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  1. In the Roleplaying Classifieds: What?! She said it! Just... a few words might be missing here or there.
  2. Digital Perms

    Words are for poets. Go back there and tell them to fix your hair. Through the medium... of fists.
  3. The Funny Shit Thread

  4. Can I get some help?

    Boob physics in games - the reason Alienware was invented.
  5. What Motivates You?

    Cheeseburgers is a good motivation. Or gold. Or golden cheeseburgers. Actually, just anything I can eat or horde.
  6. You're a scholar. Did you want more? That's already a big compliment. scholarˈskɒlə/noun 1. a specialist in a particular branch of study, especially the humanities. "a Hebrew scholar" synonyms: academic, intellectual, learned person, professor, man of letters,woman of letters, mind, intellect, savant, polymath, highbrow,bluestocking See that? You're a polymath too. That's like... a pokémon or something. Well done you.
  7. Celebration Thread

    Just come back from my time in the dungeon of the innuendo zombies, it went well. They got my sword in their end-o.
  8. Ya know what else gets chopped off? A hand. The guy whines about it like you'd think he only had one to start with. Rookies.
  9. What Do You Value Most In A Roleplayer?

    A good sense of humour in the selection of their safety word and a great collection of toys.
  10. How do I like my steak...?
  11. Living and happy, see? He's smiling. Super happy fun time. I don't know any other kind of bunny. They all look like this in Norverse.
  12. So you got your dong cut off, so what? Go cry about it, ya baby! You don't see me complaining about not having one.
  13. Hello~

    Robots, huh? I can dig it. Except digging robots. Then they can dig it. Welcome!