next target.
  25. ...and it made me frown

    I've been to the dentist three times in the past 4 days. Thursday for a regular cleaning, Friday because I had two cavities that needed to be filled, and then just today because the fillings protruded too much and messed up my bite thus causing unpleasant headaches. Not that I mind the dentist, I'm comfortable with the environment and my dentist is a pretty awesome guy, I just... would rather be doing other things... and I hate waiting. Waiting rooms are bad places where perfectly sane people LOSE THEIR MINDS!