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  1. Forget shouting. I just look at Dragons to knock them out of the sky.

    I went into Pokémon with high expectations. I came out with a new pair of Pichu slippers. I was not disappointed.
  3. That would be the one with the goat. Because goats. I don't even know what that is, but given that I can walk on my hands. Yes. It is neither a nickname, or an officially chosen name. I took the name from another family. They can't even use it now. I bust in their door, laid claim to it and gave them a new name. They are now called the 'Failures'. Mr and Mrs Failure. And little Johnny Failure. They accepted it with reverence.
  4. @Seanzilla: If I told you, you'd see it coming. Adventurers are patient... and well-armed. Now you have to ask yourself, when is it coming? It could be today, it might not be for three months. But one day soon, you'll know about it. You best believe, i'm coming for you. Like the rain.
  5. Please don't eat the Asian

    Mmm, new blood. A taste sensation.
  6. @Yajuu_Kikuishi: Well, I get it professionally cut, coloured and... drawn. Because you can't take a picture of 'legendary', it simply exists. When the camera gets pointed to me, it just takes a shot of a golden aura. So I have to be drawn in order to show my likeness, and even then, by the time the work is done, the artist has gone blind from my majesty. But, hey, it's a close likeness and a sacrifice i'm sure they'd make again, if they could.
  7. @Raine Bell: I'll try to think of something... *thought bubble*
  8. New Year Resolutions

    I've got a couple of resolutions: Kill all the orcs.Drink all the mead.Bed all the maidens.Complete all the quests.Get this #$@&%*! amulet off.
  9. That banner is now mine. Finn is a novice, next to me. This is my thread. And if you do not like it... THEN THE HELL WITH YOU!!!
  10. Site Suggestions!

    Less talking, more adventure?
  11. I crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hear the lamentation of the wooooomeeeeeeeeen! And if you do not listen... THEN THE HELL WITH YOU!!!
  12. @Noia: Hey... @TriOctium: Yes. It will. @ack!: I do and - what is school...? If it's anything like adventuring then... yes. @Raine Bell: Yes, soon and never. It takes a certain level of panache to turn things inside out like me.
  13. @DragonGuard: The one with the most sex. Or, the most food. Probably ancient Rome. @rubberrazors: I don't know. I've never wanted to look inside, because every time I touch the flap it growls.
  14. @HerculeHastings: I think of you like this: MYAH!!!
  15. @DragonGuard: Get into bed and eat until you enter a food coma. Then you will warm up, while passed out and full. That's what I do every thursday night, I call them "Jabba Thursdays". @Kyo: If I told you that, i'd have to kill you. Or at least tie you up and forget about you.
  16. @DragonGuard: The green kind. Wasabi...? I don't know, but i'm concerned now. Orcs are green, the dip was green. I may have to get checked. @Kyo: Well, my amulet pulled me through my world at it's weakest moment, so maybe when it gets strong enough, it will also be able to pull everyone's favourite character from their own worlds? It'll be chaos. Chaos is sexy. As for anything else, it's a surprise. Now put it back in your pants.
  17. "Freya is amazing. We love her." - Everyone This totally happened. It was great. Love you too, everyone!!
  18. Children...? SICK.
  19. @Kyo: I zigged when I should have zagged. @Valentine: Bipeds...?