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  1. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    It's cool he'll be a gentle duck monster... but he'll enjoy sodomizing... so ya know... butter up yer pooper.
  2. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Next auction request will involved giant duck monster and his corkscrew penis.
  3. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    I wanna hear read more about duck penises.
  4. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Cork screw penis....
  5. Psychedelic Space Lounge

    Y'all are dweebs
  6. Haihaihai! :)

    This is unacceptable... *shoves Nikkia out* Okay, now, *clears throat* INTRODUCING THE GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL QUEEN NIKKIA! ALL HAIL HEY GLORY! *bows, waves Nikkia in*
  7. Haihaihai! :)

    Given that Ice has placed her claim on me I think she may let her toys play together. ;P
  8. Haihaihai! :)

    Oh yay a friend of Ice's to violate...err...befriend!
  9. In Cold Blood [Discussion]

    I had actually forgotten about this, I'm sorry, but I have posted and hopefully it'll help us get going.
  10. In Cold Blood

    The nord bartender had a saucy swing to her hip, one hand perched on it, a displeased frown on her face, "Look, orc, I got nothing else. The flyers come from the Jarl, I hand 'em out, they don't tell me no more." The orc in question frowned - of course, the orsimer almost always looked like they were frowning, so she looked down right vicious now. The nord woman wasn't impressed though, she'd seen bigger and nastier than the oddly short female orc before her now. The orsimer woman clenched the flyer in her hand, it told her only of a group of bandits, it said nothing of how many there were, or of what they'd done, only that the Jarl wanted them gone. She hated Solitude, the people here were all around snootier, and this bartender proved to be no better. With a sigh, which sounded more like a growl, she messily folded the flyer and shoved it into her pack before turning away just in time to watch the brawl that took place. The nord woman was obviously displeased with this as she bolted from around her bar screaming at the two males to take it outside - they ignored her of course and continued lunging at each other. Ondine had no intentions of interfering, and so she leaned against the bar to watch the show. Before long the one male prove his superiority and knocked out the other male, his body stumbling towards Ondine who simply stepped to the side before he collapsed his head thumping painfully against the bar, the stool, and then the ground. "Damn it!" The bartender grumbled in frustration giving the opposing male a death glare before wandering into the back calling out for someone else. Ondine stepped over the unconscious body and looked up at the other male, "Proud of yourself? You knocked out a drunk old man for being... a drunk old man." She scoffed and took a seat at the table they'd just occupied, laying out the flyer to go over the details again - the little that she had. There was a rough map labeling the cave as being 'Wolfskull Cave.' There was a half empty flagon of mead probably belonging to the now unconscious male - Ondine downed the rest of it.
  11. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    *Sobs* Why do you have to be so far away? I want you to do miinneeee!! *tantrum.*
  12. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    Seriously, with what I'm doing to my poor angel for him right now if he so much as uttered something remotely akin to jealousy I would have lectured him like a catholic school nun - AND NOT THE SEXY KIND!
  13. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    I've heard that really athletic girls have shorter and lighter periods, but I totally feel you, screw all that noise, give me a damn cupcake.
  14. Pain's Arty Farty Thread

    I dunno, G4 MLP is mostly popular among adult males to my knowledge, so the fact that they're getting something other than G4 is strange, but maybe they don't realize the differences and just think it's your style.
  15. Hell Street

    The purple stingray pulled up quickly, the male she'd borrowed the cell phone one swiftly backed off when he saw the two men in the car, whether he was intimidated by them or the expensive car was a toss up. Her demon charge had remained quiet as they'd waited, while Seyerna flirted playfully with the men, mostly to keep them at bay, men would get rather touchy feely if they weren't getting obvious responses, they just tended to over do things. Seyerna climbed into the back, all but shoving the demoness in and in demonic telling her to shut up and behave, the demoness looked at her strangely which confirmed that the demon tongue was definitely dead. Seyerna sighed and buckled in. Jun drove off leaving the men in the dust, and Seyerna allowed her illusion to fade exposing her mutilated clothes, and blood covered body, as well as exposing the demoness who swiftly covered herself. Seyerna slapped her palm to her face, "Really? Now you're modest?" Seyerna was beyond frustrated and only now as she realized she was bleeding all over the interior of her beautiful car did she recall the gun shot she'd taken to the thigh. Raising her leg up and prodding at the injury she found to her complete irritation that there was no exit wound, Seyerna dropped her head against the glass window. "Jun, we're ganna have to make a pit stop somewhere, there's a bullet in my thigh I need you to dig out, on the unlikely chance it's some kind of tracking device." Jun took them to a local strip mall all of local stores - less chance of security cameras. Parked between rows and rows of cars, Seyerna thought it safe enough for the moment, not ideal for Jun to go digging into the back of her leg but better than being out in the open where police cars were racing around looking for them. Seyerna got out and as she did her dark magic shimmered over her body taking the advice of the human and 'downing' her looks, though she kept her black hair, her eyes turned brown, her skin seemed to gain an almost sickliness to her usually beautifully, smooth porcelain complexion, and the clothes she created seems a tad too big for her, her more womanly features were reduced, but not too much, she wanted to appear different in person but should she be caught on camera no one would be arguing about how the black haired woman in the camera didn't match the one in person. Opening the passenger door, and crouching down with a hiss from her injury she came face to face with Storm, "Ya alright?" She asked softly, most of her anger having deteriorated by now. "I'm going to go in and get new clothes for us, maybe you can talk to our new friend. She's in the same boat as you, find out her name, see if she knows anything useful, just try to be friendly though, information isn't the priority. She needs someone she can trust and well... after what she just saw that most definitely isn't me." She stared into his eyes for a moment longer before popping open the glove department in front of Storm and pulling out a credit card from a stack of a dozen or so before slamming it shut. She stood back and gestured for Storm to get out, "Sit in the back with her, the windows are tinted no one will see either of you." Turning to Jun she gave him an awkward smile at the very bizarre situation, "Make it quick, we can't be standing out here with you prodding at the back of my leg for long." Seyerna turned and laid against the car stretching out her injured leg as much as she could, the illusion of her jeans shimmied away like a hole had been burned through the imaginary fabric, even the blood on her skin just seemed to abruptly stop where the illusion began. "When we get out of town I have a place we can go, at least for a little while, hopefully long enough for Storm to recover at least somewhat."
  16. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    Oh, Alisyn.... XD I'm on board with Ice, I see no reason to be all hush-hush about things, especially periods. How often do you hear someone say "I have to pee"? Why is that bodily function more acceptable that shedding my uterine lining and unfertilized eggs?
  17. Sanctuary

    Aisuriel curled up in the middle of the cage, clutching her knees as the men below screamed up at her. They jumped, they threw things, they even started climbing on each other. They never seemed to get tired, hours past, Aisuriel had no hope of sleeping with their howling so close beneath her. The bottom bars of the bird cage were beginning to bruise her side, leg, and arm, but she didn't move, even as it seemed they were grinding into her. Tears fell, slowly at first, but faster and faster as she grew more depressed at her situation. Maybe she should just give in? Aisuriel hissed and sat up, blood rushing to her bruised limps where they quickly turned black and purple. She wouldn't think that way, her sisters would understand if she came home without making the kill, but they wouldn't understand if she gave in. She would not dirty herself just to make her task easier. Exhaustion would eventually set in and she would sleep restlessly, barely closing her eyes but for a few minutes before the sounds beneath her would jar her awake once more. All night went that way. The men eventually passed out, laying in piles on the floor below. Aisuriel had been watching them for the last hour, unbelieving on if they were actually asleep or not. She had to try though, this was intolerable. The bird cage swung just slighly as she rose and teetered to one side when she stood by the door. Slowly and carefully she worked the key into the lock. Her had had an impression of where she'd clutched the key like a vice, her fingers numb from how tightly she'd gripped it. The tumblers clicked open and as gently as she could she peeled the door open. Using her golden wings she drifted to the ground just before the door. Still no one moved. Through the door she closed it and used the skeleton key to lock it before heading down the hall, tip toeing in case there were other men about. Aisuriel stopped as she found herself before a grand hall, staring down the massive stairway that led into the hall. Her fingers ran over the elaborate rail. She could escape, that nasty demon was no where to be seen, probably still fast asleep, the door was just on the other side of the hall, but if he was asleep.... The angel turned and looked back the way she came into the pitch black hall only illuminated by her own ethereal shimmer. She could kill him, complete her task and then be free. Even as she thought it fear seemed to shock her very heart, the organ skipping beats at the very idea of falling back into his clutches. She pulled her shoulders back and braced herself, she was an angel, an elite warrior for all that was holy and righteous, she would avenge her sister. Aisuriel walked back down the dark hall, pressing out her senses to pin point the cowards location. She found him quickly enough and with a burst of anger she left the ground, gliding down the halls with ease. As she'd predicted he was asleep, resting peacefully in a grand bed of gothic design, the entire room was dim and she highlighted it with her glow, it wasn't sharp or bright enough to inhibit the sleeping though. Aisuriel didn't even chance touching the ground, she drifted over it to come stand next to his bed, watching him with narrowed eyes, the gold seeming to flare up into fire. Her bow would not work for this, she wanted to feel the life ooze from his revolting flesh, to see the agony on his face as she thrust her powers into his very heart. A fleeting thought told her such thoughts were wrong, that they were for the wicked, but she shoved it away, this monster she would enjoy killing. She jumped, her hands already engulfed in the holy flames as she launched herself at him.
  18. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    I was always that gross kid at the table who had no problem talking about my period. I once had a teacher ask me what was wrong and I told HIM "I'm bleeding" it took him a second, but then he bust out laughing, while everyone else at the table groaned "ewww". Most of my friends are the gross weirdos that discuss masturbation techniques and if our SO is willing to earn his red wings.
  19. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    Oh, when I was still in High School I'm sure most of the guys didn't even know what the girls were talking about when they said "birth control" but as we all grew up and relationships went from the cutsy crap to the reality of farting around each other the guys eventually learned.
  20. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    Because they have sex with women and deal with women on their periods? All the men I associate are aware of it, but yes I understand it is a different culture.
  21. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    You can't just explain that you have irregular periods and need the birth control for that? Its a common thing, I find it hard to believe he's not aware of such things.
  22. HH's "Time of the Month" Thread

    *Hugs* sounds absolutely horrid to live with. >.<
  23. ...and it made me frown

    What's wrong Fuchsia? Is it the wrong shade? Is magenta better? How about blush or maroon? Mauve?
  24. Celebration Thread

    The new Sailor Moon anime was released last weekend and it was awesome! I'm to impatient for this! I want new episode now!!!
  25. ...and it made me frown

    Alright, I'll call you fuchsia. <3