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  1. Stumbleupon Anyone?

    Ahhhh Stumble... That takes me back. I used to use it A LOT back during my Freshman year of college (incidentally, 2007!), but after my Laptop went down in 2010, I never reinstalled it. It was fantastic at finding random PS tutorials and the like. Think I learned how to solder electronics from a site I found through Stumble, too!
  2. What's up?

    This, really. You know, Im actually genuinely envious of you guys... Shoot, Sanzi's a teacher... Acks moving... Wstfgls FILTH was allowed on theSACRED AND BELOVED SHORES OF AMURICUH (<3 Wsyt!) You guys actually have stuff going on! As far as me, I graduated from OSU in 2012... I'm still hunting for a job... I'm still living in a dead-end town... And I'm Becoming a bitter old man... Ifs FANTASTIC! :/ :D Though in brighter news, I somehow became a professional miniatures painter on the side. Little Ramos never would have seen this one coming. Its wonderful to see you guys again... even if its only for a little while :)
  3. Site Upgrade

    Prettyness... Getting nostalgic vibes aplenty :) :) :) Ack- Ill try to get some of my own activity soon... Really its been too long, and I havent written in YEARS!! Maybe Ill break out one of the old concepts that didnt go anywhere,,,,, hrm,.. Wonder who all else will pop back for this month... <3 you guys.....
  4. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Gas station? or... Automobile?
  5. Your Writing Readability

    Neat little tool... So I threw an exceptionally ancient version of "Ye Boocke of Ye Ages" into it (a most holy and sacred book of the Triumvirate), and that ended up with a 6th grade level :P Why do I have an old as heck file like that? Blame me never cleaning out my external harddrive! :D
  6. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    Smiles Theres a mile between the S's :D (to be fair, I remember hearing this one a while back xD) Though id go with "infinity"...
  7. AT LEAST LOOK, WOULD YA?! kthx~

    when it has a hole :D
  8. Tabletop/Board Games

    I could go for this, actually.... sounds cool!
  9. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I want like... a case of these chocolates.... So good! :P Karp bag definitely feels up to the task. nice and heavy feel to it, and not even the tiniest of my dice can slip out with the mouth closed! @ack: Shouldnt be too much longer if thats the case on the shipping. I think shipping HH's gift took about 2 and a half weeks, and I imagine thats a good general timeframe on shipping to/from the area!
  10. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Sooooooo! Today I go to check the mail and instead of just the single package I had been expecting, I found two! In the first box were some model parts. Nothing interesting there. Need em for a project! The second, however, came as a complete surprise. A Secret Santa gift from our very own Nikkia!! Ohmygoshyouguysitssocool!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH IT'S SO COOOOOOOOLL!!!! I just cant even tell you how awesome this is xD Just.... soooooo coooooool!!! Its a Magikarp dice bag- You pull on his whiskers and the bag closes!! Has plenty of room for all my RPG dice, too, and puts the old busted bag I've been using to shame! Heh... Kinda want to find more games now, if for nothing else than to show off this bag! xD The candy is amazing as well... im a sucker for chocolate pretzels :D In fact, I used to get the plain milk chocolate version of the dairy milk bars all the time when my family used to vacation in Toronto. I fell in love with it, but havent been able to get them in years! Awesome awesome. Thank you so much, Nikkia!!!!!! Such an awesome gift! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH SO COOL!!!!! XDD
  11. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Yessssss!! This is excellent news ^^ Glad ya like it all- especially the soopar seekrit mystery gift :P
  12. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    That is one epic gift!! Nice work!! As far as my secret Santa... Hopefully this means its through customs. Hopefully it gets to you soon :o Anywho.... I Got a couple lovely cards over the holiday as well from HH and Mystic :D (Mystic- Dude, no idea you were an Ohioan xD You used to live not even 45 mins south of me! ) Glad to hear people got my cards as well! The wax seal is a fun little add on that I discovered some years ago, and I love it. Wish I could send out more mail so I could use it more, haha!
  13. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    And tomorrow my gift shall be on its way to my Secret Santa... :D @ack!: So much damn glitter.... Im still finding chunks of it all over the house! xD There were crazy few non-glitter cards (read as one boring ass pack of basic ones), so I just said the hell with it and went nuts :D
  14. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    Thats awesome, ack! xD Just finished up my batch o' Christmas Cheer here, so they should be flying all around the world pretty soon :D I feel I must apologize a bit for the brevity of the greetings within, as I've never been a man of many words. Hopefully it's enough to warm your holiday spirits all the same. Also, Glitter. Every card I could find was soaked in glitter!!! ><'' Have fun being sparkly till next Christmas, guys! As to my Secret Santa... I've a few ideas that might be fitting for them... Should be a treat!
  15. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I will absolute for sure do cards this year! (both send and receive) After last years fiasco with all my BS issues and money and internet and all, this is the year I make up for that crap! As far as Secret Santa, I should be able to do something nice. Recently completed my time as a Contractor for a law firm, so Im not nearly as strapped as last year (thank god). Now to come up with a fun idea for cards........
  16. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    I-I think that the soldier and, uh, the AI are conversing... Er... Do we need to upgrade the AI's RAM? It s-seems he has occasional memory bugs....
  17. Swarm Mystery 3: Solus Imperium [SWARM VICTORY!]

    Err... Heya! Im afraid th-that Engineer Dreamylane caught a bit of Taryan Flu, so she's... uh... being q-quarantined for a few days. Second Tech Echelon was supposed to have assumed her duties, b-but we cant find him anywhere. Th-third Technician Asura at your services. The World Council j-just appointed me Lead Engineer of this project... I d-do apologize for my jitteriness. I, um, Im not really all that great with, uh, p-public speaking. Least of all in such circumstances. I mean its a beautiful ship! D-dont get me wrong, I dont want to offend our, er, host... but, um, I j-just cant work with the threat of some alien... thing... hunting us. I-I'd much rather be working on the AI, b-but he looks like hes busy with the, uh, soldier... I don't want to intrude. In the mean time, I,... uh... I'd like to converse with our glorious Leader about our Space Elevator program... Y-you see, if we c-can get an... erm... 3% increase in our funding, w-we can get these new espresso machines.....
  18. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Heyo guys! Sorry for vanishing, ended up needing to cram every last minute into preparing for my convention/tournament. That said, its done now, and Im still up for this iffin you guys are still willing to have me :) I have been reading both teams (for my terrible habit of being a lurker is unmatched), and I'm loving the way both teams are going on ^^
  19. What do you collect?

    @Nikkia: Dude that is a bad ass old school collection! My dad was something of a stamp collector when he was young... I think I still have his collection floating around here somewhere. @Pain: Oooohhhh what a beautiful book.... I love older books, especially the smell, oddly enough. The pages just have that particular odor to them... hard to describe other than "Old book smell" Anyways, I think that'd be from the early 70's, probably the 72 version. India paper is that very thin bible paper. My nicest version is from the early 90's (I wanted a version that came out before the movies xD), and has a neat painting on the dust jacket. Leafing through it just reminded me how much I adore the book. The maps are still works of art! As to collections.... i used to collect shotglasses, but that has since fallen to the wayside, mostly cause I dont travel anywhere to buy them anymore. I guess for a more modern collection, theres Warhammer minis. I mostly do commission work anymore, but i still have a decent collection outside of that. mostly unpainted or messily painted, but there are a few pieces I really like in there... One day I really gotta go through and photograph some of them.
  20. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Absolutely delightful!
  21. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Its like I was meant to be on that side of the team! Magikarp is orange, my 40k SPESS MEHREENS are orange... Chocobos are.... erm.... Yellow... Uh... anyways! Orange Override... What a wicked name :D With the new thread I should be able to write a more suitable intro post for myself (I know, Im always saying this), but Ill do some work on it today. Looking forward to this :)
  22. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Second thread may work interestingly enough. Crossovers could be interesting between the two, and i think we can fuss about with some more metajokes while we're at it :P I think ill leave my own addition to the story till a little later, when its a more opportune moment. Should work out a little better literarily speaking. At least Im getting more ideas as you guys fight along :D
  23. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Agh so much!! See, initially I was actually even considering playing a straight man (no not THAT one THIS one!)- a character with a bit more of a serious slant... but now... goddamn it you guys are awesome. I want to embrace the madness xD What to do what to do... I was considering sort of a gambling aspect of combat, like casting spells or something by pulling cards out of a deck... But thats getting way too yugioh/mtg for me xD Or dice, but thats hard to make into an ability ("oooh fear me! I'll roll a d6 at you... ooooooooh!) Or throwing cards and shit (less Gambit and more Dandy Man from Hellsing). Problem is... those just arent me. I want to do like what you all did and make something truly inspired by myself... Over the top but with an identity. Another thought I had was imprinting skills, so like a "Mirror Attack" character... I dont know how I could run the animating 40k figs... Its -me- but it feels too similar to what we already have, with summons and whatnot. erghhhhhh... I dont know what to do... I need to get inspired with this thing... Too bad my muse is apparently on blasted vacation! Chocobo is so effing in, though....
  24. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    God DAMN you people are gonna be tough acts to follow! And Mel... I love all your misc. formatting... frigging brilliant. So yeah, Im still neck-deep in my project, so nothing from me yet! will try to pop in soon as I can!!