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  1. A thread to post in when something gets you down. I'll start it with the news that Hayao Miyazaki is retiring.
  2. What's up?

    huuuuuuuuergh eeeeeeerghhhghhgh
  3. Playstation 4

    just announced today
  4. Playstation 4

  5. yo

    antwaine can we just get married already
  6. Gauging interest in something like this. Would anyone want to do this? Edit: THE ENTRANTS SO FAR ack Lady Riddel Seanzilla Bleck Asura TriOctium Demonic Gate Valentine Kyo Sunset
  7. Secret Santa 2013

    okay yeah update your steam wishlist 'cause you're getting something that a mail man can't FUCK UP
  8. Secret Santa 2013

    I got it and I love it even if it's enormous. Okay if it hasn't arrived by Saturday I'm considering it a lost cause and I'll make it up to ye.
  9. Secret Santa 2013

    kyo did you not get my fuckin' thing yet
  10. League of Legends

  11. [COMPLETED!] MAFIA - A Marvellously DC Game

    Ahahahah! Hahahahahah!
  12. ground up and served as a hamburger

    Do you have a Prankster Sableye?
  14. Anime/Manga General

    They're playing Akira at the theater I work at in January. I get to see it for free.
  15. This is a list of grievances that I have difficulty feeling any empathy towards. People make you feel like your decision is wrong? Maybe you should stop insisting at twenty-something that you've made a life-changing decision and that there's absolutely no way you'll ever change your mind, no sir. When you start acting like an adult (which includes acknowledging that you are not an oracle of the future), people are probably more inclined to treat you like one. I know you said that it's just the way you feel now, which is reasonable, but there are lots of other people - including in this thread - who've made much more definitive claims. People keep talking about their kids? Have you tried speaking to those people about it instead of whining behind their backs? Family members keep pressuring you to have kids? See the first point. Doctor won't give you a vasectomy at twenty-something? See the first point. Parents get preference for things over other people? Wow, it's like society acknowledges that parents are maybe responsible for more lives than their own, or something. "Sorry, Ms. Johnson, but you can't go on vacation to spend some time with your kids because we really need to give that vacation time to Bobby Smith so he can marathon some anime or something". Oh, woe is me!
  16. 1) Atheism is a philosophical standpoint that posits a set of ideas. This is different from the idea of not having children, in which the defining characteristic of the idea is a lack of children. 2) Anyone who'd go out of their way to identify themselves as part of the "atheist community" is probably also sporting a neckbeard and a fedora and writing up a Men's Rights Activism pamphlet to pass out at their local Shop That Sells Little Statues Of Dragons out of their trenchcoats as we speak.
  17. What I'm saying here is that it doesn't matter. It's wrong to say that the decision is wrong, yes - but it's wrong because it's irrational to say that someone will definitely change their mind about something in the future, because you're essentially saying that you can see into the future, to which the only reasonable response is a pronounced rolling of the eyes. In the same vein, saying that "I'll never have kids, ever" gets the same reaction from me, for the same reason. It's fundamentally different from both of those things, because those examples are groups of people who are joined together via their mutual interest in a thing, which is how a community works. It's virtually impossible to form a community out of the absence of a thing. What's happening here is that you're annoyed at specific people and you're turning it into a thing about all people who share a certain quality. It's unreasonable to say that all new parents constantly talk about their children, because the implication is that you've spoken to literally every new parent on the planet.
  18. Childfree - "I've decided to make not wanting this thing a core part of my identity because there's absolutely no way that I could change as a person as I no doubt already have hundreds of times already like every single human being in recorded history has and will continue to do for the foreseeable future."
  19. Christmas Specials and Music

    I made you guys a Christmas video.