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  1. What do you collect?

    I collect Hot Wheels cars (even though I'm kinda to old for them), but it's actually not that bad as I have A LOT of free time to collect them. I also collect bird feathers and sometimes I collect old and rear coins.
  2. R The Mighty Will Fall

    When Rink woke back up from his sleep, he was greeted with a tray of hot tea and bread on the small counter next to him. Greedily eating the bread and drinking the tea, Rink started to think about his next move. Then,Libby walked happily into his room and said, "Well, look who's awake!" Rink then got up and quickly put on his magic robes and grabbed his staff. "Wait, you're leaving us again?" Libby said, her smile quickly turning into a frown. "I have to go, many mages are in trouble and they need me to save them." "Why do you still care about those who didn't bring you into this world?" Rink just ignored her and walked through the door behind her, thinking extensively about what she said. Was he really fighting for the wrong people?
  3. R The Mighty Will Fall

    It took Rink just over an hour to reach the town of Yeswer. It was a small, secluded little village that was full of mage sympathizers. As he walked past the town sign an into the town itself, people immediately stopped what they were doing and stared at him in a mixture of awe and fear. Yes, Rink was well know in this village, and people knew of his exploits. 'The inn's right over there, sir," said a young farm boy, who instantly knew what Rink had come for. "Thank you," said Rink as he ruffled the boy's hair playfully. He then walked up to the broken-down inn by the name of The Greedy Dragon. It was a small inn, and at about two stories high, it was safe to say that it was just a small house. Rink tapped on the door and a little slot was opened to reveal two beady little eyes. "Oh my! Well, lookie here! It's Rink coming back to see us!" said a female voice, and then the slot was closed and the door opened to reveal a rosy-cheeked, plumb and short old lady. "It's good to see you, Libby," said Rink in a calm voice. "Aww, it's good to see ye to, Rinky-dinky," she said playfully. He let himself in and soon enough, he was in his bed, fast asleep.
  4. R The Mighty Will Fall

    Rinkron woke up with a start, it was another night mare keeping him from enjoying a good night's rest. As he woke up, he gazed at the the twinkling stars in the night sky, as he was on the run again from the dreaded humans. But alas, it was time to move again, anyway. So, he quickly dawned his usual cloak of red cloth and white fur that draped him is such a fashion that made him look like a scholar. Then, he grabbed his old wooden staff, which had served him for many years in the forbidden art of magic. After grabbing the other necessities like food and drink, he walked off in a northern direct, hoping to get to another town soon, where he would meet an old friend of his. Before he made it a few feet from his former camp site, he heard a slight rustling of leaves and he froze, looking in every direction. The rustling grew louder and louder until it was as if the being making the noise was right next to him. And then, all of a sudden, a tall and black figure rose out of the bushes and attacked Rinkron right there! He was hardly prepared for this and the assailant quickly got the upper hand and wrapped his cold and bony fingers around Rinkron's neck. Rink, however, was not one to give up and reached for the dagger that was hidden his bag that happened to be next to him and stabbed the figure right in the gut. The attacker let out a loud yell and fell to the ground right next to Rinkron and laid there motionless for a while. Rink, assuming he was dead, got up and checked the body for anything that could give him a clue as to who this man was. The man's face was a ghastly shade of white and he had uninteresting facial features, other than a scar on his neck that looked like an arrow. Rink didn't think much of it and seached his body for any valuables and he was on his way after that; assuming that the man was just a common bandit.
  5. Recently, I've taken a liking to action (or hack n' slash) MMORPGs (F2P of course), and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any of those games to me. I've already tried TERA, C9, RaiderZ and GW2.
  6. R Inherit The Stars (Sign-Ups)

    Don't worry, Sara. I'm in no rush, so you can take your time.
  7. R Inherit The Stars

    Rynn: Not to long after this, a voice is heard behind you, saying "Stop!" repeatedly. As you turn around, you see a small child, no more the nine, walk up to you and hand you a small parcel. "The elders said to give this to you, said something about 'divine help', says the child. This could mean many things that can aid you on your quest, or something that would make it worse. He then says, "But they said that it can only be used when you really need it." This could be the time to decide your character's faith. Is she a believer or is she an atheist? Will she take the item or not? Your choice can have a great impact on the story of your adventure!
  8. The Mighty Will Fall [Sign-Ups]

    Name: Rinkron Hawthoron Alias: Rink Class: Nature Mage Age: 56 Gender: Male Description: Personality: He is usually very docile and studious, But, when he gets angry he can release a torrent of spells that can cause great damage. History: Rink was born to a family of nobles and lived in a life a luxury. But when he got lost on a hiking trip through a thick wood, he met an old nature mage who taught him the arts, and every night he would sneak out of his house to see the mage. Then, his father found out about his son's ways and disowned him (his mother died years ago). So, he spends the rest of his life growing ever more powerful and hopes that he can liberate his kind from the tyranny of humans.
  9. Okay, I guess I'll do just that, then.
  10. Well, I'm not used to battles as I'm still a student. Is there anything I can do?
  11. R Inherit The Stars (Sign-Ups)

    It's okay HH. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit rusty when it comes to making RPs myself.
  12. R Inherit The Stars

    Maureen: As you make your way across the Orisian countryside, a lush and beautiful place, you come across a wealthy hunting party of Orisian who are searching for a "wiver", a small feral creature that inhabits the planet (their meat is quite juicy and sweet). They spot you and immediately recognize you as human beings and they come to you riding their hover bikes. As they come closer, you see the facial features of their leader, a pudgy yet proud Orisian, he is not much to look at however, with is small and round face, small cat-like nose and eyes of the deepest shade of green you've ever seen. "What are you doing out of your stupid little holes, you worms?" he says to you with a gruff and old voice, brandishing a laser rifle, "Ye better start talkin'!" Will you answer him?
  13. R Inherit The Stars (Sign-Ups)

    1. The term 'rouglike' describes a subgenre of games (video games or otherwise) that follow the path of and old text-based adventure game called Rogue, in which the player must go into dungeons, kill monsters and so on. Also, a main feature in the game was permadeath, which means that if your character dies, they are gone for good. 2. Yes, just think of the Hunger Games or any others that may come to mind.
  14. R Inherit The Stars (Sign-Ups)

    The official thread is up! Here's the link: http://www.surreality-rp.com/topic/489-inherit-the-stars/
  15. R Inherit The Stars

    Everyone on Oris knew what day it was, it was the day the few of those who are a part of the tribes of humans go out to find the sacred map, a map the would lead them to their freedom. You are tasked with finding this map, and braving the trials that lie ahead of you, for the Orisian Empire does not take kindly to this sort of thing. As the elders of your tribe meet with you, they give you your equipment and pieces of advice to go on your way. As you leave your camp, you hope to bring good fortune to those that trust you, or die trying. The starting point is determined by you. Will you start in the forests where monsters roam alongside loot? Will you start in the Orisian city of Domus where humans are welcome, or will you start in the countryside where you can see most of the far off lands? (P.S: For this choice, you'll just have to give me a short paragraph documenting you leaving your tribe and then going off to the place that you chose, also you may choose whatever character you may wish to start with. Once everyone has chosen, we may begin.)