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  1. Mods?

    Was a spammer in the student section but it has been taken care of thankfully
  2. Mods?

    Seconded. Especially since we only have one student whose active at the moment
  3. Crystalmoore Estate

    Turning a corner Katrina stared down yet another empty corridor, lined with no doors no lights, not even a single window. She had been wandering empty halls for what seemed to be hours. Surveying the amount the candle burned down though said otherwise. It stood tall and straight, not a single drop of wax rolled to the base, there was no melted wax to drip. Growing exasperated Katrina stomped a heeled boot. "This is ridiculous, I am going to go back and start over." Turning on her heel, she moved forward and ran straight into a wall. The bump forced her to take a few startled steps backwards. Had she not come from that way? Surely there couldn't be a wall. She was just standing in the middle of a hallway. Was she not? A loud clatter sounded from behind her, forcing her to jump around. A picture frame was lying on the floor, clearly apparent that it was hanging from the wall not a second sooner. Thunder rumbled outside, the corridor vibrating with the energy from the storm. Lightning cracked a moment later illuminating the hallway from the window that sat pristine beside her. Blinking her eyes several times, Katrina pressed the book to her chest in hopes to calm her wild heartbeat. She was being such a child, jumping at shadows. She gently placed the book and candle on a small table the stood up underneath the window and reached down to lift the picture. The flame gave enough light that finding the hook to hang the portrait again was simple. Backing away Katrina surveyed the whole image. There sat a young girl, blonde curled hair framed her face, bright violet eyes seemed to smile out at her, the large bow the sat on her head was almost as large as her face. She seemed like a sweet kid full of fun, like a darling doll. Lightning flashed behind Katrina and the image changed momentarily. The little girls eyes gleamed red and her grin was no longer innocent but had a more threatening appearance to it. The flashing outside continued and the picture changed again. She saw herself sitting in the frame, but not truly her. Her green eyes were replaced with devious gold ones, her brown hair hung loose in her face. Alas that was not the part that disturbed her the most, it was the wide Cheshire cat grin she had. It was the most wicked smile she had ever seen. The lightning finally ceased and the image returned to that of the young girl. Stumbling backwards in fear her rear knocked into the small table she had set everything. The candle fell to the ground, the book following in the tumble downwards. Katrina tried to grasp the items before they hit the floor, which resulted in her wrapping her hand around the wick's end and knocking the book open. She felt the slight burn of the flame but her eyes fell on the page that the book had opened to. In bold lettering she stared in shock of what it read. Afraid of the dark? Then she felt the lurch beneath her and the floor gave in. Blackness enveloped her as she began her downward spiral. Her screams grew thick in her throat but a sound did not escape from her parted lips. When she opened her eyes again she was kneeling by the window, the book and the candle sitting on the hall table completely undisturbed. Attempting to calm her breathing Katrina leaned her head back against the wall only to snap back at the sound of the storm waging war outside. Casting her gaze on the picture before her Katrina stared into the eyes of the young child. "Who are you?" Suddenly she remembered the child's handwriting in the book and why she had ventured out of the room in the first place. Standing slowly Katrina took a deep breath and reached for the candle and noticed the hint of a bruise on the inside of her forearm up to her elbow. When had she received that? Images of her hurtling down flooded her mind. Had it not been just a thought, had that really happened? Brushing the thought out of her mind she noticed the candle had almost melted down. Not wanting to dwell on it Katrina grabbed the candle of that book she had brought with her. Dread crawled up her spine as her free hand hovered over the thick leather cover. Nonsense. She chuckled to herself and wrapped her fingers around the binding. A soft smile tugged at the corners of her lips and she turned down the hall resuming her search, so preoccupied with her search she didn't notice the reflection in the window revealed an odd golden glow in her green eyes. She needed to locate this Miss. Abigail.
  4. Crystalmoore Estate

    Bright green eyes scanned the darkness she watched from the bay window. Her legs were curled up beside her, the dusty old book laid wide open on her lap. Delicate fingers traced the words beneath her. Katrina. The name sounded odd to her ears in her bell like voice but her lips move naturally as though she had mentioned the name on multiple occasions. Glancing back out the window, she was greeted with a flash of lightning followed by the near transparent reflection of her face. Her near flawless complexion shone a ghostly pale in the glass, the only thing that gave her a slight humanistic look was the light spattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her brown hair was curled almost perfectly around her face; just a few pieces were tousled from when she awoke on the bay window. She couldn't recall when she had fallen asleep by the window, then again nor could she remember much else other than her name. Well sitting here was not going to bring her memories back. Standing up from the bench, she brushed the wrinkles out from her floor length gown. It was a robin's egg blue which complemented the silkiness of her skin; the bodice hugged her tightly forming the appearance of full breasts which she was far from. Never would one expect that a young lady at the tender age of sixteen years still maintained the figure of a child. On the thought process of child Katrina surveyed the quaint room she was currently standing in. The walls were bare save for the bookshelves that towered to the ceiling, each shelf lined with books that were beyond decrepit; they were falling apart with a simple breath. It was as if just by touching them they would disintegrate into a pile of dust. The young lady was pulled from her dream like trance as a creak of a door could be hear d from far away. Her head whipped to the bedroom door as she witnessed its slow movement but the sound was not coming from it. Tilting her head petite ears picked up the sound of footsteps amidst the howling of the wind. But that couldn't be possible; there was not another person in the house, there couldn’t be. Returning back the bay window seat, she flipped the book she had left there open to the last page she viewed. There was only her name in a neat scrawl on the page. The rest of the book was empty. Shutting the book again her fingers traced the letters on the spine. Crystalmoore Estates. If that was where she was, in the middle of some abandoned but grandiose estate than the book had some truth to it about there not being another person. Feeling the book hum beneath her fingertips, Katrina subconsciously opened to a different page feeling the parchment carefully. Why was she searching, what was she searching for? A faint depression in the page stopped her mindless hunt. Lowering her gaze onto the page she noticed another name written in a different hand. It had a childlike quality to it, a hand that had not practiced the art of writing for very long. She whispered the name to herself. It sounded so strange but there was something else to it. Confusion clouded her mind; why couldn't she remember? Pulling the book to her chest Katrina formulated her plan she was going to get answers, she just had to find them. A flicker of light caught her attention from the corner of her eye. A slender candle stood lonely on one of the shelves just waiting. How long had that been there? It didn't matter, it was there now and it was just what she needed. Grabbing the candle and pressing the befuddling book to her she ventured out into the dark in search for her answers and the young Abigail who was apparently in the building as well.
  5. Mods?

    I started lurking in the shadows last month so I'm here.
  6. is anyone free

    I thought we agreed on that
  7. ...and it made me frown

    Had that happen before. The ppl above managed to flood their washing machine. We noticed and called the office a full 20 minutes before they called asking for help. The water was actually dripping from the light switches and smoke detectors
  8. Hello.

    Well hi there
  9. ...and it made me frown

    So corner of my room is still black. Called apartment two weeks ago to show and figure out wth it was. Yay mold...get told they will clean and fix it up and make sure it's taken care of. It's not...I want to be surprised but really I expected it. And it's their damn fault the mold was there in the first place. Ugh
  10. Secret Santa and Card Exchange Hooray!

    I'll do cards because I'm a sad broke college kid but I will spend for cards. Edit: I'm sure this will be discussed with y'all but the limit will be roughly the same dependant on pols location?
  11. Hear me out - Dinosaurs with Lasers

    I feel slightly hurt. Ero doesn't want me no more. Oh sad day. I actually just came to post because of that happy dog
  12. dumb shit noia made

    I'm sad too but I have an actual question. Hands, how? That's the one thing j just can't get no matter what I almost wanna say eff it them ppl don't need hands. Ok sorry crazy moment but really in all seriousness how do you do them?
  13. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    Alright, that will be posted here correct?
  14. Roleplay (Female characters only)

    So I'm just a little confused at what you mean which character I'll be playing because I'm not sure if there are other species other then the Fross Faeries, humans and mermaids. I clicked on the link and saw the list of things you have worked on but there wasn't really any explanation. So am I just to chose a character and just go from there? Doesn't matter her personality or anything?
  15. is anyone free

    Alright so we have a beginning post yay. I'm not going to lie, I struggled a bit on that but whatevs it's up. If either of you feel something needs to be edited or added please let me know. Now let's get this going. :)