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  1. *****Poof***** I return (O.O) sorry I was gone for some long without a word a lot or RL things happened to make me really tired and I never got the chance to come back here, I felt to worn out and stuff. but I ish back now and ready to try and earn my graduation (b)^w^)b
  2. will be posting here once I think a character up >.>;;;
  3. hello all first time posting and was told about this place by my fwend X3 hope to have a good time here and get into some GREAT RP's X3 granted this entire time I have been having issues understanding this graduation process ^^;;
  4. lol good point X3 I have been a bit busy is all but I guess I should post a bit there shouldn't I? XD
  5. and I do try so very very hard TwT
  6. well I try to but I still slip up a lot ^^;;
  7. Thankies thankies to you all for being so nice to me (^w^)/ I thing I understand the graduation process after giving it a full read through a few times please excuse my grammer as I am not the worlds best speller ^^;;
  8. thank you I tried to find one of the most adorable thing I could and I found this (v)^w^)b
  9. Greetings from the Guard

    awesomes and things X3 hope it goes well for ya X3
  10. they say he appears when you least expect him o.o and that once he hacked a Forum server to kick out all the trolls and problem causes and there was much rejoicing.... they call him the stig o.o