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  1. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    Lysander moves around the group to engage the zombies in the back, unleashing a mighty strike against one of the bloated corpses, followed by a swift kick which explodes into a burst of flame that hurts both of the undead. Sidestepping a lurching flail from the burning zombie, the tiefling whirls his scythes, ready for the next attack. Move; adjacent to Corruption Corpse. Standard; Burning Brand vs CC at 1d20+3=17. Damage for 2d8+4=18 No Action; Flurry of Blows vs CC. It takes ongoing 5 fire damage and a -2 to attack me until the start of my next turn. Both it and Rotwing take 6 fire damage from Burning Brand's effect. I shift one square to the left.
  2. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    Lysander wipes some gore from his clothes with a grimace. "I hate this guy. As a necromancer he could at least have the courtesy to summon skeletons, or something. Zombies are just...ugh, this is never going to wash out. But I'm fine, I think. Lead on, fellows." 2 surges to heal to max.
  3. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    Lysander charges to the other side of the room, running up the wall for a moment and bringing down his foot as it lights on fire with a rush of consumed air. The blow misses the zombie just barely, but the tiefling doesn't miss a beat, using his momentum to turn and deliver a crushing frontal blow to the rotting corpse, followed by a swift jab as the air around him ignites, wreathing the monk and his companion in flames. Move; to the zombie. Standard: Burning Brand misses at 1d20+8=10 Action Point: Light the Fire hits at 1d20+8=28 for 2d8+5=13 damage. At the start of his turn, the zombie takes another 5 fire damage for starting his turn in the attack's aura. No Action: Flurry of Blows for ongoing 5 fire damage.
  4. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    Lysander slashes a zombie to bits with his sickle, then punches another one in the face with a burst of fire. His nose still scrunches up with the stench. "Somebody take care of that thing, please?" he asks. Sanger proceeds to do so, earning a relieved sigh from the tiefling. "Thank you." Standard; Steel wind versus bottom two zombies, Crit the bloodied one, miss the second. No Action Flurry of blows, dealing ongoing 5 fire damage to the zombie I missed. When he saves, he takes an additional 5 cold damage.
  5. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    "Uuuughhhh," Lysander groaned, wiping the gore off his face., "I really hate zombies!" He steps to the side, then hacks at the approaching zombies in whirlwind of sickleblades, then kicks the stinking zombie in the face with a gout of flame, setting the creature alight. Move; Shift one down. Standard; Steel Wind versus both zombies at 2x1d20+8-5=14,4. Hit one zombie for 1d8+4=12. No action; Desert Wind Flurry of Blows. Corruption Corpse takes 5 ongoing fire damage (save ends) and a -2 to attacks that include me as a target UEOMNT. I shift to the side.
  6. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    "Oh, gross." Lysander groaned as he drew his scythes, spiraling inbetween the two of the shambling corpses. Both try to strike, but are unable to land their slow blows on the nimble tiefling. He retaliates against one of them, but the slash seems to do little. "I hate zombies," he sighs, as bits of gore fall dejectedly to the ground. Move; Movement technique on Blistering Flourish. Both OA's miss. Standard; Attack technique on Blistering Flourish on bottom corpse. Miss with 1d20+8-5=14.
  7. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    Lysander watches from a distance as the operation goes down, commenting off-hand to Iris; "I'm not sure whether I should take the fact that you think me the best liar as a compliment or an insult." Still, he takes one bead bracelet, fastening it around his arm.
  8. DnD (A) Episode 4: Culling the Cult

    "What I want to know is why they sent the giant robot to infiltrate something." Lysander grunts as he looks around for signs of the cult. "If anything, we'll be lucky if he only breaks one wall to 'infiltrate' the cult." Perception at d20+7=17.
  9. Because that 4e doesn't work if you have to wait a million years for all people involved to take their turn.
  11. This is the worldbuilding/ooc thread for the game I'm running. There is no recruitment. Quick pitch; All of you are part of the selection this season's new members of the Adventurer's Guild charter in Seawall, a small fishing village in the south-eastern swamps of Gardenia. As part of the Guild's tradition, you have been thrown together in a rudimentary party to test your abilities, and sent out to retrieve the Orb of Esrayle (one of the Guild's founding members) from the old ruins in the swamp. Worldbuilding; to come. Add stuff as you like w/r/t backgrounds. Also post links to your character sheets.
  12. Cha'ac simply moves up past everyone else. Sure, the big boss is a big target, but he can't reach him from here without charging recklessly ahead. If he went that far, he'd be out of position. So instead, he bangs on his shield. "Come and get it, big fellow!" Truth be told, relief was more in his mind than a sense of danger. Skills were not particularly his forte, especially not with social situations, so he'd just been standing around looking tough. But now that there was a fight, he could at least do what he did best - protect and serve.
  13. Cha'ac couldn't help but roll his eyes as he saw the archer stomp out of the house. Honestly, you'd think the man had no sense of conversation at all! Still, they had to find out something about these bandits, at least... Sighing, the warden took it upon himself to do so, while the others searched for the man's daughter. "Excuse me, sir?" Cha'ac said carefully as he walked into the house. "What?!" He decided to ignore the man's grumpy attitude. No need to be as hostile as Amroth. "Apologies for the ranger's behaviour, sir. He's...well. A little simple. Are you alright? We have a cleric with us, if you need healing." "Ha! As if a bunch of pansies could ever hurt me!" "Of course, sir. Do you know who these men were? Are they part of a known gang around this area, or...?" Spying the bruises on the man, the warforged decided it might be a good idea to notify Iris. It might look worse than it was, but either way, it wouldn't hurt to show a little kindness while fishing for information. "Never seen them before. I heard some idiots talk about bandits who took residence nearby. Said we'd best leave our farms. I'm no coward though! I'm never leaving!" "Right you are, sir. If you could tell us anything else you might know, or perhaps about someone who does, we'll be able to take care of the problem for you." "Don't know much. Last I heard about these bandits was a month ago. Took the fools long enough to find me!" "Well, it's not much, but it's a start. Have the other farmers in the area stayed as well? Perhaps we should make a start there, to make sure everybody is secure, before we root out the thugs proper." And, of course, to get some extra XP. Hey, this was still a game, after all. Better to get as much as they can before they run into real trouble. "They fled with their tails between their legs! Bunch of wimps, if you ask me." Bummer. "I suppose that makes our job easier. Thank you for your information, sir. We'll get rid of these bandits as soon as possible." Excusing himself from the house again, Cha'ac joined up with the rest of the group and notified Iris that the farmer needed some of her healing.
  14. Cha'ac smirked as the bandits crowded around him. "That's right, over here, you wretches!" he yelled out for good measure, banging his shield. This was his job, after all, taking all the attention so that people like Nam could slip and take the kill. Nodding to the rogue once she's out of the dangerzone, Cha'ac winds up for another lightning-and-thunder combo that batters the thugs crowded around him. Mark HG/HL. Tempest Assault vs HG. Roll(1d20)+9: 14,+9 Total:23 Roll(1d10)+5: 3,+5 Total:8 HL takes 3 damage.
  15. Cha'ac whirls his hammer around. Armed men at a farm? Must be thugs, or some other sort of outlaws. Easy enough to deal with. He charges forward at an easy pace - and predictably, they strike. The warden's quick enough to block one blow with his shield, but the other slips into his guard and strikes him savagely. Still, the damage is easy enough to bear, and summoning a crackle of lightning around his hammer, Cha'ac bludgeons the guard that just hit him. The predictable peal of thunder follows, hammering into the face of the guard that Nam just shanked. Guard OA Roll(1d20)+10: 8,+10 Total:18 Miss Roll(1d20)+10: 14,+10 Total:24 Hit Roll(1d10)+3: 5,+3 Total:8 Cha'ac's actions: - Mark both guards. - Tempest Assault vs left guard: Roll(1d20)+9: 19,+9 Total:28 Roll(1d10)+5: 9,+5 Total:14 Right guard takes 3 damage.