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    I'll do werewolves and vampires and mutants. I'll do "normal" people. I'll do really dirty, nasty, disgusting stuff. I'll do sexy, hot, et al. I am completely non-preferential as to the sex, gender, or sexuality. 

    Quite frankly, there's a lot I'll do, but I'm not a fan of deep hardcore as I don't really have the time. I'm not familiar with roleplaying.


















    What?! She said it!


    Just... a few words might be missing here or there.

  2. You're a scholar. Did you want more? That's already a big compliment.



    1. 1.
      a specialist in a particular branch of study, especially the humanities.
      "a Hebrew scholar"
      synonyms: academicintellectual, learned person, professor, man of letters,woman of letters, mindintellectsavantpolymathhighbrow,bluestocking



    See that? You're a polymath too. That's like... a pokémon or something. Well done you.

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  3. A wizard of spoons, huh? I'm a wizard too. We might have something in common, do you like turning people inside out too? Maybe we can hook up, swap stories, and I can steal your magic staff. That's not innuendo. Unless you want it to be. Then it's still not innuendo, but at least you're being honest with yourself. Welcome!

  4. And now the cold welcome. Get out. Stay out. You're not welcome here. Here be trolls. Which, just so happens to have been slain, by yours truly. You are now safe. And welcome. Aren't you glad you went on that journey with me? We're like best friends now. Except i'm the better friend. You can be my sidekick. But sidekicks still get treasure. You can have... this amulet, just... let me get it off... it's not even cursed, or anything. Honest.

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